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  1. I honestly think they made the keepers to good in this game they react super fast even those with lower ratings and constantly makes the right decisions and perfect positioning. Remi Matthews in my Bolton team saves shots like Alisson Becker!
  2. Yup I have about 2-3 clear cut chances against me each game but tbh I got myself to blame because I play high pressing with a very high line and very high LOE my keeper just saves most of the 1on1s so I think its worth it anyway. If the opponent have a striker with little better finishing/pace or I see them constantly seeking the ball behind I drop lower thou and it stops the balls in behind.
  3. Think you might be on something here... when I think about it almost all 1 on 1 chances my team has scored has come straight infront the keeper. And VERY rarely have I seen a goal been scored from an angle even when players cut in with their stronger foot.
  4. Did they not fix the 1vs1s in this patch? Also as mentioned earlier in a lot of posts the heading accuraccy in offensive situations seems to have been nerfed? I still think the ME looks pretty good right now but I dont know if its that my players have poor finishing, best ones have 12 and I play in Championship or thats something wrong with the ME. The AI who gets atleast 3 clear cut chanser per game against also miss the chances so Im leaning against thats the ME.
  5. you can check the attendance number on the fixtures page just click the match and it shows that and ratings for players involved.
  6. Wow nicely done there! Also playing as Bolton but stuck in the championship. I like the contrast of our forwards you have pellegri I have Omar Bogle!
  7. when is the ETA for new ME update days weeks? anyone else noticing that during throw ins players throw the ball straight to the opponent?
  8. Imo the players dont palace their shots when they really have the time to setup the finish. A perfect example is cantwells finish today against Arsenal. You dont see goals like that in the current ME.
  9. Id suggest a high line with leverkusen as they have plenty of pace in the back 4, and maybe tah on cover for extra protection for longballs. I can see a Gegenpress work for them..
  10. So got a contract extension at Bolton and now the kind chairwoman added new philosophies that I think dont make sense or maybe you think it does. the new ones are: play high intensitety football play attacking football play entertaining football Play defensive football Maybe its just me but it feels kind of harsh that they wont me to play both attacking and defensive IMO they should exclude one another as their opposite playing styles.
  11. What roles is best for the striker and amc in this system play pressing forward/a and am/a right now.
  12. I think he wants to show that players do pass and cross when they should and not ALWAYS shoot as so many claim they do. I think the ME is really good at this state too good job SI!
  13. I always do them myself just for this reason but now with so many years playing Ive learnt what works (most of the time) and what to not say. Theres a couple guides on them that I still think works.
  14. Time, but can squeeze in a couple of hours at night right now because Im on parental leave right now 😀 So no work in the morning anyway.
  15. My board at Bolton keep taking all my money from transfers because the club have a massive debt, can only keep 5% from transfers but its fun a great challenge! Sometimes I wish we could just get a takeover thou so I can finally invest in the squad...
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