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  1. I dont see a way that you can, best bet is to use a third party editor and with that you can set it to want to sell a club at any date. I cant really walk you through it here due to it not being a SI product, feel free to pm me if you want to know
  2. I take that back, you cant set a date for it. my bad. going to check editor and see if you can do it that way
  3. you can edit the edt and have a owner take over a club on a certain date however I dont believe you can specify what type of owner he is .
  4. the edt or all of it? I wrote a guide for it, I will look for it and post the link. its from a couple versions ago but still works the same
  5. only because some do them from the editor plus people usually wait intil the reg version comes out. as long as you do the edt method, shouldnt be too hard although tbh sometimes one can take five minutes and another one takes five hours
  6. You are sure to see more after official game is released. I will prob do a scottish tycoon. Most likely ross county for obvious reasons
  7. when is release date!!!!!! Im kidding, nice work , looking good so far
  8. its only cheating if you feel guilty about doing it . play how you want.
  9. quick question, for my save one of my yearly or future goals is signing under 23 year olds. considering im not signing anyone, can that cause me to be sacked ? ive not started yet so just wondering
  10. btw, there is a tycoon thread that they will be posted in. as a matter of fact, someone has already posted a Newcastle tycoon
  11. you dont need editor to make one, im pretty sure you can do it via the EDT in the db folder in steam apps folder. as far as are any out, not really messing with it much until game is released. I have been trying off and on for one in belguim although no luck so far.
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