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  1. Will Hamsik's transfer to IFK Gothenburg be included in the update?
  2. Hi need tips on how to turn around my season with Sunderland first season in Premier League. How would you setup your team to maximize an advanced forward since that is the only role or pressing forward my strikers can play well.
  3. Had a super rough start in the PL with Sunderland with no win in 7 games. Kinda refreshing though since this has made it more challenging. Do anyone know how team cohesion translates to the ME? Just wondering because in the last game i played with my two cm's I had since league one and we took our first win of the season!
  4. Stuff I do and get fairly successful is focusing on the things I like about the game and delegate the other to my staff. There is no point in playing imo if I'm sitting and doing stuff I find boring like training schedules, analyze heatmaps and passing lanes. Stuff I like to prioritize are tactics, transfers and man-management. Oh and one last tip dont ever listen to your assistant manager he's almost all the time wrong with what he says!
  5. By that time I'm more then ready for FM 22 😂 jokes aside im fairly confident that SI will come out with a fix for longer saves aswell.
  6. Ok perhaps thats why Joel Valencia couldnt get a work permit for me since he is from Ecuador. But I tried anyway since he has the settled status.
  7. does settled status mean a player doesnt need a work permit?
  8. Ok thanks! do you know if you can set a similiar filter for the scouts or is it just a bug?
  9. do someone know if there´s a way you can filter players when you scout so that you only receive reports on players that would grant a work premit?
  10. I like the hearts too its pretty hard thou to keep the squad in the greenzone when you play gegenpress with a team with lousy stamina =)
  11. I'd say as Arsenal playing against a much weaker Sheffield side go pretty much like gegen yourself max your d-line and play intensive pressing and play defense on narrow. that way you can force them to play out wide lure their wingbacks up and also use exploit wings on those kinds of systems. Have worked fine for me most of the time.
  12. Just mark individual player can be really effective if you use a fast striker to mark the other teams slowest dc.
  13. I usually start with playing them in their best roles and later on bring in player who are more suitable to the style I want to play.
  14. You can use man marking to force them them to play a certain player. I often use that in my 4-2-3-1 system against teams that play with a dm then i use my amc to man mark the opponents dm.
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