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  1. Fritz13

    The False Nine

    I tried a F9 with a RAMD and an IF but he wasn’t linking in the way I wanted. .... changed the role to a SS and it all seems to have clicked.
  2. I was looking to improve my DAs and once the new ones were acquired the reports started again - random
  3. In terms in shutting down the supply would you say it’s better to close down and/or tackle hard the playmaker? or the player who passes to that playmaker most frequently?
  4. can recommend this
  5. Fritz13

    Ineffectual Raumdeuter

    I play with a RAMD on the left and an IF on the right and they both supply each other IWB on the left and a APM on the left in the space that the RAMD vacates. so a 4-1-2-3-0 - SS in the AM slot. both wide players receive balls out wide from the RPM (right CM), APM and SS ... bomb down the wings and cross for the other wide player at the far post.
  6. This has worked for me too with Silva as an APM-S alongside. added a few PIs as above - risky passes, direct passes, move into channels. He gets a few goals and assists but he is always playing the pass BEFORE the assist
  7. confirmed as a bug? How can I set data analyst assignments? no options on the DA them self as fast as I can see erm .. help
  8. If you select the 2 season loan deal when the window opens in July then will they automatically get Spanish dual nationality by the time the loan ends?
  9. Fritz13

    Work Permits

    Under the contract options there should be one to apply for work permit
  10. Is there a thread that defines the various brexit options? mine has been decided but not yet “live”and am unclear if it’s hard brexit or not ...
  11. Fritz13

    FFP Wages Question

    Thanks michael the odd bit for me was that I was passing in Sep then failing in Oct even though no changes to player of staff salaries etc had been made over the previous month ...
  12. Fritz13

    FFP Wages Question

    I’m currently about £150K over my wage budget - will additional funds via sponsors etc make any difference? Also is it 100% that there is no longer a CL/EC ban for this now?
  13. Where’s the love? great article Keysi
  14. I have lost one of the widgets in-match - it just won’t display even though ticked tried clearing cache but no joy .... any ideas folks?
  15. I appear to have gone mad and forgotten how pre-game I can advise a player to swap with another one. in-game I get the options just not before. having done this pre-game in the beta I know it’s possible erm....... help Edit - just found the answer on Patreon