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  1. You make a test save, that’s not your normal one. Enjoy your job at Hearts!
  2. Load up a save, where you are a little team going against a big team. Save it just before the match. play the game with no instructions, no changes, nothing. Just watch. Take notes for each player: what are they doing well? What do they do poorly? For goals you conceded, replay them a few times, why did you concede? Can you add an instruction or change formation to reduce conceding that way? Now reload the game. Play it again, and try adding your changes. See what happens. keep reloading and playing the same game until you win. And not win by a shock or chance own goal or long sho. But really win as far as playing well. You get good tackles, concede few goals, your players get good ratings, there are few mistakes, lots of completed passes, etc. this will help you learn the match engine, the game itself, how to be an on-pitch manager and get results. using this same match over and over reduces some of the changing circumstances and things that will cloud your view. It will teach you how instructions work, how player roles work, how chance is a big part of it, etc. Then, start your real save, and don’t replay, but take the results as they come.
  3. Yes, it will be updated. Hopefully to complement the transfer preferences mod. They should work, it’s only database changes, and FM19 Files don’t even need converted to FM20. But you should load them in the FM19 Editor, then save them, just to make sure they’re using FM19s database.
  4. Are they in the right folder? Have you added the information to the config file? Cleared cache? Reloaded skin?
  5. I’ll be posting an update this weekend , and then download what you wish and run a test save overnight, so a few seasons are run, check how it looks. Play a match or two if you like. If all’s well, you should be good!
  6. Hey, thanks alot for the information! As far as Italy and Poland: yes, you seem right that it is a new trend. Transfermarkt shows 15 transfers from Poland to Serie A in the last 4 seasons. I do have them signing players from there, in a small amount. You'd have to test and let me know what you think about the amount of transfers. Could you be more specific about the MLS teams? They are transferring Polish players to their league? Poland vs Spain: Unfortunately, FM does not distinguish between leagues, so if I increase Spain, it will increase transfers for all of Spain, not just the 3rd level. Of course, many La Liga top Spanish players will not want to move to Poland...but it would still create some unrealistic moves. Also scouting levels work that the top/popular players are known first, rather then 3rd. If you really want to, you can open the file in the Editor, find Poland > Nation Transfer Prefs > Spain, and maybe select Fairly High Profile and Full Scouting ability(so they get 3rd division), then Region Prefs > and increase Central Europe to 2 or 3. Then run a test save, and you can let me know what you find! And nationalities don't really matter, it's leagues they came from. Either way, I have Slovakia as a high target for Poland, along with some Portugal. So that looks good. I will increase Serbia and Croatia for Poland. For Russia and Greece to Poland, there have been 4 Greek transfers this season already, and 5 last season. So Greece will stay the same. But you are right, Russia is not important at all. I will fix that. Again, thank you so much for the info! We appreciate it!
  7. 1st Question: Haha, that would be funny, but no. It's just for AI. Meaning that before they would scout anywhere that wasn't set as None/Limited in the Editor. Now, they are "assigned" nations, and primarily stick to those. Of course, clubs will also have their own identities. 2nd Question: You would have to provide some data on that...I found out of 2,600 transfers, only 7 were from Moldova. So..not really. But, keep in mind that these transfers are not what Nationality the player is, but what nations' league they come from. So looking at Moldova's current national squad, a good portion of them are playing in the Romanian leagues. And then, we check our data, and find that yes, Romania is #5 of the top nations for Russia. If you would like to discuss more, PM me!
  8. No, they don't include his new textures, he made them new for FM20, just like I did. It includes his patterns only. As far as how they compare: Textures Themselves: It looks as if he took one of SI's textures, and modified them for a few types (clay/sand/stone/etc are not changed yet). Whereas mine has individual real life textures for every specific type. In game Pitches: Our grass pitches are quite similar. For the other textures, his are...grass. More pristine, little variation(poor pitch is 90% same as perfect pitch), and far less pitch degradation. My Grass Texture on Left, Fez's on right: Grass/Mud: Mine IS mud with grass. With his, when the pitch degrades, you would see a muted green grass. Dry Grass: Same with most other types. Snow is now grass, with a bit of snow added. Full Mud is grass with a bit of mud added. As far as which is better? That's up to your personal preference! To decide: Do you prefer clean, pristine grass no matter what? Or varied, degraded, weather-oriented pitches?
