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  1. Hey, I've left FM11 since last year because of work, and now I'm back and appreciate any help finding a team. I'd like a team that (in order of priority): 1. Is in Germany, Spain or Italy (NOT ENGLAND) 2. In the second division 3. Not super rich, but has decent spending money and a wage budget that I can work with 4. A young, fairly talented squad 5. A team that isn't title contenders or relegation strugglers i.e. a decent mid-table side Thanks for your help.
  2. Your winger has the ball on the halfway line, only the left back ahead of him. The winger dribbles at pace and gets ahead of the defender, and has a clean chance to cross. However this is when the brain illness affecting all wingers comes in. The winger slows down to a slow walk, allowing the defender to get back into place. That I can accept- maybe the winger is waiting for someone to get into the box. But the next part happens every single time. Every time. He will now cross the ball, I will hit the defender and it will be a corner. No winger knows how to turn and use their other foot, or cross early or beat the defender with skill. They just run down a perfectly straight path parallel to the sideline, stop and cross without any thought or skill involved. It doesn't matter who the winger is or who the defender is. This used to happen in 10.2 and was fixed perfectly in 10.3. What I will say is that this is the only problem with Fm11 I have faced, it's a quality game.
  3. The way I see it is that as soon as you press continue, the FM world has changed from the real world (transfers being done, staff being hired) so its ultimately futile to try and keep it "accurate"
  4. Deep lying forward to link midfield and attack, with a fast and clinical Poacher. Aduriz has got 5 goals in 2 games for me so far.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I'll buy it, play around with a few teams and start my long, proper save after the new patch. Sounds about right doesn't it?
  6. I haven't bought FM2011 yet and haven't kept up to date with all the game reviews and patches since a week before it came out. What are the major problems with this year's edition and have any patches fixed them? Also what are the major differences you find between this and FM2010? I know this is asked on an hourly basis but response would be appreciated.
  7. The first ever time I'd taken a team up via promotion, my save was corrupted. Brutal.
  8. arsenalboy

    WC performances

    If I did have an editor, Ozil, Muller, Gyan and Kevin Prince Boateng.
  9. arsenalboy

    Real coach jobs for FM players?

    I'd like to look at the level 1 for the FA coaching badge in the UK. Is it expensive and where do I start?
  10. arsenalboy

    Anyone had a academy progidy?

    Lol never.
  11. arsenalboy

    Contract Expiring

    It's a sucky rule for sure
  12. arsenalboy

    Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Barnet, The Championship 2013-14: Simple but effective 4-4-2 diamond Gk: Ivanov - Brought him in as 3rd choice backup, but has been amazing Rb: Cook- Quality Welsh regen Cb: Sylvain Distin - The hardman at the back. Solid but bit slow now and will need replacing soon Cb: Hughes - Again solid, good mental stats and got some pace to compliment Distin Lb: Sheehan - By far the weakest area of my team, desperately need a replacement Rw(attack): Bannan - New signing, devastating when cutting inside Ball winning midfielder (defend): Grossi - Italian regen who will probably move to Cb when Distin goes Attacking Playmaker: Skvortsov - Russian regen #1, brilliant passer and dribbler, shooting needs work Lw (attack): Brady - Stays out wide, beats the fullback and whips in good crosses for... ...Target man: Andy Caroll - One man battering ram, untouchable in the air Poacher: Kozhanov - Russian regen #2, the skill to Caroll's strength, plays similar to Van Persie
  13. arsenalboy

    Key for Sucess

    Don't spend too much money
  14. arsenalboy

    Teams Vs Players??

    They are very important. You really shouldn't sign player with stats low in those 4categories if you want to be successful.
  15. My advice: I started in League 2 and was expected to finish last. I released 90% of my starting squad for quality free agents (it is quite easy that low down the league ladder) and won the league at a stroll. Keep doing that each season and check the players released by the big clubs when you get the message.