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  1. Save game corrupted over Christmas . However, opportunity to start again!.. (and do things slightly differently)
  2. Great news! I was asked about signing Garner, and said I would love to and that I am sure Ole would be open to the move... only for Ole to say he is open to the move!
  3. James Rodriguez (Yes, that one) is out of contract!... but won't join .
  4. The end is in sight for Wednesday who are currently top of the league with only a handful of games left. Sooooo... What have I learnt this season? Scoring goals is difficult, for the first time on Football Manager (played since '97) I have struggled to get any of my strikers to have a consistent run of goals. Bannan is really, really good. My signings have worked well. I sold; Fox, Rhodes, Winnall, Nuhiu, Reach, Borner, Pelupessy and Dawson (plus Joao) raising over £21,000,000. I signed; Colombo, Quintana, Gasparini, Perez, Laurenzi, Vibora, Tormey, Warren, Garner (loan) and Williams (loan). Spending a little under £18,000,000. They have all developed well, moving an unhappy Borner out, and bringing in Warren on a free is proving to be a good move. Garner and Williams have been excellent on loan, and I will try as hard as possible to sign them full time if I get promotion. Tormey has been excellent too and covered both wide attacking positions. It looks like I have an excellent wide attacker coming through this years intake. However, I desperately need to sign some quality for the Premier League if Wednesday are to survive. I doubt I will have a lot of cash (~£40-50,000,000~) but will need another wide attacker (Murphy is only a loan), a forward (Fletcher is out of contract, Forestieri has been poor and Colombo is too raw), a center back to partner Rice (Lees is good but has stagnated), and hopefully an upgrade to the central midfield pair (Lee could leave, Luongo has been poor), which is in addition to praying Garner and Williams will join. I am praying there are some good players avilable on a free. Brexit makes this game very difficult, developing young players is going to be important.
  5. Fantastic stuff! I'm still tinkering and figuring things out, and have changed trasnfer tragets already
  6. So... In exciting update news; that I have totally not spent hours and hours doing research for, I have a plan. Fox goes, freeing up £8,000 and for a fee of ~£750,000~, which means I can attempt to buy a replacement/upgrade/long term left back... Levi Colwill is available from Chelsea for ~£500,000~, hopefully less, and will be on considerably lower wages and is an English/home grown player. It does mean that for the next couple of years Thorniley is first choice there while Colwill develops, so hopefully can keep hold of Palmer. Winnall goes, freeing up £16,000 and for a fee of ~£750,000~, which means I can try and find a young forward, maybe look for a wide man too? Abou Es Sahhal is available literally for free and only a couple of hundred per week on wages with good potential, which means I can look to spend actual money on someone like Pelayo Perez (Determination is super high) for £275,000 (got to love a buyout). Mohamed Bouzidi is available on a free too, and with Sahhal with no cost I can make tidy money on them in the future potentially. Gonzalo Villar is listed for £500,00 too, and along with Perez would give me much needed long term players for midfield and players who can come on in games to save legs too. Rhodes goes, and there is a lot of money free because of his wages, and a free in the region of ~£250,000~ for a player... Now this is where I had a crazy idea. I would really like to try and sign a quality player for the long term. If I can find someone willing to take Dawson (GK) off my hand I think I could persuade Gasparini to join if I pay a lot over 3 years (and giggling around with my budget V wages). Maybe Laurenzi a young Italian central defender for ~£400,000~ as Bates is on loan and it allows me to have Iorfa/ Odubajo as dedicated right backs going forward? I should make a tidy saving on wages and have some young reinforcements. Just need to look at staff next; I am feeling Neville in as fitness coach, Hunter as coach, Barker as Assistant manager (do not currently have one), Hitchcock as goalkeeping coach... Gillet and Doyle in for Physio's... Stockdale as coach too?
  7. Great success! It looks like there are clubs willing to pay actual money for Rhodes, Winnall, Fox and Nuhiu (not sure how I feel about selling Nuhiu). This could generate ~£2,000,000~ in transfer budget (though you only get a % of money from sales), and free up ~£70,000~ a week in wages too which allows for some flexibilty. I want a long term left back, ideally a central defender but that depends on Rice, a young midfielder (and ideally a holding player), and a young forward or winger... not too much to ask for? Oh and singing to Vic Bettinelli will not make him leave Fulham .
