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  1. @JordanMillward_1 you are a star lol
  2. this.... the answer to your issue is...... dont spend it. problem solved
  3. before i put in bug sub forum wanted to ask. I am managing Paderborn, wage budget was 8 mill per season , after the first transfer window closed it suddenly jumped to 18 mill. Never received any message it was going to be raised. bug or no? I did sell someone at the deadline for 8 mill, but i thought the only thing that did is add money to transfer budget unless you allocate it over to wage budget which i hadnt
  4. he said 400 pounds or whatever. I told him thats a bit low but high as he could go. i said 500 dollars because i used some currency calc to change into dollar , was easier for me.
  5. would this be half way decent, its for a friend who isnt a hard core fmer buts looking to play it. this is around what he can afford. i wasnt sure because the processor type didnt ring a bell
  6. Im on a laptop and skin works great. Great job
  7. titlebar in the panel sub folder named generic usually
  8. this has always been in game, the only difference is it tells you it happened. before you had to look in that youth players history
  9. there is a guy named zealand from fm base that ran a test with diffrent set ups and he graded all things in each, its a good watch and will show you plus and minuses for each, its a good watch. just search The Best Way to Set Up Your Save in Football Manager 2020, Tested in youtube
  10. Pretty sure you will only get a few. Let me check, my save i have is in 2022 and i have some view only leagues
  11. no you dont but the newgens from that country will be very limited. generally if a certain region or nation is known for good regens i always set as playable , you will get a better mix of them
  12. Ok thanks. I like to add a good number of leagues in europe. Keeps continental compititions challenging
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