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  1. Appreciated cheers mate
  2. Noted More passes and/or possession ?
  3. How have you found 3 playmakers @Old Scouser Tommy ? interested as I play with an APM and a RPM ahead of a DM-S and was considering changing the DM to a DLP-S
  4. Hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Saw you got £250K per month for Joao Carvalho and was wondering what you default setting (via Responsibilities) for offering players out for was?
  5. Is there much of a difference between giving all the players a day off after every game set via team training .... versus giving selected players a days rest via the player training>rest option ?
  6. What is the difference between increasing the overall team training intensity versus increasing all of the individual player training intensities?
  7. Fritz13

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    Are they eligible for U23s if they don’t have a WP?
  8. Learning a new position - does simply playing the player in the new position enable them to be competent? Or do they need retraining in the new position as well?
  9. Fritz13

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    I didn’t have any issues loaning out players who didn’t get their work permits. If I had a new save I might try keeping any new players without WPs at the club for the 5 years rather than loaning them out which was what I did - I guess they will get the tutoring and learn PPMs etc but they won’t get game time unless it’s from friendlies.
  10. Cheers Herne - have a great young player out on loan and the coach report has that as the sole Con
  11. Can “doesn’t enjoy big matches” be removed in time? .... or is it with the player for his entire career?
  12. Fritz13

    The False Nine

    I tried a F9 with a RAMD and an IF but he wasn’t linking in the way I wanted. .... changed the role to a SS and it all seems to have clicked.
  13. I was looking to improve my DAs and once the new ones were acquired the reports started again - random