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  1. Thanks @timtim11 - I think that his first and second nationalities (England and Turks & Caicos Is. respectively) need to be swapped round; I'll sort that out.
  2. Thanks very much, @Timma - I have rectified those items.
  3. @TheHuss Rashford's attribute ratings have not been changed in the database.
  4. Thanks @MatthewS17 - I share the bafflement, in that I honestly can't see how Rashford has been "nerfed". Does he no longer perform well in-game? Has he no longer the potential to become one of the world's best strikers? Ditto Greenwood. "Reactionary" looks harsh, here.
  5. Thanks @thomasreidsj - I can't find anything concrete that says that he has definitely qualified, but there is much that suggests that he has been on the Pro Licence course, so I will make the change.
  6. @gcoard - thanks for all that; very useful information.
  7. @timmsoski thanks again - this one has already been pointed out; it is a typo, and should have been 10.
  8. Thanks very much @timmsoski - you are quite right, this should not be possible. I have increased his PA in the database.
  9. @pamf @diddydaddydoddy As far as I am aware, we would need to make two Asst Mgrs the norm across the whole nation to be able to support setting two at the same club in the database, for that to be realised in-game. Currently, if we set two Asst Mgrs at, say, Liverpool, the game will make one of them a Coach (First Team).
  10. Thanks @josipk - the clause has been set correctly, but it seems that at the moment the game doesn't take into account the date parameters set, and uses the end date of the new contract. This has been logged, and I will strip out that clause from the database. Sorry about that.
  11. Thanks @pamf - they are both assistant managers, but the game only supports one assistant manager per club.
  12. @diddydaddydoddy @timmsoski That's a great spot, thanks. Definitely an oversight; you are right, every player needs to have at least one position rated at 20. I've amended AML rating (up from 19 to 20). Sorry about that.
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