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  1. Ross Ingersoll

    Good looking assistant manager

    Yeah i did lol
  2. just started a paris fc save when they were shockingly promoted to the top division in 2018. i was looking through staff and came across this guy and he accepted a contract offer so wanted to pass him along. he doesnt look like much help as a coach but as a ass man or scout, looks great
  3. Ross Ingersoll

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    you didnt copy that from the champions league skin, it looks nothing like the human profile screen, not even close, this is the CL skin human profile
  4. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    vv Katwijk 2019/2020 Jupiler League Squad 1 Squad 2 Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 League: After a rough start we settled into mid table for the bulk of the season, shockingly somehow sneaking into the playoffs in the second phase of season, still dont understand how but will take it. Finishing 13th was a very good season for this club. We scored an impressive 84 goals but gave up 98, only two away from the most ever conceded in the league. thats one record i am glad we didnt get. TOTO KNVB Beker: First match pitted me up against HFC and we won rather easily 5-3. Second match we hosted SC Heereveen and lost 3-1, thus ending our cup for the year. Honestly one win was more than i thought we would have at this point so wasnt that upset over it. Transfers: Lost three players who were never going to see playing time and sent another on loan so i wouldnt lose him. Not to upset with any of the loses. Finances: The best thing about the season is i somehow made money. Enabled me to improve my youth and training facilities, junior and youth coaches and also get a couple coaching courses under my belt. The team was at the bare minimum for each so is going to take a long time to build it up Youth intake: Only one player worth talking about and that is young Jacco Janssen. could actually start for me this next season, thats how bad my current keeper is. All and all i couldnt ask for a better season to start, even was voted second in manager of the year voting. Long way to go with this squad but looking forward to it. My goals this next season are like the first, just survive.
  5. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    lmao, your right!
  6. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    thats how i like it, taranto had 94. thats why i usually dont like managing in italy, i dont believe they have any loaning rules so half the team is loaned out.
  7. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    yeah , Italy was like that for me, i was actually mid table but wasnt feeling it. i like to have around 23 in my first team and my under 23 and 18 are just guys i think i will use at some point. in italy every team has around 100 total. I enjoyed the german save but i got fired and to be honest, better to happen in season 1 because i had to start 4 gray players and would have only gotten worse before any youth were ready. maybe i will park the bus this entire season . At first i thought a nation with two leagues would be easier because only had to get promoted once to get to top league but then thought its the opposite, the bottom league will be tougher
  8. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    thanks, if i get fired i may just bite the bullet and try england.
  9. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    This is first save ive not needed my scouts, how many scouts do you usually hire since all you really need them for is to scout teams you play
  10. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Lets give this another try, here is my managers page ... Ross Ingersoll. looks like fun because the team isnt good but all players are on amateur contracts so can attempt to sign them using the wage structure i read about and has served me well in terms of club cash flow. now just need to make some 2d and 3d kits for them and i will be ready. hope its ok to post this pic . if not, can delete
  11. Ross Ingersoll

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    ok, couldnt get into my italy save, i think its because the squad had 90 players in it and i prefer something much smaller. going to try holland. i could have stayed at taranto, was doing ok, 9th in the league but i just wasnt feeling it and i could see getting bored and disinterested because i already was. will post the team i get after the sim .
  12. Ross Ingersoll

    incorrect clubs in Europa?

    i will check, i didnt know about that rule or whatever *edit* Yes, thats it. thanks alot
  13. Ross Ingersoll

    Not scoring any direct free kicks

    As i said in my earlier post, the top teams scored 3 in a season in real life. not all teams, two or three of them. majority scored one or two for the entire season. I would love to see the team stats page where none have been scored by a team in three seasons in game because i find that very hard to believe.
  14. Manchester city finished 3rd and are in Europa and PSG won its league yet i just noticed are in the quarterfinals of europa. Any legit reason for this or most likely a glitch?
  15. Ross Ingersoll

    Not scoring any direct free kicks

    in the save i just started , its in december and league has had 10 direct free kick goals so far. you are not going to get a high number anyways. top team last season in the EPL at free kick goals had a grand total of 3 for the season. i read somewhere where the average is around 5 percent of them being converted. might have been a old average but looking at the stats for the EPL, sounds about right when the top team has a grand total of 3 in 38 matches https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/att_freekick_goal?se=54