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  1. I usually look at my midfield to see if they've got any kind of creativity, and then consider the rest of the team. If my midfield is good on the ball I'll try and play a posession system to take advantage of that, or if I have lots of quick forwards/wingers, I'll try and counter quickly to exploit this.
  2. Try 'play out of defence' and 'work ball into box'
  3. I've struggled a lot this year after doing brilliantly last year. After being sacked by Everton, instead of starting again I just continued and became a journeyman. I did pretty poorly wherever I ended up, but I somehow took over an 18th placed Lyon side and after keeping them up, I'm flying high in 3rd place, still within touching distance of the two rich clubs despite having a midtable squad. It just takes lots of practice and trial and error
  4. Your youth intake is affected by the favourite formation of your HOYD
  5. His sideways passing should be 20 though
  6. I thought that Junior recruitment was the only factor in how good your intake is
  7. I've missed all but 2 penalties in my current season with Sevilla, it cost me a famous win at the Nou Camp