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  1. Apologies for asking but I’m itching to start a new long term save. However I really want to wait for this update. Would there any ideas when it shall be released? Asks one very eager fan, sat hit refresh refresh refresh haha kind regards
  2. Anyone wanting to play fm with no attributes and still use the most epic of skins?… Flut skin of course! It’s now available without attributes and CA and PA numbers. It is awesome!!!
  3. I thought as much. With there being zero feedback on it. I’m looking for the same 21/22 season start
  4. I saw something on another site, fm scout but I haven’t tried it I’m afraid
  5. I fully appreciate that, I have managed to merge the skin with everything minus the “1”s. I’ll definitely take that. it has made fm incredible now in my eyes. thank you so much for all your time and help on it all.
  6. This sounds incredible! Cannot wait for this to come out. Your work on fm additions to improve realism is immense! huge thank you from me
  7. Yeah that’s the set piece section. I’ll take a look in a minute and get back to you. I think I’ve done something wrong because when I last did this for Flut skin 9.0 it worked in players and staff. But this time I’m still seeing numbers on staff profile page and also when you go into staff team page and change the drop down box from contact to either mental or physical attributes. I still see numbers there. would all this be because of the person properties xml file? Thank you so so much for taking your time to help and advise.
  8. Of course I fully understand where you are coming from. I shall just continue to try merge the two creations the best I can. Enjoy your save and once again thank you for your stars attribute idea. It is soooo much better than seeing precise numbers.
  9. Thank you so much for your response. I could show you some screenshots and you could perhaps tell me if there’s anything hidden? Everything looks to work perfectly but my eyes are getting old and tired now haha huge thanks once again for these stars. They are fantastic
  10. If you have success with these please post pics. Great idea again to improve realism to the game
  11. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for these star attributes. It really helps make the game much more realistic. I hate the numbered attribute layout. So huge thanks. I have managed to merge it into the Flut skin with success in most areas of the game. Couple of exceptions are on player profile screen I cannot get it to work on either attributes with and without boxes. Also my manger profile screen. But so far the rest of the game it is working superbly. I have regular contact with the designer of the Flut skin and I have told him I’ve got it to work. Hopefully without any issues. So
  12. Can anyone please tell me where this has disappeared to? how on earth can you have a chat with a player if you can’t see what you may have previously said to the player in question? If this has been removed can we know why? It was an incredibly helpful tool to have! please correct this issue or fm may become pointless
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