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  1. Hi! Thanks for your contribution to yet another great version of this game. I have some thoughts mostly regarding Real madrid players but also players form other Spanish clubs. Courtois: 13 passing is generous imo. While he can kick a ball, i don't think the accuracy of his passes warrants a rating of 13. Maybe 10 would be more realistic. -Sergio Ramos: Happy to see his penalty taking get a boost from FM19. While i agree his Concentration & Decision can let him down sometimes, i think his Composure should at least be 15-16. He is one of the most composed defenders with the ball at his feet + him scoring many panenkas last season is an indication of his high composure. I also think he should have the ''Brings ball out of defence'' trait. Federico Valverde: I don't know if his attributes are fixed or not but in my current save i think they reflect his ability IRL pretty accurately apart from teamwork & workrate. In my current save they're both set at 13. I think it's more than justified to increase them both to 15. It's an area of his game that has been praised a lot by Zidane. Luka Modric: I noticed the addition of a new trait in FM20. ''Uses outside of foot. Modric is one of the best players at this and i think it should be added as one of his traits. (see video) Dani Ceballos: 10 flair is too low imo. Should be 14+ Gareth Bale: Don't you think he should start the game as transfer listed? Zidane was trying to get rid of him all summer and Bale was very close to leaving to China. Maybe the situation have slightly changed now but i still think he should start the game as transfer listed just like James & Mariano. Vinicius Junior: 12 finishing & 13 decision is generous imo. He struggles in front of goal and his decision making is still poor. For instance Ödegaard has 14 decision but the difference in their decision making IRL is much more than just 1 rating. 10 for both attributes would be more reflective of this part of his game IRL. Also i don't think i've ever seen him try to lob the keeper so i don't know why he has this trait. Maybe it should be replaced by ''Tries tricks'' & ''Likes to beat man repeatedly'' Karim Benzema: I'm really happy to see that his form and influence on the team last season has been rewarded in-game. Has got a much deserved boost in determination & Workrate + he is fairy consistent according to my coaches now and is one the team leaders. Think you got him spot on (y) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ter Stegen: 12 positioning is low for one of the best keepers in the world. Could justifiably be increased to 14-15 Loren Moron : He starts the game as transfer listed even though he is one of la liga's top scorers and scored 50% of his team's goals in the league IRL.
  2. Shouldn't Coutinho have the ''Shoots from distance'' trait?
  3. Hi! I'd like to have a discussion about some of Omar Al-Soma's stats. First touch (4) :I strongly disagree and would love to hear the thought process behind this. On FM19 it was 3 which i thought was a typo and the researchers meant to put in 13 but missed the 1 before the 3. This year it's 4 which makes me think that last year's rating wasn't a typo, and i'd love to know how this is reflecting his ability IRL. 12 -13 would be much more accurate. Technique (8): Again strongly disagree. He has rightly been given the ''attempt overhead kicks'' trait which is heavily linked to a player's technique and if you see some of the overhead kicks that he pulled of throughout his career you'll realize that he deserves a boost in the this attribute. 13-14 would be more accurate imo. Off the ball (8) & Positioning (13) : I think you got them mixed up. Positioning is largely a defensive attribute meanwhile off the ball is the offensive equivalent of it. It would be more accurate to swap the numbers here. I also suggest to giving him the '' Hits free kicks with power'' trait which accurately reflects his way of hitting free kicks.
  4. Positioning is a defensive attribute according to the manual. Positioning: Positioning reflects how good the player is at keeping a good defensive position. For goalkeepers, this is how well they get into the correct position
  5. He is Serie a's top goalscorer with 12 goals in 10 games, next is Muriel with 8 goals. Also in his previous three seasons he averaged 22,3 goals a season in the league. I'm pretty sure these stats suggest that he is a very good finisher.
  6. What does ''running league in full detail'' means exactly? Any thread to explain the difference? would love to read about it.
  7. I know it's not a big deal and i know many of you don't even bother taking a look at the candidates & odds but i'm just curious to know how are those odds decided? Ronaldo 60-1 to become La liga top goalscorer? Yes he is 32 years old and may not play every single game but come on! that must be some kind of a bug or something. Started 3 different saves with Real Madrid and every time he isn't among the top favorites so curious to know how this is justifiable by whatever algorithm that decides the odds?
  8. I'm a bit confused now because one of the hints & tips that appear when you load or save the game says (training facilitets determine the progression of your first team players) There is no mention whether it also determine the progression of youth players. Does this tip need updating or editing ?
  9. Does your Sweeper keeper have high rushing out and decision ?
  10. And we're back to point 1. Do teams IRL try to unsettle a player to get him for a lower price when the asking price is resonable and affordable ?
  11. Have you read my first reply? I know that teams try to unsettle players to get them for lower prices. And i know that it happens IRL as well but only when the asking price is HIGH or NOT reasonable. No club bid 13M for a player whose market value is 12,5M when he is not transfer listed or unhappy and has 3 years left on his contract. Expecting the selling club to accept such offer is really stupid.
  12. So are you saying the AI is dumb? Because only a dumb person / club will agree to sell or want the selling club to agree to sell a player for his market value when he has 3 years left on his contract. No club agrees to sell a player for his market value if he is not transfer listed or if the club isn't in need of money, which is not the case in my save This is NOT realistic. Big clubs IRL don't do it this way. When the asking price is affordable and resonable they spend the money.
  13. No i want it to be realistic! If a big club does have the money to spend and the asking price is affordable they'd spend it. I've not seen a big club trying to unsettle a player whose asking price is 20M and his market value is 13M. We're not talking about Coutinhos, Mahrezes or Van Dijks here.
  14. I fully understand that big clubs try to unsettle a player whose asking price is too high or not affordable and try to save themselves 20-30M or even more but what i don't understand is them trying to unsettle players whose asking prices are very affordable. In my current save i have Masuaku - LB who is valued at 12,5 and his asking price is 20M. Liverpool come in with 13M bid including bonuses!!!I reject it and the player becomes unhappy. Same with Vada a 22 years old attacking midfielder close to his 4 stars potential. He is valued at 9,5M asking price is 25M and Spurs bid 13,5M for him including bonuses. WHAT?? It seems as the AI is coded to make such bids and unsettle any player regardless if the asking price is affordable for them or not.
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