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  1. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Second season mate. I posted it up on this thread when it happened. it was 90% luck 5% formation 5% tactics. Needless to say i got pumped the following season.
  2. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Won the champions league ages ago with two different saves. 1 with a no buy policy and another with a youth team policy.
  3. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Very simple. Do very well in Europe '' CONSISTANTLY '' it's possible to reach the semi's in the first 3 years. It is also possible to get out of the group stages. Anywhere after the Quater finals you'll be doing extreamly well. You could even try for the Europa first.With Rangers you can win that easily. Just do your best. Don't settle for second in the group stage, aim for first position. I don't know if signing a big name player helps in your standings but if you can afford yourself a luxury player then get one.
  4. The point of the assman is to assist. oddly enough. I find the assmen in Fm's to be laughable on the best of times so i don't bother listening to a damn thing they say. Infact, i don't know why i bother employing one, i might just sack mine. I like the fact the assman ''helps'' from time to time, but lets keep it at that. I had a board come in and make noises about making my assman my replacement despite a good record and many cup wins. I paid little attention until they said it for the third time that they were looking into making the assman manager at my expense. so i sacked him. Problem solved. I would agree they need tweaking as they seem to be more of a pain than a help. But thats all.
  5. being a fan of Stefan Klos i always use sweeper keeper. I play with a high line so it clears any potential counter attacks.
  6. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Why do i have the theme from High plains drifter in my head?.....random Providing Boughy is on the right side of 30 i'd strongly advise you to sell him at a very attractive price but snag them with a 50% sell on fee. Boughy in my experience always has one more move in him away from Rangers and it's ALWAYS for stupid money. I got 8 million from a sell on clause i gave him when i sold up. he was baught for 14m or sumit. As per-usual, my computer has thrown a fit and i've lost my Rangers youth team save. I had baught in Vaz-te,inzaghi and saha. The new intake of players saw me bring in a superb left back, whome at 15 years of age already surpassed my current left back. Anyways am going to Load up FM010 for the 4th time and try again but im outa ideas as to what to do. I could just start a normal game and just enjoy it or figure out a new challenge seeing i've done about everything else with the teddy bears. I've went with a sell only game. i've had a youth only game I've had a sell every player and build an entire new team game. I've had a normal game. I've had Scots only games. ( one of my most treasured as i cleaned house ) i've had british only ............... I could try an Internationals only game, Filling my team with Internationals,well seasoned nationals. Oh i also tried a 6'' only game wich was alot of fun. I'm open to ideas troops may need a hand in getting a new game started. @ Doughy! Excellent catch with Piatti my man! he's a superb player i always used to buy him in 08! he's a diamond. I baught him once when i was rolling in the money from a take over in 010 but didn't finish that season as my com crashed.
  7. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Cheers dude! Through further investigation, Durie is probably better off at centre back/back up right back. He was my RB for a little while but then he was pushed out by Cole. Who appears to be a fave amoungst the fans and staff. Looks to me after a full season that Durie will probably most likely become a utility man. Hemmings and Campbell. Are my two strikers. Yea, Campbell who was staring at the exit has suddenly become a useful player. Hemmings is in my good books for scoring plenty of last minute winners and sticking a hattrick into '' them '' Happy days! Oh and one more thing. I think this is all down to training and games. Not much of a tactic is being used by myself. and the formation is just a flat 4-3-3 with no special changes so i think the lads just needed a common sence training regime and plenty of games.
  8. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Just finished my first season with my '' Murray park theme '' What a roller coaster! I've gotten rid of most of the hangers on that were hiding in the reserves, the only stain that needs removed of note is Velicka.Here are the screenies of the details. Celtic fought us allll the way upto the last 4 games. They grumbled 4-2 to us at ibrox and that caused the nerves to go at parkhead. they lost another wich resulted in my last game with Motherwell being utterly meaningless. Hard fought, well deserved and bloody marvelous! Sums everything up nicely. Throughout the season i have been trying to get the clubs wages below 100k. So at the end of the season i got that little message from the board so i think i'll remedy the clubs/fans need for some house-hold names for next season. Overall. The Rangers youth team are a pride of Lions! the spine of Alexander,weir,mcCulloch and Miller has proven to be superb for the youth players and they made an excellent foil for all the lads to play with. MOST of the youth players can do a job for the 1st team without to many problems. Most of the boys now are over 1M in value and some are ever 2.2M. Europe was an utter embarasment as we got passed around like a bad joke! but i believe we can take Europe by storm next season Ajax style! these boys are superb. they need about half a season to grow but once they've had about 15 games under their belt, they hold their own. I've sign a new 4 year deal so am set for the long run. Miller wants a new challenge so i'll let him go and bring in another old head to replace him. Even though the lads are flourishing i think it be best to keep some old heads around the place. COUPLE OF SIDE NOTES. it would appear the youth keepers have a bad attitude when it comes to not getting a game. The press described my start at Rangers as pretty flat. despite raging the league with a youth team and slaying the big Edinburgh two back to back. And the leader of the supporters club gets all dissapointed when you lose to Aberdeen up at their ground, again, ignoring the fact none of your team is over 20 years old except the keeper. Anyhows, first season complete! going to take a well deserved rest for acouple of days now before i start season 2. Asever, any question are welcome!
