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  1. Add him to a shortlist, then New Search on that shortlist. Click Add Condition -> Transfer -> Work Permit Chance -> Work Permit likely.
  2. Ah, I gotcha now. Yeah, fair enough.
  3. I don't quite understand what you mean. The Home Office have already instructed the FA, Premier League and Football League to determine new rules for work permits. Those rules are in FM21.
  4. That's not true. Football has it's own set of rules for work permits. A plumber doesn't need to represent his nation in international plumbing. Plus, the new visa requirement of £26,500 p/a would see most footballers get a work permit no problem.
  5. Officially, the Home Office want the English FA to establish new work permit rules and force them onto all four home nations. The SFA want the current system in Scotland to remain in place, but I doubt they'll have much luck getting a Conservative government to relax immigration rules to suit Scotland. Personally, I say play the game the way it makes you happier. If you want realism don't remove brexit, if the new rules prevent you from enjoying the game, remove it. I haven't removed it, I'm just starting season 2 with Rangers and it's a challenge but it's not impossible getting new playe
  6. No, England don't use the same rules as Scotland. Probably not, I get the feeling I was cheesing the work permit system in a way that wouldn't be allowed to happen IRL.
  7. No, in England it's dictated purely by international appearances until the end of this year. And work permits have never been linked to a players Potential Ability in England's system. It's incredibly easy to sign wonderkids in Scotland, assuming you have the money to buy them. If I was managing in England, I'd sign them and then send them on loan to Scotland for 6 months where they would easily get work permits.
  8. Basically, in FM, if a player has a good PA, he'll get a work permit. In real life, if a club can convince an SFA panel that the player in question will "be an asset to Scottish football" he'll get a permit.
  9. The Scottish FA's work permit policy has been different from the English FA's work permits policy for years already. And it's been replicated in Football Manager for years. Until you hit Brexit, then they just become the same, which is nonsense.
  10. I don't usually play in the Spanish league, but I've taken Flat Earth FC to La Liga (for the memes). 10 years in and my under 19s still aren't playing in the under 19's league, and I can't request a 'B' team. Are there special requirements to getting these teams and get them playing in some kind of league? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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