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  1. Thanks for that, pks14.blues, I'll look into it.
  2. Thanks, McClane29; I agree, and have made the changes.
  3. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, who has been set as having the club's "hiring and firing of first team manager" responsibility, has a Patience rating of 19 out of 20. That, coupled with Ranieri's Board Confidence rating set at 200 does indicate that a December sacking should be unlikely, no matter what. I shall investigate.
  4. That's interesting, Owenwba. As an Ipswich fan, I was surprised that he made the move to West Brom, and more surprised at the success that he has had, since that move. He was 31 at the time, and although he was a solid performer at Championship level, I didn't expect him to spend the next 5+ seasons as a first team regular at The Hawthorns. Which of his attribute ratings do you believe to be too low, please?
  5. Thanks for your input, RobertPage. All the suggestions are for increases in player attributes. Are there any areas of Liverpool players' ratings where you believe we might have been over-generous?
  6. That is an interesting comparison, Wilswan, thanks - I'll look into the matter.
  7. Thanks very much.
  8. Thanks - I've now fixed that.
  9. quite right, uhl007 - I've amended Court's history, accordingly, thanks.
  10. Thanks very much, Makul - these are now done.
  11. Thanks for the post, stokelad4. We have changed the name of the stadium, since. We changed it because the original stadium name was a sponsor's name, anyhow. Good spot re Cameron - don't know how that happened; I've changed his history lines for those two seasons. Yes, I believe that the Desso GrassMaster pitch does need to be detailed as a Synthetic/Real Grass mix.
  12. Sorted - thanks.
  13. Excellent work, CandC! I have recently started a FGR game as my career game (I like to choose lowerish division clubs from not too far away - I'm based in Bristol), and have chosen a similar tactic to your own 433, though it's asymmetrical at present as there are too many good players in the squad to have to play Brogan (and Norwood is injured). I've put in Klukowski at AMC, Vieira AMR and Styche as target man. Got a draw v Cambridge, beat Telford and Gateshead away, and now just lost to Woking. Gotta sort out that home form! William Kadzidlo is a newgen based on the son of our Reading researcher, I believe - hope he does well for you!
  14. Serpico was involved with the Hull research for many years, as well as moderating on these forums. His sudden death is very sad news.