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  1. There is no solution unfortunately without ****ing everything else up
  2. **An early summer date update for those itching for next season** LINK --------------------- https://www.mediafire.com/file/nh5oznmjmgq2etr/June_4th_2021.fmf/file (NO ATTRIBUTES ALTERED WHATSOEVER) Major transfers and managerial changes done. NOTE - I have done the majority of major transfers across Europe (Alaba, Aguero etc) many transfers at a lower level will be missing however.> I have terminated many loans but kept some of those with options to buy as many clubs are currently still in the middle of negotiations in real life. For example, Moise Kean at PSG. The five major leagues have been updated more than the others. > All last seasons injuries removed.> Loans removed where applicable. Promotions and relegations done through the majority of European Leagues.NOTE - Some leagues have yet to play out their promotion playoff fixtures (Spain being one) and so for the moment I have placed the team who finished 3rd in the second tier into la liga (although they lost their first leg 3-0 ). This will be changed with further updates. Secondly the Turkish and Russian leagues are playing with a different number of teams next season in their top division and so there's a discrepancy there too. League and Cup history changed for most European countries to show all of this seasons competition winners.NOTE - Unlike previous FM series which automatically altered Super Cup fixtures based on cup winners history. This FM chooses to ignore this and so for example the Super cup will not be Chelsea/Villarreal but rather still Bayern/Sevilla. The community shield is still Arsenal/Liverpool etc. I believe it’s hard coded into the game as I haven't been able to find a work around. European competition entries fixed for the 2021/2022 season including lesser nations like Armenia, Israel etc. Champions League entries for 2021/2022 complete to at least 95% accuracy.NOTE - There is no Europa conference League. Every team who qualified for this upcoming seasons Europa Conference I have placed in the Europa League.NOTE - I was unable to put five Spanish teams in the CL and so placed Villarreal in the CL and Sevilla into the Europa League.Known/deliberate errors - The game was overriding one of my Spanish and Belgian Europa League selections. For some reason it was placing the seasons domestic cup runners up in the Europa League. In order to fix this I altered the runners up of the Spanish and Belgian Cup in 2021 to have the correct teams placed in the Europa League and so in the history of those cups you will notice an incorrect runner up for the 2021 season.Added a number of local derbies and rivalries to the database. Minor alterations of club reputations to improve realism.Altered a number of recent high profile national team declarations . Laporte, Hannibal etc.End of season retirements done ***I did this update entirely myself and so there are going to be many gaps. Anything major missed let me know and I'll alter it. **** Well maybe, I do intend on playing it at the moment....
  3. Gave that a go, no teams registered. Looks like it’s hard coded into the game as I completely removed arsenals fa cup 2020 win yet they still had the community shield fixture.
  4. Posted this wrongly elsewhere ... wonder if anyone knows a work round here So I’ve done some test editing with a summer update in mind. So I’ve changed league/cup winners but unlike previous FM’s where the ‘Super Cup’ fixture automatically changes based on the last competition winner. In this FM this isn’t happening. For Example. I’ve changed the last PL and FA Cup winner to Man City and Chelsea respectively. However when I start a save I am still getting the Arsenal/Liverpool fixture from the previous season as the community shield (super cup) Same thing happened when I altered the CL and EL winner yet still had Bayern/Sevilla super cup game. Never had this issue in previous FM’s. Is there something new that needs to be done to implement these changes?
  5. So I’ve done some test editing with a summer update in mind. So I’ve changed league/cup winners but unlike previous FM’s where the ‘Super Cup’ fixture automatically changes based on the last competition winner. In this FM this isn’t happening. For Example. I’ve changed the last PL and FA Cup winner to Man City and Chelsea respectively. However when I start a save I am still getting the Arsenal/Liverpool fixture from the previous season as the community shield (super cup) Same thing happened when I altered the CL and EL winner yet still had Bayern/Sevilla super cup game. Never had this issue in previous FM’s. Is there something new that needs to be done to implement these changes?
