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  1. A Step Down?

    Stay loyal!
  2. Fantastic start, looking forward to more updates!
  3. Sticking with the red side of the force

    Very, very harsh.
  4. Back to Business and after football success!

    Good choice!
  5. An FM Career - Now With Added Bitterness.

    Very nice career thread, I enjoy it a lot!
  6. We have around £ 900,000 in the bank but we pay more than £ 6,000 in wages than allowed. But if there will be changes, then in January. I want to see the players to show what they can, then we can figure some moves out. Bring on the season! Willem II 2 de Groot (39) Wojchiechowski (Pavel from now on) (43) FC Dordrecht 0 What a great start to the season! We dominated right from the beginning and Dordrecht actually had no chance to get away with something. The support was magnificient, more than 14,000 people came to see us play, we really can't let these people down, I suppose... SC Cambuur 0 Willem II 3 van Nuland (11) Janga (23, 29) Another clean sheet, another convincing win, another smile on my face! Our supporters already chanted "We're too good for this league!", but the season will be a long and hard drive, I'm afraid. We are top of the league with 6 points out of 2 games and 5-0 goals. Only one team wins automatic promotion, and it has to be us...
  7. My managerial career Ladies and Gentlemen, I have decided to start my own thread despite my fear to lack success compared to the other impressive stories around here. But anyway, this won't stop me from posting my progress as my career goes on. Here are the leagues I have loaded at the beginning, you will find the lowest league available in brackets: England (League Two) Belgium (Third Division) Germany (Second Division) Holland (Second Division) France (National) Italy (Serie B) Spain (Liga adelante) Scotland (Third Division) Portugal (Second League) My first destination is Holland, trying to revive a club fallen from grace. I remember them playing in the Champions League less than 10 years ago and now they are playing in the Dutch Second Division. It has got to be my aim to lead this club back to the Eredivisie and maybe back to Europe, if lucky. WELCOME TO WILLEM II TILBURG !!!
  8. An Aston Villa Story.

    It took some time to read this story, but it was well worth! Your Villa transition has been superb, shame that it didn't work out with the Premiership title last year. But there's always a next year... keep it up, I will follow it closely!
  9. Broken Hearts & Shattered Dreams...[Completed]

    Great story! Very interesting with all the twists and stuff, I like it very much! Looking forward to the new season too, wondering how you will do with your Stuttgart side. Keep it up, it's class!