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  1. I would love to know this aswell as it's all I see when my players are pressing.
  2. I saw somewhere that you can now see what roles the AI are using during a match, what do I look at to see this as it isn't on their formation tab like I'd think.
  3. oakesypvfc

    The Christmas 2017 thread

    Wearing my Christmas jumper to work and listening to Signal Xmas channel on the radio, really feeling it this year! Kind of haven't done any shopping yet though
  4. Take a look at the PIs highlighted in each one and you'll get your answer.
  5. oakesypvfc

    The TV Show Thread

    Have just started watching Stranger Things, I'm really enjoying it so far
  6. oakesypvfc

    Bliss' he's bored at work Xmas guessing game!

    White Toyota Yaris
  7. oakesypvfc

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    I give us a very slim chance if Malan and Root can hang on for the rest of this session, come on boys!
  8. oakesypvfc

    The Ashes - 2017-18 (*spoiler* Australia win 5-0)

    Listening to this on R5L, Boycott was absolutely raging about Vince getting out.
  9. oakesypvfc

    The No GOOGLING! End of the Week Quiz 2

    Have just filled in all my answers then realised the deadline was Friday, dope!
  10. oakesypvfc

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to put it so thought here was as good as anywhere. I am looking at moving out of home and into a flatshare with some randomers up in Manchester. If any of you live there, is there any advice you can give me on areas? Also looking for any basic tips/things to look out for when viewing. Cheers guys
  11. oakesypvfc

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Kinda right. I messaged her yesterday see what was going on and she said she can't see anything happening, so obviously she just wanted me for my body
  12. oakesypvfc

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    How much changes in under a week Have been texting the girl I slept with last week and everything was going well until she stopped messaging me back completely on Thursday. I have managed to refrain from blowing her phone up with messages but wondering what the **** is going on. She be ghosting me Decided to flake out on the Bumble girl because her one word responses were annoying the **** out of me Help again haha
  13. oakesypvfc

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Yeah I kind of agree, bumble girl is dry as anything with responses. Maybe she isn't like that on person
  14. oakesypvfc

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Thanks guys. An added one into the equation, another girl on tinder has started messaging me again 😂 I have nothing on the horizon for years and all this comes at once...