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  1. Do dynamic rivalries still exist in FM? I know they were added in FM16 If they do, can anyone give me an indication on how to develop new rivalries between clubs? Cheers.
  2. Similarly to this: But when hovering over these: Also right clicking a trait should give an option to "Discuss to remove trait" Thanks, Dan
  3. Is Match Load being Heavy for 3 games over 14 days considered really a lot? IMO >=4 should be heavy, I would say 3 over 14 is kind of normal with cup comps considered. I actually think match load should be considered on minutes rather than games
  4. I actually can't wait for the announcements. What time is it happening at?
  5. So it looks like there has been Match Engine changes. I have noticed that Match Engine changes have been omitted from the patch notes for a while now. May I ask, is there a reason for the decision to not share match engine changes? For years it was standard to be in the patch notes and also the part of the patch notes that most people really looked forward to seeing. I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering the reason for it. I don't see why not to share them. Thanks
  6. So in lay-terms for simple folk like myself. Don't worry too much about a defender's acceleration unless you're playing an offside trap or high line?
  7. My thought was with cover they just sit a little deeper. My player is very slow so I thought making him sit deeper would allow him that extra bit of distance head start when the opposition counter. My other defenders are fast so I have no issue with them pushing a little further ahead. Am I correct in thinking this or do I have the cover role wrong?
  8. Hi, It has always perplexed me why one would need acceleration and the other wouldn't. Defensive CB on Cover: CB on Cover: Does anyone have any theories as to why? Thanks.
  9. How to enjoy a football management simulation game? It's more stressful than my actual job.
  10. There is only a database folder when the database has changed. I believe this update did not change the database.
  11. I don't think there's anyone in the game that can play wide midfielder RM/LM with the full green circle. Or at least I haven't seen it yet.
  12. For me so far it's been Michail Antonio, he's been electric for me and now Southgate is watching him. Think he's going to get a call-up soon.
  13. One of these hasn't been done for a while. Thought I'd start on up. Can someone provide a screenshot for Mikael Lustig, Ken Sema and Isaac Kiese Thelin please? When requesting a screenshot please remember to be courteous. Thank you.
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