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  1. FM20.4.1SICILIANKnap4231DMWPP107ALLCUPS.fmf One of the best 4231 tactics NEWCASTLE UNITED First Season
  2. Normal people would use the tactic that gives the better results...
  3. Be careful, we have a lot of ass kissers around us that will jump saying 20.4.1 is one of the best patches in recent history of the game when in fact it is a disaster!
  4. Newcastle First season using 4411 tactic :HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapCrushoVOL24411P108ECFA.fmf 4th place & FA Cup Won With better players in defence, this is a League winning tactic
  5. Stop with this! PERIOD It`s a thread about knap tactics, not what happened with fm scout team.
  6. The best way to play against bigger teams is with MR and ML tactics Those tactics offer better cover for the fullbacks. 442 is a good way to play in the current ME, bigger teams will struggle to kill 2 lines of 4 players defending It`s difficult to play against Liverpool, they are the most overpowered team in the history of the game, not even Barcelona was so overpowered in their best years
  7. I`ve seen that, surprisingly well for underdogs giving its attacking nature! Now i`m trying this strange formation to work, but it`s too defensive on away games and if i go attacking the opposition counters me fast If i go Cautious, it seats too deep
  8. ARGUS version is a bit more defensive, you can use it away against bigger teams, will bring great results Use them for a season, most players want instant success and after 10 games they quit on them, that`s not the way to play the game!
  9. I prefer to play with a holding midfielder, gives more cover to the defence Don`t like games that finish 5-3 or 6-4, love a good solid 1-0, 2-0 when i close the shop and just watch the opposition go full attacking and i catch them on a nice counter! Love HB and how he becomes the 3rd CD when defending, but that`s just me! My fav style is 4-1-2-2-1 with IF+AF or PF !!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1ARGUSknap451VOL3P104EC.fmf !!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS.fmf These 2 tactics will bring crazy results if you build your squad around them, from 2nd or 3rd season it will win title after title, even european glory if you know what you`re doing.
  10. Honestly, the style of play is almost the same From what i`ve seen in the last hour of testing, only my WM stay wider and DLP deeper Didn`t change the speed of play or something else SS and AM play the same, just that SS gets in front of the goal more often, but doesn`t track back as often as i would HOLYGHOSTFIRE v3.fmf
  11. Use HOLY GHOST FIRE VOL 2 4411 P108 EC FA , Few posts up Almost identical to my tweak
  12. Tweaking HGF to this : Needs to be tested a full season, but early results are really good Defence is really good, the wide mids drop deep to get the ball, DLP will stay deep and the BBM with SS are running the show, through balls to AF or WM when they attack
  13. The narrow version is really good The AI is too stupid, doesn`t know how to handle so many players attacking the central area of the pitch For those who use this tactic and have problems in defence, switch the DLP To Defend and he`ll drop between the mid and defence, more like a holding mid Works with the wide versions also.
  14. All games on 3D, i like to watch the games Mentality Attacking, if i`m up by 2 or 3 goals i go Positive mentality in the last 15-20 minutes Rotate players in the League and Cup to keep morale up
  15. Tweaked BEOWULF into a 4231 that gives me crazy result Playing with FC Viitorul Constanta in Romanian First League first season and killing in Europe teams like Espaniol, Besiktas, Standard and Braga Possession 55-65% and 25-40 shots per game BEOWULF Tweak 4231.fmf
  16. PASS & GO 4-5-1 High tempo 4-5-1 tactic with short passing and pressing from all players that will win the ball high up the pitch and counter attack fast Tested with BURNLEY, PANATHINAIKOS & ARSENAL I didn`t use any OI with this tactic Training BALANCED all season >>> TACTIC DOWNLOAD <<< PASS & GO 4-5-1 (FM20.4.1) FINAL AP+DLP.fmf
  17. Why don't you change the tactic? Use a 4-5-1, it's better anyway for Liverpool, they have the perfect squad for a classic 41221, just like in real life!
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