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  1. Mate, with the players you have at BM, you can play whatever tactic you want and still be champion at the end. I would play 4231/433 with attacking or positive mentality. Only in the CL i would go cautious away to Barca/Real/L'pool/Citeh...
  2. Cautious only with big teams because i don't have a team of world class players Most of the games i start on attacking home and positive/cautious away I lost the title in the last month, all my goalkeepers got injured for 6 to 9 weeks, Boga and Berardi also injured, so i played without my best players
  3. Glad to see my tweak for FM20 still going strong in BETA 21 FM20.4.1BEOWULF4231 with Sassuolo Defensive Line to Higher & Get Stuck In OFF
  4. This is a good save with SUPER DEPOR and a really good tactic for BETA 21
  5. Are you joking? In FM21 you don`t get work permits for 90% of the players you want to sign, even for the 17-18 year old wonderkids That`s why many players are not playing with english teams anymore
  6. So the curse is in the game also? Good luck next time mate! Try starting the Final on Cautious and build from there
  7. Testing FM20.4.4KASHMIRKnap433MMP362(180-182).fmf with INTER MILANO but wasn`t expecting this...
  8. FM20.4.0BlackEcho424knapP109FACCP345(207).fmf FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnap424P105FACCP353(196-157).fmf FM20.4.1VenomFaith424KnapVOL3P108ECCC.fmf FM20.4.4GALLOWSPOLEKnap424P101ALLCUPS.fmf There you go mate, enjoy
  9. After testing 25 tactics, i must say 442 (4222) is the most powerful in FM21 BETA Second place 41221 (433) Third place tactics with 3 at the back
  10. This one HOLYGHOSTFIRE FM21BETA 433 CAUTIOUS.fmf Basic Tactic from HGF, trying something simple
  11. HOME vs Wolves - 59% AWAY vs Leicester - 57% AWAY vs Swansea - 65% AWAY vs Tottenham - 59% HOME vs Everton - 52% HOME vs Newcastle - 52% Cautious Mentality really really overpowered in BETA Away possession is better than home, that`s bit strange Trying a save with Arsenal also, Cautious mentality killing the league and Europa League Won away at City, United, Liverpool with 58-60% possession
  12. Anyone trying to go a full season on Cautious Mentality? Looks like my WBA can`t be beaten since going cautious...
  13. HOLYGHOSTFIRE 3223 IF Minor Tweaks Mentality : Positive or Cautious Against big teams i start Cautious and see what happens Training by Ass Man HOLYGHOSTFIRE FM21BETA 3223.fmf
  14. Started a new save on top of that one. No hard feelings, it`s the beta and stuff like this happens, if i`ll find myself in the same situation i`ll upload the save. Keep up the good work guys, this year FM looks really good
  15. Upload the tactic also, people are lazy to look for it and we gonna have 100 mess about the tactic...
  16. I play WBA and i must say i enjoyed this save very much. But now i can`t play this save anymore: Gagliardini wants to discuss and when i press the discuss button and takes me to the chat with the player he has nothing to say and the game can`t progress. I press summary and takes me back to "Must Respond" What do i do??? I don`t wanna lose this save but i can`t move forward
  17. Try it and then we`ll know. Stop being lazy and look for the tactics yourself, stop asking non stop!
  18. FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap23221(451)KLOPPP373(209-164).fmf FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap343WIFP107FA.fmf
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