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  1. Anyone looking for more realistic newgens would enjoy this: https://community.sigames.com/topic/467725-fm19-dr-gonzos-newgen-fix/
  2. An interesting story brewing in my 2028 save, with Improved AI and Legendary Managers files, and many other edits: VS WENGER: In 2018, Arsene Wenger started as manager of Arsenal. A few years of 3rd/6th/3rd/3rd/5th/5th in Premier League, meant he bounced around the CL and EL, winning the EL twice. Despite those successes, from the beginning every cup eluded him. Making it to Quarter Finals or Semi Finals, but no further. A 2024 defeat to Liverpool in the CL Semi Final, a Runner's Up in the FA Cup marked the beginning of the end. In 2025, Arsenal were knocked out in the Carabao Cup 4th Round by Chelsea, then again lost to West Ham in the FA Cup 3rd Round. The following season was even worse, finishing 7th in Premier, doing poorly in CL, dropping out of the FA Cup, and once again making it to a Cup Semi Final, but no further. CULLIS: Meanwhile, Stan Cullis left his job at Wolves to join Manchester City in 2019. He immediately changed the formation, and rebuilt the squad. Winning every cup round and blazing up the league table, he won the MOTM, and even decided his squad needed strengthening again. Even so, City met a similar fate to Arsenal. So close to an FA Cup win, Premier League win, and Semi Final ticket...but not close enough. Next season(2021), more shifts in the squad, but yet Arsenal got the better of them, and they did very poor by the board's standards. 2022, and Cullis' only answer seems to be re-arranging the squad, with several players coming and going. This time, it worked. They earn the title, giving him Manager of the Year, and winning the Carabao Cup. Yet, a poor CL and FA Cup campaign.. "No problem", Cullis says. "Let's just break our budget on a new signing." It seems at the start to have worked, their pre-season giving them phenomenal form, and even a win over Arsenal. Still, though, a similar result in 2023. Maybe it's not just the players? "Nope, it's the players. We need more." You might be right, Stan.. What a good season for them! More spending.. Yet a focus on the Cup Competitions was the wrong choice, as while they did outstanding, their league form dropped to not 2nd, or 3rd, or 5th...but a lowly 6th, killing the title streak, and the board won't have it. He's sacked in the summer of 2025. Well, it's now 2026, and Manchester City need a manager. There's not many available...everyone worthwhile already has jobs....perhaps it was premature to sack the 4-time-in-a-row title winning Cullis....will 7th placed Arsenal head coach Wenger do? Let's ask him... So Wenger leaves Arsenal for the riches and glorious, mouth-watering squad at Manchester City(which Cullis built himself...). Which leaves Arsenal searching around the slim head coach pile. Oh look, Cullis is available! Well, the managers have swapped places( Cullis at Arsenal, and Wenger at Man City), who will beat the other? Cullis does well at Arsenal, yet Wenger is able to land the first big blow, killing Arsenal's FA Cup campaign. Wenger also does well. The following season, Cullis is able to repay the favor, killing Man City's FA Cup campaign at the same exact spot, the 5th round. Where the rivalry ends, nobody knows..
  3. I'm not sure, you can use weatherspark.com and climatestotravel.com to find out.
  4. If team cohesion is good, tactical familiarity is good, and morale is good, then go to tactics. Your morale needs to be better, so try to regularly praise/warn them for training performances, praise for conduct, and that will help. So, tactics: First look at your instructions, and pick a player. Imagine how your instructions would work for them, what teammates they would have nearby, and such. Imagine you being that player. For example, your Left Winger, Clark: Let's say he's given the ball from the defenders, and wants to move forward towards the opposition goal. A winger dribbles, attacks the defenders, and surges into the final third. But you tell him "Pass shorter, don't dribble much, keep the ball and work it into the box, focus on playing in the middle, and go slower." Well, the other team is closing him down and putting him under pressure, he's trying to follow your instructions, and Keefe(CM-A) has gone forward, Cotter(CM-De) is sitting back on the other side of the pitch, not supporting him, Knight(P-A) is sitting on the line waiting for a ball to hit at goal...so what does Clark do? Either punt the ball long or lose the ball to the opposition. That fits with what you are seeing: "every player is playing long aimless balls, every player makes strange short passes to no one which are abruptly intercepted". Keep doing that with the other players, and see if you can change your tactical instructions. Then, take a look at the goals you conceded in the past. Why did they happen? Are your defenders under too much constant pressure? They're in wrong starting positions? They have poor composure or aren't consistent? Maybe you can change roles and/or train certain attributes to help them perform better.
  5. Mine's not as impressive as yours, don't think any players are good enough to rise that high through the leagues. But here are two that were with the original starting squad. I love trying to hold on to them.
  6. Dr Gonzo did a great amount of research on this. Check his research and results on the German forum. But if you want it to NOT skew towards dominant countries, you'll have to edit the other factors, such as State of Development, Game Importance, Youth Templates, etc.
  7. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Not that I know of. There are career-threatening injuries that would force retirement, but nothing more than that...
  9. They are all real youth tournaments. Norway Cup: https://norwaycup.no/en/ MIC: https://www.micfootball.com/en/ Ibercup: https://www.ibercup.com/
  10. Might add to the challenge. And it's available on FM full also.
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