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  1. In the new update, none of the Aberdeen board changes have been changed and also no Affiliation with Atalanta United.
  2. So am I right in saying that I just need their attributes to match the role, I don't need them to have full role suitability? That would make sense, I just still cannot find 22-24 year olds who are fully suitable for these roles.
  3. I am playing FM 18 with a tactic which includes a Sweeper Keeper and two Ball Playing Defenders. However I have now noticed, once completed a few seasons of the game that the newgens that the game create are incredibly rarely ever natural in those positions. I am wondering what is the best way to train the players which aren't natural to be natural in these roles? Is it possible? (I am trying to retrain them into the roles but it isn't very successful even after a few years training)
  4. Can I get Joe Shaughnessy (Aberdeen), Stevie May (St. Johnstone) and Ryan Gauld (Dundee United) from the start of the game please?
  5. How do you put a club into Europe from the first season? So let's say I want Wigan (who are in europe in real life) into the Europa League, how do I make this happen?
  6. This may be a small feature and probably something that wouldn't make a huge difference but I would love when an offside is called in a match and it shows a replay, it should show the offside line so it would make it easier for us users to determine whether it really was offside or an official's mistake!
  7. This is basically the U20 league that they have in real life, it was something about they couldn't really put it in the game so they decided to change the rules of the reserve league to the U20 league, so basically the reserve league in the game is the U20 league which replaced the U19 league!
  8. I have tried two tactics, a 4-3-3 (1 dm, 2 cm, 1 amr, 1 aml) and a normal flat 4-4-2, but still just cant seem to get results.
  9. I was just checking to when i have to update the transfers from, because i would find it easier knowing the exact date so i can look for transfers after that date to update my database.
  10. Anybody got any tips to get the best out of Aberdeen? I just cant seem to get a good run of results or anything...
  11. Just a general question but when was the data lock on football manager 2013?
  12. maybe the introduction of quick throws? i hate when your player could take a quick throw and put it through to a boy whos clear down the left then he decides to take a minute to pick up the ball and then they boy is marked...
  13. there was comments before about updated kits, are you thinking about doing updated kits for the spl?
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