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  1. Just one tip for everyone that is obsessed with xG: prior xG the measurement for chances were ccc's (clear cut chances), in my opinion these still rule above xG. Also people who are struggling to score and get high xG values, a long shot from 20m that ends up at the goalkeeper or woodwork could be valued as 0.25xG. When you compare xG to clear cut chances, clear cut chances are always scarce. If I remember correctly, there's also a tool to see which shots got xG values. My advise is to reduce long shots through player instructions. Players still tend to ignore 'work the ball in the box' instruction.
  2. I agree. But I blame Portugal for not showing enough courage, they started very passive as well. I just think a lot of nations aren't showing their best football now. I find it worrying.
  3. Maybe in 2004. Nowadays teams play 4231 and leave no space by crowding the middle. Your Inter side does kinda the same.
  4. Reminds me a bit of Greece at EC 2004, where they actually played shambolic and had all the luck in the world. People are still talking about that when it's 18 years ago. I don't care about this particular game either. It's the whlole tournament. I find it worrying that top nations have no answer against sides that sit back. Even top nations start every game very passive. It's hurting the entertainment factor of football. This game won't be remembered by beautiful football or whatsoever.
  5. I'm not fan of anyone here. I feel frustrated because football lost against a side that refuses to play. Again. That's a bigger issue.
  6. Losing my dream, I would do the same. I would have no emotional energy to support anyone. Imagine him crying on the pitch knowing all the cameras are aimed towards you. I actually feel gutted for him, and others too. Not choosing any sides here, however Messi did the same numerous times at Barca. Maradona was actually the player that was loved in every squad he played in. Players and even opponnents claim he cheered up everyone, as well in good times as bad times. It's just about characteristics.
  7. You're the other user posting same stuff, so I assume you feel attacked. Let it go please.
  8. Strange comment like some others here, hopping on the CR7 hate-boat. His international career just ended. His dream is over. He will never win a WC. If you can't get it your prolly a sociopath.
  9. I get choppyness on my M1 when I run the game on 'very high'. You could run high and from what I've read the detail of the crowd has a great impact. I choose very high and adjust a couple of things like crowd detail and turn off shadows.
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