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  1. handy500

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Guys If you go to your prerences and select no on the targeted advertisng then clear cache and reload skin that should stop all the bidstack ads
  2. Any chance of sharing your xml file please.
  3. Nice effort wkdsoul.....Just need it to be fifa19 fifa18 is gone now lol
  4. lol .. If you could do something like that but fifa 19 instaed
  5. you don't have to have club specific ads if you don't want to not every club has their own.
  6. bt one is the one that you see when watching a premier match on it and fifa19 one Ithink is just images you get on google images.Jeff roberts made one in his pack for FM 18 on fmscout
  7. Yes champions legue ads show up when playing in that competion and so do FA cup Europa legue.Now you can make video adboards any chance of the new bt sport one and a fifa19 one please
  8. handy500

    Video ads ?

    sortitoutsi is best for video ads and other stuff
  9. Looking good mate...I used the one's you done last time out...As you say you get tired of looking at the same ad-boards in all the stadiums now.
  10. handy500

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Nope your wrong Michael The file is in the aps folder every time you delete the file as soon as you load your game the file re appears.Even taken it out of the simatch uncompressed folder using archiver and still returns back in game
  11. handy500

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Correct mate It just goes to show Si don't give a toss about us people who pay for the game and spend hours making graphics to make the game look better because Si can't be arsed making them