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  1. Thanks @wllm_cmpbll - we do have Hitchen as DoF, and Paratici as Managing Director. The names of the job titles at Tottenham do not fit exactly with the available job titles that we have in FM. However, we do our best to allocate responsibilities at the club amongst the backroom staff so as to reflect as accurately as possible the things that each person does at the club.
  2. Thanks @tv_capper - I'm glad that you brought this up again, as he had been added, but was somehow marked as not to be extracted from the database into the game. That's now been rectified.
  3. @Smaldini @Sean Blinkhorn - thanks; I would say basic would probably be a bit higher, maybe £320kpw. I'll change it.
  4. Thanks @Dominic10 - I may well do as you suggest, but hopefully we can get it fixed!
  5. That's great work, @TheInvisibleMan - I had found about half of these since datalock for the beta, but certainly not all!
  6. Thanks @tv_capper @TheInvisibleMan - Winskill is in as Technical Director at Newcastle, now.
  7. Thanks @kb1000 - Cole's England role has been done, as have Findlay, Carsley, and Garlick.
  8. Thanks very much, @Bromley Raven - that's well spotted. Unfortunately we do not have the "compulsory purchase after x starts" contract clause option, so we are unable to set it exactly as it has been agreed.
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