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  1. No reason to cry, Its Biden, he hasnt done anything productive in over 40 years in politics, the next four years wont be any different. I would have responded to you tagging me earlier but i was watching the mental gymnastics Liberals were doing yesterday when for the past year they stood by and watched a city get taken over for a week, multiple people die and small businesses burn to the ground and now suddenly they are outraged. As far as staging a coup. already served my time in war for my country. Ive did more for this nation in one day than you will do for yours in your lifetime. carry o
  2. @JordanMillward_1 you are a star lol
  3. this.... the answer to your issue is...... dont spend it. problem solved
  4. before i put in bug sub forum wanted to ask. I am managing Paderborn, wage budget was 8 mill per season , after the first transfer window closed it suddenly jumped to 18 mill. Never received any message it was going to be raised. bug or no? I did sell someone at the deadline for 8 mill, but i thought the only thing that did is add money to transfer budget unless you allocate it over to wage budget which i hadnt
  5. he said 400 pounds or whatever. I told him thats a bit low but high as he could go. i said 500 dollars because i used some currency calc to change into dollar , was easier for me.
  6. would this be half way decent, its for a friend who isnt a hard core fmer buts looking to play it. this is around what he can afford. i wasnt sure because the processor type didnt ring a bell
  7. Im on a laptop and skin works great. Great job
  8. so much for all of Michigan being behind the Governer. Its rather fitting that the number of protesters outnumber the number of people who participated in those bogus polls that said she had a 70 percent approval rating. The simple truth is her overall approval rating has hovered between 42 and 48 percent since she took office. This is what happens when you take twitter posts as actual news. How in the world this woman gets people to think shes doing a great job as far as covid goes is beyond me. Michigan has the 5th most cases and 3rd most deaths of any state and that includes Califo
  9. As far as boris and his quick turnaround or apparent turnaround, i asked my sister who works in the ER at the hospital in Flint as a respiratory therapist and she said.... Its a virus. some people bounce back quickly after discharge and others take longer, some factors are age, severity of the covid that they had, if they have asthma or heart problems, renal problems, diabetes, etc, and how long they were in the hospital. Some people need rehab to build up muscle mass they lost while in the hospital, especially if they were on a ventilator.
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