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  1. Origi for £20M was all I managed In the first window.
  2. He can play anywhere across the back line (heading is 11 so will undoubtedly improve if I train that) and across midfield - immense!
  3. But can you do it using Dagenham on a wet Wednesday in Doncaster
  4. How does that work for Scouts as I thought coaching badges were more for coaches.
  5. Yes I’ve seen this too when using the same tactic as FM20 I'm scoring 3-4 per game so it’s risk versus reward for me but I’m definitely keeping less clean sheets this year. I had wondered whether to change my defend setting to either wide or narrow as I use the default currently but as it sometimes balls over the top through the middle and also over the top out wide that result in a goal I’m not sure whether to simply accept that’s it’s a byproduct of my tactic as I play my IWBs in the DM strata.
  6. Question about permits A player can qualify for a permit based on international appearances etc after initially failing the criteria. how can a potential staff member go from failing to get a permit to being able to? or once they fail to get one that’s it for them for the entire game and they would never qualify for one?
  7. That’ll be why then plus I might have subbed him off more for some sub par performances It wasn’t noticeable though - the front 3 were the guys who were tired after 65-70 mins mostly due to pressing from the front.
  8. For the first season Trent averaged 73 mins for 90 for me. by comparison Robertson was 80 per 90.
  9. Has anyone in 2021/22 used Harry Wilson once the Cardiff loan finishes? He was a great back up player in FM20 as he’s club trained so good for CL registration.
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