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    Massive Saints fan, been playing football management games since the days of CM01 I believe it was and naturally went with FM when they split from CM

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  1. I'm struggling to get 1 for a Prem team as well which you would think would be easier
  2. Is it just me or is it so much harder to get a tycoon compared to previous years?
  3. Does anyone know if using the "future_chairman" helps with tycoons or anything?
  4. 1 of my favourite FM threads every year, always throws up some decent teams
  5. You don't need to buy the editor, you can find it in tools within the steam library and it's totally free. You are getting it mixed up with the in game editor with is £4 bud
  6. It was a common fix a lot of people seemed to do... • Power management mode - Prefer maximum performance • Threaded optimization - ON • Triple buffering - Off • Vertical Sync - Off As I say this worked flawlessly before the 19.3.2 update and then suddenly it isn't interested lol
  7. Sorry, I should also note I had these problems before and solved it with changing some bits within my Nvidia Control Panel in which it worked perfectly right up til this update, is there any reason why an update would put so much more strain on the graphics card that it needs to shut down
  8. I'll test these shortly but I thought I'd add that it happened again last night while idle, thought I'd test it out again and managed to get it to happen 6 times whilst sitting idle so it seems it's not just the 3D ME again
  9. Hi guys, I was experiencing issues where it would crash and restart my computer when I went into a match but now it happens sitting idle after loading the save. Everything was fine until I updated to 19.3.2, never got any of the issues with crashing on startup like some people have had after 19.3, my issues started purely when it got to 19.3.2. I have attached a DxDiag for you, I'm not getting any crash dump files so unable to upload one psychonutter DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi guys, sorry if this seems a stupid question but I can't seem to find where I would sort player PPMs, I have a striker that likes to smash the ball goal wards when through 1 on 1 and want him to try and place his shots but can't seem to find the option to sort it
  11. If you're still strugglin with Eastleigh I'll take a nice Southampton tycoon, make it a wee bit easier for you bud lol
  12. I'll give this 1 a go as a Saints fan, could be rather interesting there
  13. Doesn't surprise me, no problem if u can't mate
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