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  1. Why all the interests in 30+ years old players all of the sudden? The balance is there. Players ingame retire because there is no interest and their CA is getting decreased as they get older. Same goes with their psyhicals. Playing after your 30's is getting frowned upon in the football community, and especially after 35+. So no, I don't want Buffons and Ibrahimovics in my game.
  2. That's football around new years in the PL. So no, obviously not a bug.
  3. Extremely fast strikers are also very good. But tall, fast, strong strikers (Haaland) are just endgame at this point.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. I'm aware of some specific stuff like nation reputation, but this gives some clarification about how it works. Does international players and players from continental competitions improve nation variety for newgens in long term?
  5. I don't think you're wrong. But predetermined odds are unhealthy for the game because it removes unpredictability. Predetermined odds means that abusing the mechanic by searching with filters can improve your odds to find a good player with a high PA. I think scouting therefore is a mess and should be overhauled. This is in the game as far as I can remember. This also indicates a bigger problem too, because reputation is too much involved in the games mechanics that smaller football countries can't keep up with these odds.
  6. So Eboué and Zokora had 180+ PA? As far as I remember they were bang average and incosistent. Just as mentioned before, ASEC like other clubs are more likely to produce elite regens for no reason whatsoever. The issue here is, the factors that trigger these regens cannot be replicated by the human player because it's predertermined in the db. An example would be producing regens with a club in Norway (with the best youth and training facilities and so on) because some settings in the db prevent them from producing above a specific PA. This include reputation and competition raking issues. There are an enormous amount of posts about this on these forums. But I'm not clever enough to spot good regens. I'll spoil the secret here: #1: Determination #2: Specific stats based on position that are 12+ #3: Personality #4: Work rate #5: AI behaviour around the specific player. Interest in the player suggest CA and PA. This means that Southamption rarely shows interest in a 180+ PA player, but PSG does often. Which indicates you shouldn't sell the player as he's more likely to have a high PA. When you're playing the game for 15+ years this doesn't seem random anymore. Maybe for new players. So it's predetermined. And I know which 'factors' it are because you can change it in the editor.
  7. Somewhat true yes, but it's kinda odd that the top tier AI teams can discover 180+ PA regens without any caps for their first team. A Manchester United and PSG is a example that has this behaviour, not only in FM 23, but for a decade in FM. I'd also like to know why some teams are predetermined to produce 180+ regens. ASEC is a example. Knowing this destroys my immersion.
  8. How is it free when I have to buy/have a subscription? I think we're different customers. That's fine though. I consider myself as a loyal customer and buy the game when the BETA is out, even if the game is bad.
  9. Seems like you belong to the odd minority that likes to defend some views. Browsing to your posts, you don't post any constructive feedback however. By the way, and let's be very critical here. There are games that are FREE (and not €70,- a year) with a decent business model and updates once per month.
  10. I don't think FM should strongly improve their graphics in comparision to other games out there. I think the lack of graphics are a part of FM and is one of many reasons why the game is good. The game has its own style and it should be that way. This is why I dislike that 2D is changed, although I don't play it that way anymore, it had a sense of nostalgia. The graphical side should be tweaked and I think that SI has a good idea what the community wants, but it's hard to see that some areas were better a couple of years back.
  11. No, sorry. I play this game for over 16 years now and the ME looks the same as it did in FM 19. It's not only the turf but also lightning. I've been looking at the same type of stadiums and crowd for a couple of years. 5:30, what is that?
  12. I know, but dealing with unhappy players and the staff meetings takes time. I did a small test two years ago on FM 2015 (?), and started a friendly within minutes. In FM 2023 and recent FM's however I have to deal with a lot more stuff to get started. This could easily take up 30 mins. To me, and this may sound harsh but I don't mean it like that, to me it seems strange that a game where the playerbase doesn't have much time is extremely time consuming. This is what I meant with back to basics.
  13. One thing that reminds me of the older UI was that it felt more responsive. I play on a MacBook now though, but the UI was way more faster and responsive back in the day when I played on PC. Not only more responsive but the pace of the game was faster too. In FM 2023 and recent FM versions there's too much answering and clicking. This breaks my immersion completely.
  14. I'm not sure whether the devs are aware of this, but the one from 2012 looks far better. Or is it just me?
  15. The relation with players is kinda already in the game with players having favorite people to their profile. I.e. Hazard brothers. But I see what you're trying to say and I think it's a good shout.
  16. Just to have an idea here, EC and WC releases would mean it should been licensed and afaik it's extremely expensive. Also I hugely disagree, international management is only a small 10% portion of what the game has the offer. The game irl evolves every year, adding new roles or new features are priority. I also blame certain feature requests like this one in particular for most feedback. The game should go back to basics with minor tweaks, not adding stuff.
  17. Well read what top right says and you have your answer. No revenue out of transfers = no increase TB. Probably competition rules.
  18. Most of these bugs aren't game breaking and don't effect long term relations with players, it is annoying however.
  19. I'm pretty sure because of the game against West Brom and his personality. This is a bug though. Could also change within 16 days but this should defintely be finetuned.
  20. As far as I know most MLS clubs mostly get their players out of their youth academy, filled in with some experienced players that played in Europe. I'd advise loading whole North America. South America is populair too, see Talles Magno and Marcelino Moreno. Potential transfers in Europe could be shortlisted (Messi, Di Maria for example).
  21. This complaint belongs to the same category as too much (unnecessary) information in my opinion. Throughout the years it added too much notifications and/or inbox messages. A fix would be to opt out of matchday messages. I'd rather see 1 or 2 times a season what the media and fans think about the club. Keep it simplistic. How is PSG doing in 2024?
  22. Clear cut chances, where? 22 shots, 10 on target? Where are the other 12? These match stats don't say anything really. Looks like the typical game where the player plays a high-press game but cant break through an organised defence, hence why you got countered 3 times. Pretty sure most of these 22 shots were long shots.
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