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  1. Yeah that tactic is insane, way too much going on , too many positionally reckless roles. Can not get away with that with teams outside the elite or when you’re not one of the strongest in the division. You need a total overhaul to survive in Prem. It does make sense though that you’ve been playing with the top sides as three years to take Brentford up is pretty insane.
  2. Haha, since this message. It’s happened three times to me. Went with the bus park and bang set piece 1-0. ive played united away three times in this game and been 5-0 5-0 and 4-0 down at half time with a different type of tactic in each game.
  3. Yah agree with the OP. Getting a result away from home to a big team is a mammoth task. I just try to keep the score down, 1-0 or 2-0 away losses I see as victories. Although I do usually play as teams from the Championship so I half expect it. What I find odd and slightly annoying is how unbelievably **** and lacking composure your players become in these games. They get the ball and literally either freeze (stand on the ball and then wait to get tackled) or boot it out of play, it's really, really weird. I wish I could upload all the instances of this happening. Any sort of composure g
  4. I see people post a lot about removing ‘pass into space’ for attacking/possession tactics but I have to disagree with the removing pass into space option. I think it’s a fantastic option if you’ve got pace and a good passer in your team. Even if you are an attacking team with attacking tactics you will come under pressure in games. Your players won’t always look to pass into space and they won’t if you’ve got a team banked on the edge of their box. It is an option more than a go to. It’s useful I think, in particular when you’re counter attacking from a corner. In my current tacti
  5. My take on it is that’s just how it goes. People are trying to pick apart the tactic but if it’s worked one season fine then there’s obviously not much wrong with it. Look, we know in this particular fm there are issues with the finishing of strikers and I think that’s just all this is down too. Strikers can be inconsistent in real life bar the top tier pool of strikers and I think the game just reflects that. I generally play lower league and my strikers are bonkers. One season they can hit 30 league goals, the next they’ll struggle to get half of that. It even happens during the season. So y
  6. Impressive defensively , quite an unusual set up but looking at it I can see why and how it would work. How’s the extremely urgent pressing working? I’ve always been wary of using it as the players run around like headless chickens whenever I’ve tried. as for Gooch as a IF, to be honest it’s a position I’ve never been able to have success in in FM. Gooch also is technically poor in the game. In my system he just plays a pure right winger and is brilliant. I would suggest playing him as a (Winger)on attack on that left wing position. For some reason it acts differently to IF for better.
  7. Great to hear it’s been a success in the PL mate. I haven’t been promoted there yet but I was worried it might get torn apart in the top division. This bodes well.
  8. Follow up thread to …………………….. After the match engine update and the improvement in full back decision making as well as defenders dealing with balls over the top a lot better and midfielders being more effective, the original tactic wasn't as effective so had to make a few alterations and the results were very good. TACTIC DOWNLOAD - HOME GAMES http://www.mediafire.com/file/6oyi31ezevrr3qs/Sunderland_Home.fmf/file AWAY GAMES http://www.mediafire.com/file/827tfrd2ocynzg2/Sunderland_Away.fmf/file Key changes - Shorter passing - Wide playmaker
  9. I’m currently playing a Sunderland save, though using my trusted 442 tactic but have been keeping an eye on Sunderland as I like to gauge how the players and team are in real life. Maguire and Gooch have been so effective. I would consider two options. - Wide attackers (AMR and AML) and one centre forward. Wyke as a pressing forward on support. Maguire as a wide playmaker in the (AMR) (I play him as a wide playmaker on (ML) and he had the most crosses and chances created for me in the league one season. Gooch as a raumdeuter in the AMR position. I’ve never tried it but
  10. Nope never do opposition instructions, don’t do shouts either. I tend to just tell players to ease off tackles if they’re on a booking but overall I just let my team play. apart from heavy set piece training I do lots of wing play training and physical training.
  11. If you can imagine two Nicolas Otamendi's on the pitch at the same time. That's how it acts. That's probably not reassuring but thankfully it works in the game.
  12. ****TACTIC DOWNLOAD***** http://www.mediafire.com/file/6l5hxg5kt430ra0/Plymouth.fmf/file So after years of using 451 and 433 variations I decided to go for a change, taking into account the current match engine and figuring out how it works I settled on a philosophy of - gung ho attacking football - lots of shots and crosses - flood the box looking for rebounds - set pieces, anything to maximise my scoring potential - heavy pressing - direct - high up the pitch - risky football with an old fashioned 442. The results are
  13. Does anyone know how to change the club colour for the main heading in game. As in I'm changing the text and kit colour in the editor but the changes are not taking effect when playing the game. Any ideas?
  14. Anybody been able to figure out how to do this? I'm editing text colour via the editor but once the game begins it's not the same colour as the heading.
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