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  1. That's a cracking start, looking like a real good foundation for you to build on for championship life!
  2. Congrats on the promotion @warlockBest of luck building for the championship, horrible league 😂 Welcome back @hasdgfas, look forward to your Blyth updates!
  3. Big Kev <3 I've only just now got rid of him, he was with me at Sheffield Wed for about 6 years and has followed me through the FM's it seems. Should have kept Pope as a mentor
  4. Yayyyy, Vale, but with a twist it seems, very interesting! What did you do with Tom Pope, if got rid, you must try and get in as staff at some point! Did you make the changes in the editor or sign them? Love the kits, I do have some alternatives that I made quite a while back with the normal colour scheme if you wanted them at some point? Hope this save keeps you going a good while, best of luck @Jogo Bonito
  5. Nope, it is in fact in the game now. Is a similar sort of thing to how there is personalities that can only be attributed to newgens, ala Unsporting. That BBC secrets series sounds very interesting.
  6. First Steel City derby for maybe 15 in-game years? You love to see it Also had this for the first time. Then had a notice to say shirt sales expected to go up as result. So proud
  7. Great work on the promotion @Ronaldo Beckham, wish I could escape the Championship as easily as that Good luck with Mike Ashley though, you might just need it
  8. Sheffield Wednesday - Championship - Season 2028/29 There was a good feeling around Hillsborough this year, the form of the team from the last half of last year had been enough to make me bullish about our chances this year. The playoffs were a heartbreak, regardless of the outcome this season, this could be the last 46 game season I manage for the Owls. The first three transfers made this summer were made before the season reset, and thus are on the list for last season. Hanin will be good for a depth option but the signings of Savo Plavsic and Éderson for a combined £9 million s
  9. Someone needed to do the work with Bale dreaming about golf
  10. I know, it was heartbreaking. You know when you're just playing a game and you know you're not coming out the better? It felt like that, especially after that equaliser went in
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