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  1. How much of a fitness boost does resting a player for a single day make?
  2. Inverted Wing Backs

    You don't necessarily need both fullbacks to be IWBs
  3. Young Portuguese players

    Braganca looks immense in 2020
  4. I'm still using last years routines and haven't yet found any issues did you start afresh @keysi or did you find that last years set pieces were no longer working for you?
  5. The Torino Diaries

    Am very interested to see the changes between your tactic at the end of season 1 and the one used in the above posts in season 2. Massive changes or simply subtle tweaks ? ..... knowing the way you play the game from your posts and videos I'm sure it'll be the latter Its a forum so remember not to have an opinion ..... on anything
  6. Cheers - just wanted to check it wasn't wasting the additional focus training
  7. So if you select say a role which automatically trains an attribute there is no point is selecting the same attribute for individual training as well ?
  8. Short Pre-Season

    The option for 6-7 weeks seems to have gone - in Spain anyway. have noticed that the number of games to get your players match fit has reduced - just not sure if the number of games to get a tactic "fluid" has also reduced as well
  9. Always seems pointless to start with someone who you now you'll need to sub after 55-60 mins - anything less than 90% seems to guarantee that
  10. What's the minimum % that you'd play a player with - if less than 92% then I bench
  11. I try not to loan any younger players who I think will become first team per until they have qualified as club-trained ..... no point having say 8 players eventually integrated into your squad over 2-3 seasons if none are home grown
  12. What is the standard % that are saved IRL? know that Diego Alves has a 50% success rate
  13. Can anyone confirm which attributes will help a DOF for any contract renewal ?
  14. Striking a Match Official

    Sure this was a 90 day ban years ago
  15. -19 players in 2nd team

    Will this work for B teams as well?