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  1. I've been having the same problem, but it's not just my backroom staff that are doing this. Any AI manager seems to be playing players way out of position. I sent one of players out on loan to Dagenham, with a preferred playing position as RW, but being played at LB. I've got youth international managers playing my players out of position too. I can't control what those managers do with my players and it's wasting the potential of my players to retrain them in positions they're not even suited to playing in the first place. Also, what's the point of having youth managers if I have to manage team selections for every game they play.
  2. Seems to be working fine on the Public Beta version, thank you for your help. Will the main version be updated to correct small bugs like these? Wondering if I should wait for an update before continuing this save.
  3. My game is crashing at the same point on 15th May 2023, save game uploaded to the cloud as Rangers (crash dump), I have used the in-game editor but not the pre-game editor and I am using a downloaded logos/facepack. I've tried deleting preferences and cache folders, verifying the game files and updated my graphics drivers, but still encountering the same crash. Thanks for any help. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.17 16.01.15).dmp
  4. Willian handed in a transfer request due to lack of playing time, I initially offered him out for £80m with no replies. I then offered him out for £20m plus £60m in two 12 month installments, clicked continue and received a message saying Willian was unhappy I rejected a bid from Inter despite no bid being made. I've uploaded the file Chelsea.fm
  5. Hey, just wondering if anyone has actually managed to get a new stadium built? I notice stotty hasn't had any luck. I've had Stamford Bridge upgraded to 57,500 odd, and I haven't been able to ask for another expansion (expansion capacity being 60,000). I've had two or three requests for a new stadium rejected, despite having £900m in the bank (not to mention £300m in a reserve investment fund). Over 30,000 season ticket holders, 95% average attendance with plenty of sell-outs in the big games and derbies. I want a massive stadium named after me already!
  6. Hi, I promise I had a search around but I couldn't find what I needed, so here goes. Put the Old Firm in England but I'm still getting the Scottish/League Cup fixtures. Pretty sure this happened in the last game but I can't remember how I fixed it that time. Anybody know what I'm missing?
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