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  1. Not scoring any direct free kicks

    in the save i just started , its in december and league has had 10 direct free kick goals so far. you are not going to get a high number anyways. top team last season in the EPL at free kick goals had a grand total of 3 for the season. i read somewhere where the average is around 5 percent of them being converted. might have been a old average but looking at the stats for the EPL, sounds about right when the top team has a grand total of 3 in 38 matches https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/att_freekick_goal?se=54
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    never played commentary mode, will try that. first couple seasons arent exactly fun for me until i get a couple newgens playing . for whatever reason makes it more fun for me. I think thats why this challenge is good for me, i usually start newgens over slightly better real players in my saves because i like using them
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    he is a good one, some of you must be playing FMT? im jealous you seem to be zipping through seasons. takes me far too long.
  4. FM18: Hidden Gems

    this is him on my save....
  5. FM18: Hidden Gems

    if you used any editor outside of SI's it may be a glitch. ive had all kinds of them when i did that.
  6. FM 18 Tycoon thread

    yeah, email will be named (insert team) count the money. another way to tell is look at team history- landmarks tab. will list if its a tycoon or not.
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I've been playing since 04 and just found out youth facilities aren't for under 18 squad lol
  8. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Thanks and good luck to you also, 16 is better than 17 for sure. Italian clubs all have so many players and seems like half are loaned out.
  9. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I will have to find it but one of the main guys posted judging ca or pa has little factor in how good your HOYD is. its mostly his personality
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Taranto F.C. 1927 Manager- Ross Ingersoll Key Player- Marian Galdean Finances Squad After thinking it over i decided to go to Italy to begin my next attempt at the challenge, Having managed taranto in a previous version i decided to return as it was one of my all time fav saves. The team has plenty of players and unlike last try, wont be any gray players playing. I may even have to trim some as i have 96 combined players. Such is life at a Italian club. Looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing what i can do with these guys, At first glance it appears i have a solid base to start
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I was fired so starting over, just trying to decide what nation to go to, leaning towards france or Italy . im done with minimum age requirements lol *quick note, Hollands date is July 7th, not 8th*
  12. thanks guys. i split the difference, didnt add them all, just most of them. My main concern wasnt when i started but five seasons or more down the road but worst case, can always remove leagues.
  13. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    if you get the base skins from micheals page it will. i am sort of doing the same, im converting the champions league skin to a white skin for my own personal use that way. *i should say im trying, not going well*
  14. noticed they have a 4900 per year wage limit and they have one player, just one and he makes up the entire wage budget