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  1. Does anyone know how to change the club colour for the main heading in game. As in I'm changing the text and kit colour in the editor but the changes are not taking effect when playing the game. Any ideas?
  2. Anybody been able to figure out how to do this? I'm editing text colour via the editor but once the game begins it's not the same colour as the heading.
  3. I've won my playoff final so in pre season think I'll give the libero another try, it'd be perfect for home games if it works. No, none at all. I initially thought I'd need to put 'move into channels' for one of my strikers because they're both defensive forwards but it wasn't needed at all. Their movement is generally very good. One of my sweepers had 'tries to play ball through defence' as a preferred move, I put the PI 'fewer risky passes' just to stop him from doing that too much.
  4. Yeah it's much better than a flat back three, the sweeper wins a lot of aerial balls in particular. I did try libero for a few home games but he just wasn't pushing forward enough and joining the play, last years FM the libero was basically useless, not much seems to have changed unless it has for you? Same here really, I'll have a random spell of games where my strikers will refuse to score goals as if they're staging a protest. It got so bad I decided to keep 6 strikers just so whenever one went on **** form I'd immediately put in another. Yeah home games are definitely tougher to negotiate, I still make chances but nothing like the ones I create away from home where I usually have acres of space to play in behind. When I'm at home the opposition don't seem to even bother attacking, but when they do they're so clinical. I'll keep trying different things but this anchor role seems to have helped a bit as far as more people ahead of my d-line. I also need to invest in a striker with 18-20 on finishing and composure, though that is very hard to get when you're Barnet.
  5. So I've been trying for a while to win promotion from League Two using a heavy press tactic (Gegenpress). A lot of tactics that get made on here are usually made with strong teams so results are attained quicker, unfortunately because I'm Barnet I expected these results to take a lot longer. It would take me a number of transfer windows to get all the players necessary to get this tactic working. Success of the tactic Despite results being good but not exceptional (only reaching the PlayOff Final in season 3) the style I want is exactly what I see on a game to game basis and that is exactly what I want. I didn't want to stumble onto anything or be forced into tweeking, I wanted my way to work and it does. I wanted a heavy and high press and that's what I get, I wanted my WB'S to be focal to attacks and they are. I expected to have the majority of possession and a high tackling success rate. For 75% of my games I am completely dominant and overawe my opponents with the press especially those below me in the table. It's great seeing 4/5 of my players swarming around the pitch winning the ball back. My biggest issue so far has been finishing, especially in home games. My level of finishing is woeful at home for some reason.. I average about 15-20 shots a game, CCC 4/5 a game. It's not a tactic that has ever seen me go through a match without posing a serious threat. the better teams do create chances against me too but I'd say over the course of the 46 game season I just had, there were about 4 games where the opposition were better than me and created more. Why 5-3-2 (sweeper)? The formation I originally used was a 532 (WB) my WB's though weren't getting back enough so I dropped them into the full back positions but kept them as CWB's. I use 532 because it maximises your block press, you have two forwards and two cm's that will do the majority of pressing, I have never been able to get wingers or inside forwards to do that so I stayed away from that. The inclusion of a sweeper was done to stop my back three from splitting, I hated it and it left me exposed, with the sweeper the other two CB'S stay closer together and your fullbacks will deal with the wide threat rather than the CB's being dragged out. Here is how it looks - Team Instructions Flexible - Higher tempo - Wide - Higher line - Close down much more - Mixed Passing - Prevent GK distribution - Pass Into Space - Run at defence (optional) I think some of these are essential in a heavy press system. I do push my d line higher for home games as I notice teams attempt to park the bus a lot at my ground but be weary that leaves space in behind. I use mixed passing because that is literally what i want, I like possession but I also like counter attacking and with this instruction your players do play long when there's space in behind, more so when you have pass into space on. I have never experienced problems with maintaining this for 90 minutes, when holding onto a lead I will of course tweak things a bit as far as duties, tempo and d-line are concerned but I try not to change too much. I use flexible just because, I did try fluid for a few games and it just didn't seem to work as well. Key Positions and Roles The only specialist roles in Football Manager which automatically give maximum press on individual instructions are the BALL WINNING MIDFIELDER and DEFENSIVE FORWARD. With this in mind, there is my pressing block as seen in the photo. I initially went for a third BWM but it became a bit overkill and I didn't have anyone creating or running with the ball so I put in an ADVANCED PLAYMAKER. All other roles on the pitch are fairly generic, as this is a tactic which will depend heavily on ground covering WB'S they had to be given CWB roles. I put one on support duty the other on attack, I chose Furlong because he had more pace and better crossing. Attributes needed for roles DEFENSIVE FORWARDS - Stamina, Workrate, Teamwork, Pace. It is essential that the players in these positions have a good rating in these areas, Forget your Berbatovs and Ibrahimovic's, you need your workers, it's that simple really. BALL WINNING MIDFIELDERS - Stamina, Workrate, Teamwork, Tackling, Aggression. No brainer really, think about N'golo Kante, you need two of them. COMPLETE WING BACKS - Stamina, Workrate, Teamwork, Pace, Acceleration, Crossing, Dribbling. Another vital role in this tactic, do not bother putting slow wing backs with no stamina in these positions because the whole thing will fall apart. These guys will rack up assists and mileage. An ADVANCED PLAYMAKER speaks for itself but you'd still want him to have a good workrate and teamwork attribute. CENTRE BACKS - As you'll be pressing very high and likely leave your CB's in one on one duels when your press is beaten, these guys will need to have pace and have good anticipation. if you pick a good enough team your team will be full of players with these attributes, I think the key is to have the highest rating in whichever league you're playing in, it took me a few years (due to lack of funds) but my team has the highest rating in the league for stamina, workrate and teamwork. PROBLEMS Bypassing the press Yep, teams will occasionally bypass your press with direct or long balls, this however never annoyed or bothered me, because it is an obvious consequence of playing such a tactic. I feel if I try too hard to stop it I'll take away from what I'm doing. So I deal with it and try and make sure my defenders are quick and can anticipate well so at least they deal with it as much as they can to their fullest abilities. Home vs. Away. For whatever bizarre reason this tactic has produced exceptional away results and below average home results, despite the fact the home games follow the exact same pattern of dominance. I just can't put my finger on it. As you can see, best away record in the league two years in a row. At home things were different, I tried hard to see what the problem was but most of the time it was just due to terrible finishing. I did however notice one thing, my sweeper would never be involved in home games, almost like he was a waste of a position so i moved him forward to an anchor role and my home results finally picked up towards the end of the season, securing me a playoff spot. I also changed one of my DF into an AF just to get him running in behind a bit more. I genuinely can't explain why this suddenly improved results because matches went the same route, total dominance at home.
  6. Missed it the first time. Trust me I've read almost everything and as I've said the team is doing most things right on the ball until it gets to those silly glitches in and around the area, defensively, the cross field balls and crosses are literally un defendable for me. I'd almost half accept it if it was coming from good sides but a lot of the time it isn't. Also any attempt I make to exploit an opposition weakness seems ineffective which annoys me more than most things. That Carlisle game being the case in point. Okay, I don't copy people's tactics, I'm not looking for a plug and play, what this thread should tell you is I'm doing the exact opposite. I have simply read through other people's tactics and stuff and implemented minor things into my own, at no point have I bit for bit copied anyone's formation or tactics, so let's just put that out there. My understanding is that a defensive mentality with aggressive roles brings a good balance, that's what I was going for. I wanted to start from deep and move forward quickly when the opportunity arose with my players movement being key. So yeah I do think it through, I don't just 'copy Cleon'. As for that counter and back three thing, I was at home as the favourites, I was attempting to exploit their back three and attacking wingers, yet my team made no attempt to attack the flanks which is what annoyed me because the instructions were there yet they managed to do it comprehensively even though I had two full backs. What I find is that you're very easy to be exploited in this game but when you attempt to do the same it doesn't quite happen. Going by what you're saying, I should more-or-less abandon any attempt to play attacking football, if I don't make my wide players attack, what exactly are they supposed to be doing? You've also said I couldn't defend my flanks because I had attacking players where they had attacking players, so then if they have attacking players, why are my attacking players not able to exploit it, despite me emphatically attempting to make that happen. What I see in this game, ignoring the hilariously flawed match engine, is that it is too focused on the user concerning themselves about what the opposition are doing and that's exactly what you're implying with my tactics. It's not a surprise to me that the most successful tactics seem to be with defensive/counter mentalities, only have to look through this page to see that. Any attempt to be attacking and controlling seems to be met with you being completely exposed on a regular basis by even mediocre teams and that seems a bit daft to me. I've also taken the advice about trying to fix the gaps in your team with players with certain attributes. for instance, I was getting done with crosses and long diagonal balls so I used defenders with high jumping reach and pace but it has made very little difference.
  7. I should also mention I concede an insane amount of goals from corners, most of the time, these are decisive goals. These are with two sides who have defenders with good marking and jumping, I stick with default settings but once I've conceded 4/5 I switch to my own, doesn't make a difference. Again, this is what I mean by watching matches not telling me much if every match is basically like clockwork and the exact same things happen regardless of what is done tactically.