  8. Welcome to the Sheffield Wednesday Football Manager 2020 thread... Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is a professional association football club based in Sheffield, England. The team competes in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system. Formed in 1867 as an offshoot of The Wednesday Cricket Club (itself formed in 1820), they went by the name of the Wednesday Football Club until changing to their current name in 1929. Wednesday is one of the oldest football clubs in the world of any code, and the third-oldest professional association football club in England. In 1868 its team won the Cromwell Cup, only the second tournament of its kind. They were founding members and inaugural champions of the Football Alliance in 1889, before joining The Football League three years later. In 1992, they became founder members of the Premier League. The team has spent most of its league history in English football's top flight, but they have not played at that level since being relegated in 2000. The Owls, as they are nicknamed, have won four league titles, three FA Cups, one League Cup and one FA Community Shield. Wednesday have also competed in UEFA cup competitions on four occasions, reaching the quarter-finals of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1963. In 1991, they defeated Manchester United 1-0 in the Football League Cup Final as a tier 2 team. As of 2019 they remain the last team outside the top flight to win one of English football's major trophies. In the 19th century, they played their matches at several stadiums around central Sheffield, including Olive Grove and Bramall Lane. Since 1899, the club has played all its home matches at Hillsborough stadium, a near-40,000 capacity stadium in the north-west Sheffield suburb of Owlerton. In January 2015 Dejphon Chansiri took 100% ownership of the club and agreed to write off all debts. Chansiri stated his intention to win promotion back to the club for the 2017–18 season – the football club's 150th anniversary – and came close to achieving that goal a year head of schedule, with new coach Carlos Carvalhal leading the club into the end of season play-offs at the end of the 2015–16 season. Wednesday were beaten in the final by Hull City at Wembley. They made the play-offs again the following season, but lost on penalties to the eventually promoted Huddersfield Town in the semi final. The club were favorites to be promoted in the 2017/18 season, but injuries and poor results saw them drop to the lower half of the table. Carvalhal left by mutual consent in December 2017, and was replaced by Dutch manager Jos Luhukay (sad face) a month later. The team finished in an uneventful 15th place at the end of the season. Luhukay was sacked in December 2018 after a run of only 1 win in 10, which left the team 18th in the table. He was replaced by former Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce who saw an upturn in form to finish 12th. However, Bruce controversially resigned in July 2019 to manage Newcastle United. On 6 September 2019, the club appointed former Birmingham City manager Garry Monk as the new manager... That is until you take over. First team squad In short, the entire first team along with the club need rebuilding over time. However, that does not mean the first team squad is poor when you take over. The squad is surprisingly well balanced and has some real gems... and Rhodes. Goalkeepers Westwood is the clubs first choice goalkeeper, and the best goalkeeper in the squad, his only point of weakness is his distribution. Wildsmith (injured), Dawson and (for some reason) Jones are all back ups. Wildsmith has perhaps the most potential, but Dawson has seen an increase in playing time over the last two seasons. Defence Right back has become a position of strength for the club since the departure of Hunt to Bristol City. Palmer has been the long term back up to the position, with both Iorfa and Odubajo now ahead of him. Iorfa is a more than capable central defender too. Whichever you prefer is largely down to playing style (Odubajo being better offensively) but Iorfa remains the better defender. Left back... Honestly, there are left backs at the club. Fox does his best, it is ultimately not at the standard required, however Thorniley is more than capable of playing there (as is Reach or Palmer if you are in a pickle). This is a position that needs attention as soon as possible. Central defence is an area of strength. Lees is the best central defender at the club and the club captain. Van Aken is the natural choice to partner him (left footed) but is on loan. However, Börner has now become the other first choice alongside Lees. Bates is a central defender in on loan for the season and can act as cover, as can Iorfa and Thorniley (and in extreme circumstances so can Hutchinson, who makes a decent ball playing defender actually). This is the only position with any real youth prospect for the club. Rice has potential to be far superior to all the other central defenders and could be a good option to develop. I would advise looking at bringing in another central defender of better quality than Börner. Midfield We'veeee got Bannan... I like my teams to play with a holding midfielder, and that system suits the Wednesday side well with a choice of players for that position. Hutchinson is a tough tackling all action type with an awful injury record. Pelupessy can play the role in a different style and Luongo can cover there easily. This is not a glamerous position, however there are two good options here (if one of them is fit). In a more central midfield position you have Pelupessy who can operate there no problems, however, Hutchinson is not a natural there. You have a lot of options in this position, a lot. Bannan