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  1. This !!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOneUroKnap4231P100ECCC.fmf is one of the best 4231 tactics i`ve seen this year I like how all the goals are spread among the attack players
  2. I`m using Touch version, there is NO tool to keep fitness or morale up I`m rotating the players a lot, keep them happy that they play, and i know how to train them, that`s something i learned in time. I change the players traits in development section, for example : CD traits : Stay back , No through balls ( that means he will play smart short passing game, he`ll not lose the ball often ) DM traits : No dive into tackles ( less yellow and red cards ), NO runs with ball ( he`s the holding player in front of the CDs, no need to lose the ball and create chances for the opposition ) CM traits : Plays one-twos, shoots with power ... .... and so on I adapt to every tactic i`m using, for each tactic i`m using different traits, depends if i`m playing with high up the pitch wings or mr/ml, if i`m playing through the middle or overlap, high def line or standard ... and so on
  3. Tweaked FIGHTER into a 4-1-2-3 and went in holiday for the 1st season with Arsenal, really good result for holiday mode (most goals scored and 3rd defence in the league) :
  4. Using !!!!FM20.4.0451KnapPreachinBluesVOL4P108EC.fmf with Arsenal , killing every team easy : Beast of a tactic! Thx @knap
  5. Knap, can`t find this tactic in GOOGLE DOCS, wanna try it with Inter, looks perfect fit!
  6. FM has become the only football pleasure now that all leagues are stopped because of this virus!
  7. Football Manager is no longer a Plug & Play game. You have to adapt. From this point of view, you can`t go every game with the same mentality, you have to switch to Contain - Positive - Attack sometimes, just like in real life. Learn how to play, old days of FM are over. And that is a good thing!
  8. Star player in Defence : KEHRER -- Sensational CD from PSG for only 3.9 Mil Pounds, really good for set pieces
  9. FIGHTER V1 - Minor Tweak : Dropped WB to FB Position One of the best 4231 tactics right now Good job TFF NEWCASTLE First season 3rd place won CARABAO CUP Lost 5 games to bigger teams by 1 goal!!! That is saying something about this tactic
  10. Any Touch 20 Skins ? If you know, please let me know where can i find it! Thank you
  11. WOLVES - First Season using !!FM20.3.0ARGUSknap352mposmP99CC.fmf Second place in the League - same points as Liverpool, lost the league in the last 3 games of the season : draw away at Spurs 0-0, lost away at City 1-3 and 1-1 home with Chelsea , half of my first 11 was injured because of games every 3 days! Lost FA CUP Final to United 1-4 Won CARABAO CUP against Chelsea 3-0 Won EUROPA LEAGUE 3-0 vs Roma Good Job Knap! Really enjoyed this save!
  12. Tweaked a little bit : No more Get Stuck In Higher defence line Narrow Def Positive Mentality all games
  13. TEA FOR ONE 442 P101 FA LoL I know they had a red card ... but come oooonn
  14. Mate, it`s PSG VS Kobenhavn ... really ?!? Nothing special there!
  15. Up to this patch, everybody was crying that only 442 tactics are working... Now that classic 4123 and 4231 are working, nobody is trying them ... i see people posting results only with 442 and 352 or 343 formations ... How funny is that ?!?
  16. FM20.2.4-4231ParisienneWaalkways.fmf 1071621358_!FM20.2.4-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkways.fmf
  17. I don`t know what you guys are doing, but for me, Phoenix V4 with minor tweaks is a monster of a tactic. This is one ex. of tiki-taka goals scored by my team :
  18. Started with PHOENIX V3 and now using v4 with minor tweaks : Mentality : Positive Left IWB : Attacking ( identical to right IWB ) Amazing results :
  19. Up to FM20, we could overachieve in the first season with all the teams played, but now ... it`s a different story! And to be honest, i like it like that, it`s more realistic, no more Champions in the first season with teams predicted to finish 12th or 15th.
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