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I am..................

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163 posts doesn't really warrent a "I am back" post lol :p

Nevertheless, welcome back :)

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Enjoy it while it lasts son......if u r a disgrace like last time you will gone before June.....best of luck

a selection of your previous comment:




Thats the hat-trick right there boy......sexism,racism and bullying...... how you managed to get back on here is a mystery to me....... will be interesting to see if you last out the week.

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Out on day release are we?

You're not that nutter who started the thread where you bashed someone for not having a sence of humour are you?

If not then i'm in the '' Haven't a scooby '' camp with the rest of the guys here.

ps, welcome back btw. I'll be expecting some rib ripping wit from yourself.:rolleyes:

pps......AH...you are!

I don't wish to sound like i speak for the site but i don't believe your sort is welcome here. Your agenda is quite obvious so i don't think alot of people will bother with you. Besides most people on here have the right number of chromosomes. enjoy your stay while it lasts ;)

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