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  1. Cheers! Haven't thought about it, I'll see if I can do it, but no promises
  2. Soon? Everything before promotion deadline works.
  3. @nabildx @wkdsoul @Conan21 Updated link in the first post
  4. When I follow the link, it says that product is not available in my region (South America)...
  5. There is recent form, just screenshots above are from past seasons, so there isn't current form column. But, I added recent form (both home, away and overall) to combined view. See screenshots in 1st post
  6. Cheers, I must have accidentally removed. Will bring it back tonight
  7. Thanks! It doesn't, because everything you put in FM/panels overrides custom skin files. I tested it last night.
  8. A small mod for league table, that puts all stats in the middle and saves space between Team Name and the rest of the stats. Works on all skins and resolutions, including 1024x768. Average points column is included in Home, Away and Combined views, and Cup Qualification column (C, R, Q...) is moved to the end. Extract file to Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\panels If you don't have panels folder, create it. Download!AjrN-WZH38zuyMRJECPbh1vFXzsOqQ Update 1.1: Added Home and Away recent form column to Combined view
  9. Then lower the statts? In my game on FM15, playing as Dortmund, Chelsea won 4 consecutive CL titles and finished runner-up (lost to me) once in 5 seasons.
  10. It's default now, because I have deleted tactics panels to get darker overlay. Now I have shirts with box edge and names on the bottom of shirt icons. Looks a bit asymmetric, but decent
  11. Thanks, managed to enable it again. If someone wants it, I can upload panels. Anyway, I have problem with player names on tactics screen, they are almost invisible on white shirts. Any way to change names' colors maybe?
  12. Dimitri, have you guys changed anything in ''client object browser.xml'' since 1.1? I'm playing on 1.1 currently and I managed to activate auto hide sidebar, I'm asking if I can just copy old file over the new one, or I have to edit v2.0 file? Cheers, great skin!
  13. Under Review

    I think maybe (big maybe) it's happening when you lock filter panel, press continue a couple of times and come back to tactics screen. It's a big maybe.
  14. Happens at random on both default and custom skins, even since beta
  15. Soon? ''Message too short''