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  1. Just cos it's different I love the away though, got it for Xmas off the missus.
  2. How dare you criticise the nicest kits in the division
  3. I'm personally shocked that Pogba hasn't been nerfed. Shall still remain one of the best centre mids on the game, mad.
  4. You do intrigue me, but I'm not sure how many more 46 game seasons I can tolerate I'm guessing our new chairman/woman has been given some money in the update?
  5. Sheffield Wednesday - Championship - Season 2026/27 Once again, last time I spoke to you, it was about the sale of Nico Williams and Inglis coming into replace him. We made a few more little signings in January but nothing noticable and boy has it been some kind of season. We started out pretty slowly, but found our feet around December, going on a run of eight straight wins. Once February hit though and we were into the playoff spots that we so desired, the squad couldn't handle the pressure. We were as close as one point from automatic promotion spots at one point in late winter, but ju
  6. Yeah, definitely think I've got a good deal out of him.
  7. Not going to update you on Sheffield Wednesday till end of season but this just happened in me game. Couldn't turn it down, goodbye Nico Signed on a free two and a half years ago and sold on for a massive profit. Think Inglis will be an apt replacement for him, coming in for £1 million at the start of January.
  8. Great work with Durham @warlockCharlie Ball really is a machine for you, not long now and you'll be celebrating another promotion!
  9. Great season @dastrokes88, best of luck in the Prem! Looking forward to seeing who you bring in with that dolla. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sheffield Wednesday - Season 2025/26 - Championship - Season Preview After another 12th place finish in the Championship last season and an amazing end to the season, I didn't see it being as busy a summer as it has been the last few years. Maybe a few outgoings and improvements in key areas were needed to continue that run of form going. We m
  10. What an exodus! Pardon the pun Sad to see Pope go but he is pretty ancient by now. Congrats on the league title. I look forward to seeing how you go on in League One. I shall live vicariously through you as I never have and perhaps never will be able to get a successful Vale save going
  11. Sheffield Wednesday - Championship - Season 2025/26 Last time I updated you, I told you about our pre-season signings so there has been a lot happen since then. This season has been the absolute definition of a rollercoaster. From the lows of just one league win from late December to mid February to the highs of just two losses from February on to the end of the season, it has not been an easy one. We saw another tactics change come in mid February and it made the world of difference for our form, but was it enough to get us to where we wanted to be at the start of the season?
  12. I can only echo these sentiments @hasdgfas@Dave92 So nice to see someone doing well with Vale, who has been your star performer?
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