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  1. Hello has anyone had (and fixed) this issue on a Mac? EDIT: eventually fixed by freeing up space on hard drive (I think)
  2. Well it seems to be incredibly effective. I think it just causes an overload in the middle.
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to bump this topic. Playing FM23 online save and all the human players play with IWBs in a 42DM31. It’s pretty annoying it appears that the role is pretty poorly balanced in game so much so that it doesn’t matter if you have full backs that are more suited to being wingbacks you’re better off playing them as IWB to give your defence more stability. Just wondering if anyone thinks they know a way to exploit a weakness in IWBs? My initial thoughts are to play wider and more direct, that has seemingly made a bit of difference but would be interested to hear any other ideas..
  4. I found playing through the middle allows my wingers to take up more dangerous positions. Honestly everyone seems to play roughly in the way I want other than Kane..
  5. I’ve been on a mission to recreate a similar system to the modern day Liverpool team under Klopp and honestly it’s not been going great. I think everything below the front 3 works alright but I have a particular issue with my front 3. Even more specifically my striker. I’ve managed to get Harry Kane who I think is perfect for the deep lying / false nine role and I play him as such but he seems to be totally uninvolved in the game. Last season he had 3 assists for the whole season - beat in mind the team is generally doing quite well scoring a decent amount of goals. My wingers don’t exactly seem like o be getting in the right positions either. I have a 19 year old Moukoko on the RW and a 21 year old Ansu Fati on the LW, so I’d say they were the correct profile of very attacking and lethal wingers. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you would go about it. For completeness: AML: Fait ST: Kane AMR: Moukoko MC: Bellingham MC: Milinkovic Savic DM: Tonali DL: Theo DC: Nianzou DC: Fofana DR: Singo GK: Onana
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