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  1. He's currently on 12 in 18 on my team that is doing fairly well sitting in fourth in the prem however, the rate he misses chances literally makes no sense at all. I've uploaded a match to this for everyone to watch. Inexplicably, it ended 1-0 and it wasn't only Haaland having an off day but if you watch this game on comprehensive and you just look at the chances he's missing - I just don't get it. If this was a one match thing then fine, it happens. This seems to happen every other game. Before you say tactics, the chances he misses are all in the box, should be his bread and butter. His actual attributes are insane which makes it all the more baffling. If anyone can help me understand I will be very grateful. Brighton v Greenwich.pkm
  2. @Ben Kenney Just tagging you and bumping the post as this is a legitimate bug that is pretty game breaking for network games and more than likely is having an effect in single player saves without people realising. It is easily reproducible too. Not sure why this thread is being ignored.
  3. I don’t know what to tell you.. will upload pkms of before and after if you like?
  4. I just tested it and it seems like it is as simple as that... They literally stopped doing it. All I changed in my tactic was full backs from CWB-S to FB-S
  5. I’ve had a bit of a read and I’m seeing those that are saying they’re not getting the “side-netting” issue are playing FB/WB as opposed to CWB - so I’m gonna try that and see if anything changes.
  6. I haven't read this whole thread and I'm not saying that there aren't some viable tactics out there but one thing that is undeniably wrong with the ME is the shooting from the byline/ridiculously narrow angles. How that's made it through to the full release is beggar's belief in honesty. Quite hard to play the game while that's happening. 1 on 1s don't seem great either but that's more subjective. My friend who I play a network game with is running a 3-5-2 formation which seems to absolutely destroy the AI, so I guess thats working...
  7. Thanks guess I wasn’t searching the right terms
  8. Just wanted to put this out here because I did a search and didn't see any threads about it which genuinely shocked me. I will upload pkms and post in maybe a more relevant part of the forum but I just wanted to put this in general discussion to start with. The amount of shots from either the byline or an incredibly stupid angle are absolutely ridiculous. Everybody I've spoken to in person about FM20 has noticed it. I'm playing a play style that is all about stretching the pitch and it is so infuriating to see my full back get to the byline and shoot when there's options in the box. Anybody else seeing this? And yes, I have put my full backs on "Shoot Less Often" and theyre only on support mentality. The problem also exists for wingers too.
  9. Don’t know if this has already been suggested but regarding the board blocking transfer offers doesn’t it make sense that they block it before you actually make the offer? That seems more realistic and is way less annoying as seemingly the selling club gets annoyed when you go to revise the bid and doubles the price...
  10. One thing I always find strange, and I’m not necessarily saying it’s wrong but seems unlikely to me - why is Virgil van Dijk’s teamwork rating so bad? Also in previous iterations his temperament has been portrayed as quite volatile but he definitely has not come across that way since he came to Liverpool...
  11. Florentino Luis at 19 years old looks to be one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, are we sure about this?
  12. Have to say Moise Kean looks ridiculously rated compared to his actual performance both in Serie A and Premier League. I’m not sure how anything he’s done warrants 18 finishing up from 14 finishing. Sorry that was a bit of an opinion piece but just echoing sentiments already posted.
  13. I just played a friendly match and I had about 20 highlights where my fullback has the ball in a crossing position but refuses to cross the ball and instead passes to the edge of the box? Ive got them on “cross more often” too I literally did not see cross from a full back all game... will upload pkms
  14. Best place is FM and Miles’ twitter. Headline features and other minor ones have been released.
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