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  1. Knap: Question about Wingers again, i just cant understand your explanation. So if you have Willian in your squad where would you play him? He is right footed but Cuts Inside from both Wings? If you have Salah (If you want to play him on the wings) he is left footed but cut inside from Right Wing? Which PPM were you referring to that helps you decide where you play them? and where would you play Malcom of Barcelona?
  2. Sorry, I didnt understand the winger thing? Could you please explain?
  3. Knap, Can you please tell your about training and set peices taker? What kind of match prep do YOU recommend for your tactics? This would improve match results for us. It is really confusing to find out about wingers prefered foot in your tactic, Would you tell in tactics if they are normal winger or inverted wingers? Thank you
  4. Is there any news about IN GAME EDTIOR, or which new functions are coming in that?
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