  9. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Aye bigfoot seems a bit of a tic when trying to get rid of him. i just don't have any use for him and the wage he's on isn't acceptable. I'm only about 5 games into my season so alot of my lads aren't fully forged so durie and th elikes may fall apart mid way so i'll keep you posted. Dougy! You keep ahold of that boy! He's got something of the Mols.Amato about him! NICE FIND!
  10. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    He be Greg Wylde. Left back/left mid. needs alot of work but his pace makes up for anything he lacks. he should be allowed to let fly down the flank at will. Hemmings has scored acouple for me he looks ok. and i think the one time i played Kai he got an 8.1 rating so i agree with you there he does seem the bizz. It doesn't go without saying aswell that you should give Scot Durie acouple of games. he's more than capable of replacing whittaker at right back plus his value shoots up to 1million easy, and oddly enough it's then that arsenal and the likes start sniffing. Archie campbell used to be great in fm's but in 010 he appears to be lacking some what. Oh and Inglis is way better than Gallagher.
  11. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    previous post won't allow more than 4 links so here is my other two gremlins. My love hate with this boy continues. Although he's certainly maturing into his role and chipping in with goals. He does like to have a good old moan at the slightest of things. Superb. Simply superb. His pace alone frightens the hell out of the spl. one of my faves and best.
  12. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    I've been doing my Youth experiment and so far so good. Infact, i've been doing alot better than i had feared. This is the team as it stands. The amazing thing i am finding with this team is that i have 55/65% of the ball throughout the entire match in MOST matches. i didn't even set my team up that way. The results are as follows. Lost 0 - Drew 1 In europe i got beat 1 from the shakers. My transfer policy is a one way system. I've baught no-one and sold/currently selling or aiming to sell everyone over the age of 20. It's an entirely clean sweep of the squad. As you can see i have an experienced spine in my team but they won't last two years before theyre places are taken. Some of my Youth players are performing interestingly. This chap here is a dynamo in the midfield! hasn't missed a game so far i don't think and has chipped in with one or two goals already if am not mistaken. Hasn't raised the interest he usually does when he's playing in a rangers first team with the bigger players around him. but he's doing his job and doing it well. Overall I'm feeling confident. I think am going to get hammered by Celtic soon enough though. I am one point ahead of them in the league.My squad although young does seem to be split, they are easily effected by off the field politics. For this reason i have put all the Rangers senoirs into the reserves and put everyone under 20 into the first team. I've a few Senoirs to get rid of, Naismith,McGregor and Whittaker suprisingly enough. Anyhows. Onwards i march into the unknown. Ps. No comment has been passed by fans or board on my firesale approach..Even Novo hasn't complained about the sale of players. I just have to wait for bigfoot, i mean broadfoot to heal so i can ship him out before his contract runs out. I'm actually having alot of fun with this. it's certainly a challenge. I've picked the 4-3-3 Not only because it's my fave formation and the very one used by the little general, but because it's perfect for youngsters so maybe that has alot to do with my run of form thus far. A longggg way to go yet. Any questions on this Weird Experiment are welcome.
  13. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    THEE Adriano ? Big brazilian fella ? blows hot n cold but is an asset to any team non the less ? If so.....NICEEEEE CATCH! Anyhows i've an update myself. Started a new game with a different approach. This time it's all out attack with absolutely zero tolerence for nonsence by players,staff,boardroom monkeys,fans and fellow managers. No players in No players out. So far so good. played 5 won 4 lost 1. Scoring loads of goals. But miller,fleck and weir are being difficult. So asoon as Fleck gave me his lip and put in a poor show i put him up for sale and said so to the press. that soon got him firing in hattricks. little sod. Anyways i'll keep this updated.
  14. Don't you just love it when..

    * Sigh * Just doesn't get any better
  15. I know what you mean. Litmanen alwayssssssss without fail goes to Celtic Maurice Ross allllllllways goes to Falkirk. There are loads but i do get your point.