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  1. If team cohesion is good, tactical familiarity is good, and morale is good, then go to tactics. Your morale needs to be better, so try to regularly praise/warn them for training performances, praise for conduct, and that will help. So, tactics: First look at your instructions, and pick a player. Imagine how your instructions would work for them, what teammates they would have nearby, and such. Imagine you being that player. For example, your Left Winger, Clark: Let's say he's given the ball from the defenders, and wants to move forward towards the opposition goal. A winger dribbles, attacks the defenders, and surges into the final third. But you tell him "Pass shorter, don't dribble much, keep the ball and work it into the box, focus on playing in the middle, and go slower." Well, the other team is closing him down and putting him under pressure, he's trying to follow your instructions, and Keefe(CM-A) has gone forward, Cotter(CM-De) is sitting back on the other side of the pitch, not supporting him, Knight(P-A) is sitting on the line waiting for a ball to hit at goal...so what does Clark do? Either punt the ball long or lose the ball to the opposition. That fits with what you are seeing: "every player is playing long aimless balls, every player makes strange short passes to no one which are abruptly intercepted". Keep doing that with the other players, and see if you can change your tactical instructions. Then, take a look at the goals you conceded in the past. Why did they happen? Are your defenders under too much constant pressure? They're in wrong starting positions? They have poor composure or aren't consistent? Maybe you can change roles and/or train certain attributes to help them perform better.
  2. Mine's not as impressive as yours, don't think any players are good enough to rise that high through the leagues. But here are two that were with the original starting squad. I love trying to hold on to them.
  3. Dr Gonzo did a great amount of research on this. Check his research and results on the German forum. But if you want it to NOT skew towards dominant countries, you'll have to edit the other factors, such as State of Development, Game Importance, Youth Templates, etc.
  4. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Not that I know of. There are career-threatening injuries that would force retirement, but nothing more than that...
  6. They are all real youth tournaments. Norway Cup: https://norwaycup.no/en/ MIC: https://www.micfootball.com/en/ Ibercup: https://www.ibercup.com/
  7. Might add to the challenge. And it's available on FM full also.
  8. You could always play in England, and use Instant Result for a few games.
  9. Harefield has just been added, see original post. It hasn't been tested, so please let me know if there are any issues.
  10. This is a conversion of Dr. Gonzo's amazingly researched, detailed, and tested Newgen Fix. The Newgen Fix reduces the many overpowered newgens to a much more realistic level, by nation. Dr. Gonzo's Premise: The game clearly produces too many highly talented Newgens. Of course, not all players fully exploit their potential, especially as the CPU teams seldom support these players optimally. The very big outliers on the top also take the CPU teams properly. For a good human manager, the search for talent is clearly too simple. Dr. Gonzo's original FM178 thread has plenty of information on the effort he went to determine the best rating numbers, the many factors involved besides just Youth Rating, and the hours of testing done. DOWNLOAD: Newgen Fix.fmf
  11. These files only change the database, they do not add any new levels. You will have to also choose EITHER Dan's E22 OR messi's level 11 data file.
  12. Done. Check first post. From Norway's weather that was used for Iceland, I added 4 patterns: Capital Region + Southern Peninsula (colder, added much more rain, and reduced wind) Northwest (even colder, less rain, more winter wind) South (warmer, more winter wind) Northeast (much less rain, less wind)
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