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  1. Saw that also maybe its time to dust off the ipad then! 😀
  2. Wondering this to already have original version for pc and want the ipad version but 239 sek is a bit to much for me right now.
  3. Remember that game also played it on the playstation if I remember correctly! Played many manager games over the years but premier manager 97/98 was my first experience with the genre.
  4. I played him in fm19 with great success in a sunderland save, stopped playing when we were in the europa league and he was really good last year too!
  5. Thinking of buying the ipad version but will wait til it have got the update. Is it coming this week since it has been released on the fat version already? @Neil Brock
  6. Firmino is so versatile so I think you could play him in all kinds of roles. If you want him to hold the ball more I´d suggest the pressing forward on support.
  7. @JordanMillward_1 Have you tried him in a false nine role?
  8. Congratulations on reaching the Championship! I am playing as Bolton aswell and be prepared for a grind there even thou some have been lucky to take the next step to the PL in a season or two, in my case it took a while longer. Just promoted yesterday in the 24/25 season! Now Im just waiting for the new 40k Nat Lofthouse stadium to be finished and ofcourse scratching my head a bit wondering how we are going to survive in the PL. Last season we were predicted 21st in championship...
  9. sell the holding clause to arsenal that should keep you afloat for a while, and get rid of the murphys as their wages is just to high for that level. And also focus on free transfers and if youre lucky maybe sell the talent from the academy for good money
  10. Good question would like too now this also. And how do you feel about the assistants feedback on individual training he always says that my players should not train on what I choose because ”thats not a weakness in his game anymore”. Even thou they have weak attributes in those certain areas.
  11. 2 games played and like this ALOT more then the last ME. I had two one on ones in my last game one for my team both scored and also some nice through ball goals scored. My opponent Bristol city scored a really pretty goal!
  12. I have noticed something similiar today. One of my strikers have scored 5 goals in his last 2 games now including 3 one on ones and his morale was also very high while doing it. in his previous 27 matches he had scored 8 goals and missing a TON of one on ones! One of his goals also were my first squared goal in fm20 😀
  13. I'm using a 4-2-4 with a very high line and max press intensity going suprisingly well. In playoffspots right now in the championship. One thing that is a must is to have one fast cd's who also have good positioning and anticipation and use one of them on cover. Use no offside trap since the cd on cover will play them onside then. Just sold my best and most importand cd to cardiff for 17 million pounds hope it wasnt a mistake!
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