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  1. Yes. If you want to add them yourself, see the above info and screenshots, you can set your team to be selected.
  2. Same file, usually at the beginning of the file.
  3. Yea, thanks for sharing your experience. Well that about the manager is just FM, lol. But thanks, I'll change it for next time. You can change it yourself in the Editor to make it a friendly instead of a cup. It's simple. You can also change the dates, but those are more difficult to get right, as FM's scheduling is so off, you may select 5/1/2020 and it actually schedules for 1/20/2020 or 8/10/2020.
  4. Not quite sure which you mean, as there are several files. Do you mean the Elite, 2nd, 3rd division files? which ones? Also, are you using any other files that effect Germany? I checked both Hamburg and Dusseldorf, and for each year they are in the Bundesliga, they play in the top tournaments. As far as editing yourself, open the file in FM21 Editor, click Advanced Rules. For example, I'll open the 1st Division U19 file. Go to the Cup you wish, using the drop down at "Show Rules for". Then click the arrows to show the options, then click on Teams. Then
  5. Not specifically for Canada no, but mainly the elite/top tournaments for MLS clubs. In the default game, Canada is "poor" youth wise, with few teams that have dedicated youth teams and overall youth development.
  6. I haven't seen where only some show up. Are you using any other competition/league mods? Pre-season tournaments, competitions, leagues and anything else that adds something similar can overwrite or clash with other mods that do a similar thing.
  7. No, I haven't said I've gone through every possible dialect, there are so many out there, it's impossible to do. Corsican is a "definitely endangered language" And wiki says "The use of Corsican language over French language has been declining." Even in Corsica itself, "The percentage of those who have a solid oral understanding of the language varies between a minimum of 25 percent in the 25–34 age group and the maximum of 65 percent in the over-65 age group: almost a quarter of the former age group does not understand Corsican, while only a small minority of the older people do not unde
  8. Not quite sure what you mean at the end, but keep in mind due to COVID, for the first season or so, several awards don't work. Would you mind sending me a link to that save? I haven't found quite the issues you have, wondered what's up, or how you set it up. Thanks.
  9. I’m not sure, actually! maybe try loading nations and looking at their start dates? or look here: https://sortitoutsi.net/content/50995/how-to-make-a-custom-start-date-easily
  10. It kind of does happen irl, there are many summer tournaments and such, and also they will play the entire competition in 1 weekend or even 1 day. but yes that seems like a visual bug? They didnt actually play 2 separate games right? I haven’t found that in any testing or in my 10 year save. Do you have any other custom competitions or leagues added? and yes, I agree, scheduling is off, and I have so far found no solution...again I haven’t found any on the same day, but spacing between days is an issue.
  11. Yea, a custom one combining multiple and adding my own stuff
  12. You should be able to open it in FM21 editor, export to xml, import the xml in fm20 editor, save, and done. Let me know if you need help.
  13. It does and it doesn’t. making it just a regular friendly means players don’t care about it and it’s not meant to try and win or assess tactics. No fans care about it so there’s low attendance. And media/players would generally care about the ICC, to an extent. So to each their own. I can try another version next year . but yea, having the statistics recorded isn’t right.
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