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  1. I like @keysi ‘s stuff. http://fmrensie.net/category/fm/set-pieces/ loads of set piece help going back years
  2. Is there a definitive list of all the scenarios anywhere? i had a new one which was that my squad has to have 8 english players but these are defined to be players who have trained for 3 years in England prior to 21st birthday - so similar to CL.
  3. only had one existing foreign player who has now got UK citizenship even though I know I’ve got 5+ who have been in UK for the required time
  4. Nathan Ake Geoffrey Kondogbia - converted from CM Marco Kanna
  5. Cheers for this bit confused by them saying last years behaviour was a bug and now it’s been corrected I.e. what we see is expected as sure OIs have always worked like they did for FM19 and before
  6. For each match I seem to need to set my OIs when I have them set already at position level. Am I missing something as for FM19 if the OIs were set for positions then these would automatically be applied to each opponent
  7. Yeah once I’m out of it I get an option now for “pubic beta” both asking for the code but like you said I don’t think I’m in it if there is a code to enter then I don’t appear to have it ..... any help from @SI would be much appreciated
  8. “Select the beta you would like to opt into: Drop down - NONE - Opt out of all beta programs cant select the drop down at all
  9. I was - still using a beta save last update I think I did was 20.1.3 or 20.1.4
  10. Anyone have an issue where the download for the new update isn’t showing in Steam?
  11. Great - checked and WOOP WOOP - In-Game Editor Allowed - YES just not clear how I actually add the thing now - steam?
  12. Yes you know what I meant even though I’m spouting rubbish yes the in-game editor - can it be added to beta saves?
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