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Found 36 results

  1. 3d Stadiums

    Hello! Why did the developers remove the stadiums for the lower leagues? You play in a stadium with a capacity of 50 people, and it's huge. where are the old little stadiums? is there any way to integrate from the previous version?
  2. I've just finished my first season with Bordeaux. We had a great campaign and finished 2nd in League 1 and secured a place in UCL. But i 've got a dilemma. We don't own our stadium, instead we're renting it for 3,29M per year. The stadium is a 42k all-seater but we never really sell out except in derby games. Last season we averaged 24k attendance which is 57% of stadium's capacity but i'm expecting that number to go up next season when we're competing in UCL. My question is : Is it worth to buy the stadium? or do we build a new one? Or do i just keep paying the rent of 3,29M per year? I'm not sure which choice is the better from a financial point of view. It's worth to mention that we currently have 27M in the bank (i don't know how much it'd cost to build a new stadium or to buy the current one)
  3. I am in 2024 with Forest Green Rovers competing in the Champions League and cannot recall the option to request a stadium expansion being available since i have been in the PL. I am in the CL with a 12k seater with no chance of expansion. I do remember a news article saying the council rejected plans to expand the stadium but that was it. I have uploaded the file under the username stephenlawlor15 (my other account where it won't let me verify my email to post). I was hoping somebody could take a look
  4. It would be cool if the editor had a feature where it could change the date of a stadium upgrade and maybe shorten it or build it instantly , i know there's other editors such FMRTE which allow you to edit other features of the stadium but having this feature in the game could favour the SI in game editor rather than the 3rd party editors
  5. Wrong Stadium

    Hello everyone, I am looking for advices as to what to do in my situation. I have this sliiiightly annoying issue which bothers me and prevents me from earning a lot of money. I play in L1 with the Red Star FC in 2030. At the beginning the team's stadium was Jean-Bouin (+/- 20 000 seats). Since then I built a new stadium, and last season did an important upgrade to make it bigger (to reach 37 500 seats). During this, I was supposed to play in the Stade de France. In reality, I only played in the Stade de France during the CL matches and maybe some other cup matches, all the championship games of L1 were played in my former stadium (20 000 seats...) which was a bit annoying but ok. Now to my current situation and actual season, I have a wonderful and big stadium, but if I play any Home game, instead of playing in my new Stadium, I will play in the old one, which does not even appear in the Facilities of my club anymore. What is it that I should do to fix it, earn more money and make the Red Star great again? Thank you in advance for your attention!
  6. Dear reader, I've encountered the infamous black textures in the match engine. Yes, evertything is fine. No black crowd or players, etc. However, when I asked my board to expand the stadium they said yes, but now they did greet me with seats without texture. I assume this is due they are being worked at. See the silhouet. I also assume SI games forgot to include textures for seats under construction. Disclaimer: I've tried everything from renaming/deleting my graphics folder, to delete cache and preferences manually, to verify cache in Steam. So I am 100% sure SI Games forgot to include 'under construction'-textures. Yours Sincerely, Rinus
  7. Long time until FM2019 but thought I'd drop this in now seeing as it occurs to me. I play LLM almost exclusively (Conference National all the way down to level 9). Because the crowd sounds are designed for grounds like the Nou Camp and AlianzArena I either have to put up with the sound of 90,000 screaming fans whilst the attendance is actually 16 people and a dog or I have to turn the sounds off. My suggestion, then, is as follows... Scaleable crowd sound fx. it doesn't have to be extensive - empty (just pitch sounds), tiny (a few voices getting lost in the blowy outdoors), small (the chatter of a couple of hundred people echoing off a tinny sounding stand), medium (a few thousands people cheering, singing and oohing and aahing in a ground), large (a full modern stadium of people) and huge (The Maracanã, sounding as only it can sound). The ability to turn off the crowd but keep the pitch sounds on (ball being kicked, ref's whistle.etc) A, perhaps, more achievable alternative. It isn't a massive thing but it would enable me to make use of the sound fx in a way I haven't been able to before.
  8. Hi! After the first season I received news that the board was looking for a sponsor for a new Stadium. Since then, my new stadium has been stuck in planning permission without a single news article and we're now in August 2020. I'm not able to ask for a new stadium and I fill up my stadium more or less every match and am in dire need of a new stadium. Has anyone else experienced this, or is there any logical explanation for it? My economy is excellent (Rich with +£144M in the bank) and I've won the Bundesliga twice in 3 years including 2 seasons of CL play and a few minor titles. This is what it looks like and has looked like since 2018:
  9. when i play as Bodø/Glimt in the Norwegian leagues the stadium is only half full because almost half of it is reserved for the away supporters. The stadium consists of three separate stands, two of them is for home supporters and are almost full at all games, one is reserved for the away stand and is filled with anything from 10 to 100 supporters. the stadium has a capacity of 7127 and the largest attendance is 4288 where 35 where away fans and the home stands where sold out, 2874 seats reserved for the away fans and the rest is always full. i can't request expansion on the stadium because it is not full enough to consider expanding and i cant build a new stadium, is there a way to fix the seating problem, IRL the away supporters get a small section of one stand and still can't fill it and in the game they get a whole stand. is there a way this can be fixed?
  10. After winning the FA cup with my championship Blyth Spartans side i was offered the chance to name the new 18500 seater stadium which i did choosing "The Spartan Arena" (its not all about me you know). Sadly the change hasnt stuck and even though i have the 18500 seater its still called Croft Park under General Info. Not a biggy but wondered if anyone else had experienced the same?
  11. In my 3rd season with Cambridge and after back to back promotions im sat mid table in the championship. Ive managed to save quite a bit of money through smart signings and a few decent cup runs. Im filling my stadium 100% every game this season but theres no option to request the board for a stadium expansion. I can request a new build but ill need a ridiculous amount for that. any ideas?
  12. In my 3rd season with Cambridge and after back to back promotions im sat mid table in the championship. Ive managed to save quite a bit of money through smart signings and a few decent cup runs. Im filling my stadium 100% every game this season but theres no option to request the board for a stadium expansion. I can request a new build but ill need a ridiculous amount for that. any ideas?
  13. Our stadium is expanded twice in the past 2 seasons. The lastest version supposed to have a capacity of 12500 but instead it has 8628 (from 8900 after the first expansion) and the news say it has an additional -3872 seats
  14. Playing as Crystal Palace, the board offered to build a new stadium after season three. Under Facilities the new stadium status is noted as "Searching for Suitable Site" but has been stuck on this for more than two seasons. Is this an error or by design?
  15. Example: Turkish League - In 2024, Ankaragücü and Genclerbirligi automatically move together to a new stadium called "Yeni 19 Mayis Stadyumu". - Each clubs goes into 80M € extra debt (in 2022) for building the stadium. - And guess what? The new stadiums rent is 70M € / year (!) for each club... This is identical to destroying two clubs in several months. It is clearly a bug. Either happens in every new stadium OR specific to these clubs. I was having a nice career in Ankaragücü. It is totally ruined now. I have no motivation to play this game anymore...
  16. I'm in a rich club and wherever I ask my board to build a new stadium they say if we don't increase the attendance the new stadium will be a failure. That's totally wrong! Juventus played for many years in Stadio Delle Alpi (capacity 70.000), the new Juventus Stadium has a capacity of 40.000 seats. AS Roma is playing in Stadio Olimpico (capacity 70.000), the new project for their own stadium has 52.000 seats. Napoli is playing in Stadio San Paolo (capacity 60.000), chairman De Laurentiis wants to build a new stadium with 25.000-30.000 seats. Building a new stadium for a top club has nothing to do with attendance. In fact most of the top club are reducing the seats number in their new stadiums. It's about money, marketing, better facilities, not being forced to share your own home field with other clubs, not paying the rent to the municipality and so on. The game should know that.
  17. I am with Hammerfest FK in 5th tier of Norwegian Football. Everything is going smoothly but I have an issue with the stadium. So in general the stadium has 400 seats but only 200 can be used. Now I have had two home games with an attendance of 200. How can I overcome this barrier? I tried the board interaction but when I asked for an extension (which it really isn't) they rejected it cause money is tight. I think the club is actually wasting money here!
  18. Just wondering what the smallest stadium is in FM18, and in particular what it looks like. I'm doing a trial campaign while waiting for lower league files to be uploaded, and I'd like to see how close the game gets to replicating a tiny, amateur outfit.
  19. Why did you create two different stadiums? (and yes... we have the same problem also on FM17 if you need to know.) From Wikipedia: "The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈzɛppe meˈattsa]), commonly known as San Siro, is a football stadium in the San Siro district of Milan, Italy, which is the home of A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. It has a seating capacity of 80,018, making it one of the largest stadia in Europe, and the largest in Italy."
  20. Tried creating a team in sky bet league 2 by replacing Barnet. Everything seems to work but the stadium stays in the same city "harrow" and doesn't change to the new city I've picked in the create a team screen.
  21. New White Hart Lane graphics

