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  1. By the way, here's a good MLS exploit I found if you actually want to use the draft and are inclined to seek exploits. The AI doesn't attempt to predict the draft order at all. On the last day of the season, you can pretty much swap the last pick in the first round for the 1st pick in the upcoming draft. Toss in a bit of TAM to make sure they accept. You can easily acquire the top four or five picks in the draft this way if you so desire. I should feel guilty about this, but with all the BS with the cap and the off-budget cap and all that I don't feel guilty at all.
  2. I don't have an answer to you, except to say that I think that there is a bug in the counting of off budget players. I have experienced some very nonsensical behavior there. I recently started a save in FM20 where I only use the draft and the academy to build the team, and I ended up with a bunch of Generation Adidas players. This preseason, I was up to eight. I'm supposed to be limited to four off budget non-homegrown players. In fact, the squad registration page said I had exactly four. I wasn't complaining until I traded away my fourth string left back who was a HGC. The weird thing i
  3. I mean the part about the player not being registered. It's no big deal, I don't care what they think. It's just strange, and I don't know what they're talking about.
  4. Every time I sell players recently, the fans' reaction has been bizarre. Each of these players featured regularly. Any idea what's going on? (FM20 btw)
  5. Last year my team added an affiliate, San Jose Earthquakes II, that is supposed to play in the "United States Soccer League division 1," which I am guessing is just the USL top league. I had a player there all season, but he appeared in zero games. I wasn't too surprised, since this isn't a playable league. But then I was looking at Atlanta II, and they have players who have made 20 or 30 appearances for Atlanta II, which also plays in USL. Same for RBNY. Do you have any idea why players would have appearances in their affiliates, but I wouldn't in Earthquakes II? Btw, I'm still in FM20.
  6. I have one other complaint about MLS in FM20. There is an unrealistic amount of fixture congestion. Check out this schedule for my team this season. Two of those games against NYCFC are North American Champions League, the rest are league games! From 3/31 to 4/21, a stretch of 22 days, there are 8 games, all away, and four times with just a single day break between games.
  7. So this thread inspired me to fire up an old abandoned MLS save, and I'm zipping through the first season. Despite careful study, I hit a snag with the rules. Maybe you MLS smart guys can answer a question for me. When is the domestic trade deadline? In the game today is September 11, 2020. I just got this email: Here is the section from the MLS rules page: My right back is out injured, so I went out and traded for a right back from LAFC. But the game will not let me register the player. Furthermore, on the team registration page, right up at the top, it says:
  8. You sound like an IT guy. Blame the user. Yes, you actually need TAM. You use it to buy down a DP to below DP salary. That way you can get another DP. Or you can use it to acquire a player making between $500k and $1m. A number of times I'd be at 3 DPs, one making only a bit above the max amount. I had plenty of TAM, and would like to buy down the salary to convert the guy to non-DP, but couldn't I mean know how the he impacted the cap *after the transfer*. I found it difficult to predict before the transfer, and usually left a buffer. As I remember it, his salary counted agai
  9. Huh, interesting. That is news to me. It would be nice if that was indicated somewhere.
  10. You can train a DM to be a right back, but can you retrain a data analyst to be a HOYD if he has the right attributes? If so, how? I was looking at trying to poach this guy to be my HOYD -- he seems to have all the right traits. But his little role suitability circle for HOYD is red. Could I hire him and then send him on a coaching course?
  11. I read the complaints about the AI being really bad in MLS, but for some reason in my save, which lasted around eight or nine seasons, the AI did a decent job. There was one year where a bunch of good players ended up being waived by teams, but that was an aberration. I played MLS in FM20, things could have changed, but I found it to be pretty frustrating and probably won't go back. The best reason to play MLS is to learn just exactly how effed up are the MLS roster rules, and how they continue to relegate MLS to bush league status. Here are a few observations I had. - Forget u
  12. I am looking for a way to more quickly assess squad rotation. Here is my ideal: a squad view showing minutes played by match, where the columns are matches in chronological order and the rows are players. It doesn't look like such a view is available, and right now when deciding who to rest and who to play I often have to click through to each player's form report to see the minutes played over recent matches. Any suggestions how I can do this better?
  13. What is the most uncoverted chances you've ever had? I believe I just set my own personal record. 10 unconverted CCC, 3 unconverted HC, 23 saved shots, 1 off the bar, 3 goals. These were good chances too. Mostly not those blocked shots that aren't really CCCs. Shots:
  14. Do you have a source for this? I'm fairly certain that a player does have such hard limits, but I am open to being convinced otherwise. It also makes intuitive sense to me that there would be an upper limit for each attribute. Pulisic will only be able to get so strong, regardless what you inject him with. Maybe another player didn't start skill training early enough in life, or lacks natural coordination, so there is a limit on how much technique can develop.
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