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  1. All right you muddy funsters, enough of you have PM'd me asking for the old version that I've decided to take pity on you and I went and downloaded the FM15 demo and updated the spreadsheet for you: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/416320-Player-Role-amp-Duty-Calculator-updated-for-FM15! Edit: now with pretty colours!
  2. I've done this for every version since FM11 but didn't get round to buying FM15 or even downloading the demo so up until now there hasn't been a version for the latest FM. I've been sending the old versions to people as and when they've asked for it but I had a spare couple of hours this morning so I've downloaded the demo and updated my player role & duty spreadsheet for FM15 and you can download it below. For those who haven't seen or used it before, this is how it works: 1. Download the spreadsheet and you will find two template sheets - one for outfield players and one for goalkeepers. Duplicate the sheets as necessary (so you'll want 25 "outfield player" sheets if you have 25 outfield players in your first team and as many "goalkeeper" sheets as you have goalkeepers). 2. Rename each sheet with a player's name and fill in the player's name at the top of the sheet (I usually use just the surname as the sheet name, and the full name in the top row of the sheet). 3. For each player, enter their attributes in column B. Their most suitable role/duty combinations (henceforth referred to as "RDC") will be shown in the grid on the right. Simples. 4. At the top next to the player's name it will show their highest average attribute rating for any RDC (useful for quick comparisons or to get an overall idea of the quality of a player) and in the grid below it will highlight in varying shades of green and yellow how that player ranks for every RDC in the game. The "mean" (average) column is the main one you'll be interested in but I have included median, high and low as these can give you a little more insight into the spread of attributes for a particular RDC, or if a player has a glaring weakness in one area which might be masked by a good average. In the example sheets included I have entered Diego Costa's attributes in the Outfield Player sheet and IIRC I used Thibault Courtois' attributes for the Goalkeeper sheet. If you look at the Outfield Player sheet you'll see it shows Diego Costa has all the attributes for pretty much any attacking role, but in particular for being a good target man. Same goes for Courtois really for the goalkeeper roles. Maybe they weren't such great examples, but never mind. As well as analysing your own squad, you can also use the tool to check out a player you might be thinking of signing. I usually keep a spare "scratch" sheet for dropping in the attributes of any player I want to compare to one of my own. So if you're looking for a replacement for an ageing member of your own squad, you can check out his potential replacements and see how good they look compared to your outgoing player. ----------------------------------------- Bear in mind this is a blunt tool and it applies no weighting to any of the attributes, all are treated equally. I claim no insight into the inner workings of the ME or how it handles player attributes. All I have done is taken the "important attributes" shown within the game for each RDC and used them to rank the player's attributes against each RDC. Well, I've gone on for long enough, any questions just ask Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1I4gaLX
  3. Sorry there is no 2015 version because I haven't got FM15 yet If you PM your email address I can send you the 2014 version though.
  4. THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS. A MILLION TIMES THIS. Most people on here want a realistic simulation of being a football manager, yet act in a totally unrealistic way and then moan like hell about what results from that behaviour.
  5. Look we all had to start somewhere, most of us had the good sense to make that somewhere "not YouTube" but hey good luck to the guy. This video was the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen in a while
  6. Yes, it looks like it retains the highest rep/ability players at each club and "anonymizes" them (new name, nationality) and generates the rest of the players using whatever parameters are appropriate. I guess it does this to try and preserve the pecking order of clubs within the division - i.e. the strongest teams stay the strongest teams and likewise the weakest teams - rather than completely levelling the playing field. Maybe?
  7. Not sure what you mean by "not require me to manually enter the attributes of the staff" - how else could it be done? Anyway, http://www.fmscreener.com/online-calculator.
  8. Please keep us updated, I'd love to see how your team of vets gets on
  9. Yes, as you rightly said in your OP, the venue for the Champions League final is decided before it is known who the participants are going to be, so it can and did happen in 2012 that Bayern played at home. I am sure it has happened before... [checks Wikipedia] Yes, In 1957 Real Madrid played in the (European Cup) final at the Bernabéu (they beat Fiorentina 2-0) and in 1984 Roma played Liverpool in the final at the Olimpico in Rome (they lost on penalties). Since the UEFA Cup/Europa League moved away from 2-legged finals only Sporting Lisbon have played the final at their home ground, losing to CSKA Moscow in 2005. Last but not least, Barcelona defeated Standard Liège in the 1982 Cup Winners' Cup final at Camp Nou!
  10. All you know about his deal with the other club is that he is being paid 8.5k per week basic. He probably asked for 16k per week from them at first, just like he did from you, but the other club was able to negotiate a deal with 8.5k basic, with whatever other bonuses on top. You can see what his bonuses are on his contract page but you'll never know what his loyalty bonus is, or what the agent fee for the deal was. So many factors are involved in contract negotiations other than basic wage...
  11. Interestingly, my record transfer fee received in my current save is recorded as €51M, but when I look at that player's history, it shows him moving for €38M. I know this is because it was €38M up front and the rest in clauses but just interesting that the game records both figures in different places. I wonder if he had another clause that was yet to be activated, which then did get activated (e.g. he scores 50 goals for his new club) whether the higher figure would be updated?
  12. Highest fee I have received so far in this save is €51m for a regen MC from Leverkusen to PSG.
  13. February 2039 in my save and there are 4 players plying their trade outside of the English leagues: GK - Matthew Richards, 25yo, 4 caps, CELTIC DC - Jason Simon, 28yo, 39 caps, JUVENTUS AML - Sam Forbes, 28yo, 38 caps, JUVENTUS AMC - Alistair Oberstellar (great name btw!), 25yo, 1 cap, LORIENT Had a quick look throught the U21s and there is one from RANGERS and one from CELTIC. U19s again has one player at RANGERS and a 16yo GK playing for FREIBURG in the Bundesliga.
  14. Here are mine from my current save: No real surprises there as far as hosts go. I guess these largely come down to infrastructure, security, quality of stadia (and massive bribes obviously). However - Belgium win it in 2014 and ROMANIA win it in 2018? Wow. Chile come second in 2014 and again in 2022. Props to the Super Eagles for getting third place in in Qatar in 2022!
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