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  1. Eldar Hadzimehmedovic. Had 3 up front with Hadzimehmedovic / Tsigalko / To Madeira on CM 01/ 02
  2. Which file in panels/match folder controls this area? Is it match team stats overview popup.xml?
  3. Should've read the opening post, your mistake ''if you save your save game in the public beta, you will only be able to load this same save in the public beta until the retail version is updated. We would always recommend backing up any save games prior to joining the public beta. ''
  4. I have managed to put it in to Edited Dark Skin, or you can do it in base skins. Just copy and paste to skin folder
  5. Just a quick question, what panel should I change to add current performance description to stats panel? If it is possible to add to default skin, that is
  6. Maybe Player performance column (playing well, nervously, bad...etc) if it can fit beside the body language column?
  7. Why do I have the feeling that this launch is going to be a joke? And in 5 days we'll have 18.1.1. Team talk to SI - ''warn against complacency''
  8. My first feel is that it is easier to notice flaws in your formation and/or tactics. And having game remember player instructions right from the tactics screen helps to save time when tinkering.
  9. Does Match plans work for you? I have made new plan with a few scenarios and I tick checkbox to use for the next match, but I don't see any difference in instructions during the game....
  10. When editing / making various views, how can I get graphical position column, as in default player search screen? Whenever I choose position I get only letters.
  11. TBH I still haven't played the game, I'm waiting to see impressions and demo to try out before deciding to buy, but these six and a half pages don't seem so persuasive so far, although it is beta. I remember last year's beta comments were far more positive than tonight. The very fact that people have to ask how to do some of the simplest things in the game (PI, scouting) and a number of options being taken out (in preferences for instance) make me think that UI has gone the wrong way around and that '18 edition is still far from finished product. PS. Yes, I know it is beta nevertheless.
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