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  1. I play a standard 4-3-3 but I always struggle against Barcelona who play a 4-2-2-2 with 2 DMCs, 2 AMCs and 2 CFs They have no width but they overrun my defence through the middle and I’m struggling to see how I can defend against this tactic. ….. any tips?
  2. Is this linked to how comfortable they are in terms of being natural etc for the position selected? I play with an IFB and so of course play a CB in the position and I get the same reaction.
  3. It’s mentioned in the update specifically. Minor Update 24.1.1 changelist: Licensing / Database* Kit updates Updated database to reflect real world key events Updated some players in the Turkish data Match Engine Reduced frequency of injuries to goalkeepers  Bug fixing Stability fixes for crash issues that were reported via our Backtrace servers Fixed an issue which causes save games that have added/removed leagues not loading. Fixed an issue with “Lack of squad depth” unhappiness  Fixed an issue with Determination attribute changing rapidly for new singings after being welcomed to club by a teammate Fixed an issue where some transfer and contract clauses were being duplicated
  4. I deleted the pending leagues so it must have been leagues added between say Aug and Dec so absolutely nothing I could do to prevent the problem.
  5. Does anyone rest all players who have less than a full hear of fitness after each match? not sure if this means they don’t benefit from the recovery and match review slots the next day though.
  6. your image shows you only having a single routine as “active”. chose the “create new routine” option then load one of your other saved routines. then do again for the third routine - you should end up with all 3 showing via the drop-down. so not sure if “save” versus “save all” is the cause here.
  7. Slow pace down, reduce passing to keep possession, time waste (obvious one). reduce width, remove the counter attack and counter press options. GK to slow their distribution down. lower defensive line. I play a 4-3-3 (or 4-1-2-2-1 as split across the various stratas) but if it’s a crucial match and I’m leading by a single goal then I revert to a 4-1-4-1 - very solid. I might switch to that in the last 10 minutes to grind out the result.
  8. Why are we being told to use old save files when it seems like no matter what you do the issue simply reoccurs once you get to a certain point of the season - for me it’s the moment Jan 1 arrives.
  9. Hi @Kyle Brown Trying to get some more info on this as the good news is I have managed to load a save from Dec 29 2024 - the game became unable to load in April 2024 what should I be deleting to be able to avoid this issue from reoccurring? The next Leagues to be added are Canada Jan 1 Denmark, Israel Jun 20 Northern Ireland Jun 25 South Africa Jul 15 should I simply delete all these pending updates? or has one of the new leagues that I added mid-season already affected the save once I get past a certain month? any guidance would be much appreciated. cheers
  10. Same I’ve loaded a new Save with other teams but just can’t get into a second save
  11. At least you can load your game …. Some of us can’t even do that until another fix is implemented
  12. Hi @Kyle Brown Is the adding league mid-season resulting in saves not loading bug still outstanding?
  13. Trent AA was listed by Liverpool in Jan 2024 in my save which seemed a bit random. and Spurs listed Maddison in Dec of 2024.
  14. Is there any timescale for the fix for the unable to load game due to adding new leagues mid season issue?
  15. The signing of only 6 U21 players from overseas rule in the UK - when does the season start/finish exactly? Is a new season simply once the summer window commences at the beginning of June?
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