  8. First tactic was an attempt to counter their back three, when I played with a back three I was constantly hit with long balls from centre backs, hence why I chose two BPD's to try and replicate that with the hope being that I'd play more directly up to my front three. I've got 3 players surrounding the target man, how exactly is he isolated? No midfield screen? I've got a DLP ON defend and a CM on support, what more protection could I possibly need? Second tactic? the stoppers are to prevent the opposition wide players getting space, this is something I've seen Cleon and a few others do. My two wide men should track back, because they're on WM not AMW. Again my understanding and from seeing others tactics is that a BBM and CM(s) help out the defence when needed. what am I supposed to do, have them all on defend duty? Third tactic is to encourage roaming and movement and get my fullbacks going forward without the overall mentality being too aggressive. Again my understanding is that a roaming playemaker and BBM will cover a lot of ground, offensively and defensively. The ball winner is there in the hope when I get done on the flank, he'll press it due to the fact he has close down more. The attacking midfielder will work as the joint between the midfield two and attack, I have attack duty because I want the opposition to worry about what's behind them so they're not too overpowering over my defensive mentality. Again these are things I've seen others try and recreate so you're fishing here with trying to criticize my tactics. 4th tactic was an attempt at getting crosses and scoring goals since 98% of my goals on the match engine happen this way. Watching the games aren't telling me anything new, I have the highest possession in league, top 4 for shots on target, highest cross completion rate, generally my players do what I want until they're near the box and then stupid things that normal footballers do start happening, for instance just a few minutes ago I had a player go one on one on goal but rather than shoot he stopped and waited for defenders to tackle him. The only thing I see from the match engine that can be described as 'normal' in football, is me getting repeatedly done with balls over the top, I've made attempts to rectify this but with no success as of yet.
  9. Never done that and will never do so, can only imagine the horror. They squeeze in all this crap for extended. god knows what we'd see in full match
  10. Yeah so if its not the incredibly stupid match engine doing my head in, its the AI'S apparent genius of figuring out my tactics after every 4 games. That's fine, okay but then something happened that literally drove me the point of laughing, it was that bad. So, I've always favoured a back three, in previous FM's I could do this efficiently, obviously with this one's stupid match engine, playing a back three is basically impossible (unless you know the game back to front and are able to exploit the match engine, like a few on here are able to do, I mean I've seen some non-sensical tactical set ups on here that work like clockwork). Anyway the sheer volume and quality of crosses mean playing a back 3 is suicidal, I managed to get out of League Two with Leyton Orient through sheer will power but in League One, the crosses and corners came in and I was sacked by December. So fine, I've moved towards 442/433/4231. All these formations are on fluid on my Pompey save. And by that I mean my team have been trained on them. It came to my surprise as I was about to start a match with Portsmouth against Carlisle that they were playing with a 352 with attacking wide players. I thought, wow, that's my chance, I did what is recommended by all the tactic gurus on here, I responded to my oppositions tactics and attempted to exploit it. Pass into space, play wider, played with two pacey hardworking wingers in the AML/AMR positions, kept fullbacks on support, focused passing down flanks. What happens? well this That's right, they completely destroy me, how? well of course, constant crosses and tearing me open down the flanks and that cross field Pirlo ball the AI seems to master in every match against me. What do my players do in response? is there any attempt to carry out my instructions? nope, course not. They jog around the pitch with little urgency, it was probably the worse performance I've ever seen from a team of mine in FM. it's like everything just froze. Anyway Matt Tubbs (who I sold a month earlier for scoring just once in 15 for me) scores a hat trick against me and tears my defence apart so that adds to the already brewing rage. So I took that on the chin and said for my next match I'll change to another tactic that my team is trained up on.... 352, yep, I'm bringing it back. So naturally this happens I should add most of these are on control settings with a mixture of team instructions depending on the game. So after those poor results for about the 5th time in this Portsmouth save I'm on the brink of the sack. Generally what happens is, my tactic (whatever it is) is found out, crosses and pirlo passes begin, I lose 3/4 on the trot... I start a new tactic, win 3/4.... save job...........tactic found out again, rinse repeat. I mean I'm Portsmouth in League Two, it shouldn't be this hard? I've got the best technical players in the league so I tend to favour a passing/control game but I've even experimented with those non-sensical defensive but attacking tactics/redundant formations etc, which again will work for a few games but then eventually the crosses and pirlo passes will come in and I have no answer. I've always felt football, especially when you're a bigger club, is about imposing yourself on the opposition but it seems to me with this FM, you have to worry about the opposition most of the time, even if you're Portsmouth and you're playing bottom of the table Newport. It's becoming tiresome, I am not exaggerating when I say I've tried basically everything in about 4 different saves with (FC United, Notts County, Leyton Orient, Portsmouth) and it's the same inconsistent mess in regards to results. I try to apply common sense and logic to most of my tactical decisions but pretty much 75% of the time half of that stuff will be ignored anyway but I'll get some crosses in and win a few games, but it's no fun. A lot of folk on here insist on watching matches to see what's going wrong but most of the time the match is a complete mess in terms of the match engine. Stuff unrelated to actual tactics and just the match engine being a jerk, for instance- - Stupid defending from crosses and cross field balls (usually affecting the user) - getting to the byline, stopping and not crossing the ball to the guy open in the box. - full backs crossing the ball to each other on about 5 occasions in the same phase of play. - midfielder getting to the edge of the area, not shooting, turning around and dwelling on ball before falling over and getting tackled. - goalkeepers being complete morons and never coming for anything ever. - full backs on anything but defend duty never doing any defending ever. How can you tactically take anything from this? What do I select in TI to stop my goalkeeper being a moron all the time? What PI do I select for my midfielders to make them not run up to the edge of the box with the ball, turn around and fall over? here's a few of my tactics, as far as I'm aware (using my footballing brain and the stuff written on here) these make sense as a set up. Also those aren't exact line ups, Im not that stupid.
