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  1. What happened to Jupp Heynckes attributes I'm pretty sure he was much better than that in previous versions of the game.
  2. I know it's not a big deal and i know many of you don't even bother taking a look at the candidates & odds but i'm just curious to know how are those odds decided? Ronaldo 60-1 to become La liga top goalscorer? Yes he is 32 years old and may not play every single game but come on! that must be some kind of a bug or something. Started 3 different saves with Real Madrid and every time he isn't among the top favorites so curious to know how this is justifiable by whatever algorithm that decides the odds?
  3. I'm a bit confused now because one of the hints & tips that appear when you load or save the game says (training facilitets determine the progression of your first team players) There is no mention whether it also determine the progression of youth players. Does this tip need updating or editing ?
  4. Does your Sweeper keeper have high rushing out and decision ?
  5. And we're back to point 1. Do teams IRL try to unsettle a player to get him for a lower price when the asking price is resonable and affordable ?
  6. Have you read my first reply? I know that teams try to unsettle players to get them for lower prices. And i know that it happens IRL as well but only when the asking price is HIGH or NOT reasonable. No club bid 13M for a player whose market value is 12,5M when he is not transfer listed or unhappy and has 3 years left on his contract. Expecting the selling club to accept such offer is really stupid.
  7. So are you saying the AI is dumb? Because only a dumb person / club will agree to sell or want the selling club to agree to sell a player for his market value when he has 3 years left on his contract. No club agrees to sell a player for his market value if he is not transfer listed or if the club isn't in need of money, which is not the case in my save This is NOT realistic. Big clubs IRL don't do it this way. When the asking price is affordable and resonable they spend the money.
  8. No i want it to be realistic! If a big club does have the money to spend and the asking price is affordable they'd spend it. I've not seen a big club trying to unsettle a player whose asking price is 20M and his market value is 13M. We're not talking about Coutinhos, Mahrezes or Van Dijks here.
  9. I fully understand that big clubs try to unsettle a player whose asking price is too high or not affordable and try to save themselves 20-30M or even more but what i don't understand is them trying to unsettle players whose asking prices are very affordable. In my current save i have Masuaku - LB who is valued at 12,5 and his asking price is 20M. Liverpool come in with 13M bid including bonuses!!!I reject it and the player becomes unhappy. Same with Vada a 22 years old attacking midfielder close to his 4 stars potential. He is valued at 9,5M asking price is 25M and Spurs bid 13,5M for him including bonuses. WHAT?? It seems as the AI is coded to make such bids and unsettle any player regardless if the asking price is affordable for them or not.
  10. Thank you all for your replies ! I will wait a season or two before making a decision.
  11. Bordeaux! Malcom is a great talent , Vada is your perfect advanced playmaker and Sankhare the B2B will keep running around until his legs fall off. And the best thing about them is that when you put in some good performances you'll get praised buy Zidane himself because he is considered an icon for the club! BTW there is no better feeling than your striker beating Neymar , Mbappe and Cavani for player of the year award!
  12. I've just finished my first season with Bordeaux. We had a great campaign and finished 2nd in League 1 and secured a place in UCL. But i 've got a dilemma. We don't own our stadium, instead we're renting it for 3,29M per year. The stadium is a 42k all-seater but we never really sell out except in derby games. Last season we averaged 24k attendance which is 57% of stadium's capacity but i'm expecting that number to go up next season when we're competing in UCL. My question is : Is it worth to buy the stadium? or do we build a new one? Or do i just keep paying the rent of 3,29M per year? I'm not sure which choice is the better from a financial point of view. It's worth to mention that we currently have 27M in the bank (i don't know how much it'd cost to build a new stadium or to buy the current one)
  13. Tottenham Hotspurs' Mousa Dembele has 7 vision in FM 18 and if i remember correctly he had 6 in FM17 and i'm genuinely interested in hearing the reasoning behind his super low vision in the game. Even Hugo Lloris who has got 8 kicking and 10 passing has 9 vision. Now i'm not saying that he should get 16+ vision but surely 7 is too low? What do you guys think his vision should be in the game? Do you think 7 is fair?
  14. What are people talking about when they say the guy is keeping position meaninglessly for the sake of it? Judging by the screenshots, his team is averaging 4 clear cut chances and 5 half chances every game, so how is that meaningless position? He is clearly creating lots of good chances but his strikers can't convert them into goals which is the exact same thing that happened to Man City last season. Pep talked about this on many occasions that his players were missing too many chances last season and at the start of this season. I personally don't think ME favors a specific style of play because missing chances happens IRL as well but saying that the guy's team is keeping position meaninglessly when his team actually creates a lot of good chances is wrong. https://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/guardiola-unhappy-with-118-city/98558 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2674321-manchester-city-missing-too-many-chances-as-their-home-form-suffers
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