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  1. How does your CF-A perform? I've been toying with a 4-1-4-1 lately, but I'm having a hard time getting the forward right. The CF-A doesn't seem to be involved much -- only around 5-10 passes per game, while the DLF-S gets around 30-40 passes per game, depending on the style of the buildup. Neither scores or assists all that much, but at least the DLF is involved in the buildup. The suggestions to the OP are that a CM-A might do the trick. I am curious how this compares to the AP-A and the MZ-A. Would the MZ-A drift wide too much and not provide that link in the AMC space? Does the AP stay too deep, even with the attack duty? As an aside, I have tested a MZ alongside a BBM, and I was surprised to see their average positions with the ball be almost on top of one another. Mysteries never cease.
  2. I hesitate to answer this poll, because its premise seems flawed. 1 and 2 seem like unrelated questions. What I most enjoy about real football, and how the FM could change to most improve my enjoyment of it, are very distinct. Here are two examples. My opinion is that improving the animation would enhance my experience the most, because this would allow you to better see a visual representation of the player's skills and attributes. I can watch Juve and quickly appreciate Dybala's agility and Ronaldo's jumping reach, but this does not come through on the game at all. But the main reason I think it should be improved in FM is *not* because I enjoy appreciating the player's skills in real life. Rather, I think it would improve FM gameplay by affect personnel decisions and tactics, as you could better see why your not-agile false 9 isn't working or why it was useful to give your striker the "places shots" trait. Conversely, I enjoy the drama of a tight important match IRL, but the game's efforts to insert drama often don't work for me at all. As an example, I believe the creators show the entire walk of the referee to the VAR stand trying to create drama, but this could be my least favorite experience of the entire game. <edited to say that VAR replays are also one of my least favorite aspect of real football >
  3. I've thought the same thing about height. I had a regen who I loaned in to be a backup AF and winger. Decent speed, good but unremarkable jumping reach. Then after almost the entire season was up I looked at his height -- he was 6'8"! It's like having Peter Crouch and not realizing he's tall. With your fat players, was it apparent visually that they were heavy?
  4. I'm still in my first ever save, started in April. It's currently 2034-35. When I stopped to think about it, initially I was surprised to only be 15 seasons in, but then I realized that is three seasons per month! Once I discovered instant result it really sped things along. Maybe it's time for a new challenge. A lower division team. Or maybe I'll finally get around to all that house work I've been putting off. BTW, the game should make your manager stats start declining heavily at age 75. It only seems fair.
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it is a little unsettling. I just noticed that I got a badge "Head-to-head" for winning "a match against another person on a Network game." Thing is, I've never played a Network game, nor against another person. It's just me in my home office versus the AI. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  6. One thing I noticed is that not all CCCs are equally valuable. In my case, I always have a lower ratio of goals to chances (this is different than the conversion rate of chances, though correlated). I believe that it is because we spend a lot of time working the ball into the box, which leads to a more crowded box and a lot of the shots end up being blocked. We end up with a lot of chances, but a lower conversion rate. The CCCs of other teams could be more comprised of wide open counter-attacks. At least that's what I think is happening. In your case, the shorter passing could be affecting the composition of CCCs.
  7. The loan manager function has been particularly puzzling to me. I loan list players, but with only a few exceptions no loan offers come in until I myself proactively offer them to other clubs. Then a bunch of clubs make loan offers. On top of that, the loan managers command an obscenely high salary, often in the neighborhood of $500k. Mine makes more than the GM. The one thing they do is alert me when the player is being played out of position or not as much as agreed. This doesn't seem worth it for the two times per year it comes up.
  8. Money is one-to-one fungible between transfers and annual payroll. The only response I've seen by the board so far depends on the bank balance -- when it turns negative they reduce the amount of sales retained in transfers. (I had built a big balance from sales, and the board decided to build a new stadium, turning the financial balance negative. Then they cut the transfer retention to 30%. So essentially they are paying for the stadium using past and future future player sales.)
  9. I'm experiencing the same thing. Neil, I save and exit, launch again, and get the same thing. I noticed that Steam was updating this morning, and that coincides with the problems starting. Could it be related?
  10. The ability to freely adjust between transfer budget and payroll strikes me as illogical. I'm sure I'm not the only one to point this out, but if I spend $1 on a transfer, it is a one-time cost. But $1 spent on payroll recurs every year. One is a stock, the other a flow. I benefit from it, but I do always have to keep one eye on the finances of the club. My payroll has gone up four fold since I took over the club, as I sell players for a profit and keep moving the budget adjustment slider. I worry that this is only sustainable if I go deep into the CL every year. One of my main motivations for continuing the save is to see how long this financial balancing act can be sustained. Anyway, I don't really have a broader point, just thought it worthy of discussion.
  11. More generally, I'd be curious to know how the random injury generator works in the game. Does each player have a probability of injury, and each injury is a random draw? Or is there a team-level injury likelihood that can differ by season, then player injury probabilities are adjusted up or down depending on this team-level effect? Sometimes it feels like there is a rash of injuries, other seasons hardly any at all, suggesting that some seasons the game assigns the team as a whole a higher or lower overall injury probability. Or it's all my imagination, and it could be like a series of coin flips all landing tails. Here's why I wonder. I am currently doing two alternate universe saves -- I started both seasons from the same point, but one season I brought in a new mega signing, the other I stuck with who I had. Mostly the same tactics, coaches, and training schedules. In season A, I had almost no injuries to key players, to the point where a bunch of my backups were getting mad about not playing enough. Then comes the alternate universe season B. It's still only mid-February, and I've lost my LB (twice), all three of my main CBs, both of my RBs, one starting CM, two backup CMs, my AM, my backup AM, my RW (several times), a backup winger, and my starting striker, all for multiple weeks. Anyway, it got me wondering.
  12. This is the list of gashed legs so far this season (it is Feb 1). Among injuries lasting longer than 3 days, it is my second most common next to pulled groin.
  13. Ok this is getting ridiculous. Another gashed leg, this time to my starting LB who just returned from a different injury. Seriously, wtf is up with the gashed legs?
  14. Do I have broken glass on my training ground? Why are guys regularly out with a gashed leg? I'm a little bitter at the moment, as I already have a starting DM, CD, LB, and backup RB, striker, and CD out with injuries, and now another gashed leg. But I have been wondering for a while whether gashed legs are a common injury in football, as common as in FM?
  15. I've never talked much trash in the press in the leadup to matches, it's just not my personality. I tend to choose the milktoast answer, really only paying attention to avoiding complacency against weak teams and praising my own players. I thought the mean-spirited answers were there just for kicks. But recently I decided to channel my a-hole alter ego, and try to play some mind games in the leadup to the match. Is it working? I don't know, but it's definitely not not working. I thought it might backfire, giving my opponent some bulletin board material, but that has not been the case. For instance, here's what happened last game. It is round 15 of the ligue 1 season. We are in second place, trailing Lyon by a measly two points. Lyon has been on a serious roll, maintaining a perfect record so far -- 14 games, 14 wins. Here's how the pre-game press conference goes: then These were the two answer options that were the most dismissive, belittling, a-hole ones available. Afterwards, the Lyon coach promises to "make him eat his words." We proceed to go out and win 5-0, without allowing a SOG. For context, they had the best defense in the league up until then. Then in the post-game press conference, more trash talk: All this had an interesting effect on Lyon's coach Inzhagi, as I get the following in my inbox right after the presser: I will be curious to see if OL is able to pick themselves up. Anyway, long story short, I was wondering if anyone else has tried the mind games with the opposition. Have you had any similar success? Or is this just a placebo effect?
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