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  1. Hi @tomlcfc and @Fosse. Barnes is still set with a PA of -8.
  2. Thanks, Per Annum - that is indeed a database error.
  3. Thanks Eric; that affiliation has been detailed in the database, with a start date of 19/2/2019.
  4. I believe that that "runs with ball down left" PPM implies taking on opposition players while dribbling, but will seek confirmation as to how it is used.
  5. Thanks @JasonLFC10 - that is a fair comment; thanks for pointing it out.
  6. Thanks @Mr Ford 1877 - this has been brought up, before, and I replied in my post from October 19th: "All clubs are treated the same, finance-wise, in the database. We start off with the "Cash" amount, as stated in the last available set of accounts, which is for the year 2016/17. From there, we do our best to work out what the income/expenditure has been in the interim period. In the season 2016/17, the club made a £23m loss. Clearly, Wolves will have had higher outgoings, in terms of their wages, than money coming in, during the 2017/18 season, too. On top of that, we have to factor in net expenditure in the summer 2018 transfer window, which amounts to over £60m. So, we start the game with Wolves having a £70m+ negative cash balance. However, the club is set as having a "Sugar Daddy", which means that the club will not struggle in-game unduly, financially, as money will be put in by the owners, as happens in real life. We have also set Wolves with a reasonable transfer budget (considering the club already starts FM2019 with the players that it has acquired over the summer of 2018) with which to start the game, of about £20m, and sufficient leeway in the weekly wage budget to pay a decent player. As the game plays, you should not find that the finances hinder the gameplay, but we couldn't have it so that Wolves starts the game with the players that it had bought over the summer, but without any of the financial implications of that expenditure."
  7. Thanks @Mush1983 - his "date joined club" had been incorrectly entered as 1/7/2017, and it shoudl be 1/7/2016; I've changed that. So, he'll qualify as Home Grown should he still be at United at the end of the 2018/19 season.
  8. Thanks, @Eric Leonardo - yes, this was discussed with the Bournemouth researcher, over the summer, and, though we couldn't find any press release by the club that announced an extension, I believe that there was some snippet from Pugh to say that his contract extended beyond the summer of 2018. Apologies for not updating that in the database.
  9. Thanks for your input, sabirFK. It is absolutely fine to be asked about the ratings that we have put in regarding nations (the Nation Youth Rating) and clubs (Youth Coaching and Youth Recruitment). I will explain the definition of the fields, as it is apparent that, although you have judged some of those ratings as "crazy" and "wrong", and called into question our researchers' knowledge of the meaning and influence of the ratings, you do not know much about them: Nation Youth Rating The potential for the nation to develop footballers. NYR defines the possibilities, whereas the youth coaching and youth facilities ratings (as well as recruitment to some degree) work as mitigating forces in countries that cannot yet turn all this potential into ability themselves. Youth Coaching Describes the level of youth coaching in the youth scheme in the age groups below the newgen intake age (typically U16 and below), on a global scale of 1-20 Youth Recruitment How good the club is at recruiting youth players (at pre-newgen age). Range is 0-20 where 0 is “not set”, 1 indicates that the club is among the poorest in the club’s nation at recruiting youth players, and 20 indicates that the club is the best in the club’s nation at recruiting youth players. NB Unlike “Youth Coaching” and “Youth Facilities”, which are on a global scale (where 20 is the best in the world), the Youth Recruitment field is on a national scale (where 20 is the best in the nation). The Youth Recruitment rating tells us how wide the club’s catchment area is. The idea behind it works something like “Coaching for Quality and Recruitment for Quantity”. Naturally, in the game, all clubs would still get around the same number of newgens each year, but the Quantity aspect linked to the Recruitment would rather mean the size of the pool for possible youth players from which the club can pick. So, the club with a higher recruitment rating would have increased chances of getting better than expected newgens and players from further away, geographically. You mention "strange supernewgens everywhere; please can you be more specific about the number and ability of these newgens, so that we can see whether there is a problem to be addressed, here? Although some nations/clubs are far more likely than others to produce a world superstar, we try to make it so that it is not absolutely impossible for excellent players to come from unexpected places.
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