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  1. Hello, I have 'fixed' it, but also not really. 1. Yes. 2. At the time, they were not, they were both installed on a dedicated steam SSD. 3. It was a clean reinstall of Windows, and the first time I launched. I have since reinstalled windows again (in an unrelated note, I installed new fans so used it as another excuse for a clean reinstall in preparation for my new build), and installed them again. However, this time installed Football Manager and the Editor to the C: drive's default location, and no problems.
  2. Hello, The Football Manager 2020 Editor has worked fine until recently (I reinstalled windows 10 home on my PC), and since then pressing 'launch' on steam loads a black screen and then back to steam and the 'launch' option appears again. I have tried reinstalling, clearing data and caches, verifying the game... nothing. Works absolutely fine on my MacBook Pro.
  3. No, my finances are not great. I have a decent amount to spend to try and stay up but in reality I will be looking to sign 5/6 players on as little as possible, for as little as possible (relative to their ability). I was fortunate to have a pair of decent young players come through in March, however, our youth setup has just been downgraded! :@
  4. Thinking about next season... There are a group of senior players out of contract, which should save £55,000 per week (Hutchinson, Foresteiri, and Odubajo). I need to attempt to sign Longstaff, Gomes, and Garner (they all have relative low fee to buy options in loans). I need to decide the fate of Palmer, and Iorfa (transfer interest in both). I need to find a first choice striker, none of my strikers (albeit two are young) scored anywhere near enough goals and were generally passengers for large parts. Strikers are really not working for me on this years edition. I need to sign a first choice central defender and right back. I will see who else is available, but will only sign players who are upgrades. I will once again attempt to sign Rodriguez from Real on a free :D. Good news; Birmingham got relegated (nothing against them) which means I can pick up a certain young player cheap-ish. In other general news; Gerrard is at Southampton (again), Vieira is at Wolves, Pardew is at Palace, Eusebio Di Francesco is at Watford, Fran Escribà is at Brighton.
  5. First season over! Championship Winner! ... err failed at the first hurdle with the League Cup, and beaten by Liverpool in the FA Cup quarter finals. Played 46, Won 29, Drawn 13, Lost 4. For 86, Against 26, Goal Difference 60. Points 100. Sheffield Wednesday had an excellent season; Most goals scored, Best Shooting Accuracy, Best Passing Accuracy (91%), Best Average Possession (65%), Most Clean Sheets, Least Conceded. My midfield trio of choice all finished with 94% passing accuracy too. Brescianini, Maldini, Gomes, Chong, Garner, Longstaff, Bannan, Pirola, Iorfa, De la Vibora were all genuinely excellent. Borner, Lees, and Palmer were all good.
  6. Played 15, won 10, drawn 5. For 31, against 11. One point ahead of an excellent Leeds side. Forestieri has had a couple of shockers (6.30 raitings, missing easy chances etc) and when (like I always do, issue a warning about the last game) I approach Fessi over this he always claims he had a good game and becomes unhappy (sulks) for a couple of games. Dropped him in favour of Rhodes / Colo as a sub for a few games, and Rhodes has scored twice and has played well on one occasion. Crazy. Anyway. Hoping Rhodes does just enough to convince someone to want to sign him, and I am going to try and get Westwood back before Christmas so hopefully someone wants to pick him up too (he has been injured since the start of the season).
  7. So, I am eleven games in... and it is time for an update. Gomes and Maldini have been doing well. Gomes - 11 games. 8 goals. 1 assists. 3 chances created. Maldini - 9 games. 2 goals. 5 assists. 3 chances created. Forestieri has been playing pretty well too; 10 games. 5 goals. 1 assist. 5 chances created. Championship has been kind to the Owls; played 11, won 7, drawn 4, lost none with 23 goals scored and 8 conceded. Fitness is a growing concern, a lot of the squad are young and they will become jaded and tired. I am trying to manage this better going forwards. Can pay Rhodes off to leave, and at the very last minute I spent £250,000 on Musiala as (young) back up cover for Forestieri and Columbo. Westwood is too expensive to pay off (the board will not allow it), I can just about manage to pay them both off with some extreme wage tightening (and moving the excess wages from one to pay for the other). I'm keeping them now, in the league squad but they are both playing for the under 23 team. I'll try and move them on again at Christmas and will try to give them a bit of game time before then.
  8. Or Westwood, I mean, at least Rhodes can offer cover. I have Gasparini, Dawson, and Wildsmith who are ahead of Westwood... but he has a contract until 2021.
  9. I wonder if I can persuade the board to let me release Rhodes from his contract .
  10. Little update as I head into the first game of the season (Away at Reading). So I managed to move out; Fletcher, Winnall, Reach, Harris, Luongo, Pelupessy, Jones, Fox, Stobbs for a total of £23,500,000 and loaned out Nuhiu for half his weekly wage (no luck with Westwood or Rhodes). I picked up; Maldini, Colombo, De la Vibora, Gasparini, Brescianini, Lo Curto, Pirola, and Diallo for ~£14,500,000. I cancelled most of the loans too and managed to pick in a couple of season long loans including Longstaff, Garner, and Gomes. I refreshed my staff, and my coaching is very high across the board. I am very happy business so far, I just desperately need to get the younger players game time. First team is shaping up to look like; Dawson; Iorfa, Lees, Borner, Palmer; Garner, Longstaff, Bannan; Murphy, Gomes, Fessi. Subs; Westwood, Pirola, Odubajo, Hutchinson, Lee, da Cruz, Rhodes. Over time I am looking to develop and integrate within that first choice team; Maldini, Brescianini, Pirola, and De la Vibora. I doubt I will repeat my previous effort with a league and FA Cup double, however, I am confident I do well and I am confident in my first team. Anyway, I have a Sunday roast to cook. Best of luck to everyone. Also, I just want to point out how mental some of the contracts are, I think more or less JUST Fletcher and Wickhams wages covered ALL my incoming players (including loans). I have gone from a weekly wage of £477,816 to £343, 570. I did try and sign a couple of old players (Toure) but he opted for more than my offer of £5,000 per week to move to Cardiff.
  11. I am a huge fan of him on the pitch in real life, however, on Football Manager he has been poor despite all my efforts (over three seperate saves). I usually let him go at the season, along with some others that are out of contract.
  12. As per usual since '97 I will probably pick a copy up. Sure, I have problems with releases, overall I enjoy Football Manager.
  13. Transfers! Out; Winnall > £16,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £1,000,000. Fletcher > £30,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £3,000,000. Harris > £10,000 per week in wages saved but the real reason was a fee of £5,000,000. Reach > £20,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £10,000,000. Luongo > £15,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £2,000,000. Pelupessy > £12,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £1,000,000. Fox > £8,000 per week in wages saved, and a fee of £1,500,000. Jones > £3,000 per week saved, and left on a free. Saved ~£114,000~ a week in wages, and generated £22,500,000 in transfer fees but not all up front. I really want to try and cancel some of the loan players currently at the club too. In; Colombo, Maldini, Diallo, Brescianini, De la Víbora, Pirola, Gasparini for a total of £15,250,000 (with as little as possible up front) and less wages than Fletcher! Promoted Urhoghide and Preston (and Hunt in case of emergency). Trying to get Longstaff in on a season long loan with an option to buy in the region of £10 - 15,000,000. Quite a few new staff have come in, to improve the overall quality of coaching at the club.
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