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  1. The Wolves connection with Portuguese signings is through the owners' connection with a particular agent, rather than principally through Espirito Santo (Espirito Santo is a client of Mendes, and Mendes offers opinions and advice to the owners).
  2. Thanks, @azmundo - that history is in the database, so should be there in-game.
  3. Gary and Colin are not in the game as they are no longer involved in football; they are running a sports clinic together: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/inside-new-sports-clinic-run-20787770 Liam Brady no longer has a job title linked to his profile in the database, which may be why he is not being extracted into FM2020. I believe that his last job in football was with Arsenal, and that finished in 2014. Should he still be available to be employed by clubs, in-game?
  4. Hi @tonidopa - we put the actual date of the injury into the database, which was 24/8/2019. The game doesn't do real-time injuries; it sets players that have injuries set before a certain date (I believe that it is 31/8) as injured at game-start. Any injuries with a start date after 31/8 do not get loaded into FM. This may not be ideal, on all occasions, but there will always be certain anomalies with a game that includes certain data pertaining to real-life events that occur after the game start-date.
  5. to be fair, @v.d.Moon, I don't believe that I ever stated that I was sure about the height of Brandon Williams, only that the Wikipedia link that I was told to look at as proof of his height actually has it down as 171cm! I'm perfectly happy to look at these and rectify them, and that photo is helpful, thanks. I don't really think that there is a need for the mock incredulity that punctuates your post (Jones is listed as 71kg in multiple places); if you have a good source for the players' heights/weights, it would be great if you would please share it.
  6. @HyunJoonUtd, thanks for your post. All the players that you have mentioned are rated highly. FM2020 Mobile, by necessity, does not have the same capacity for data as FM for PC. The game has to make decisions about which players not too include. Doyle's "Important Matches" rating has not been set in the database, as it is too early in his fledgling career to set it.
  7. @FMunderachiever and @Sean Blinkhorn - it is indeed a database error; apologies. Foden's first senior goal is noted as Oxford City, rather than Oxford Utd. I'll get it changed as soon as I can.
  8. Traore's attributes have been greatly improved between launch of the beta and full release. In the database we have these ratings:
  9. You are right, @Viking - sorry that was missed, and has now been noted.
  10. Thanks for your input @tajj7, Kean has been toned down considerably since he was transferred across to the Everton file. I imagine that Kean has got quite a bit more to show, considering the season that he had at Juventus, last season. It's tough to find the level at which to rate young players who are suddenly getting gametime at a top club, in real life. Greenwood has not got a high Current Ability rating for a Premier League player. How he develops over time, both in-game and in real life, will be dependent on a number of factors.
  11. Hi @llama3 - thanks very much for your helpful post; you are spot on with your observations on the Adidas deal, and the sponsorship labelling - apologies for missing that. The £130m Total Commercial Revenue is the total amount of revenue that is anticipated for Commercial/Other in 2019/20, so that if, for any club, we can't get all the details of each individual sponsor, the game will engineer sponsors to a yearly total of the amount detailed. This umbrella amount will include the individual amounts that have been detailed in the database. The £5m was for "Misc. Sponsors", and was d
  12. Hi @Anuth - thanks for reposting this, and apologies for missing it the first time. Yes, Santiago arrived quite late following the wait for international clearance, and we missed adding him - sorry.
  13. Apologies, @Canaryak - you are quite right. Maddison is listed in the database as the record transfer, but Murphy's ID number was detailed alongside him... This change should be viewable in the RELEASE verison of the database, out tomorrow! Sorry, for the original error, and thanks for pointing it out.
  14. @magpie1892 - thanks for these; unfortunately we didn't get these in, but will look at putting them in the database for next time.
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