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  1. I recall an England v Scotland final in a previous FM - England won on pens. I've also seen Ghana winning in the past.
  2. It's tough, but definitely achievable with the right calibre of player. What makes it especially hard is that most of the big teams have B teams in the lower leagues, so there's no reason for them to loan players to you.
  3. Would also be interesting to then be made caretaker of the club after the first team manager gets sacked, giving you the chance to audition for the top job .
  4. I presume you mean that you can keep your job no matter what happens? You'd probably need an in-game editor to do that?
  5. Can you not just imagine that's what your HOYD is doing all season and then presenting you with the results each year? Would you then start saying "I'm Real Madrid, we should be producing 5* PA youngsters every month with technique above 11, and look at March, I only got two centre backs who are rubbish".
  6. I'm also having scoring issues with Tosun/DCL - but then again, so is Marco Silva IRL. I'm also struggling to find a good role for Tom Davies. At the moment I'm using him as BBM, tried as MEZ-S, CM-S and AM-S/A - just can't quite get him working as I'd like. Beni Baningime has been solid for me on this game though, he's formed a great partnership with Gueye.
  7. If a team from Ankara won the Turkish league they'd play in the European Cup so I'd include them. Same goes for Beitar Jerusalem. Both big cities.
  8. The highlighted stats for his role, central defender, are either already pretty decent or things that can be worked on before he turns 18. Why don't you try training him up for 2-3 seasons (doing your job as head coach) and then post his progress?
  9. That Jesus looks like he could actually develop into a decent defender. I'd keep him. Technique 3 for a 15 year old centre half isn't ridiculous. Do you remember Pavon and Minambres at Real Madrid a while back? Have you had a look at youth intakes at other clubs and found someone that age that you'd rather have?
  10. That's just not true, for a start. And it's pretty sad that your only post on a forum about a football game is some nationalistic rant. Happily, you can use the in-game editor to create your own parallel world where people don't have the right to self-determination.
  11. Yes, I get that - so essentially - in the game - Mourinho is a better manager. And when you say you'd start "improving" other managers, would that be making Pep more direct in his style? It's kind of a weird one, as it's possible as a human manager to use a style similar to Pep/Klopp and totally dominate, but not AI.
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