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  1. Folks miles posted a poll on twitter recently about this... please have a look 👀 I will post it if I can find it again
  2. Never come across anyone out for that long, although I once had a non league player out for 9 months with a cold 🥶
  3. I’m not sure this is a good idea.. would you not rather improve and have a career of your own and try and better them. I know I would
  4. Looking forward To not being able to get out and playing the new fm21. Exciting times ahead. Loving the previews as well
  5. I would also suggest trying the demo and then making a decision that way Only you can decide... Good luck with whatever decision you make 👍👍👍
  6. Folks how long have you been unbeaten for with your teams... just for fun....currently 72 leagues games unbeaten with Hammersmith in the combined counties league the board still won’t go professional and will not give any budget gotta love lower league management
  7. 3142 for me all day long and working wonders in my lower league save with Hammersmith in the combined counties league
  8. And I’m struggling to fill a 30000 capacity 🤭🤭🤭🤭
  9. So today’s instalment is pre season is now over P9 W3 D3 L3 F11 A12 Scoring games ok in a 442 wing play formation, however still conceding to many Changed to 4231 wide - wing play and kept first clean sheet in last pre season game Plenty of changes to overhaul the squad so far and I guess plenty more will come.....o the joys of non contract plsyers Stay Tuned for more updates to follow
  10. So my first role will be at Hammersmith in the Middlesex County League Div 1 West Media Expected 7th Club Expected Top Half Contract - month to month Transfer Budget - £0. Wage Budget - £0 This is gonna be fun
  11. So I decided I needed a new challenge and took the plunge and downloaded a level 13 database My career will start with no experience and see what happens Press conference to follow......Watch this space and see where my first managerial role is at
  12. About to start in level 13... let’s see how this goes then 🤔🤔🤔
  13. Watching this one unfold.. Good luck
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