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  1. This is why I refuse to use custom databases, this one needs a huge overhaul regarding salaries. Just a quick check before staring a new game; Donny van de Beek still at €4,000 p/w and lowest salary at Ajax / Jackson Martinez who just got out of China on a €6,500 p/w salary. Yes.
  2. I think this is more because AI behavior needs to be addressed, which I agree fully on. The AI still lacks a lot of tactical knowledge and some tactics that are used by the AI simply don't work in the current ME, or are at least less effective.
  3. I'm not attacking you at all. I just don't understand the scream for realism. A lot of people underestimate what it means for the game. If you look at changes in the past, improving realism means actually reducing randomness in general. As far as I know there is no modifier which increases randomness over time, so your save will become very dull (same AI behavior, stable results, no weird transfers). Keep in mind that the user is always better than the AI in FM, which is years, every FM. Now let me quote you: Now don't get me wrong, I understand where you're coming from. Yes it is unrealistic, but this means the AI will win less games which makes it easier for you to finish above them. Looking back to 2016/2017 Serie A irl the #1 and #2 finished close together, now again if you're pretty good at FM you should have the same results in the game. About the 90+ eh?, look at 2017/2018: To be honest it really depends what kind of FM player you are, if you usually play max. 5 seasons per save, you'd like to have more realism. But if you're the type of guy who likes long term saves this could ruin your save, people who play long term saves like the randomness factor that's in it.
  4. Funny how you call it random as the game was far more random in the past. Also rivals are a healthy addition to the game because u will streamroll the league in a couple of years anyways, especially with Juve. Heck, you should steamroll from day one. I had a game in the past with HSV where Leipzig and Bayern were dominating in the Bundesliga and CL, one of my most fun saves ever, and I'm playing since 2004. Same as tycoon takeovers, this should happen more often, adds more of a challenge to your save. Especially in this era. Posts like this are huge concern to me as SI listens to this bs. Reducing randomness makes the game dull and boring, makes people quit their save. This is one of the factors why the FM series are going downhill.
  5. I really have no clue what you're on about. You're playing with Cardiff, one of the biggest clubs in the UK with the one of the best training and youth facilities out there. Compared to other clubs in Europe Cardiff is huge, don't fool yourself. There's no challenge for expierenced FM players here so it's working by design. It's not like you're achieving this with a club from the Irish 2nd tier. I also don't understand why you're showing us a screenshot of FM 17 because the reputation system was different back then. You claim that the reputation increased massively after you've finished 3 consecutive times in top the 5 of the PL, which again, is working by design. Imagine if that happens IRL (see Leicester). Combined with the ******** money you get in the PL and with the current reputation system, it's fairly easy to overwelm other clubs in Europe. That doesn't mean SI has to change something to the reputation system because it's working as intended. This is why I said that you should avoid saves in England. On the other side I have a save in Sweden, 8 or 9 years in and we are still stuck at 3.5*... SI should focus on fixing the AI behavior instead, could write 3 pages about that.
  6. Start with a non-league club or a club outside the top 10 of Europe and tell me reputation is easy. The reason that your reputation is increasing heavily is because your playing in the Premier League. This is why I avoid saves in England. Also Cardiff starts with 3/3.5* reputation, I guess?
  7. Pre-FM18 newgen faces were 2D which made it possible for creators to create facepacks/hairpacks. These are now 3D. Unfortunately SI didn't provide any tools for us to create our own which means we're stuck with this garbage.
  8. Not a huge issue if you play a season per game with Man Utd or Chelsea. It's a huge issue for those who are playing till 2040s ingame, so basically every player is a newgen. There's a screenshot somewhere on these forums where one guy had 3 regens in his first XI with the exact same face. It gets worse every year. If this isn't fixed in FM20 I won't buy.
  9. That white skin is legendary. Wow.
  10. Short answer: yes, you will need to start a new save. The real name fix should be applied with every patch as the patch creates new folders (s.a. 1920 & 1930). I assume you didn't apply the fix before 19.3, because the patch doesn't overwrite those files. Those folders refer to the database which is chosen at the start of each save, so basically you'll have to edit the folder BEFORE starting your save. If the save is made, there is no going back. This is something you should keep in mind in the future, especially if you're starting a save in Germany.
  11. I have no previous save game before he was sold. Topic can be closed.
  12. @bluestillidie00 @keysi Hey guys, any of you have a clue how to change this bit? It's very hard to read now. I've searched for every possible panel but can't find the exact line. I think it's this panel but I don't see any font settings 'panels\team\team container records competitions honours panel.xml'
  13. @bluestillidie00: There's a bug in the stats/prozone processing bar while playing with teams that have a white font (such as Arsenal, Man United). It can be fixed by changing the default font in 'processing prozone panel.xml' to black but I honestly advise that you delete the 'prozone' folder from graphics/boxes/custom.
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