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  1. Lower LOE on a Positive mentality is still going to press pretty high so wouldn't say it was a particularly counter attack based setup.
  2. I don't understand your solution to the first issue. Is the same problem now not present if the CB on the other side for West Ham receives the ball?
  3. Should rename this thread the 'higher line of engagement, more urgent pressing style' thread
  4. When will the hotfix be released for Pochettino leaving Spurs be released??? Been waiting for minutes now to start my save.
  5. I think opinions of the ME depend on who you ask. As someone who enjoys the tactical side of football more than anything else, I regularly watch full matches and never less than comprehensive highlights and there are so many problems as already highlighted in this thread the past few days since the update. But if you throw together any old tactic, perhaps one of the standard suggested tactics, and play on key highlights then you may find the ME to be perfectly fine. It definitely has improved since the beta was first released and hopefully upon release of the full game the remaining issues can be ironed out.
  6. Just watched it out of interest and yeah it's laughably bad. Doesn't matter if it's a Youtuber streaming one game or anyone else seeing it happen in 100 games, it's still unrealistic. The problem is the sheer number of chances created from awful/no defending. The ME compensates this with loads of missed chances to make the scorelines semi-realistic.
  7. ME is definitely improving with each update but still some pretty fundamental issues. Over-reliance on wing play to create meaningful chances. I have noticed this not only in my team's games but also AI vs AI matches, encompassing a range of tactical styles/formations. Full backs/wing backs are becoming increasingly more important to a team's attacking success in real life but this is overdone in the FM current ME to the point where it almost feels like cheating (the only reason it doesn't lead to more goals is because of poor crossing/shooting from tight angles). Slide tackles appear to be the only way to tackle. Compounded by numerous fouls and the domino effect that is therefore leading to excessive yellow and red cards. On the plus side, long switches of play on shorter passing seems to have been eradicated and in general I feel I have better control over what my team is doing on the pitch.
  8. Ugh this is just infuriating from a tactical perspective. I play FM with staff responsibilities pretty much delegated across the board so I can't really speak for training/scouting etc at this stage but trying to create a tactic that actually follows your instructions is nigh on impossible. The match engine just doesn't do a good enough job of replicating real football. Trying to play through the middle with shorter passing and runs from deep, all I get game after game is switches of play to the full backs. Then crosses into the box when crossing has specifically been selected as 'from byline' and 'less often'. This game needs a ME update badly. I skipped 2019, was it this bad?
  9. Generally impressed by the game but don't see my tactical instructions playing out accurately. Too much switching (short pass selected). Not enough dribbling (dribble more selected). ME letting the game down most of all.
  10. Just got the game so I thought I'd give 3D a chance on the new version. Why is every tackle a slide tackle? Back to 2D Classic.
  11. Yeah I was being every so slightly hyperbolic. But it was still way too frequent before. Variety of goals in general not realistic.
  12. Anyone else seeing an obscene number of goals scored from crosses to the far post/crosses in general? Variety of goals seem to be really poor this year but it might be just me.
  13. Is there any way to make the kits larger on the player ratings panel specifically? I've followed the steps to make the logos bigger on the overview panel but can't seem to locate how to do the kits.
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