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  1. How do I change the "Supporter Profile" section on the Club Overview screen to show the key player, hot prospect etc panel?
  2. Seems a remarkably small amount of fixes for a game that has been receiving bug reports now for over 2 weeks.
  3. Must be random then. I can't get the Positional Abilities panel to stay.
  4. Maybe not a game problem because it doesn't happen in Rensie skin. Strange.
  5. Criminal that modern day video games aren't in a finished state on day one. Even worse when they aren't even close to a finished state, like this one.
  6. Anyone know how to stop panels from defaulting back to something else all the time? Used to be unticking "automatically override custom panels" in preferences but this doesn't seem to be working. Mainly seems to be a problem with players that aren't on my team. I change the left panel to Positional Abilities and then move to the next player and it's changed back to Attribute Analysis. Possibly a game problem but if there's a change that can be made to the skin files I'd appreciate the help.
  7. This was a really good read and an interesting take on Eddie's tactics, particularly your choice of formation. A little disappointing that it appears you happened upon some sort of corner exploit but impressive recreation all the same.
  8. Any tips on preventing players signing new deals at other clubs? Trying to sign Tielemans but he keeps signing a new deal before the 2022 summer window is even finished. This is with first transfer window off by the way.
  9. This is literally a thread titled "small skinning questions" buddy. Perhaps it's not for you. I've worked out how to get the flag showing now. Does anyone know what controls the colour of the box that contains "PF - At"?
  10. Unfortunately I've not been able to download every single skin out there to find out which skins do or do not do this. And I'd like to learn anyway. Appreciate the input.
  11. Appreciated Ben. I am using the WTCS skin by @bluestillidie00 and I have added that line of code to the xml file stated but it hasn't worked. I am assuming this may be because that file is already amended for other purposes (such as to add in player faces). Do you know where I would need to add it in to the attached or is this more of a question for @bluestillidie00given he has made changes already? tactics icon info panel overview.xml
  12. Does anyone know how to add nation flags to the players on the tactics screen? I noticed it on @keysi skin that he isn't making publicly available and it would be good to know how to do it. As well as change the colour of strikers to red. Here's a screenshot attached. Thanks!
  13. We see this argument every year about the word "broken". Ultimately it's subjective. What's broken to some isn't even noticed by others depending on how they play the game. To me, it is broken. I can't get any enjoyment from it. And that's a damn shame in a world cup year. All I want to do is play it and yet the bugs that exist mean I can't. It's been a disappointing release but maybe a patch will help... Who knows.
  14. See first goal in this pkm. Generally there are too many goals from long hopeful balls sent up the pitch that defenders don't react to. No need to provide steps to recreate, just watch a game. Qatar v Senegal.pkm
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