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  1. Thanks for replying, have uploaded from before this message - save name David Pickup - Huelva (v02)
  2. I received a message saying that the board were disappointed I hadn't improved the finances, despite a dramatic improvement on last season. The tool-top when I hover over the "failed" thumbs-down image also says that the board are delighted. Not sure if this is a bug, or whether my board had unrealistic expectations of wealth and riches on promotion to the Spanish second tier?
  3. Hi, my Recreativo de Huelva save has Antonio Leal's height listed at 5'7'', when he should be well over 6 feet - this has implications as he's a centre half! https://www.transfermarkt.es/antonio-leal/profil/spieler/627276
  4. I get there would be, and I'm sure things like morale are important, but missing nearly every penalty is a bit much even if we were bottom of the league playing with 11 amateurs. I know, if I think it's a bug report it...
  5. Missed penalties. Getting absolutely ridiculous - I'm getting a lot of them, but missing every one, even multiple penalties in games. This is with players like Gylfi Sigurdsson who has 18 for penalties. James misses too, also Gomes misses, DCL misses, Moise Kean even missed in my latest game. Missing vast majority (unscientific I know, but can't see last season's data). This season we've scored 1 in 4 penalties. Is it my tactics? Do I need to train penalties? Getting asked in a press conference why we missed 2 in one game - will I change the taker? Would love to say - "yes, will be
  6. Probably been mentioned before, but I seem to miss 2 out of 3 penalties, regardless of the player. I have now taken to randomly switching players every time I get a penalty, seems to have improved the success rate! Also, no assists from corners at all in a whole season, and barely any headed goals from open play.
  7. Yeah, you're right, they should make a button to stop Brexit in the game for you.
  8. Not sure what you mean - the new work permit rules and massive uncertainty wouldn't exist if the UK weren't leaving. So how could it be anything but a direct action? And no, none of us can go back, but that also wasn't the point.
  9. Amusing me greatly that some people will wake up to the stupidity of Brexit when they realise they can't sign foreign wonderkids on Football Manager.
  10. The FA's plans are out in the open, it's 100% realistic. I'm personally disappointed that they haven't included a graphic of a giant blue passport for all UK players.
  11. Expecting DCL to be as good as Haaland or I'm not buying the game.
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