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  1. I like this ME and it's certainly a step in the direction, much better than before and I will certainly enjoy this one. However I feel a lot of goals are random and this one is really hard to explain, I have similar stats as @Freakiie but I hardly see beautiful created chances or 1-2's which is a shame.
  2. See you miss the point here man, but people buy it because they don't play anything else besides Football Manager, not because the game is really good. If it's average people would still play it probably however we've come to the point that it's below average. This game has a huge loyal fanbase but when the loyal fanbase complains and doesn't want to play anymore that's very alarming to the future of the game. The reason why there is 60k players active is because there is nothing else compared to FM. You can't play older versions as the db isn't up to the date, older versions are like meh, it's like returning to your ex girlfriend, you remember the good times but there's nothing new to experience. I'm registered for more than 10 years on these forums now and I've actually had nothing to complain about till FM 19 launched. I think that I didn't enjoy FM 18 as well, I can't remember why though. But posting feedback here is like writing a 1000 page essay and pressing delete, I've posted numerous amount of feedback however I feel that it's not getting listened at or it takes too long for SI to fix a specific issue. It's also very general and straight forward feedback as well, and as far I can remember I've never had actual complaints about the ME till now. I've seen people posting specific issues like: 'my rightback doesn't cover the wings enough in a 3-5-2 blabla' which is just nonsense to me. I also still see the same people on here who want to defend criticism over the course of the years, which is fine but it's always a discussion between people that don't like the game and people who actually do like. This even happened back in the day, however I feel there's now more discussion because the issues are for more urgent than in the past. I think that people who defend it just have less standards and have a different mentality, they just say 'deal with it, it will be fine'. It's ok, but I'm not that type of person, not after spending €100,- on something that I didn't enjoy and do want to enjoy.
  3. Don't post stuff like this. Please. Because when a new version comes out you are again fully depended on skin creators to make a suitable skin. You are basically saying to SI that you don't care how the UI looks. The UI is a vital part of the game as you look at it for most of the time you spend on the game, besides playing matches.
  4. You are talking nonsense as the current UI was clearly not designed to be more accessible. The current game uses a font called GT America, which to me, is just painful to watch no matter what screen I use, why switch from HelveticaNeue as that was smoother on the eye? Not to mention the staff responsibility panel, a lot of people complained about that. See.. these are just small UI improvements. I can name numerous small improvements that make the game significantly better for everyone.
  5. 'my own view' hahahahaha Tell me which one looks nicer to you. If you say the right one you are probably lying. This is simple UI design, one of many improvements I can show you all.
  6. Keep ignoring the rest of the post brother. You make FM content right? Well to be honest if you are a 'content creator' and don't want to acknowledge serious issues about the game because whatever reason I might call you a fanboy. You want REAL feedback? I'd advise SI to hire a good business analist to see how many of those 60k are returning people for FM 21, because if my theory is right there would be a significant decline in players. If the game is just as bad as the previous two versions I expect around 30k live players which would be a negative milestone.
  7. I don't understand why people and even Miles keep bringing up stats, if explained this a couple of times over the course of the last 2-3 years here. You are being the fanboy now who's defending criticism with stats 'Look! 60k players are playing the game, that's more than ever. The game can't be bad!'. People who do business but don't care about improving their product say this too. SI is doing PR to cater the game to new players. SI is releasing additional features which seem interesting at first glance (but are not useful to useless to experienced players). SI didn't do any or less PR in the past which is why you see a increase in active players. A significant amount of those 60k players are people who don't enjoy the game but still play it anyways because they play nothing else, then come to this feedback topic to post their frustrations. New players don't know how good and enjoyable older FM's are, they think that this is the standard. If I would play the game for the first time or FM 19 was my first one I would think this too. Standards where much higher before and this is why people want to see improvement. I've wrote countless posts about braindead improvements that everyone wants to see.
  8. Don't suggest not using broad stroke statement if you do the same. Quick reality check, 80% of the people who play FM nowadays are all om the same boat. There are thousands of people here that represent and speak for the majority of the community. People want a good game with simplicity, not features that try sell the game for the 20% minority.
  9. Releasing FM20 in a bad state after FM19 is also a terrible choice, it's actually so terrible that I won't pre-order FM 21.
  10. Because it's easy to create a ccc and the calculating of ccc's has always been broken, s.a. a goalkeeper that punches the ball back to a forward is seen as a ccc. Finishing however is beyond broken on every level, this is seen when Messi scores 20 goals a season as the AI doesn't do a good job at all at creating ccc's compared to the human player. It's a complicated mess. All of this doesn't replicate reality and makes the game very dull and boring. This is relative, having a great time doesn't mean others are having it too. In the last two years the ME forces you to play a certain playstyle with certain instructions to achieve stable results. By the way you are explaining this all I wonder which team you play, because it seems like you don't play a lot and don't pay attention to others things around the game. See, most people who complain are people that like to invest time in FM to play a certain way they want and make a powerhouse out of a small club. Seeing the same attacks over and over again and seeing the same goals over and over because 1v1 are flawed is just boring to play for like 2-3 weeks. The last time I played was around new years and I didn't feel any satisfaction in what I was doing at all. Even testing out certain instructions to make it more enjoyable to watch didn't help as well, it gives the feeling that most instructions don't matter. By saying this I'm really looking forward to the next patch as I'd like to play some more FM during the spring, we will see..
  11. Oh and see how I typed 'was also possible'? because it isn't anymore. Imagine you are climbing with some Norwegian 3rd tier team to become on of the best teams in Europe and you are facing PSG in the CL after 15 years ingame, well you might as well use a tactic that abuses the ME because there is no way you will ever achieve anything trying to replicate somewhat real life football. It just doesn't exist in this particular game, so then you abuse thing s.a. higher press, get stuck in but it isn't satisfying at all because it doesn't replicate anything what comes to reality. This is also why people feel that defensive/counter mentalities don't work at all. Then you quit the game, wait for a patch, explain to people what is wrong with the game because they have no clue as they are playing with Manchester United and smashing everyone 3-0, which strangely does get them satisfied.
  12. 7-1, highest level in Europe and in the world. You asked for it. You are talking about tactics that abuse the ME, but you forget that this was also possible in FM with the right players and right tactic. The reason why AI strikers don't score alot is because creating multiple ccc's and high-scoring games in this game can be achieved by abusing the ME. The AI doesn't do that. The whole ME therefore is become a complicated mess.
  13. Hahahahaha what? I've read this 3 times to actually believe you just typed this.
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