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  1. FM 17 Ball Playing GK

    Sergio Alvarez from Celta is a good option
  2. I'm currently managing FC Dordrecht, because they were floundering above the relegation zone in the Jupiler League and were willing to give me the job and pay for coaching badges
  3. I actualy prefer my IWB's to be on the side of the stronger foot (like Lahm and Alaba). Useful PPMs that I've found are 'runs with ball through centre' and 'plays one-twos'
  4. I'd like to get in on this too! Been meaning to play as Sassuolo
  5. I'm into 2022 with Bournemouth. Finished 10th, 10th, 12th, 7th, 4th and 2nd so far. Only Lewis Cook, Jordan Ibe, and Corey Jordan remain from the original squad, but all are important players. In my most recent season I lost in the CL final against Barca after battering them for 90 mins. I got very lucky with Andrija Zivkovic being transfer listed at the start of the 2nd season, he's been nothing short of sensational. I signed Moussa Dembele in the second season and he was excellent, but Swansea offered me £30m which is way more than he was worth. He's been replaced by an incredible regen who seems to be incredibly loyal, despite mega bids from other clubs (I rejected £88m up front for him) My current team is Gk: Eduardo(r)/Pickford IWB: Calabria/Goemers(r) BPD: Jordan/Gibson CB: Jones/Josue FB: Amavi/Goemers DM: Tapia/Drinkwater WM: Ibe/Malcolm CM: Klaasen/Aouar CM: Cook/Nicholas(r) WM: Zivkovic/Jahara(r) CF: Collet(r)/Eggestein (r) denotes regen
  6. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Yeah I do have him, but he's been pretty poor for me. Currently on a 15 game goalless run. Ill have a look at some of the other recommendations, thanks guys.
  7. FM17 - French Football Thread

    My first season with Auxerre ended in double heartbreak. Finished 4th, but the top 3 were miles ahead for a long time after I'd been on such a poor run of form, then I lost in the French Cup final 2-0 to PSG, in a game I should probably have got something out of given the performance. The summer window was was mixed to say the least. Ajaccio gave me an offer I couldn't refuse for Gaetan Courtet, which leaves me without many goals up front, and Rémi Fournier left after I'd apparently broken a promise to him. In came Baptiste Aloé from Marseille, Jair from Levante, and then Chris O'grady, Stephen Hendrie and some winger from Rennes on free transfers. I also signed Ronny Rodelin for 600k from Caen, hell provide some quality out wide, which I was sorely missing last season. The start of the new season hasn't gone too well. A 0-0 draw away at Valenciennes, followed by a 0-1 defeat at the hands of Chamois Niortais, leaves me worried about the lack of goals. Does anyone have any striker recommendations for Ligue 2? Preferably young but it's not essential
  8. FM17 - French Football Thread

    The second half of the season hasn't started too well. Dropped from 1st to 4th going into March. Courtet has forgotten where the goal is and Ayé just isn't quite good enough yet, so the goals have dried up. We're sorely lacking in pace throughout the squad, which means our counter attacks are being stopped easily, so I need to scour the free agents and try to a half decent winger in. Hibbert has been solid so far at least, and offers vital experience and leadership in my back line. He's so so so so so slow unfortunately though, which means I can't play too high a line The youth intake was very good however; it looks like I've got some pretty good youngsters, including one who would be ready to slot into my team if not for the age restrictions in the French leagues
  9. FM17 - French Football Thread

    My first half a season with Auxerre has been very surprising. I'm going into February top of Ligue 2. I was aiming for a top 6 finish, but the youngsters have exceeded my expectations, and the experienced core of the team have been extremely solid. The Jan window was pretty unforgiving, with the big clubs circling around some of the younger players. I foolishly cashed in on my first choice RB Aguilar since his contract was up at the end of the season and he wanted way too much money for his ability. Then Genk and Anderlecht both offered £1.4m for my 2nd choice RB Issa Samba, who would've gone onto become a key player for me. I did get a 40% sell on fee though, so it's not all bad. Then Anderlecht made a bid worth upwards of £3m for Fomba, which was accepted but he decided to stay. Given the vast amounts of almost identical young midfielders at the club, I would've preferred him to go as that's too good an offer to refuse at this level. To replace Aguilar and Samba, I promoted Digol to the first team since he's almost as good as Samba with a similar potential, and I also signed Tony Hibbert as a backup/tutor for him. I've also signed a pre contract with Baptiste Aloé who looks very good and will replace Sapragna who's only on loan from Marseille. Overall it's going quite well, with the league form, and decent runs in both cups. Hopefully I'll not bottle promotion, so I can keep hold of some of my better players like Boucher, Kilic and Boto.
  10. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Has any one tried Auxerre? I'm thinking of starting with them due to their history of producing excellent youngsters
  11. I've played around with the IWB and there's some great movement into the space the CM(A) vacates, he's usually the free man in possession and with a player more suited to it, I can see them being involved in lots of goals
  12. I think there's something wrong with the signing of the season thing. I had a new striker score 20 goals and the signing of the season was a 17 year old winger I signed in January who didn't play a game
  13. Has there been a new update today? My game is updating again but I can't see anything new anywhere
  14. Well this is just wrong. Players like Park Ji-Sung always performed well in the big games, whereas someone like Higuain has a reputation for bottling it at the biggest moments, like the WC Final
  15. Yeah this is spot on. My winger often attempts 20+ crosses a game, which is way more than is realistic, yet very few of them reach any of my players