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  1. + 2! I actually just finished a fantastic save in N. Ireland! It was really fun, I hope you have lots of fun too!
  2. Yea, I really liked that! I wonder how much it effects contracts/transfers/prices/interest?
  3. Agreed! That’s really nice. also like the new text options added, for variety.
  4. It’s mainly that in this save, Haaland had no beef with Dortmund, they had plenty of money to sign him on high wages if he wanted, and mainly that it’s far too easy to be a bigger club, find them first, and convince them to sign. So then you can build a world class team cheap and quick and easy.
  5. Really hope the AI has been improved! When a 21-year old Haaland is released on a free, despite Dortmund having 70m euro transfer budget and 1.3m/year wages free, it kind of kills the immersion and the challenge. oh, a new staff meeting setup? Deadline day? Agents offering players? ... when you’ve picked up 7 of the top 30 players in the world on frees and cheap deals a month ago, none of that is useful.. But if the AI is better, then these features could be good.
  6. And why should they put any work into those things, when users see a new role and go, yay, now I’m buying it. or users see they’re fixing stamina(as should have been fixed for FM21), and go yes, I’ll buy it just to have that. Sadly, we should be happy they are doing anything more than just bug fixes and database updates!
  7. Yes, I agree too. It may be realistic to have a player database, but it’s not realistic to know exactly the attributes of each player. player search may be ok, if it wasn’t so unrealistically easy to sign almost any player you want(especially at top clubs). So you can pick out the best player from the list, that ai likely won’t be bidding for. If they are bidding, you can likely offer better contract due to better-than-ai financial management. There are so many reasons player search makes it far too unrealistic. even then, I’ve lately started to reduce the number of scout player recommendations. There are, IMO, too many, so after just 1 month at a top club, there are 80 players to look at. At a small club, 20 or so. Stay at the club for one season, and you’ll have had a treasure trove of hot prospects with good potential, good players on a free that the ai didn’t pick up, cheap transfer listed players, etc. now I go to preferences in the scouting center and X out options like hot prospects, other players found on assignment, expiring contract, transfer listed, etc. so the 80 a month becomes 30. The 20 a month becomes 5. Really makes it more difficult, makes the recruitment meetings actually useful and necessary!!, makes the trial days actually useful!!, and makes it more exciting when you DO come across a cheaper player, or a top prospect, as they are more rare. overall it’s more fulfilling, and realistic, in that the squad building you now do is more organic/not overpowered, and gives the AI time to pick up a few more good players in the meantime.
  8. I find more training performance has to do with their on pitch performance....players who had a run of good games have great training, those coming off a poor game have poor training. So perhaps your defeats/poor player ratings are the factor here... yea, I have where I can see my coaches attributes. You’re right qualifications put attributes in too randomly so it’s hard to know anything. I may have to start a save with the club you’re at, for an actual challenge! Lol. I’d like to just once feel my job was under pressure or I might possibly get sacked. This game is far too easy, even after all the work I’ve done to make it harder, and even added more restrictions. I think it’s majority down to the fact that the AI don’t attack in return... Sounds fun! but yes frustrating too, if you don’t know how to fix it.
  9. Do you have the graph to see attribute spread? Or maybe attributes seen when on the training screen? I wonder if that would help you balance with time, and reduce the training-related issues. So you could see attributes for training what you want, see how they change, but the majority of the time not know attributes specifically or focus on them when buying, etc
  10. Why isn’t it going well, with no attributes? I am really enjoying playing with only the graph to know attributes, this way I look more at the way the player plays in match and what style they have, tendencies they have, and it’s wonderfully opened up the world to use players I normally wouldn’t have, in ways I wouldn’t have. It’s also freeing, to enjoy the game and the players, rather than nitpicking attributes or being frustrated that a player should/shouldn’t have done something based on their attributes.
  11. Meanwhile, I’m over here starting my first journeyman save, lowest badges, unemployed. Got a job at a poor Northern Ireland side, after 3rd season, have won the league twice, won cups 5 times, made it to Champions League group stage, won Manager of the Year award, Shortlisted for global/world manager, Continental A license now, yet even on an expiring contract not a single job offer. Even tried letting contract expire and going without a club, still no offers. Like, not even another struggling N. Irish side with no manager wants me??...Wales?...anybody? I think I’ll be stuck here forever, waiting for the offer that will never come...
  12. It is a bit tricky, as in FM, many lower nation clubs don't have youth teams. I could have put an age restriction, but then there would be only grey players, or at times no players eligible for the team, as the clubs are poor in players and resources.
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