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  1. I have lost one of the widgets in-match - it just won’t display even though ticked tried clearing cache but no joy .... any ideas folks?
  2. I appear to have gone mad and forgotten how pre-game I can advise a player to swap with another one. in-game I get the options just not before. having done this pre-game in the beta I know it’s possible erm....... help Edit - just found the answer on Patreon
  3. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Haven’t got a screenshot but Kik Pierie a 16 year old CB from Heereven looks promising braganca from Sporting is also a great young technical player but they want a lot for him
  4. Sorry meant the other way round - WB-A & W-S is there a need to add width at all or will it simply be natural ... depending on PPMs obviously
  5. WB-S and. W-A playing down the same wing and expected to overlap - should I only be giving one of them the stay wide PI? and if so which role?
  6. Thanks - wasn’t sure how drastic the reduction was
  7. Is the TI work ball into box completely wasted if you are playing with at least one winger? would a MEZ better compliment a winger or an IF playing in the AM slot?
  8. Player Roles vs Position

    Do PPMs affect the role suitability rating?
  9. This My best IWB last year was a retrained CM
  10. Is the BPD going to attract the ball like a playmaker then?
  11. Tempo - higher?, lower ? ..... or average to encourage best of both worlds? would assume higher would be ok as first Touch, technique etc is good for most for the squad
  12. OIs once set are linked to the oppo starting XI in-match but any substitutions appear to need to be manually set or if they are automatically set this isn’t shown on the OI GUI. has this been raised?
  13. If you swap doesn’t the player just take on the other role and inherit the other PIs etc? So KDB would become the MEZ and Silva the heavily customised CM to keep the same roles but swap sides it’s a manual change sadly .... shame really as it’s a nice concept (if someone tells me I’m wrong here I willl be very happy)
  14. Yep that a fair point. my fool up question is whether having 2 playmakers would make sense - a DLP and a RPM or alternatively a RPM and an APM. indirectly you might well have answered this already above
  15. Pep's 4-1-4-1

    as you’ve said is half the issue -the idea that FM can 100% replicate real life tactics and an approach .....took me a while to get that simple concept once you realise that isn’t possible it hopefully makes the game easier - @fmFutbolManager Posted something similar on the “are tactic easier this year” thread. once city lose 2 on the spin then there will be no interest in this so we can then expect a deluge of the “ Hodgson palace 5-5-0” threads