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  1. Well this is just wrong. Players like Park Ji-Sung always performed well in the big games, whereas someone like Higuain has a reputation for bottling it at the biggest moments, like the WC Final
  2. Yeah this is spot on. My winger often attempts 20+ crosses a game, which is way more than is realistic, yet very few of them reach any of my players
  3. If you've got max closing down, tight marking and get stuck in, your players will obviously make lots of fouls and unless they're elite level players, this style will lead to them being out of position and is easily exploited by any half decent team.
  4. I've only ever noticed a large number of reds when playing in Italy.
  5. I sold a player to Barca with money after 10 league games as part of the deal. It didn't count his games for the B team, so I'm assuming it won't count the other bonuses
  6. I'm in 2037 and about 2/3 of the teams in the premier league seem to play the formation you've got in the OP. I've managed to beat it a few times by playing a back 5 and man marking the 2 strikers, but that doesn't work every time
  7. I think the main reason you're not scoring is because you have no attack roles
  8. I would take over a team in the same league and show Mansfield what they're missing. Youngsters don't develop super quickly, especially if you have poor facilities. Also the star rating is relative to the rest of your team, so maybe your team had improved which is why they had a lower star rating
  9. In my long term save, Troy Deeney managed Leeds to promotion and then got to the champions league quarter finals. Bendtner also manages Chelsea
  10. I usually look at my midfield to see if they've got any kind of creativity, and then consider the rest of the team. If my midfield is good on the ball I'll try and play a posession system to take advantage of that, or if I have lots of quick forwards/wingers, I'll try and counter quickly to exploit this.
  11. Try 'play out of defence' and 'work ball into box'
  12. I've struggled a lot this year after doing brilliantly last year. After being sacked by Everton, instead of starting again I just continued and became a journeyman. I did pretty poorly wherever I ended up, but I somehow took over an 18th placed Lyon side and after keeping them up, I'm flying high in 3rd place, still within touching distance of the two rich clubs despite having a midtable squad. It just takes lots of practice and trial and error
  13. Your youth intake is affected by the favourite formation of your HOYD
  14. His sideways passing should be 20 though
  15. I thought that Junior recruitment was the only factor in how good your intake is