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  1. Cheers for this bit confused by them saying last years behaviour was a bug and now it’s been corrected I.e. what we see is expected as sure OIs have always worked like they did for FM19 and before
  2. For each match I seem to need to set my OIs when I have them set already at position level. Am I missing something as for FM19 if the OIs were set for positions then these would automatically be applied to each opponent
  3. Yeah once I’m out of it I get an option now for “pubic beta” both asking for the code but like you said I don’t think I’m in it if there is a code to enter then I don’t appear to have it ..... any help from @SI would be much appreciated
  4. “Select the beta you would like to opt into: Drop down - NONE - Opt out of all beta programs cant select the drop down at all
  5. I was - still using a beta save last update I think I did was 20.1.3 or 20.1.4
  6. Anyone have an issue where the download for the new update isn’t showing in Steam?
  7. Great - checked and WOOP WOOP - In-Game Editor Allowed - YES just not clear how I actually add the thing now - steam?
  8. Yes you know what I meant even though I’m spouting rubbish yes the in-game editor - can it be added to beta saves?
  9. Is the pre-game editor compatible for all saves including beta ones?
  10. I’ve never seen a RB pick up a LB specific trait no. I tend to go for the below GK CBs FBs and DMs in same group as I play with IWBs CMs wingers and forwards seem to work but saw yesterday that one of my wingers inherited “come deep ....” from my F9 striker which wasn’t ideal
  11. Once the game is launched on the 19th will the in-game editor be available for beta saves or just new ones?
  12. This is a bug from FM19 - the same praise (training, last match etc.) over a short period of time i.e. a few weeks
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