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  1. Neither Bogle or Aarons wanted to join, despite managing to agree (what I consider) decent deals (3m / 8.5m) respectively. I'll get by without. Jack Clarke and McTominay signed (5m spread out as all my deals have been, and a season long loan).
  2. I doubt Bogle will come, he's not interested in a move. I'll have a look at Marin, thank you. Fingers crossed Clarke signs, there is a young RB at Norwich but they want more than 5m and that is above my limit. Most I've spent on a player so far is around 1.5m
  3. I would love another cheap inside forward to cover left and right, but I have no idea. I'm also considering seeing how much the young RB from Derby would cost as I'm light there with Iorfa and a sixteen year old.
  4. Update; So... I have managed to sell; 13.5m Reach (5m), Fletcher (3m), Aken (1.5m), Dawson (1m), Palmer (1m), Fox (1m ), Boyd (500k), Penny (250k), Matias (250k)… had to give Jones away (free), and loaned out Baker and Nuhiu… In the process of selling Nielson and Preston from the U23 squad as clubs want them and I won't use them (shaves a bit of the wage budget), but I'm not looking for fee's for them. Looking at bringing in; Glover (AMR), Baeza (AML (retrain)), Merola (ST), Rogers (ST) Gaspar (APL), Antonio (BBM), Blesa (DM (retrain))… I have offered to take McTominay on loan, but I really want Garner from Manchester United but he's too expensive... what is with the crazy money for young British players!? Ermacora (LB, bloody love this guy), Armini (DC), Norrestrand (RB , he is along with the LB two of my 'go to' young, cheap full backs) … I also picked up Ramos as a third (but probably long term first choice) GK. In addition, I've put a cheeky bid in (and negotiated it down) of 5m for Clarke from Leeds. I'm really wanting a quality wide man and I'd give him first team football straight away. I think I've spent around ~7-7.5m~ (not including Clarke), and I've paid Abdi to leave (1.4m) I think this is what the squad is going to be looking like; GK: Westwood, Wildsmith, Ramos DF: Lees, Hutchinson, Hector, Pudil, Armini, Thorniley, Ermacora, Lazaar, Iorfa, Norrestrand M: Lee, Bannan, Pelupessy, Onomah, Gaspar, Antonio, Blesa… and potentially McTominay though I am praying I can persuade / afford Garner. FW: Forrestieri, Aarons, Hooper, Joao, Glover, Baeza, Merola, Rogers... and hopefully Clarke. I wanted young players (I can hopefully hold on to some, but I'm aware that some will want to move on/make financial sense to move them on so picking up players with high resale ability was important), but I wanted to keep experience. Westwood, Lees, Pudil, Hector, Hutchinson are all experienced. Bannan, Lee, Pelupessy have experience in midfield, and Hooper and Fessi up top. I think, think, this is what my squad will look like... I really need to try and avoid injuries (Hooper, Lee, Joao, are all injured for 6/3/3 months) at the start.
  5. Could not see a Football Manager 2019 thread! So I'll post my update here! Started a new game on my MacBook (as opposed to my PC game), I was torn between Wednesday (I'm an Owl) or Genoa (who I adore for no reason). Started a new game; totally want to rebuild this club and team. New staff, new players, and hopefully some good progress. Goalkeepers; Westwood, Wildsmith, and Dawson. The only area of the team I am pretty happy with. I think Wildsmith will become my number one, but Westwood still has a bit more in him which means Dawson is free to go (might bring someone in if they are super cheap as third choice), as I need money to reinvest in a poor squad. Defence, first choice would be; Iorfa, Lees, Hutchinson/Aken, Thorniley… I love Pudil, but besides him the rest are free to go. Hector is on loan, and Penney has some potential, Fox, Baker, Palmer, (and even Aken if I get a good enough offer) are all free to go. I want to bring in a young centre back, and two new full backs as it's a real weakness in the side. That would leave me with; New LB, New RB, New CB, Lees, Hutchinson, Iorfa, Thorniley, Hector, Lazaar. Two right backs, three left backs, four centre backs. Midfield... what midfield? I play a DM (DLP) and two central (BBM) and (Advanced playmaker). So... that is Pelupessy, Lee (injured), and Bannan… Jones and Abdi are free to go (though who will take them?) I desperately need the wages. Reach unfortunately does not fit in to my system and should fetch good money (I'm looking at you Burnley), and Onomah is on loan. Onomah will essentially be covering for Lee but this is the biggest