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  1. !!!!FM20.4.0BlackEchoKnap4411P108ECCC.fmf still going strong Watford 3rd in the first season using only Instant Result Balanced team training All players trained to their position on the field OI to ass man No transfers This is my favorite tactic so far on FM20
  2. !!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1ARGUSknap451VOL3P104EC.fmf There you go mate, try this one!
  3. Am i missing something? Since when Dzeko is at Milan? He`s at AS Roma ...
  4. That`s not a strong league, that`s what i said! Play that tactic with SPAL or Lecce in Serie A against all the big boys and let`s see if you win the League or the Cup!
  5. I tried all the 20.4.1 versions of 4-3-3, they work with big teams, small teams not so much. Because they are so attacking, you`ll have problems in defence, need really fast and strong tall defenders. Wing-backs with at least 15-17 acceleration, pace and fitness. The 3 attackers stay all the time up, need good accel, finish, composure, concentration. That is if you wanna win something. If you play a small team in a strong league like EPL you`ll do well but not wow well! I suggest a good old school 451, or 442 & 4321
  6. 1328040889_!!!FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysWSSVOL2P102FA.fmf
  7. https://fm-arena.com/table/6-Patch-20-3-0-20-4-0/ https://fm-base.co.uk/tactic-testing/ Take a look there!
  8. !!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS.fmf This one is a beast, best 4-1-2-2-1
  9. I think you`re asking the wrong guy about the tactic, i didn`t post anything!
  10. Train him well, he`s gonna be one of the best in 2-3 seasons. He scored 180 goals in 170 games on my OM save, but it was 14.3 patch! Sold him for 150 mill
  11. CUP games up to semi-final because i don`t care about the cup Some LEAGUE games against the poor teams like Brescia, SPAL, Verona, Parma, Cagliari... OI to ass man Training: Against poor teams i go with Attacking and Tactical training one week before the game Against good teams i go with Defending/Balanced
  12. This is Preachin Blues !!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS.fmf
  13. No, i was testing the 442 target man tactic !!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnapTMPP102ALLCUPS.fmf with minor tweaks
  14. No, for years i`m using mine, started on FM17. I train players for the position they play in, i adapt for all the tactics i use. A lot of micro management in training. This is how i set up FIORENTINA by players in training:
  15. FIORENTINA - First season won the League and the Cup using 2 tactics Home tactic: !!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1ARGUSknapVOL2341P108.fmf Away tactic: !!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1ARGUSknap352VOL2P103EC.fmf TACTICS PLUG & PLAY HOME AND AWAY SCHEDULE: Best player: CUTRONE Training as Advanced Forward / Additional focus - Shooting / Traits - Shoot with power @ normal intensity
  16. I find these tactics better : !!!!!!!FM20.4.1BlackEchoVOL24321OXknapP108ALLCUPS.fmf -- Amazing results with small and big teams: Arsenal, Lyon, Milan, Watford, Bournemouth !!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS.fmf -- Amazing defence: Wolves, Aston Villa, PSV !!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))VOL3P107ECCC.fmf !!!!FM20.4.1TeaforOneUroKnap4231P101.fmf !!!!!FM20.4.1VenomFaith442KnapVOL3P109FACC.fmf All these tactics tested in 3D, no IR. First 2 are the best
  17. It`s like we played the same game, second in the league and FA CUP win first season with Bournemouth
  18. That`s why many of the guys fail to have results, first they need to look at the team and after that use a tactic that suits the type of players they have.
  19. SHEFFIELD UNITED First season using !!!!!!FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111.fmf MENTALITY : Positive all season, all games played on 3D HOME & AWAY same tactic -- PLUG & PLAY
  20. Why don`t you use the original? It`s a good tactic! !!!!FM20.4.0BlackEchoKnap4411P108ECCC.fmf
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