  6. I’ve been playing this game since 2006 and I have never been able to get the AMC player to get good ratings and play well I abandoned the role a few years back. Brought it back recently because got bored of 442 and I see nothing has changed.
  7. Basically, over the years in FM if you’re a championship team or below you’re limited to where you can tour. Does anyone know a work around for this? I used to think it was because of money but then the game allows you to go on a ‘North American’ tour but you can’t go on a US tour. Championship teams have been touring America for a few years now in real life so I’d like to see si relax this apparent hardcoded rule. Until then though, is there a work around anyone knows?
  8. Watch Sunderland till I die on nextflix and you’ll know what to do...
  9. I agree some people hold SI to a ridiculously high standard and there are some complaints I see and just think “don’t they know this is a game”. But, and it’s a big but, the point about reporting bugs through the official channels is great and all but when you see the same minor bug from FM 12 in FM 21 then it does leave a bit of a feeling that actually the powers that be aren’t taking on board feedback. I made an admittedly sulky post about the players being pulled away from a cup final to play in meaningless international games bug. My issue wasn’t so much the bug, it’s easily fixed with the in game editor. My issue was this was a bug reported and I reported it in fm 12. I again did it in FM 19. And numerous others have been reporting it for years and it just clearly gets ignored. This is not something as complex as the match engine or AI behaviour. It is a very simple thing and it seems to be a problem every single year. I don’t understand how and why. The same for the Christmas/new year English league scheduling. I don’t really get how after several years of numerous people reporting the same thing it isn’t amended. If it’s actually more complicated and is tough to fix than maybe that can be explained ?
  10. Yuh, happened in my save. They still had most of their stars too. I think it’s Brendan Rodgers. Even in the last Fm Leicester were horrible and Rodgers would always get sacked. He’d get replaced by a no mark manager and then relegation follows.
  11. Yeah it’s always been bad but I could at least tolerate it in the past because a lot of players were signed then benched. Now they’re all straight in and a load are straight out. I should not be playing Liverpool in season three of the game and Alison, Salah, Firmino, Wijnaldum, Jota, Thiago have all been sold. It’s a bit ridiculous. But yeah unlikely it’s something that’ll ever be looked at and fixed, like a lot of things with the game.
  12. Man, the fixture scheduling in this is absolutely horrendous World Cup year is crazy.
  13. Has anyone found that there are a staggering amount of transfers in the Premier League? Im three seasons in and I’m finding most teams have entirely new squads.
  14. 99% of clubs won’t allow you to. It’s like it’s fixed in permanently.
  15. Yes! Forgot about this. The “random” cup draw problem. Pet peeve of mine that. I’m quite OCD with certain elements of FM, fixtures and scheduling being one of them so it irritates me when every year without fail it emerges. I literally remember complaining about the fixture thing about six FMs ago on here. But yeah I think all the fix went on the match engine and everything else was kinda ignored. I had a look at the MLS data thread and folk in there are losing their **** over ignored problems.
