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  1. Hi SI, Let's just start to say that I'm not starting a rant, or willing to be extremely negative. I('ve) really like(d) this game, since 2005. However there are a couple of things that have to change because in my opinion FM 18 was one of the worst I've played. I've reckoned that this game is going downhill every year, 17 was decent, but not 'fun' because there were a lot of bugs. I've tried to play FM 18 for a long time but I just couldn't start to like it, until June or something. FM 18 was just loaded with a extreme amount of bugs: 'all players black issue' at the start, the high-end NVIDIA graphics card issues that never actually got fixed, regens that change skin colours that also never got fixed. 3D regens that look very ugly in comparision of previously FM's. Why SI? Why change something that no one actually ever asked about? Just keep it simple. I understand that marketing-wise it's interesting to change a couple of things around to attract new players, I have nothing against that. I even encourage this community to grow. How bigger the community, how bigger the game. However changing things isn't always a good thing because experienced players are used to ingame details, such as regens. I've played FM 18 because 'its FM' however this feeling or idea disappeared, I'll probably buy FM 19 but if it's still the same story, the bug issues, the same problems I will refund it and quit. I will probably come back 5 years later to see if you guys actually learned from your mistakes and listen to feedback from experienced players. Tactics screen This one gets worse every year. Why? Everyone asked about bringing back the FM 12 tactic screen. Compare the FM 12 tactic screen to the one of FM 16/17/18. Keep the roles; those are fine, really, add even more roles if you want but don't add ugly icons where you need to look at. Also the tactic screen in FM 18 is made for a specific resolution, I guess 1920x1080. People who are playing on a smaller resolution (1366x768 for example) have a issue at seeing all the rows. If had that with my previous laptop, it's a nightmare. More on this problem later. Regens Like I said. Regen faces are the worst currently, change them or switch back to 2D. This one get's worse every year. It was really fine in 2D. Resolution issue There has a been a change in FM 18 on the way resolution works, you can't change it to a specific one. Also the text on my 1920x1080 resolution looks really small. Upscaling the text using the 'size of text & images' function makes it all look fuzzy. I needed to change the skin to fix that. I can imagine there are more people who are using this function. I assume a permanent fix would be better. Scouting system & meetings with players (less important) The scouting meetings are just pointless and are too much micro management. Less clicking and make it easier to search for players. Also players moan too much about FM 18 about little things. I'm used to it because of previous versions, but again, please, a permanent fix for this. I can't imagine players moan this much in real life.
  2. Well you we're talking about the last 3-4 years so here is your answer. After that? After that they started rebuilding.
  3. Greece played the same football in 2004 and still does nowadays as described above. They just play for the 1-0 and close it down. It's boring to watch. This is the world cup that we're watching. I want to see the best players in the world. Yeah of course it's cool that Iceland and others got a points or even a win but they aren't getting it a second time. Football has evolved nowaydays, the great national teams are on a higher level. Miracles like 2004 don't happen anymore.
  4. I didn't know Switzerland reached the 3rd place on WC 2014.
  5. I have no clue how these kind of teams made it to the world cup. With teams like Iceland, Costa Rica and Nigeria. The first two are well known to be pretty defensive, I just don't understand how they made it to the world cup without offensive ideas. I don't like to watch it either. The qualification system seriously needs a rework to let more European teams participate. We're missing out on Holland and Italy now.
  6. Sanel

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    I think Belgium will finish second anyways, en dat zegt een buurman. Is Vermaelen/Kompany playing tomorrow?
  7. Why did you put a release clause in his contract at first place?
  8. You're a legend, changed this piece of code: <record> <string id="file_name" value="text.xml"/> <real id="font_size_small" value="9" /> <real id="font_size_normal" value="9" /> <real id="font_size_large" value="12" /> </record> I've bought a new laptop this week which has a 1920x1080 resolution. I've been playing on 1366x768 for years now but I just couldn't get used to the tiny letters. When you use the zoom in function to 125%, some sections get a bit fuzzy which is again hard to read. I've made adjustments to text.xml and menu.xml now. This is how text.xml looks like from my side for the ones who are interested. <string id="file_name" value="proximanova-regular.ttf"/> <real id="font_size_xxsmall" value="7" /> <!-- 9px --> <real id="font_size_xsmall" value="8.5" /> <!-- 11px --> <real id="font_size_small" value="9" /> <!-- 12px --> <real id="font_size_normal" value="8.7" /> <!-- 13px --> <real id="font_size_large" value="11.2" /> <!-- 15px --> <real id="font_size_xlarge" value="13.7" /> <!-- 18px --> <real id="font_size_xxlarge" value="16.6" /> <!-- 22px --> I only changed this piece of code in that .xml file.
  9. @michaeltmurrayuk How do I make the fonts smaller in the dropdown menus? Do you know which .xml file and which piece of code?
  10. Long time reader of this topic here. Started playing again on 18.3.3 update after a couple of months. Expierenced same lag on my high end NVIDIA card in my laptop. For anyone who still expierences this, here's what I did. Made some changes, it caps now at 30 - 35 FPS but it looks very very smooth. Just like previous editions. Long time ago that I've experienced this smoothness in the ME. - Disable Steam overlay for FM 18. (In Steam: right mouse click FM 18 > properties > disable steam overlay) - Change max pre rendered frames in the NVIDIA options to max (4 here) - Turn off vSync in the NVIDIA options - Restart FM - Set medium quality in FM18 - shadows off & crowd on low quality. Anti-Aliasing on low.
  11. Sanel

    FM18 Light skin

    You're a hero. It is fixed now. Muchos gracias!
  12. Sanel

    FM18 Light skin

    Ok I downloaded the latest version of the light base skin. Made no changes at all. Same problem occurred. Same thing again, If I load the light or the dark skin within FM I get no problems. I also tried downloading the base 2018 dark skin and loading it, works like a charm. So there is something wrong with the light skin and it's not in my side. I've got it from here obviously: https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/Skins/fm18baseskins
  13. Sanel

    FM18 Light skin

    It legit does, or maybe I described it wrong, it's the board requests. I deleted the skins folder and download the FM 18 Base Light Skin again (the one you posted here), and made the changes above with the custom backgrounds. Now this happens again: It has to be something with the background files. I didn't change anything else. When I switch to the base skins without the change everything seems ok.
  14. Sanel

    FM18 Light skin

    I did this a few months ago but with the newest patch this made a mess of staff meetings. I get no text at all to choose from or can't click anywhere. Any way to fix this?
  15. Sanel

    Cherry-Picking My Way To The Top!

    How did the Irish league get 18 teams? Can someone explain? edit: oh he used a custom database. makes sense now.