  11. Only started playing this these last few weeks and decided to give my input, it's arguably the worse FM to date, for anyone who sits through every match on extended you'll probably know what I mean. The match engine is the most stupid thing I've ever seen. So many flaws, so many unrealistic movements, shots, runs etc. I watch every single game on extended. I've played four different saves in the last month so everything is fresh to me. So here I go. Crosses - It's actually comical, the sheer volume of goals I concede from a cross is mad, of course I concede other types of goals too but I literally only score from crosses, which annoys me even more. I'll play all this neat football leading up to the edge of the area and then inexplicably my player will freeze and pass it wide to a full back who in turn will run to the byline, see an open man in the centre but refuse to cross it. I think about 90% of the goals I've scored in this FM have been via a cross or corner. With the other 10% being crosses that end up lobbing the keeper. Dwelling on ball - What is this? is this a skill? what is it meant to be? why do players suddenly stop when they're running towards goal and suddenly have a brain freeze. A shot will clearly be on but he won't shoot, what does he do?........... pass it wide to fullback of course. Cross field defence splitting balls - Don't you dare play against the AI on any sort of attacking mentality because with one pass(even with the worse sides in the league) your defence will be split wide open with just one pass, over and over again. Most of the time your defender will miss the header (even though he has 18 on jumping) if not you can always rely on your fullback to run away from the area he's supposed to be in. Of course none of this stuff goes on against the AI. Example I had a match with the AI playing 3142 with attacking wide men so naturally I thought I'd use my brain and play with two offensive wide men, in the hope I would benefit from the amazing crossing. I focused down flanks, played wider, direct, passed into open space.......so naturally I was completely dominated and they repeatedly tore me open with crosses and cross field defence splitting passes. Shooting from stupid angles when a man is open in the box - What is this? again, is there an explanation? this is idiotic on so many levels. I'll have usually a fullback(because for some reason in this FM they attack down the flanks more than wingers regardless of any tactical set up) who will get to the byline or be at a crossing angle with a man open in the box and yet he will not cross, he'll either stop and wait for a defence to attempt to tackle him or he'll shoot wide. Absolutely myopically stupid defenders - This is by far the worse one, again I only notice it with my defenders not the AI's. The repeated stupidity in defending any sort of cross, shot, run etc. I must have scored about 20 own goals in this FM. Facing back to goal, running really slowly away from the opposition goal, get tackled and then fall over - Another special addition to this years match engine. Player receives pass and sees no option on so turns around 360 then walks slowly in the other direction.... Of course he's tackled and then the AI launch a defence splitting pass. Closing down - Why put an option in the game that doesn't work at a well enough level? When I attempt a heavy and high press, why do my players instead jog alongside the opposition, refusing to put any sort of meaningful challenge in? Finishing/ one on ones - Again, what is this? what is with the ridiculously crap finishing? why are players so horrific in front of goal......unless its from a cross. This isn't good enough really.
  12. So I saved a game, quit FM and it had saved successfully, a few minutes later I loaded chrome and then my computer crashed. I restarted it carried on as normal then a few hours later loaded FM but when I tried to load the last file it failed. The time after the game had closed and the pc restarting was too long for it to have corrupted so I cant understand why it has. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have any back up files also and the right click option isn't allowing me to restore. I have uploaded the file to the FTP as operateLeedsUnited and the crash dump as operateLUFC
  13. The managerial changes in this are laughably bad, the re hiring of old managers, big clubs hiring managesr sacked from small clubs, so much nonsense.
  14. You don't necessarily have to Lower your mentality. Attacking and lower tempo along with short passing , play out of defence should see you dominate matches against inferior opposition . Maybe think about experimenting with one less striker too.
  15. For the reasons I stated. I know your tactics will act the same regardless of club, but would the opposition act the same ? Would for instance Yeovil play away to sheffield united as they would away to Crewe?
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