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  1. Liverpool went close to unbeaten in the league in my save (first season). Bournemouth came to the rescue. It ended up with Liverpool v City in the Champs League final. I attended the match (United manager), and saw Liverpool lose 2-0 in ET to a 10 man City side. Bernado Silva getting sent off in the first half for 2 yellows.
  2. I've published two updates since my last post here. The Arsenal Rebuild – Ending The Year On a High (December Update) The Arsenal Rebuild – We Struck Gold! (January Window Update) I'll update my original post to include all my episodes so you don't have to scroll through here.
  3. Our latest update see's Arsenal in a familiar place. Check out the post for the months of October and November: The Arsenal Rebuild – A Familiar Place (October & November Update)
  4. A new update has been published. September was a busy month, with 6 games to be played. It was also the start of the Champions League. How did we get on? Read on: The Arsenal Rebuild – Starting to Gel? (September Update)
  5. I’ve been playing Football Manager type games ever since Premier Manager 98. Back then, football management games were simpler and more streamlined. Seasons could be completed within an hour yet the joy and satisfaction was just as it is for me today. Extra Time FM is a blog where I plan to write about the highs and lows of my Football Manager saves. Football Manager is all about the journey and documenting that helps add to the enjoyment. You can read the blog here: www.extratimefm.com I have started a new save with Arsenal which I plan to share on the blog up until the release of FM18. The Arsenal Rebuild! Football Manager 2017 Season 1 The Arsenal Rebuild – Squad Report (Season 1) The Arsenal Rebuild – Fixing Holes (Pre-season) The Arsenal Rebuild – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (August Update) The Arsenal Rebuild – Starting to Gel? (September Update) The Arsenal Rebuild – A Familiar Place (October & November Update) The Arsenal Rebuild – Ending The Year On a High (December Update) The Arsenal Rebuild – We Struck Gold! (January Window Update) With these saves, I intend to share as much as I can with you and the thought process behind my decisions in the save. Contributions and recommendations are all welcome along the journey. I hope you stop by Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you wish to discuss the save or just generally talk about football: @ExtraTimeFM
  6. This is true in my experience also. Interactions with players basically allow you to set promises or dismiss them. You can see your current promises in your manager profile screen (under the tab "promises") and they also display a length of time you have to complete them by. I've never had issues with the promises system. I've also had players back down from a promise I made. When I signed Šime Vrsaljko for United, in the contract negotiations he demanded he wanted to play RB. My tactic however only had WB's in, but I went through with the demand anyway and played him in WB regardless. He was quality and we won the league. He later said he had no problems playing as a WB.
  7. I'd say its the match engine failing to properly display what is actually happening. You have to use your imagination a little. I tend to watch on 2D and have 3D for replays.
  8. How many current Spanish internationals have you got in your side?
  9. Can you explain what tagging the youth candidates is about?
  10. Try and manage their training a bit better. Lowering their intensity and not focusing on too much. But mainly, I can and avoid signing/using injury prone players. They're just a liability, regardless of how good they are.
  11. But like I said before, it's not about 'fairness'. It's about enjoyment for the player (us). Brexit situations spoil the enjoyment for some people because they're random rules.
  12. Work Permits getting refused is a current real world issue. Brexit rules aren't.
  13. It's not about 'fairness'. It's about enjoyment. To some people, Brexit is a fun challenge, to others it's a random scenario that hasn't happened in the real world that takes fun away from the game.
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