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  1. Sorry, i dont know if this is asked before, if a LW with Natural left foot have PPM "Cuts inside" , Is this a bad PPM? or it doesnt matter, only things that matters that Right foot on Right and left on left? Thanks
  2. So what is point of having DOF or techinal director, he had 19 in staff Ability but staff he got was terrible, thankfully i just assigned him to hire medical staff. Loan manager is useful but DOF and Techinal director are worthless
  3. This is what they DONT understand, losing to a better team stills give satisfaction that lost to a better team but when you are the better team and still lose, its frustrating. I have no problem if this happens 4-5 Times in a season, This is fine or it happens against Liverpool, Chelsea, City, No problem! (as undergod team) but when this happens against Aston villa, that my strikes have missed headers, 1vs1 but Aston villa wins by taking their one and only Chance, This is what frustrate most of The players.. Success of a tactic is based on the team perform and create Chances, then next part of a Success is based of Players, How they take those Chances, if your current players doesnt take those chances, You buy better but when Messi/Kane/ starts to miss those too, then the fault is not is the tactic, it is in the game. As i have told "sidslayer" that tactic doesnt or shouldnt matter when striker is 1vs1 and there is no tactic that would let you remove opposition goalkeeper so your striker can have "more space" - If now anyone manages to create a tactic like that and commentry will say "He should have scored" "Just over The bar" "hit the framework" or in the end "xxteam cant believe that they lost"
  4. I asked questions about mentoring in .. "Rashidi psot about mentoring" , Can you please answer them or should i start a new thread?
  5. When assistant manager plans training, does he do that according to his "Attacking, defending etc" or Every assistant will schedule same training?
  6. @knap @RDF Tactics What do you think about this schedule? Do you think, this is according to tactic? Please suggest , what more to add or remove? or what is not needed. 1: 2: 3: 4:
  7. @knap One more request plese, Can you make a Traning schedule according to your tactics? You dont need to put in Match day or something like that, just the programs you think would be suitable? And then everyone can plan their schedule according to that with match day and all Thanks
  8. Which tactic is best suited in AWAY games? Using Argus343 (with Man-marking) but the striker "Haller" doesnt score in AWAY games. Chances are there but he misses. Which PPM do you think would work in this Patch, "Shoot with Power" or "Place shots"? Do wingbacks need crossing? They DONT seem to cross alot, but when they do its blocked Can you be more specific which kind of players you need in attack? Is it important to have "Left foot on right and vice versa"I have got Filipe Andersson and Bowen, both have got cuts inside in PPM. Sometimes they perform, like hit and miss not much consistency from Top 3 I have tried the" mentalitet thing", if you start with positive or balanced, Do i need to remove instructions? Do you think that every Assistant manager have same traning schedule? Do their "Defensiv, Attacking" matter when they plan schedule?
  9. Did you scout the goalkeeper? I had a same issue, A 16 year old youngster was asking 125000 a week but after i scouted him, it was 1,2k So try that.
  10. @Rashidi Can you please answer my question above, because i couldnt find the information, i am looking for: Additional Question: Should a Mentor have higher CA then the players he is mentoring or the only thing that matters is "Influence" In wrote this to in a some post above: I have a question about Influence, How to players get "Significant" influence?I have two saves: In Barcelona save my Sergi Roberto is Highly Influential Player his influence when mentoring youngster is SignificantIn other Villarreal save my Mario Gaspar and Albiol are also Highly Influential Players but their influence level is AverageSo my question which factors come in to play for get "Significant" Influence for players in Highly Influential Players group?
  11. FM20.2.4VenomFaith442KnapP101EC Tried it end of the season with Everton, like always great tactic. + Wingers are scoring, They always cuts inside, regardless of their PPM so having players with good finishing there might help more with goals. + Pace is a important attribute for strikers + Good to have AF with good jumping and heading, It pays off with Throw in, Either they score themselves or head back towards wingers or easy tap in. - Still to many cards, i have also players with high hidden attribute "Dirtiness", i might explain someone of cards but they are still many. - Overall defence is very good, but after corners, oppostion team counters very fast.
  12. He recommend Destroyer V3. I dont think that other tactics have been tested to newest. He is focusing more on Destroyer V3
  13. Haha Which are those positions then? 😂😂 Right now i am Everton and Baines takes every corner and this makes me vulnerable to counters.
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