and Lee, the metronomic pair that earned the club play off dreams... however, they are older and in Lee's case more broken. They remain a good solid pair, Lee as a box to box, and Bannan as the play maker. Luongo can play here naturally and is a younger, slightly better Lee. Finally for the center of midfield there is Reach, who has enoyed varried success there over the last couple of seasons converting from a winger or wide midfielder. However they remain better positions for him. Wide midfield was something that really did not exist for Wednesday until very recently. The midfield for a long time has lacked genuine pace and flair, until Harris arrived (and Murphy on loan). These two even from midfield make excellent wide options along with Reach though the pair are better suited as attacking midfielders. Attacking midfielders! Like mentioned, there is finally a way to use the wings with Harris, Murphy, Reach and Forestieri as good options. Forestieri is perhaps the squads best forward, and his natural position has changed this year to being an out and out forward unlike previous years. Forwards Forwards by the bucket load! Wednesday had a phase of buying forwards because the forwards did not score enough goals, now the club has lots of forwards who do not score enough goals, logic. As mentioned as far as forwards go you have two options, a creative advanced forward in Forestieri, or a deep lying more complete forward in Fletcher. Nuhiu offers a target man option, and is a real presence up top with better technique than he is given credit for, and Winnall offers a poacher / pressing option. Ultimately Fletcher and Forestieri are the only forwards with any real quality. Oh, and there is Rhdoes, who like Fox, is ultimately just not good enough but unlike Fox is not on a mere £8,000 a week... oh no... Rhodes is on £35,000. Looking good? There are a couple of big problems with the squad, and some positives. We can start with the negatives. The first being linked to the clubs financial situation, the club has massively over spent on players since Chansiri has owned the club and as a result has little to no money for either wages or actual transfers. This means that in order to have any ability to develop the squad you will have to sell players. This is linked to another problem with the squad, the players are not getting any younger. Almost the entire squad is 25+, with the majority of the quality players being at least 29+; Westwood, Fletcher, Lee, Hutchinson, Bannan, Forestieri. Realistically they are your first choice forwards, and potentially first choice midfield with a lack of money to bring through replacements. So... just sell players and generate money I hear you say, well who in their right mind wants to buy Rhodes comes my reply. I'm not just being mean to Rhodes, but his wages and total lack of footballing ability are negatives for the club. Rhodes is on £35,000 a week, Winnall £16,000, Fox £8,000, Nuhiu £13,000... These are all players who probably will not feature and yet may prove difficult to move on, but the wages and money generated from them gives you money. The problem is selling them, reinvest this money though and the balance and quality in the rest of the squad should easily be enough for a top half, or promotion push. Anything else? Well, just the staff... who are really... not actually very good, bar a couple. The staff is open to change, this will only help the squad. There are some excellent members of staff such as Strudwick (Head of Sports Science), however, the club needs a total rebuild and that includes staff. So... why would I manage them? The challenge duh! Wednesday are a 'sleeping giant', a great club that needs help getting back to the top of English football. It might take a while, and require a lot of clever transfers but it can be done. The team is likeable and full of genuinly quality players in each department, Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Forestieri and Fletcher. Advice? Westwood - Iorfa, Lees, Börner, Thorniley - Pelupessy/Hutchinson - Lee/Luongo, Bannan - Reach, Harris/Murphy - Forestieri/Fletcher is a fun, enjoyable and good first eleven. I hope you have as much fun as I do managing Sheffield Wednesday... honestly, it is fun. I will try and keep this up to date with my save too, up the Owls!
  9. I moved out players who were on high wages (what I consider to be too high for players of their quality) and the amount of money saved is amazing, Sanchez is a huge earner and reducing that as early as possible should be a priority. You can do so much with that money.
  10. I cannot ever recall managing a team with two forwards (played since '97), I have definitely being guilty of throwing forwards on to rescue a point but never plan A. I rate Greenwood incredibly high, he can be the first choice striker for Manchester United for a decade without need to replace him.
  11. Yes, planning to release McKenna. Will reevaluate however as I have two more staff vacancies and could easily retain McKenna and Carrick. Planning on bringing new Physios in too. The number of Scouts is incredible.
  12. My system does not really have a dedicated CAM, I tried it but could not get along with it. I do not rate Maddison as highly either, however, good luck to you. I'd have tried to wedge Maddison in to a central pair with someone behind them.
  13. Cannot understand the logic of a two man center midfield with Manchester United, I find a three man works well. Pogba (Advanced playmaker support), Tolisso (Box to Box support) and Tonali / Garner in the DM position as a deeplying playmaker (defend). Rashford on the left, Martial (or whomever) up top, and Lingard (or whomever) on the right. Do not struggle for goals.
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