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  1. The grey area with Corey Gerrard and Tom Findlay is that we don't know when they turned 16, all other youth players have been added because I 100% know they are of age within the game. I put Steven Gunn in as DOF as he is "Director of Football Operations" and I'm pretty sure he does all the contract negotiations etc, for new signings alongside some behind the scenes stuff. So I would say that is classed as a DOF.
  2. As @ATWhas mentioned, the youth players I couldn't find any information about at all except in that article. Evan Towler will turn 16 in December so cannot be included in the game. For James Walker, I yet again couldn't find any information on him apart from he's a "Youth Academy Sports Scientist", and I can only see him working with up to U16 age range. If you have any information on any of these people then please feel free to tell us and we can try include it in the game if applicable.
  3. So am I right in saying that I just need their attributes to match the role, I don't need them to have full role suitability? That would make sense, I just still cannot find 22-24 year olds who are fully suitable for these roles.
  4. I am playing FM 18 with a tactic which includes a Sweeper Keeper and two Ball Playing Defenders. However I have now noticed, once completed a few seasons of the game that the newgens that the game create are incredibly rarely ever natural in those positions. I am wondering what is the best way to train the players which aren't natural to be natural in these roles? Is it possible? (I am trying to retrain them into the roles but it isn't very successful even after a few years training)
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