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  1. Yes, good thinking to look at what’s in game! things may be different in game, though I wonder why such an increase in facilities.... I didn’t merge it, just with the easy player development this year, with AI players too, I felt the increased staff wasn’t needed. It also makes things easier for the human players as they can just get better staff. So for harder mode, it doesn’t work. it’s still available in the Smarter AI thread
  2. Keep in mind an injury may not “count” as they’re only out for a day or two, or can play with equipment. but check the realistic injuries thread, there are lots of tips there on how to prevent them. And injuries are also random. I’ve had 3 months with no injuries over 3 days, but then 2 games in a row I had to sub an injured player off and had 5 players out at once. if that happens to you consistently with so many players out, you may need to get better at preventing injuries
  3. Not “constantly”, but yes, they will, especially the better ones. Lesser quality ones won’t as much. for me, who wants to do my best at every game, and take all the time, I watch matches on comprehensive, and that gives me enough to watch to understand. Also what helps is I use FLUT and it shows the oppositions formation. That really helps to at a glance see when they change formation or players. But if you are out of touch with FM, or haven’t found it easy before, probably wait on the Smarter AI until you’ve played a save or two
  4. They all work with the update. I totally understand your worry about a save being broken! So it’s a good idea to set up the save the way you want, and simulate it overnight for at least 3 seasons. all files in my mega pack work together, I use them all. the injuries files differences are only the frequency. If you want to have to manage your players to prevent injuries, work with your medical team, reduce training, etc, and feel the pain when you threw your player into a physical training day followed by a match of pressing for 90 mins, then pick the original one. If you
  5. If you message me, I can help, ask anytime. But you simply open FM21 Editor, load the injuries file, go to Injuries section on the left. Then open the injury, click on the name, highlight all of it, and type in the name you want. After you've done a few, save it, and reload it, just to make sure the changes you make are working. Then do all the rest and make sure you SAVE regularly, then keep going. Save, keep going.
  6. Funny how it’s like we’re all playing a different game. Perhaps that’s why SI has so many unhappy customers, more than maybe they should. Since the patch, my winger with many PoM, assists and goals, has gone completely cold, producing nothing, but only hits the ball against the defenders legs over and over again. my striker with 30 goals in 22 games has 0 in the next 10. His positioning has tanked and he doesn’t get into good position anymore, just lags behind everyone else. And I even threw him in a couple friendlies to boost his confidence. players can’t string
  7. Thanks for the images. yes it can be confusing, but the default Viareggio tournament is this one: http://www.viareggiocup.com/en/torneo.html?Itemid=639 More focused on Italian teams, above age 15, higher quality, and with a few teams from around the world. the one I added is here: http://www.trofeocittaviareggio.it/en/index.php a “lower quality” tournament more focused on younger youth <18. They’re two different tournaments
  8. Check my profile page, it will have the older posts I made, or go to Fm19 editors hideaway. Not all of these are there for fm19, but a lot are. if one isn’t, that you want, just load it in FM21 editor and export it as xml. Then load that in FM19 editor and save. Then test to make sure it works. You can message me if you need help
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