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  1. Would you advise any changes to make to the tactic then? I do have a decent AMC but players at that level with great passing aren't really at a premium.
  2. Hey guys, I developed this new tactic in my save for this season and it works okay, and serves as a better attacking impetus than my other two more solid style tactics. A huge problem I am having however is with long shots. Even with the work into box shout and no players having the shoots from distance PPM, players try long shots rather than wait for their chance. Just wondering if any of you have any ideas why? https://gyazo.com/6fb71f9d77e88831e67372380031530a
  3. This looks super useful and once I am able to get some decent youngsters in on my save, I will probably find it handy as a visual aide. Top work
  4. That is interesting, thanks. I reckon I will set up the same and hope for similar results to last season. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hey guys, I solved some problems with my tactic a bit in this thread after your help and had a pretty good season last year, losing in the playoff final when expected to finish 20th. What I want now is to make small tweaks so that the opponent won't find me out. I don't want to change much but I want to change enough so that they don't set up thinking I set up the same year after year. Advice please?
  6. Has anyone got any tycoons with the new patch other than the hull one above?
  7. Hey guys, decided to come out of the shadows and start to post a bit more. How is everyone doing?
  8. Winter Update Fixtures We began the season with an away trip to promotion favourites Bradford and a draw was a very nice result to take away. A steady 1-0 win at Notts made me happy enough and was followed by two home league wins which would make the fans very happy. An away goalless draw at Swindon followed as we continued to keep it tight at the back. We exited the League Cup at an early stage but Sunderland were far superior. We ended the month with another home league win and got our own back on Sunderland by taking out their Under 23s. September was a month full of league games as we looked to jockey for position early. Two away trips to begin saw us come away with just a solitary point before we managed to grab our first win of the month, once again at Vale Park. We were back to losing ways when we travelled to Bristol before ending the month with a bore draw at home to Milwall. Two home games started us off this month and as good as we were in one, we were as bad in the other as we scooped up three out of the six points. A rearguard effort to beat MK Dons, largely thanks to not one but two Kiko free kicks was a refreshing win away from home. We continued this on to get a great draw away to promotion chasers Sheffield United. Both the Sam's were on target as we took down Charlton at home but unfortunately a 90th minute goal prevented us from the win at home to Oxford. At Bolton, we were second best throughout. We rested a few key players for the visit of Gateshead and paid the price when they earned a replay. An away win at Cambridge means we will progress in the Checkatrade trophy. League leaders Fleetwood visited us next and came away from Vale Park with all three points. At Gateshead we were awful and we see an early exit from the FA Cup, very disappointing. Two goalless draws followed, we are really struggling for goals this month. At least we end November on a high with a win at Shrewsbury. Another game at Shrewsbury followed as we advanced even further in the Checkatrade. After that game, I decided to change our tactics a little bit, we weren't getting enough goals and I feel where we are standing currently, a bit of extra onus going forward, we can still snag a playoff place. This seemed to take immediate effect with three wins in four games and significantly more goals to show for it. Eight goals in these four games was unheard of and we move closer to the summit of the table and prove the doubters in the media wrong. Tactical Changes We make a few changes on the tactical front. Defensive mentality is adjusted to Control and Team Shape is changed from Structured to Flexible. I feel like this lets us take a few more risks as we were far too rigid and the striker was often getting far too isolated up the pitch. Already, I can see him getting more involved. Full backs have been given a duty of support rather than automatic which means they are contributing to attacks going forward aswell as defending. One last change is taking away the 'Retain Possession' shout and adding the 'Pass into Space'. I feel that this gives our team more freedom and allows us to play with a bit more fluidity. Early signs are that it is a change for the better. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Massive thanks go to everyone in this thread for help with my tactical worries.
  9. Pre-Season Progress Friendlies We played plenty of friendlies for two reasons. Reason one was to build our fitness levels up for the entirety of the squad and number two was to give us some confidence for the season ahead. I believe that with ten wins out of the twelve games played, all featuring a different lineup in order to get our full first team fit, we achieved this. Hopefully this means that we can hit the ground running. Tactics and Squad Update For the first time in my Football Manager career, I have chosen to go with a pretty defensive set up. My style of play is going to be based on being solid and very difficult to break down, playing a possession game and hopefully nicking the old goal against the head. The reason I have decided to play this way is because two of my best players are the centre halves that are with the team. The first being Nathan Smith. The other being Remie Streete, a former graduate from Newcastle United's academy. We will also be relying on the energy of Sam Foley and Sebastien Amoros to be the runners from midfield. Foley is the man for now but Amoros has a very bright future ahead of him. We have made no transfers for the season ahead as we are very short on money and losing money every month. Season Two will come the real challenge when half of this squad are out of contract. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. We have a fairly challenging start to the season with an away game at promotion chasing Bradford but home games against Southend and Rochdale make me hopeful of grabbing early points. Of course, we have the early season cup games to come once the draws are made. Join me next time as we begin our assault on League One!
  10. The Wonder of You - A Port Vale Career I have been a Port Vale fan my whole life and never have I had a successful career with them on FM. This year I intend this to change. Taking over on the most recent update, we have a squad that has just lost the spine of the team in the January transfer window and are predicted to finish 20th in League One. I take over at the start of the season, with all the current loanees with the club until the end of the season. I have made a couple of edits in the database to justify how valuable the players are in Vale's squad in real life (nothing ridiculous) and also to adjust little things such as average attendance, which is around 1,000 spectators over what it is in real life. Just a brief overview for now though, I will let you know more soon. The next update will likely detail you more about the playing squad I have to deal with. Ciao for now.
  11. Just caught up with this, gutted you left FC United, would have liked to see you take them a bit further, you had a good run going. Good luck in Slovakia though!
  12. I see what you are saying about Automatic duties, I think I will keep one of them and use one as slightly more attacking as I feel that only one is capable and don't want to lose too much stability. We are actually predicted 20th, but I just want more from my striker, so I may have a go at edging towards a counter attacking strategy as it will only probably need a couple of tweaks. If I can get him firing, hopefully we can head towards those playoffs. The defensive tactic may be a good strategy for tricky away games. Thoughts?
  13. To be fair, I have only just changed around roles in midfield the last couple of matches. I had them as CM-A paired with a DLP before. The thing is, I like the compactness and how solid we look and don't want to change that, just want to give my striker more chance to shine as whoever has played there has averaged like 6.3 this season
  14. Hey guys. So, I started a Vale save and went forward with a defensive mentality based tactic focussed on possession. I am getting the possession stats as I wanted but I am having problems scoring, mainly with my strikers. They have scored about two between them and we are in December already. We are not doing too badly, 8th in the league after 20 games, but we have only scored 15 goals and this needs improving, our defence is very solid though, luckily. I know the striker is probably left alienated a little bit in this tactic but I have tried him in quite a few roles, mainly Advanced Forward, Poacher and Deep Lying Forward (both Support and Attack). The problem persists with all three roles. Here is my set up: The main striker I use when not injured: If you could offer me any help, that would be great.
  15. Off the ball is the attribute to look for in attackers then? I am guessing 12 for attributes aren't a bad scale to look for at League One level? I am also working on a non-defensive set up from a defensive mentality like yours as I think it fits pretty well with a limited bunch of players. Have gone for a 4-1-4-1 system with Defensive mentality and Structured shape. I've got a midfield combination of a DLP sitting and hopefully finding some good through balls along with a runner from midfield in the shape of a CM-A, you think this could work?