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  1. It's interesting that you post this thread a day after I did quite a bit of testing with weird and whacky formations after seeing the replies on twitter to this post: Particularly formations such as: This lead me to ditch my flat 442 with more cautious team instructions and just place players further up the pitch. RB and LB became WBR and WBL, I kept two central midfielders but both on attack duty, moved my wingers into AMC positions and left my strikers up top. Changed the Tis to the extremes out of possession, with heavy pressing, much higher defensive line etc. And lo and behold I started winning more games. Maybe take some inspiration from that twitter thread and go from there. Any kind of logical thinking goes out of the window.
  2. Maybe it is an animation problem then. But even in 2D without being able to see the animations you don't see miscontrolled passes that concede possession. I would argue that this makes up a large part of the turnover of possession in real life so disappointing to see that only intercepted passes or slide tackles contribute on the game to 'live ball' turnovers i.e those not caused by the ball going out of play.
  3. As per the subject, is there any evidence to suggest this attribute actually does anything? I don't see players miscontrolling the ball. Lower league guys with less than 10 first touch bringing the ball down with ease over their shoulder from long goal kicks. Would be interested in examples where you can clearly see a difference between bad and good first touch as it seems completely aesthetic.
  4. That's the one. Even to a lesser degree half the distance that one travelled. Thanks for the example!
  5. Interesting. A little vague, but interesting to know it can happen. One of the key tactical trends of the last few years has been defenders who can make progressive passes along the ground to strikers, wingers moving into the half-space etc...but it isn't something I have personally experienced being able to get working on FM.
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on this or is it worth a separate thread? This isn't something that should be dependent on system, I just want to know if it is achievable as I rarely see it.
  7. Is there any way to get CBs/FBs/basically anyone playing deeper to play direct balls forward but along the ground? I would expect ball-playing defender on a positive team mentality and direct passing to attempt positive, direct passes forward but it seems all it encourages is aerial balls forward. The pass I am looking for is from a CB into the feet of a striker or attacking midfielder who has moved into space further forward.
  8. Would also like to know answers to the above if anyone knows? Creating a team with a 80k all-seater and then it having hotdog stands in the corners with benches is not great for immersion.
  9. Honestly the best way is to play them as WBR/L. But even in those positions they defend too deep and narrow at times but I've found it's marginally better. Nothing worse than a successful high press that forces a long ball only for the opposition wingers to be stood on the halfway line able to receive it under no pressure at all because full backs have dropped alongside the CBs.
  10. Play Out Of Defence just decreases passing length for defenders so they are less inclined to play long balls. It works absolutely fine here in conjunction with direct passing and merely acts as a modifier.
  11. What are Cercle Brugge's facilities rated as? You have set the loan manager to only accept loans to clubs with at least 'good' facilities which might be the issue?
  12. The right column is the issue here. It doesn't matter what the column relates to it ALWAYS causes a scroll bar once you revisit the squad screen after visiting another screen. Personally sick of having to 'Auto Size All Columns' all the time.
  13. Have Apple removed the option to 'merge'? Not showing up at all on my system when holding option key. Making this extremely hard to get updated to the most recent files. Edit: I got around this by using 'Ditto' command using Terminal, see here: https://blog.macsales.com/42594-macos-101-the-many-ways-to-merge-folders-on-the-mac/
  14. Does anyone actually notice a difference when using low crossed, floated, whipped etc? I set it to low because I have small, quick forwards like the game recommends but they always get played in high.
  15. Nice thread. Surprised you've had no response. Using a similar philosophy with AZ currently.
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