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  1. Am I missing something here? Only got 875.000 where I should get 43.5 mil.
  2. Season 2025 Current squad detailed screenshots below.. WARNING! Next spoiler will include CA and PA information Detailed player screenshots
  3. Season 2024 Allsvenskan 2024 Svenska Cupen 2024 Champions League 2024/2025
  4. Djurgårdens IF A topic to share my journey with Djurgårdens IF, a Swedish club based in the capital Stockholm. Playing FM since FM 2005, as yearly I try to achieve the ultimate goal with smaller clubs/LLM in Europe. The ultimate goal is winning the Champions League. To achieve this I'll make profit from youth players, develop my own youth and we will have to climb the UEFA coefficient rankings which will increase our ingame reputation. I won't do very much explanation on the career updates as most of it speaks for it self, also screenshots will be in Dutch, you will get the clue. Feel free to ask questions about my decisions.
  5. Thank you for this quick fix! Works perfectly.
  6. @dansh1989 I'm pretty sure your laptop has a 60 hz screen, so you can't go any higher than 60 fps.
  7. I misread it, changed the settings this afternoon. Someone at SI posted here that disabling it could make a difference as well. You have to keep in mind that the settings can be different on a AMD card, but you can try. https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/DH-012.aspx, here you go.
  8. Well most people who had problems are NVIDIA users. To turn off threaded optimisation you can add this manually in the launch propeties of the game in Steam. Football Manager 2019 > properties > launch options > add this line: -disable_threading_optimisations I have no clue how you alter the other settings on a AMD card. Google it.
  9. This worked for me, tested one game though but the results were much and much better. My FPS counter didn't go lower than 57-58. Max FPS is 60 on my laptop.
  10. The problem only occurs in the original edition, not in FM Touch as someone mentioned before.
  11. Don't waste your time, there are thousands of people who have the same problem. It's a problem in the ME and they no clue or they don't bother to fix this kinda stuff. This topic has opened since last week, still no official response as well. 'Yeah, we've logged your problem' 'Interesting. We're going to look at it' And we're still sitting here paying 50 euros for a broken game that we need to fix ourselves. Lol.
  12. Some guy mentioned last year that the 'data analist' camera reduces the stuttering, so I tried 'TV' last night. It was alright, still stutter. The default camera is 'director' or something, don't know the proper name. Seems its way worse on that one. Playing on a GTX 1050
  13. It's possible to tweak this a bit for better performance, but it will still stutter. 1. Download NVIDIA Inspector: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-inspector/ 2. Extract .ZIP file to somewhere, doesn't matter where. 3. Open nvidiaProfileInspector.exe 4. Make sure _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE (Base Profile) is the selected profile in the screen above. 5. Make sure it looks like this, gSync off and vSync on fast. Laptop users don't have the option to put this on fast in NVIDIA configuration, you will need this software for that. You can play with the other settings to test a bit. I also noticed it switches back to vSync off so every time you're going to play FM, take a look at the settings.
  14. It's the SI half. They patched the ME in 18 in some spring update and people started complaining about stutter in the ME. Turns out only people who have a high-end NVIDIA card are the victim (1050, 1060, 1070, 1080 etc). Probably some 900 models as well. Stopped playing the game because it's painful to watch, spend another 50 euros on FM 19 and now this ****. I doubt the GeForce Expierence tweak will fix it, I've tried everything last year. Even with NVIDIA Inspector. It's lazy coding or something, I don't know. It's not like we're all playing PUBG. I'm watching MineCraft graphics in FM lagging, mind = blown.
  15. The fact they haven't posted here since Friday (there are 5 more topics about this issue since then, no reaction) shows how fast this is getting fixed. Even asked for a dxdiag, lol, as if he didn't know. Just look at the previous topic from FM 18 and you have enough information. No need to let people post their dxdiag here.
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