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  1. I agree, and this is really what I was trying to point out in my post before. It really is a decent ME in representing football on the whole. I think the problem lies more in the lack of variation in play styles and tactics on the AI side. When 90% of teams play narrow and deep(if not attacking), or with the same formation, it gets boring and central play is hardly ever available. When most AI managers play 1 of 3 tactics, and generally have poor ability to adapt in match, it then becomes a repeat feeling of playing the same game over and over. Thus the many “it’s boring, I have no passion to play” comments. But using my Smarter AI mod, where formations are much more varied, Ai makes more use of 3 strikers, scout opponents better, and managers constantly adapt in match, it’s a great game I can’t wait to play. Don’t get me wrong, SI has let everyone down to varying extents, and the issues with the ME and other areas of the game are proven and disappointing. But some changes in variation can do a world of good to help some enjoy the game more. Scouting teams becomes important, so I can prepare for an odd formation, or feel the impending doom of 3 strikers when I’m the weak team. I have to pay attention during the match, to see that they’ve done their research too, and are marking my winger with the most assists, or that 35 mins in, they’ve switched from 3 defenders to 5 and pushed players back to defend us. Or that at 80mins, they’re losing and pushing for a goal, so put wingers, fullbacks, and added 3 strikers to attack. Or see they’ve kept on their best player, a fullback on a yellow card at 55% energy in OT. They’ve instead subbed on a striker, searching for a goal. I instruct my players to play down the side of their tired fullback to push for a mistake or red card. But they’re on to me, and move him to Defensive midfielder, and sub on a fresh fullback. I get games with set pieces, others with just crosses, others with pressing, others with sitting back, many games with central play, beautiful through balls, one-twos, spins and tricks, some with balls over the top, some playing through the middle, or overlapping fullbacks, or a packed defense, with a low tempo and direct play, tiki taka, all out attack, etc. it’s a different game every time and it’s a joy.
  2. It the past seasons’ winners of certain competitions, and high reputation clubs of certain countries.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to look into it some more, it works fine in my saves. The J League Cup is supposed to START late June, as in once the new season starts. sometimes not even start till July 1st. Have you loaded too many tournaments for the number of leagues you’ve loaded? Or do you have other friendlies and tournaments loaded for Germany that interact?
  4. All editor data files require a new save. Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
  5. Yes, probably, as it’s very hard to give a concrete answer. Just default injury amounts alone vary from save to save. Then I have decreased some injury timelines, and added more injuries, decreased/increased ratios, and added more ability to have a player playing while injured. So it’s hard to say.
  6. For the MLS, since they have games and the Adidas, I'd go with something like IberCup and 1st Division Elite. Maybe also the Other Continents' BA and Brazil Cup, to help foster youth from nearby countries... For countries, depends on your computer's processor and how many you can/want to load. You can just do USA, but you can also add the big countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. or more, if you want.
  7. Absolutely not my intention to offend you, it is you making the assumptions, and my post was not directed at anyone in particular. No I did not mean at all those who have issues are plug and play or don’t know football. There are many issues with the ME. I only meant that those who sim games, and don’t manage the games, would find it more frustrating and find more issues. They would be more focused on stats, which don’t give an accurate representation of the ME. Whether we like it or not, SI has almost required us to manage the match, and only then can we really see the issues, and only then can we determine if it’s with our tactic or with players morale/dynamics/abilities, or with the ME. Then , I only meant about go do something else, as there are many posts on these forums, where people are very angry, mad, or repeat over and over their issues. Well, if they’re not enjoying it at all, and raging so much, maybe it’s time to find something they can enjoy. This games is meant to bring joy, yes? SI has been told til the players are blue in the face, and it hasn’t been fixed, so if people really hate it and it’s the worst FM ever, like they say, stop playing and find something to make you happy, like how some have gone back to FM 18. For those of us that have issues with it, but still enjoy it, those were not the ones I was talking about.
  8. After loading all the mods I wish, my feedback is this: match engine needs work. Attributes need to matter more, central play needs to increase, and morale should have less impact. I’m not seeing too many set pieces, randomness, crazy long shots, and things other people say. Strikers everywhere are scoring well. But I think the ME is not bad. The ME is viewed as worse due to Stats, and users’ play style. Stats: I got rid of them mostly, no CCC, total shots, possession %, etc. only crosses, shots, mistakes, shown for individual players. So instead of focusing on that my team is “dominating “, I can see that my left fullback has 4 mistakes at 30 mins in, so he’s probably under too much pressure. Users play style: so many you tubers and users like to just sim a match. This year especially, you must watch games and actually manage from the touch line. If I just sim, the game seems random, unfair, odd, and I do poor or randomly very well. But if I watch the games, I can see they are sticking to my right winger like glue, he’s losing the ball, and they counterattack. Or my GK is passing to fullbacks and other team is pressing my defenders very quickly, so they panic and send it out for a corner or throw in and we concede. Or that the other manager has switched to a 3 striker formation with 15 mins to go , and i should go more defensive. Etc. you must watch the games and make changes! But many may not want to play this way, so it becomes frustration, and they should be able to sim if they wish. If if you watch real football, this ME is not it, because it can’t ever be. But watch Chelsea vs Bournemouth and Chelsea has 70%+ possession, but were 2-1 down, then 2-2. If it was FM people would say no way! We are dominating. Replay! watch psg vs Dortmund and you see many shots, few goals, shots from tight angles. People would say no, not realistic! Bad ME! Watch Man City vs Real, and you see many long balls over the top. Watch Liverpool vs Watford, and you have title winners on a 44 game unbeaten streak against a bottom of the table team, yet the relegation candidates beat the amazing team not 1-0, not 2-1, but 3-0. People would have said no way!! Not possible! Replay! Stop complaining, stop nitpicking, manage the game, enjoy the ups and downs, and if you really see an issue, do solid research like here, then either let it go and enjoy, or just go play another game.
  9. Not that it’s riveting stuff either....but better newgen names. Can’t change the internal SI issues, but we can add to the database to at least expand the list. I was going to use OOTPs name lists to create them using macros. My newgens in England had 3 oxlaide-chamberlains the first intake... Club Visions are pretty sparsely added. players and coaches disliked clubs are non existent, so everyone can go everywhere. And so on... the better question is what bugs you in FM that you can fix, or what things you enjoy editing and playing. There is a WSL for FM19 https://www.fmscout.com/a-world-super-league-fm19.html that you could edit to what you like.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1989938648
  11. There probably is a way, you can ask on the forums, but I left them as competitions, because friendlies mean your attendances go way down, which takes away alot of the money that should come in, and then players don't care if they play or not, and such. So I'd have to redo several things. No, sorry, Serbia doesn't seem big on youth tournaments IRL. You're welcome! They should work correctly, you can try a test save and see how it goes.
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