  9. If you need any help, just let me know! I have a good chunk of the data and charts that could assist you.
  10. Yea, I don’t get it either. So many decisions seem for the better, and others for worse..
  11. Complete real life transfer data applied to top 35 nations, and more realistic transfer preferences for all 228 nations. Intro: The real life transfer market is extremely complex, and every nation has their own tendencies. These tendencies vary greatly. For example, Northern Ireland may get their players mostly from within their own nation, or from Ireland, and never from South America. Whereas Scotland may get more players from England than their own nation, and randomly in small numbers from all over the European continent. This "transfer flow" for each nation is poorly represented in FM. In the default database, there are 3 sections regarding transfers, yet England has nation preferences set for only 2 out of 228 nations, and the continent and region sections are completely empty. This file changes that. We have compiled huge amounts of research/data/charts/etc and combined our work, to create the largest and most realistic set of transfer preferences ever created for FM. Features: Increased number of transfers within the same nation, for all 228 nations Reduced overall number of transfers Reduced China's strength in buying too many good players Removed every nation's ability to scout everywhere at any time Applied data for incoming transfers and loans for past 2 decades(if possible) to top 35 nations Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for 65-70 nations Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for all 21 regions Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for all continents Added age restrictions for a few nations (USA, China, Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Serbia, Switzerland) Minor increase in Scotland/Ireland to encourage English transfers to those countries Affiliations increased within the same nation Affiliation tendencies applied to top 20 nations Guides for a Realistic Setup: Any nations not loaded as playable are hardly used for transfers. This means your save setup could be unrealistic. For example, you want to manage in Portugal, and load England, Spain, Italy, and France also. This means Brazil is left out, the nation that Portugal most often gets players. So, here is a list of basic guides by nation, to help you set up a decent save. The most important nations are listed first, then gradually less important, followed by optional ones. England: France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal. Optional - Belgium, Norway, Greece, Ireland, Argentina, Denmark Spain: England, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina. Optional - Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia Germany: England, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Italy. Optional - Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Norway Italy: Spain, England, France, Argentina. Optional - Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Senegal France: England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Cameroon, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland. Optional - Argentina, Netherlands, Mali, Ivory Coast, Algeria Portugal: Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, England. Optional - Argentina, Romania, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Nigeria, Senegal Argentina: Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia. Optional - Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Ecuador Australia: England, New Zealand. Optional - Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China, Scotland, South Korea Austria: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Czech. Optional - Belgium, France, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Russia Belgium: France, Netherlands, England, Italy, Portugal. Optional - Germany, Spain, Norway, Senegal, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Croatia Brazil: Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Spain, Italy. Optional - Uruguay, Germany, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Russia, Colombia Chile: Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru. Optional - USA, Colombia, Brazil China - Brazil, South Korea, Portugal, England, Australia, Serbia, Germany. Optional - Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Bulgaria Colombia - Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay. Optional - Chile, USA, Brazil, Ecuador Croatia - Bosnia, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria. Optional - Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Greece Czech - Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy. Optional - Poland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia Denmark - Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Netherlands. Optional - Belgium, France, Italy Greece - Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England, Cyprus. Optional - Serbia, Poland Hong Kong - China, Spain, South Korea. Optional - Serbia, Bosnia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan Ireland: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. Optional - USA Japan: Brazil, South Korea. Optional - Germany, Portugal, Thailand, Australia, China Mexico: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil. Optional - USA, Spain, Peru, Ecuador Netherlands: England, Belgium, Germany. Optional - France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Japan Northern Ireland: Ireland, England, Scotland Norway: Denmark, England, Sweden. Optional - Iceland, Germany, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria Poland - Germany, Slovakia, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Czech. Optional - Serbia, Netherlands Russia - Georgia, Belarus. Optional - Portugal, Germany, Czech, France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Belgium Scotland - England. Optional - Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Italy Serbia - Bosnia, Greece, Montenegro. Optional - Russia, Hungary, Portugal, North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Slovenia South Africa - Ghana, Israel. Optional - Netherlands, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany Sweden - Norway, Denmark, England, Finland, Netherlands. Optional - Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, USA Switzerland - Germany, France, Italy. Optional - Spain, Austria, England, Netherlands Turkey - Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy. Optional - Netherlands, Brazil, Russia Ukraine - Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Georgia. Optional - Romania, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Italy Uruguay - Argentina, Mexico. Optional - Chile, Peru, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil USA - Mexico, England, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica. Optional - Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland, France, Netherlands Wales - England, Scotland. Optional - New Zealand DOWNLOAD: DB - Realistic Transfer Preferences by Daveincid and majesticeternity.fmf Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file. Testing: Overall: This has been thoroughly tested by both of us, but considering there are so many nations and aspect to this, as well as variation in each save, there can be issues remaining. Any feedback you have would be great! African nations: There is less data to help determine destinations of players born in African nations, and it is very tedious to compile. Data has been compiled for Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Cameroon, Morocco, and South Africa. This data has then been applied to Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, France, England, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, USA, Turkey. As there are very few default playable African leagues, testers that load custom African leagues would be needed to ensure this information represents real life data accurately. Affiliations: It's hard to find the data and research to determine affiliation tendencies for nations, and is also hard to know the mechanics FM uses. A few outside-of-nation tendencies have been applied, but more information could be used. Ages: Age data is a huge task, and difficult to acquire, as well FM does not really apply the rules, but varies as it wishes. But any additional information is helpful. If you like this creation, and want to support our weeks of work, please donate:
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