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  1. Just noticed since last update there is no magic spray white lines when a free kick is awarded by the referee. The exact thing happened in FM18 at the start of the full release they were in game then after updates they dissapered Alttogether (Like Magic).
  2. Leave it be now girls...We can argue all night there will never be a right or wrong...Some people will pay others won't If you feel you should not have to pay don't download the enhanced version IF no one pays for the enhanced version he would not make it so who's the dummys
  3. Got them working Tanks guys Just had to re name the managers folder in Dazs pack to office
  4. I looked at the chelsea manager and it's his background when he was at napoli not the one at chelsea in this pack That's why i asked the question
  5. Nice background Steve...I think only problem might be a lot of us use Dazs8 mega background pack and he put manager backgrounds in with the player backgrounds but he used their unique numbers where as you have used their names in your pack so yours won't show if the managers background is in Dazs if you know what i mean
  6. You said he thanked him in 2018 then you say i bet he didn't ask him...Confussed ?
  7. I agree with you Rick you should be asked if if skinners want to use parts of your skin.Your skins are awesome and it only takes a pm for permision.
  8. As you can see still don't work.Yes i have cleared cache and re load plus quit game and re load
  9. As said couple posts up no in game editor or background opacitay button in the small permanent coloured sidebar..Please fix
  10. Looking good mate i will deffo use if you upload them
  11. Guys If you go to your prerences and select no on the targeted advertisng then clear cache and reload skin that should stop all the bidstack ads
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