part of the squad that needs major investment. I ideally need a back up to Bannan (play maker), Lee (Box to Box), and a first choice DLP at DM, and then I have Onomah and another for cover? I might be leaving myself too short here. I play a single advanced forward, with two inside forwards in the AML/AMR positions. So first choice, Forestieri, Hooper (injured), and Aarons (loan). Boyd, Joao, and Matias as back up. Fletcher, Nuhiu, and Winnall are all free to go. The first two do not fit my style of football at all and the last not good enough. However, Hooper is long term injured (Christmas), and Joao is out for ~3 months~. So that leaves me with no fit strikers or none that can play the role I want. Selling Fletcher should generate enough money for a young forward (or two hopefully). Boyd is free to go, along with Nuhiu (sad face), Winnall, and Matias. I need one maybe two AMR/L players or players who can play there at least. So all in all... I'm looking to offload; 14 (GK) Dawson (DR) Palmer (DR) Baker (DL) Fox (DL) Penney (DC) Aken (MC) Jones (MC) Abdi (injured) (MC/ML) Reach (AMR) Matias (AML) Boyd (ST) Fletcher (ST) Nuhiu (ST) Winnall (injured) Looking to bring in; 10 maybe 11 or 12 depending on who's available, also to cover long term for the loans who will return. (RB) (LB) (CB) (DM) (MC - Advanced Playmaker) (MC - Box to Box) (MC - cover) (AMR) (AML) (ST - Advanced Forward)
  6. That is very true, how and where did you play him? Ideally I see him and Chong as my right sided players (AMR), and I'd be looking at either an inside forward (attack role), or as a raumdeuter?
  7. orrrr Sancho from Dortmund for ~£45-50 million~ I have no experience of managing either, but I really enjoy watching Hazard play... I'll decide tonight when I'm next able to get a session in.
  8. I sold Mata (£25,000,000), Pereira (£20,000,000), and Darmian (£15,000,000) in the first window. The list of players are ones I want to move on at the end of the first season. I'm tempted to try and bring in some real quality up front, but I actually do not mind the balance up top for Manchester United. I am tempted to make an offer for Hazard, I'm thinking £115-125 million should work but he is 27, and I am well stocked on the left.
  9. Starting a new save for the summer. The school year has almost finished! Manchester United... I want to completely rebuild the team and squad. However, I'm starting slowly. Transfers in; Rice, de Ligt, van de Beek, Tierney Transfer out; Mata, Pereira, Darmmian A lot of players have a lot to prove if they want to remain at the club (Grant, Romero, Jones, Lindelöf, Rojo, Valencia, Young, Fred, Matic, McTominay, Lingard, Sanchez, Lukaku), and there are a number of young players I want to give playing time.
  10. Started a new game on my MacBook Pro this weekend (I mean, what else is there to do while I'm not at work for the summer). Managed to raise funds by selling players, and invested in young players and lowering the wages at the same time. However, there are a number of older players, who have no place in my team/squad, that I cannot offload and the board are unwilling to allow the termination of their contracts (I'm looking at you Dave Jones). However, largely pleased with the business I've done. Flicking between 4-3-3 of sorts and 4-2-3-1. Forget how bad injuries are for Wednesday.
  11. New update, new save game, same old choice of team... I, personally, do not think the current squad is up to much. So pretty much as soon as I get my 'prep' done, I start the rebuilding process, which involves selling (or in some players cases giving them away) players and trying to buy young players with decent ability levels. I end up spending ~six million~ but can easily recoup that with player sales, and often the players I'm signing lower the wage bill significantly. Have signed some absolutely cracking young players (mainly Spanish) for quite little (often a buy out clauses which is sub one million). Tactically, I enjoy a 4-2-3-1. Four defenders, who primarily defend (often have a ball playing centre back, or both). Central midfielder next to a deep lying play maker <3. Attacking midfielder / advanced play maker, to his left an inside forward, to his right an old fashioned winger. Complete forward up top. Quite a few team tactics too.
  12. Hi, forgive me if this has been suggested before, first time poster long time player. I think it would be good to have an assist bonus as a contract option along side clean sheet bonus, and goal bonus.
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