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  1. Before game defenders arrives and can tell you where problem lies: I let you choose 😁 1: Its your fault 2: Its your tactics - Upload Here and we will see 3: It is an real life percentage 4: Not giving striker enough space 5: You are playing too attacking 6: We know about the issue but wont do anything now" Great fan of your tactics! And I have hit 13 Woodwork in 4 matches in one of my saves. Cheers 😁
  2. This is what they dont understand. You have family, job, Can only play in free time. I cant sit hours and create a tactic which stops working after 10-12 wins. I should be able to enjoy few hours because i know that i wont play the game for few more days because of other commitments
  3. Maybe he wants to setup traning schedule after playing style?
  4. This is what i mean, i am wasting almost 6-7 months of a players development in mentoring group that is not working. They should be atleast some feedback from Assistant that maybe their "personality is not matchning" or "i dont think that XX player is can mentor XX player" - i dont want very Quick development but some see some changes in personality in by +1 or - 1, i use In-game editor to monitor their process. My question was best way to put groups? It is position wise or personality wise? Or is it a good idea to out fickle player or mercenary with loyal players? Some kind to official guide because YOU guys are developers and know how things work.
  5. It should be down to game developers to provide more information if something is not working. Maybe be little but helpful, should not avoid questions.
  6. So how long should it take? Because they are unlikely to change after 22 years. If we are not seeing any change with mentoring between 19-21. There is no indication why this is not working or maybe SI should provide a list where which personalities should be mentored, because not seeing any change after 6-7 is frustrating.
  7. You didnt even answer the question? - yes personality change should take time but if we are not seeing any change, should we continue? Should we try with others players? How long can we Wait for this? "It is not something set in stone. Literally changing someone's personality can take time." - this is not a answer, it Is a game so we should expect some Kind of response if it is working or not? Maybe some comment why this is not working.
  8. There are only 3 people in group but if affects 2 points per season then It is a broken system because then you need already a "Professionel" "Model Citizen", because you cant train to be good in personality by increasing 2 every year!
  9. How long should we Wait to see an affect? I am mentoring 3 CB with together, and with one Significant influence since 4 months and no Change? I am mentoring position based, like CB with CB and Striker with Striker & out of 6 players in have seen a change in +1 Determination in Striker from 5 to 6 in four months. How should we setup groups to make this work?!
  10. I have been looking for answers about in game editor but couldnt find anything 1. Freeze attributes, Does it Freeze everything? CA, PA even personality attributes? 2. Can personality och other attributes grow, despite "Freeze attributes" is ticked on?
  11. What are the most important & must have instructions for "counter attacking"? I have been reading that, no "Work the ball in the box", no "Prevent Gk distribution"
  12. Is it possible to play man marking with this formation? or Do i always need a formation with 2 strikers or 2 Attacking midfielders?
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