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  1. Loving the detail of all of this, consider me a follower! Not sure how I could commit so much time to it myself though, once the season starts for me, I'm speeding through the season 😂 I think it's just pre-season really that I spend a bit of time on, making sure the team is up to standard and readying them for the season ahead!
  2. I saw somewhere that you can now see what roles the AI are using during a match, what do I look at to see this as it isn't on their formation tab like I'd think.
  3. Yeah, I get you, but wouldn't changing him to one of the playmaker roles give him even more to do, or would they compliment his PPMs more than my PIs. I think I am going to experiment with two CM's that sit, rather than one that roams as well as that could be getting in the way a bit. Maybe if I have two sitting in the CM slots, this will give Manuel more space?
  4. You said to try support duty but I was replying why I hadn't tried it.
  5. He has made 1 assist in 14(5) appearances this season, I expected quite a few more if I'm honest. When I watch the games, he seems to drop too deep (imo) and therefore is not involved in the attacks. When looking at his average positions though, this does not seem to be the case. I don't think the issue is exclusive to Lanzini though as whoever I have tried in this position has been very similarly ineffective. Hernandez is playing as a complete forward yes, he's got 10 in 16 this season and was third top scorer in the league this season. You think he may be playing in the wrong role? Also, what's wrong with the midfield? I am starting to think that the BWM role should be called the Yellow card midfielder, that's all I know I thought if I'd play a support duty that the striker would drop deep and take up the space the AM was operating in?
  6. No problem, here are some screens, have only just got back home. My set up. I'm not sold on the MC's set up. El Neny and Noble are the players to usually play there, I have also experimented with a CM-S there. The wide players make a big impact most of the time but the AMC underperforms on a consistent basis. His current roles and PIs. Lanzini's profile if you were wondering. I just can't put my finger on why he isn't performing really, if anyone needs any more screens, let me know. Cheers.
  7. Ah okay, that makes sense. Yeah, when I originally posted I was using an AM-S but have since changed him to an AP-S as I think that it fits Hamsik more. They aren't quite on top of each other but are quite a bit closer than what I'd like to see (with the ball). As long as they are doing different things though, I suppose it doesn't matter all to much and both will help the team when in attack.
  8. Hi guys, Back on FM17, playing as West Ham and am really struggling to make my AM (Lanzini) have an impact on the game when playing him in my 4231. I have tried him in various roles and watched matches but I can't quite see what is going wrong. I play 4231 wide with TIs of shorter passing and dribbling less. Off the top of my head (because I'm at work right now), I now play a BWM-S and a DLP-S behind him but I have played different combinations in MC before and it hasn't worked. I think when I played a DLP-S and a CM-D he was more effective but that was just in the first few months of this 2 year now save. The rest of the side is playing well, particularly the wide players but the striker is sometimes underperforming and this could be a knock-on effect of Lanzini struggling. When I get home, I can post screenshots but can pretty much remember what roles and duties I play off hand if anyone needs to know. Would appreciate any help, cheers fellas
  9. Ah okay, that makes sense. His movement looked a little like a box to box, but that might just be me. On that last point, when with the ball, they do seem to be sharing the same space and I can't really put my finger on why, if I change to Attack duty, that is just making the AM (AP role) play in a space very close to the striker, maybe I need to change my strikers role to one with a higher mentality.
  10. Loved the article and am actually trying a very similar set up with Napoli. I actually looked at the side and decided that the deep DM's really suited their team so ran with it. Early signs are showing well for the Segundo Volante, I really like the look of the role. Allan here looks the guy that can revel in the role. Would you say it is very similar to a box to box midfielder starting from the DM position? How would you say it differs if you do disagree? Anyway, early signs are that the SV and the AM-S were sharing the same space when with the ball as I have been watching on the analysis tab, do you think this is a good thing or not? I went with my first instinct of not wanting that to happen, so for now I have decided to use the AM on an Attack duty and it seems to have put them a bit further apart when with the ball. Saying that though, I do like the thought of the AM-S having more space in front of him to attack. Great article as always @Cleon and I can't wait to hear your response if you get chance
  11. I've just started a game with Marseille on one of pr0's updates. Squad looks pretty good, Luiz Gustavo on an eye watering £175k a week is a bit heavy though!
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