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  1. Only way to settle this is to see REP through editor 😁 And sometimes, This is absurd "he doesn't believe our squad is strong enough to play at a level matching his own ambitions." - Interaction parts of the game is quite frustating.
  2. WARRIOR 4141 P103 EC FA - Havent test a 4141 tactic? And maybe put result of DISREALI GEARS result in Excel? & "217008 - ECHOES 332 LG P102 EC FA" - in you Excel, This doesnt exist. Redirected to blank page
  3. You just proved both of my points about defending the game and putting the blame on players. If we are using "super tactics" then we dont know how to play the game. FM20 was left unfinsihed, check the bug reports, yet still here and defending the game from last year. Standard answer was, " Yes we know about the problem but wont release a new patch, Problems will be addressed in next version" Just answer a simple question: if a striker is 1v1, Which tactical instructions should matter? In PI there is nothing thats specify how player should finish the chance. Attribute like Finishing
  4. I am not angry but i am just telling people to stop defending the game at every cost, not everything is players fault. On this forum, standard response to tactic "Personally i dont have xx problem so Fault in your tactics" "You cant play this game".
  5. xG is the biggest ******** of this year, it was implemented to see qualtiy of chances, but it is still the same, Opposition needs 0.07 to score a goal or maybe even less, and most on thier first attempt but own teams need over 0.50 or maybe little more to score a goal, after the match , always same message: "We should be disasppointed with the result.We were the better team but we've somehow ended up losing" - Maybe not everygame but away games, they just stop scoring and opposition take their first chance We put out a fantasic performance according to xG total that was far greater than
  6. Which tactic do you recommend for away games? Home games are just so easy. Does this have an affect on every tactic? Should we change line of defence too? I have seen that Cautios mentality also concedes, which changes do you recommend for keeping a lead in this M.E?
  7. Maybe people who played Beta and Pre-ordered wants to know what they have improved in ME compared to BETAS ME or maybe wants to know if they have Read bugs reports. "I dont want know why people on internet wants to control how others want to play their game and ask developers for something they have bought"
  8. Paying 50 millon as newly promoted and buying wonderkids & talking about "It is so easy". "I see everyone on every YT Channel and on reddit just winning and never be defeated" - Like i said before people are having problems with other enjoying the game and enjoying scoring from open-play other than from Set-peices or headers. People arent starting so many tactical threads for them to contribute with their "superior" knowledge
  9. But xG & summary is there to tell us about quality of chances. I am not saying that his should take very chance but in Espanyol, Gijon game, he should have scored at least 1. Lets see if he adds shot map.
  10. On some occasions it is just simulation and we should treat it as such , or other occasions it is compared to real life. You guys should make up your mind and specify which "criticism" will be compared to real life and which will be referred to "It is just still a game"?
  11. Last year when Messi/Ronaldo/Ciro Immobile scored 15-18 goals in League, was that normal? Set -Piece defending last year or 1v1 percentage, was that normal? Every year there is something. If we lived with that last 2 year, you can also see past this.
  12. People who have kids and job, likes it this way. Play a little, enjoy and then go back to normal life, Dont have time to adjust after every few matches and pull the hair out every save. All the time goes in to learning about tactics , which might dont work after a new update. (Right now, you have too play "Aggressive" to win, You still cant play however you want and win, So for the occasional player this Beta is perfect) People who are complaining right now, Will still complain on after it gets harder. People will still find a way to cheat ME, Last Year Set Pieces, Before that Longthrow i th
  13. Is he complaining in Media for playing time? Is he training with u23 squad? Is he not registered for la liga? He knew that he would be a backup.
  14. They have acknowledged the bugs with Club vision & 1v1 is still not working. They usually tell us about percentage around 25-33% but what they dont tell is about opposition. I want my striker to score 1v1 vs Liverpool when it matters not against home vs Bristol Rovers where they take all The 5 chances but they missed around 4 vs Liverpool in the match before. They should score when it matters not score against league 2 sides, just to make up for that 25-33% Chance. They still cannot describe or tell us how mentoring works, and the standard response is "You are the manager"- Yes i am but it
  15. Do you recommend changing mentality to positive or cautios from attacking when playing with underdog? Or does it impact tactics very much? Or do you recommend to keep the same mentality through out and then change to SUS?
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