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  1. Not working for me either..Can't access it in custom skin but can when online in base skin but when i go to edit club kits it just freezes
  2. Not one should be one in full release
  3. Great work as always Steve... In futre is it possable just to upload the changes you make instead of the whole pack as i've made changes to pictures that's outdated myself. Thanks
  4. Itried without custom graphics and skins and the issue was still the same.
  5. I started a topic in the match engine forum on this issue on the 20th November. One of the QA called Josh Brimacombe-Wiard said it was under review. Could Kyle Brown confirm with Josh to see if it is being addressed. Thanks
  6. Same old answers..There are many threads saying the match engine is not to good...SI are working on it
  7. Nice one majesticeternity Any chance of looking at ball mods see if you can do anything with them.
  8. They look better now.Thanks...Just need the balls sorting now.
  9. I kept flicking between FM20 AND FM19 because of the me in FM20 but now setteled on FM20...Like welshace say's there is issues with the me but it's not the end of the world..Si will sort it out
  10. Because he don't want his team getting ripped of
  11. Halfway through my second season in the English premier leauge how com i ain't gor var.I've got no custom updates in my game just the latest si update
  12. Any chance of uploading your file for these please
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