    In FM2017 "New White Hart Lane" Spurs new world class stadium looked like a non-league ground with huge gaps in the stands. SI said it was being looked into, that didn't happen, as it's still the same now. Now I'm playing FM 2018 Touch, and guess what? the new Spurs stadium is the same mess (if not worse) as in FM2017. not to mention the giant gangways that look like players tunnels all over the stands.I'm beginning to think the designer is an Arsenal supporter.
  22. I've put together a pack using Google Maps to collect the pictures, obviously not all of the world is covered by the 3D option but the vast majority of stadiums are. If I couldn't use the 3D i used 2D but if the quality was poor i would have to revert to photo pictures. The pack includes a stadium picture for every playable side in FM2017, so still a couple that need to be added for the current version. I hope you appreciate the time this took to put together and obviously the pack really is a one of a kind due to me making a lot of the backgrounds using Google Map 3D. Here's a couple of examples. DOWNLOAD
  23. I would love to see some sort of stadium building like having a say in the design. And the same applies for the training ground especially if you have a lower league teams. Especially when some of the lower teams don't have a training or youth grounds at the start and you make up into the top leagues
  24. I was hoping for some more insight, I received an inbox telling me the club had announced plans to build a new stadium, the picture had blueprints and all the information like Capacity, Roof, Under-soil Heating, surface, Training facilities, youth facilities, and about 2 or 3 more all with ":TBC" next to it all. That was two seasons ago. I haven't received any further news on it, nor can I ask my board requesting expansion or have a new build. I'm at Chelsea in 2030/2031 season. The stadium was "rebuilt" in 2001 and it's maxed out over the years with two expansions for 60,000 capacity. Thanks for reading, is there anyone that can give me some clarification on this and when I will be likely to receive more info from the board on this.
  25. Hi everyone. I like manage teams that has low popularity. mostly they have stadiums capacity 10000-15000. Basic structure, old-fashioned. But there is a mistake. Denizlispor's (Turkey Second League) Stadium has two floor, modern and seems like arena. How can i fix it? This is real stadium for Denizlispor. This is during game stadium. (similiar) İ want most basic stadium like real. Thanks. (Sorry for bad english )