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  1. Updated to add Brazilian and Polish translation. Sorry for the delay, live is crazy now...
  2. I think a lot of people agree with you, and as I said it’s not an excuse, just some perspective. they could hire a ton of people and not get a lot done, if efforts fail or aren’t worthwhile as a whole. Just because they are poorly developing the game, doesn’t mean they’re not trying or working hard. Most players have no idea how massive a task it is to manage the game. SI could have a lot more help but don’t use it. The community gets a lot of things done that they don’t. they are lately putting out new features, but poorly implemented or not really useful ones. Players tell them tim
  3. It's not an issue with the way morale works in the game, per se. It's that the AI teams are terrible at gaining and maintaining good morale. If you did everything right with morale, but come up against a run of 10 matches, where 7 of those opponents had high morale, happy squads, and good tactical managers, you would have more losses/draws, and that in turn would make perfect morale more difficult to maintain. Therefore, the morale system can't be "gamed", but instead needs actively, regularly used correctly in order to keep up. But when you do everything right with morale, and
  4. I agree. Morale is at least one of the major factors, because often the AI have poor team building, poor team talks, poor everything.. In FM19, I'd constantly go up against teams with morale and happiness in the dumps, while my team was sky high happy. Once I started giving AI clubs all 20 morale, and never touching my team's morale, things got alot harder. It's the main reason/inspiration behind the mods I made, in an attempt to reduce the morale & poor AI team building/squad management issues. With you playing in Vanarama North, there especially you'll see it be very easy, as t
  5. I agree, and this is really what I was trying to point out in my post before. It really is a decent ME in representing football on the whole. I think the problem lies more in the lack of variation in play styles and tactics on the AI side. When 90% of teams play narrow and deep(if not attacking), or with the same formation, it gets boring and central play is hardly ever available. When most AI managers play 1 of 3 tactics, and generally have poor ability to adapt in match, it then becomes a repeat feeling of playing the same game over and over. Thus the many “it’s boring, I have no
  6. It the past seasons’ winners of certain competitions, and high reputation clubs of certain countries.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to look into it some more, it works fine in my saves. The J League Cup is supposed to START late June, as in once the new season starts. sometimes not even start till July 1st. Have you loaded too many tournaments for the number of leagues you’ve loaded? Or do you have other friendlies and tournaments loaded for Germany that interact?
  8. All editor data files require a new save. Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
  9. Yes, probably, as it’s very hard to give a concrete answer. Just default injury amounts alone vary from save to save. Then I have decreased some injury timelines, and added more injuries, decreased/increased ratios, and added more ability to have a player playing while injured. So it’s hard to say.
  10. For the MLS, since they have games and the Adidas, I'd go with something like IberCup and 1st Division Elite. Maybe also the Other Continents' BA and Brazil Cup, to help foster youth from nearby countries... For countries, depends on your computer's processor and how many you can/want to load. You can just do USA, but you can also add the big countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. or more, if you want.
  11. Absolutely not my intention to offend you, it is you making the assumptions, and my post was not directed at anyone in particular. No I did not mean at all those who have issues are plug and play or don’t know football. There are many issues with the ME. I only meant that those who sim games, and don’t manage the games, would find it more frustrating and find more issues. They would be more focused on stats, which don’t give an accurate representation of the ME. Whether we like it or not, SI has almost required us to manage the match, and only then can we really see the issues, and only t
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