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  1. This was a thing before the patch as well. Key passes for all corner takers/free kick takers anyway. Probably not further compounded by every single one registering as a CCC now too.
  2. Get those full backs pushing much higher up defensively - things like closing down more, man marking the opposition full backs with them, using attack duty instead of support, playing them as MR/ML if capable, should all encourage this. 3412 has enough defensive support from central areas to move over to cover wide areas if your intentions to press higher with the full-backs, AMC and STs fails.
  3. Absolutely. And alongside players like Saint-Maximin and Fraser they have a very good team in attacking transition. I just use Almiron as a AM(A) though, asked to press more.
  4. Nice thread. I have Almiron at Newcastle and I actually use the position (and the player) to be more of a threat when we do not have the ball, using his work rate to prevent playmakers getting on the ball and then the transition opportunities this generates. Also, just to note Dele Alli, and Spurs, didn't play against the German Wolfsburg
  5. Albert Sambi Lokonga DOB is incorrect. Also listed as left only for preferred foot which seems off, he predominantly uses his right and is very good using it.
  6. Apparently van Ginkel is close to a move to Ajax from PSV, despite being on loan at PSV from Chelsea:
  7. Would be interested to hear how others immerse themselves in the game world during a save. What I mean by this is do you set anything up to keep on top of results from around the world, transfers that have happened, basically all the stuff you know about in the real world of football. Maybe following certain tournaments? Players?
  8. Nice post and theory but FM doesn't reflect real life unfortunately. If you play where Burnleys defence above is situated then you will give up balls over the top time after time. Did not know that the games definition of d-line was when the ball was situated in the opponents half so thanks for that.
  9. Would be so good to have more graphs and charts for stats that are completely bugged yeah. Or they could fix the actual existing features first.
  10. Baffling isn't it. Amazing level of "shrug shoulders and sort next year".
  11. Yeah you can't trust a single stat that the match engine spits out. There are numerous threads on it now but apparently there isn't a problem.
  12. It should also count as a CCC and a CCC created by the assister. But it doesn't so what's the point in looking at those stats when they don't register anyway. Just disillusioned with the direction of this game when the responses are that these statistical issues are intended. Funny thing is they added xG this year to further enhance the number of statistics in the game and we, the users, end up with actually less useable stats.
  13. When I saw someone from SI replying to this I thought hallelujah it's being addressed. And it's being written off as something that is intended!! Unbelievable. You literally can't scout anyone based on key passes any more then. Key tackles? Forget it because apparently nothing is a key tackle (but in the other match engine everything is?). Don't get me started on what is or isn't regarded as a clear cut chance - I've seen chances from a yard tapped in that apparently aren't. Absolute madness. I've bought the game this year based on not knowing about this, next year if it's in th
  14. Was just an extension of your original post and the thread is about understanding the game mechanism so it might even help the OP. But never mind ill do my own testing.
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