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  1. I’m not quite sure I understand..but I don’t think you can. you can use the Editor to edit a managers’ profile, like their formations, depth, attack, role selection, cup strategy, and so on
  2. You can do whichever you wish! Probably you should go in an edit it. But just keep in mind the changes many not have a major effect.
  3. Ok thanks for the notes! yeah it is tricky. I haven’t found that quite as much, but yea, it’s too easy to get them. I’ll increase contract lengths for the next update
  4. Ok I’ll make a note. Trouble is that then they’re easy to poach. But I can also stagger the ages
  5. The previous comment only is for the Dutch leagues. Every other nation I believe works just fine.
  6. That actually seems ok, as most are 2 or 3 days only, or at most 7 days , with a few longer ones. And it looks like that’s for the whole season? have you read the realistic injuries thread on tips how to manage and prevent injuries?
  7. Yea, seems to be fairly plausible. I believe it also depends on pitch condition, and also is random, some winters will be more rainy and other winters less. If it continues through the whole season, that’s an issue, as summers should be pretty dry. But it’s quite rainy in Oct and Nov, where you are at now.
  8. Most aren’t going to, as their logos and faces can’t be found on the internet. there may be images online for 2 Bundesliga, but I’m not sure where to start. You can try here : https://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,28006.0.html and the other forums there to see if they can help
  9. Yes, very true. I did something similar when I started, but for the match engine itself, to learn how to play and how to adjust tactics and what effects they create. It will always have a random element to it, but generally learning individuals can go a long way to understanding and working with the systems, even learning individual managers. and you’re right! Small things can have big effects, like a disagreement with a player can mean they don’t want to play for you ever again.
  10. @Outsider23 I love to see this type of posts, really cool to see you wanting to understand and learn, rather than the “I clicked option 3 and players got mad this is stupid” type posts. FM may not always make sense, but usually there is a story to be found. Sporadic smiles pretty much covered it, but also remember the individual personalities, and leaders, and dynamics. A lot of the hidden attributes can effect player reactions, so learning a specific player is also useful. Talk to them, warn or praise, watch their normal body language, even perhaps their club moves, stat history, wa
  11. FM really just needs better squad building, along with more adjustments to your tactics. Like AI marking your players out of the game, or going more attacking even when it’s 0-0 in a knockout at 70mins left, or going more defensive when you put more players up front. If both things were improved, it may be then later on still easy to win, but it will feel more like you earned it cuz you had to adjust and watch and react and plan, rather than just setting up a tactic and letting the match run, or picking up 10/10 wonderkids.
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