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  1. Yes - apologies about that one; I have set him as retired in the database, but not in time to make it for the update.
  2. That is correct, swansongs.
  3. I think that's a fair point regarding Skrtel, Mignolet, Lallana and Bogdan who, if they are round about their peak, should have their PA rating lowered to reflect that.
  4. Thanks for your opinions on the PAs of the younger players, ElPayaso. The Liverpool researcher has also been watching the players carefully, and it looks like his opinion differs to yours. It is true that we won't always be bang-on with our assessments of the players' potential, and some may well be a little under-rated, and others over-rated. However, I don't agree with your statement that it is easy to compare the players and to allocate the PAs, accordingly. It is anything but easy, and we choose to put our trust in the researcher's assessments.
  5. Thanks, Barkermush; that is our error. That 2014/15 Villa history line should have been marked as "on loan" from Man City.
  6. Thanks very much, Romjet!
  7. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, too. Again, the clause is detailed in Deulofeu's profile, but the clubs involved (i.e. Everton and Barcelona) had not been set. I've now amended that.
  8. Thanks very much, Timma.
  9. Thanks very much, norwich1982.
  10. The transfer budget has not been amended from what it was in the beta.
  11. thanks - the latest data has Sharpin as a non-player, only.
  12. the latest data has Ighalo with "Italy" set as his second nation.
  13. This hasn't been detailed in the database as a kit sponsorship, but as the annual total commercial revenue. This was set to ensure that commercial revenue streams, in-game, would be close to the real-life total.
  14. Thanks, Spurs08. Those accounts suggest that these debts (on top of the estimated cost of building the new stadium) are the ones that should be detailed: £14m - 30/6/2014 to 30/6/2019; Investec training ground loan £20m - 1/9/2007 to 31/8/2013; loan notes £10m - 1/9/2003 to 31/8/2023; loan notes £1.168m - 1/9/2004 to 31/8/2027; bank loans £2.662m - short term interest-bearing loans (current liabilities)