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  1. What tactics are you using? That’s an outrageous amount of goals to be scoring with any team
  2. Looking for a mid table team in either France, Germany, Spain, Portugal or Holland with good youth systems and some half decent prospects that I can start developing straight away
  3. Finished my first season with Leeds since the data update. 3rd place with 93 points and lost in the playoffs to Blackburn, who were down to 10 men and losing. Really brought that Leeds mentality to the team! Didnt make a single signing. Alioski didn’t play much and asked to leave then rejected all offers so I didn’t get any budget, similarly with Forshaw and Dallas. Augustin was decent but for 66k a week I wanted more than the 13 goals he managed. Costa was unbelievably good and got 14 even tho he missed 3 months with a broken ankle and Cooper got 10 from centre back. Bamford was an
  4. The Raumdeuter is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while but haven’t had a team capable of using it really so I’m starting as Liverpool. The plan is to use Salah in that role and see just how many goals he can score.
  5. My current laptop is about 5 years old now and I reckon I could do with an upgrade in time for FM20. Budget is around £600 but willing to go a bit higher. I tend to play long saves with about 10ish leagues and have an i3 processor so I'm used to it being reasonably slow. I have absolutely no idea what to look for tbh so some help would be much appreciated
  6. My striker has the lobs keeper trait and tried it twice whilst 1 on 1 in the CL final, both times hitting it into the keepers hands
  7. I wouldn’t place too much importance on it as a trait. I had a world class striker who apparently dreaded big matches but regularly scored hat tricks in massive CL games and title deciders
  8. I've had a good start to the season. In my first few games I was struggling defesnively but setting the two wide players to DW(s) has worked a treat. We keep the ball very well and have played lovely stuff at times. Also that sole defeat for Barca came at our hands. Its going to be a long season if Léon continues to be so profligate in front of goal tho, hes missed so many big chances already despite being our top scorer with 5 goals. Been impressed with Canales but the other AMs have struggled to perform mostly.
  9. 3-4-2-1 is something I’ve consistently failed at implementing on FM so hopefully this one will go a bit better.
  10. Count me in. Been waiting for an excuse to play as Betis anyway so this should be alright
  11. How are you getting those kinda returns from Kane? I’m playing as spurs and can’t get a huge amount out of him. He’s got 20 goals but I feel like he could easily have 30-40 if he played well
  12. My scouts didn’t do a great job of finding players like that. Ended up signing Kramer from Gladbach as midfield cover and have Marin coming in January.
  13. I got £27m to spend, not really enough to bring in anybody of note
  14. Immediately noticeable is that when using the dark skin, the actual body of the news item isn’t dark. Also some space wastage between the news feed and the sidebar
  15. You’ve got one midfielder set to bomb on and the other to move wider. It’s no surprise you’re losing when you have zero cover in midfield
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