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  1. I've just started a game with Marseille on one of pr0's updates. Squad looks pretty good, Luiz Gustavo on an eye watering £175k a week is a bit heavy though!
  2. Herve Bazile for USA please. Gutted for Kosovo
  3. Can I take Alvin Jones for USA please pal, or is it too late?
  4. How do we not beat Trinidad & Tobago
  5. Sorry haven't been active on this, had a right busy couple of weeks. I choose Chicharito for USA.
  6. Can I still join in on this? I shall be the USA
  7. Doing pretty well and had a really good loan spell for Celta Vigo and have started tearing it up at Málaga aswell. Roxas' looks insanely good already
  8. Name: Alberto Alonso II DOB (character will be 18, so do day and month): 20/02 Club (choose Barca or Real Madrid): Barca Strong Attributes (Technical) - choose 4 - in order of strength: 18,17,16,15: passing, dribbling, technique, first touch Strong Attributes (Physical) - choose 2 : 19, 17: stamina, balance Strong Attributes (Mental - choose 2 : 20, 18: Vision, determination Height (cm): 183 Weight [mass if you're that guy] (kg): 75 Position: AMC
  9. Managing your teams rivals

    Have never taken charge of Stoke ever. Don't intend to start now either.
  10. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    You are doing a lot better with Billericay, nice promotion
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    A fashion statement from the Wycombe keeper if ever I saw one.
  12. The Wonder of You

    @Nobby_McDonald I know pal, I am starting to question my decisions in life after this season @argento Cheers dude! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ End of Season Report Results We started off the new year with a whimper as we fell to two defeats on the outskirts of Manchester, the second of those knocking us out of the Checkatrade trophy. We followed this with another defeat at home to MK Dons before finally picking up our first win of 2017 over strugglers Bury. We followed this with another win at Coventry and then ended with a solid draw at Scunny. Goals galore in February as we began with two 2-2 draws on the bounce, taking us on a little unbeaten run. A great win at Milwall followed and we were starting to look up the table again. We carried on the form beating Bristol Rovers with both Sam's in the goals and ended the month with back to back 1-1 draws. An unbeaten February. Our unbeaten run continued into March when we travelled to Southend, coming away with a really solid point. The rest of the month went down a real treat though with home wins against both Swindon and Shrewsbury, with a win in the trip to Northampton sandwiched in between. On the weekend of the 25th, we found ourselves with no game for two weeks after Shrewsbury, so I took it upon myself to arrange a nice, easy friendly to keep fitness and morale at an all time high. Our unbeaten run continued when we beat AFC Wimbledon at home, thanks to a late one by young full back James Gibbons. The fifteen game unbeaten run came to an abrupt end though when we travelled to Walsall. From absolutely nowhere, they absolutely hammered us. I shall have to go back and watch that game again and see what did go wrong. When we travelled to Chesterfield, I was very happy to come away with a draw and a clean sheet after the previous horror show. A home win against Sheffield United put us right on course for those magical playoff positions. The final three games came by and we shut up shop all three of them, not conceding a goal and coming back with five points from three tricky games. So where did that leave us? Fourth place and in the playoffs, what an absolutely brilliant season. Win or lose, this has been an awesome season for a team predicted to finish in 20th position. We have lost the least amount of games in the entire division and have the joint best defence, I am very impressed with the lads. We will play MK Dons in the semi finals of the League One playoffs, win or lose, I couldn't have been prouder of the boys. This also came up. Sam has been awesome all year and been our player of the season and down to votes, been the best player in the division. He has really made that CM-Attack role his own and has been a driving force behind our success. Next time, you will see if we can pull off the unthinkable, promotion to the Championship!
  13. Would you advise any changes to make to the tactic then? I do have a decent AMC but players at that level with great passing aren't really at a premium.
  14. Hey guys, I developed this new tactic in my save for this season and it works okay, and serves as a better attacking impetus than my other two more solid style tactics. A huge problem I am having however is with long shots. Even with the work into box shout and no players having the shoots from distance PPM, players try long shots rather than wait for their chance. Just wondering if any of you have any ideas why? https://gyazo.com/6fb71f9d77e88831e67372380031530a
  15. This looks super useful and once I am able to get some decent youngsters in on my save, I will probably find it handy as a visual aide. Top work