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  1. Best place is FM and Miles’ twitter. Headline features and other minor ones have been released.
  2. My educated guess would be no but I haven’t seen anything about that.
  3. Actually not long ago Miles himself on Twitter said it's in pre alpha. Today FM retweeted Felipe Melo post about FM20, which I took to signal the start of alpha, but they promptly replied to say no. Although I would suggest it's only logical that Alpha is at the very least immediately imminent. I suspect in the next week or so we'll see the footy players playing it.
  4. I think it's very fair to assume there are no big features left to be announced. I for one am happy with what's been announced. I just want to know the release date already,.. I really hope the lack of a release date isn't indicative of a late November release as opposed to the early November releases we've been enjoying of late.
  5. Any news on this? I've seen £29 on FM-Blog
  6. Thanks, hopefully the answer to 1 & 2 is favourable, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. As ever, this is my major concern too. Being primarily a network game player on mostly an edited database: 1.) Will there be backwards compatibility between steam and stadia for saves? 2.) Will there be network compatibility for users across Mac/Windows/Stadia 3.) Will there be Editor on Stadia If the answer to those are favourable, this could be a gamechanger for me.
  8. This bug has already been acknowledged and flagged by SI - not that they are doing much about it...
  9. I've seen some suspect calls but I wrote it off as the "interference" offside rule. The players did seem as if they were not interfering in play to me but I gave the game the benefit of the doubt. The next time it happens I will upload a pkm to this post. It would be nice if a dev could speak on this and all the varying ways offside is applied in the ME.
  10. I came across this too. At first I thought this is ridiculous but then I thought about it and it kinda makes sense. The instruction is to prevent the short option. If the full backs are near the halfway line its no longer a short option. I've seen a few highlights were the GK tries to hit the fullback from the goal kick and the opposing winger cuts it out. In short, I think it's not really a bug/"poor".
  11. Report to bugs forum. Good spot, personally haven't come across it before.
  12. Yeah to be honest I’m talking about all the sliders. The game doesn’t really make it clear but the best visual representation the game provides is via defensive/engagement line. Intrestingly I found that the visual representation indicates a “mucher higher line” in all the mentalities up to “very defensive” is higher than a “higher line” in the “very attacking” mentality. I’m not sure if this is a similar structure for the other sliders (passing directness, tempo, width etc). One thing I did spot is with passing directness, if you picked the most direct option on any of the mentalities you were unable to pick “work into box” however if you pick the 2nd most direct option you are still able to pick “work into box”. This to me, suggests the passing directness value of all the most direct passing options for each mentality are the top 7 passing directness values you can set. Which, if you’re still following, differs from the defensive line setup because there is some overlap with defensive line (at least that is what is being indicated by the visuals). For instance a “higher line” on mentality “very attacking” is higher than a “much higher line” on mentality “very defensive”. There doesn’t appear to be the same type of overlap on passing directness based on the behaviour of the “work in the box” setting...
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