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  1. oh hell, i can do that easily. give me a day or so. wont take that long but i have a pup that requires constant supervision. i can do first two for sure, will check on the third
  2. I can do them, depending on what you are looking for however i dont require any donation. just tell me what you are looking for and i can tell you if its doable and if you want to use it, cool but if not thats cool also.
  3. i agree with the OP, you should quit, possibly forever. Just so im clear, im not agreeing with the reasoning, just the quitting
  4. Make sure its from rarlab. There is another one that appears thats not legit
  5. i use all of them on my laptop., on fluts skin i do have to remove all the @2x files in graphics but you dont even notice and works great
  6. Genk was my fav save. I actually won the league and Europa in my first season before my save got corrupted. I was not happy because i was having a blast
  7. I play fm on my desktop and my laptop, depending if im home or not. My question is if there is a way to manually make the game sync the cloud saves because a number of times i saved to the cloud but it never updated . Its not a matter of waiting for enough time to pass because in both cases it was over 24 hours.
  8. Just turned 50, break out the Geritol! Been playing since 2004ish. Odd thing is i didnt like soccer/football at all when i started playing, i just thought it was the best sports management game made and FM actually got me into the sport.
  9. first i will say Rick is a friend as is a31632 so im mostly staying out of this however you have no friggen idea what the hell you are even talking about. Andromeda is NOT a skin made up from everyone elses stuff., Rick puts alot time and effort into his skins. he has used some panels from some after he got permission. I can really see both sides, Rick isnt pissed because someone used his panels, he is pissed because he does **** for free and in his mind he sees someone taking something he made for free and selling it as his own for money. Only thing i am saying on this subject,.
  10. seems to be a recurring thing for you, might be a good idea to look at what you are doing,. may not be the game. all i can go by is what ive seen in the game and ive never been fired nor had a board ultimatum (im also not real good) and ive used every crap club in the game. worth taking a look at your rep in game versus the team rep, etc. as far as your save, if you finished 6th and you are looking at finishing 12th, you have failed and depending on what your rep is and the clubs rep, you might have a shorter rope to work with. In all honesty im not sure why you think you have all this cache stored with the club,. you finished 6th, its not like you won the league or are a club legend.
  11. Thanks @JordanMillward_1 and @Smurf. Ordered my new laptop , i did upgrade the ram to 16 gb and the ssd to the 1 tb. Thanks for the advice
  12. yeah, this is him on mine, i am in the first year of save
  13. Ive had an issue where i asked said player about a rest, he agreed so gave him two weeks off and he has been back from rest one day and complaining about his recent playing time. up until the rest he had played every match and not played a match since his return
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