  16. Feedback Positives Match Engine - it really is that good. The variety in goals, passes and individual play is so much better. Still some work to do with crossing however. Speed - Fastest and most efficient it’s ever been. UI - controversial opinion but I now like the match day UI changes. I like the pre game kick off sheet although I’d like to see the display of the teams formations that you get for televised games shown in all games. Season review is fun as is the new trophy lifting presentation. If only they did it at the correct time (last home game of the season) Negatives Difficulty - I’m not going to say the game is ‘easy’ but it is quite ‘straight forward’. I’m a long time player so I’m obviously clued up on how the game works but back to back seasons of 100+ points and 100+ goals with two different teams is insane... Bolton and Peterborough. In my 20 years of playing this series I have never been this efficient this early in an FM. This is the first FM I’ve ever played where I’ve not been sacked in my first season in my first save. Fixture scheduling Bug bearer of mine every single Fm. The fixture scheduling in England is atrocious. The Christmas schedule is **** and the FA Cup third round ALWAYS being played on New Year’s Day. Stop it! Massive derby fixtures on the opening day... Manchester and North London derbies do not belong on the opening day of the season. Starting the season with two home/away games. I mean this is really simple stuff, how has it not been rectified? AI squad building What the hell is going on here, why is the computer so stupid? Leeds got relegated in my save and proceeded to sell basically their entire squad and bought nobody. Their financial status was rich too. Mls teams buy players then release them five minutes later. Brexit Its pretty obvious that this was never going to be implemented correctly. SI need to seriously consider how they move forward with this because it is game breaking in England long term. The game CANNOT replicate the post brexit work permit rules. It is incapable of implementing the points system as it works in real life. You can’t even appeal rejections in the game whereas in real life you can. Either remove it from the game or implement it correctly. Managerial changes What on earth is going on here? I’ve played one season and in the Premier League there have been EIGHT sackings by the end of the season. In the Championship there have been 14 managerial changes. It’s way too much and is not reflective of real life at all. Club philosophies / blocking signings/ whinging about no young players being signed Never been a problem in the past for me personally but it’s flawed in this game. My board have blocked me making signings due to them not being young. This despite a summer where I brought in 5 players under 23. It’s not as if I’ve been trying to sign 30 year olds. I’ve literally been blocked from signing 24 year olds. This is again game breaking and completely stupid. Again, if you can’t implement something properly in the game dont implement it at all. Rating 5/10 Overall I’d unfortunately have to say there are more negatives than positives. I can’t help but feel the FM20 match engine inadequacies actually balanced out the game and made it more difficult. The same trashy AI squad building is apparent and the incorrect implementation of Brexit has damaged saves in England. I do love watching matches now and not having the predictability of the robotic nature of the previous match engine though.
  17. I would like to see a better implementation of pre season friendlies. So things like the international champions cup where you can arrange fixtures in America, Asia etc against other big clubs. The version attempted now is garbage.
  18. I’m doing the exact same save. Ricky jade jones is lethal to start with so don’t worry about a striker with him and JCL. I can recommend a few but I think it may depend on what your database looks like but yeah I signed a Spanish player called Mandi on a free. He’s brilliant. I also signed a player from Tromso called Kent - Are Antonsen who is amazing for that level. Otso Virtanen, Ole Martin Kolskogen. Laird on loan from United.. Also have a look at Spurs, a few of their defenders are quick and available for loan. The Scandinavian second divisions are a very good source of players. Kristoffer Barmen and Brynjolfur Willumsson are two I couldn’t afford. Here’s some players that were available for free but I didn’t sign, again they’ll probably be very good for league one level. Yaya Sanogo, Carlos Kameni , Tiago Castro, Diafra Sakho, Kevin Stewart, Diago Viana, Bambo Diaby, Joel Lynch, Michael Doughty.
  19. Quick thing, I downloaded this and extracted it to murrays base skin panels but its not working. Have I missed something?
  20. Since this is the Bolton Thread I feel Manchester United being listed as their biggest rivals is incorrect. Bolton are perhaps Man Uniteds 45th biggest rivals. I believe Wigan and Tranmere should be Bolton’s number one and two rivals in FM.
  21. Would guess it’s because of Mourinhos tactical preferences maybe? Defensive/counter not workable for a top club?
  22. All the proof I need. More people need to post like this. I mean that’s just stupid, Freaking Almiron scoring 40+ goals. That is about all the proof you need that the game might be broken. Even, even, if it’s an exploit tactic (which I don’t think it is, ive seen way more stupid nonsensical tactics bring success) Almiron should not be scoring 40 goals. The games gone..
  23. Erm no there isn’t. There’s like one or two threads and it’s just a short paragraph describing an easy save but then no context, no information, no uploads.
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