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  1. Just played my title rivals and accidently selected my backup GK as my ST instead of SB1 played whole half like that before i realised a simple pop up from ass man asking if i am sure i want to play a GK in the outfield and vice versa when selecting an outfield player as GK would be excellent and game saving feature as i lost with an xg of 2+ in the first half and my last save was over a month ago
  2. There was a football manager pre Sigames think in 2001, played that one whole summer break when staying with relatives abroad.
  3. Depends how you like to play, some people like to buy young players develop them and sell for huge profits and sign a new wonderkid (rinse and repeat). If you wanted a like for like replacement (another star alrady developed) you would have to pay similar amounts. If Real really wanted him you could get 200m easy
  4. never seen that poor partnership arrow before nice... except for the fact i spent my transfer budget last season on Dos Santos and this season on Romano specifically bought Romano because i wanted to go to a 3 at the back and he is not built for a 2 man back line (5ft9)
  5. Showerman

    Past Winner

    When viewing past winners for the league or champions league etc... currently you see the winner/runner up/third place team it would be good to see who the manger was in another column also when clicking on a managers profile before you could see the exact date they took over now its just the year, can the exact date comeback ?
  6. yh i know, even though they were offered important roles and 1 i think star player as i had no choice (ask agent)... maybe it was to do with loyalty fee and lack of sell on/yearly wage rise as i like to negotiatie them down/out
  7. to add to this im now the spurs manager again finanaces are shocking got soo many players 33+ all the highest earners at the club starting transfer budger of £11m... I left a decade ago with £600m in the bank and they have only spent about £20m a season for the last 5 seasons MAX... somehow CR7 managed to win the league a couple years back but players are rejected me for the likes of Hull and Norwich (none of us have european football) my rep is much higher so god knows why. A player would never reject the likes of Chelsea/United if they midded out a couple seasons of CL for a team that is also not in CL or EVEN a team that made it for 1 season as a one off or a team that is in the europa league.
  8. i spent 11 seasons at spurs making them a dynasty i am a legend i won 9 titles and 26 trophies then left for madrid 10 years later spurs are suffering after some decent seasons and winning the title 2 seasons ago, last season they just abut survived relegation and this season they are a low mid table side my contract is up in june it is january and they just sacked their manager so i thought id apply and bring back glory fans are laughing at me and say i have no chance and the club should ignore me and onefootball says something similar when i declared interest lol why ? i dont get it they are still ****1/2 rep side and in top 10 or are they laughing at me because im no good ? genuinley confused ? i am a club legened
  9. teams you play friendlies against "local" sides or if you have a camp in a popular desination "teams touring nearby"
  10. He is not the first and took me about a season to find someone willing to replace the previous manager who WON La Liga 2 now another sakced whilst top of the league. NO ONE decent want to join as manager of Castilla and i dont blame them let alone someone who plays the same style of football as me.
  11. So my striker had a wonder season, breaking the Messi record on the last day with a few minutes left ala Lewandowski IRL this season. Then i saw this striker for Celta(Hugo) WOW. How can only Sochaux be interested ? my scouts dont reccomend him at all... his record is amazing surely this would secure a big move IRL ???
  12. managed to get 27 in 30 league 1st season for me with 37 in 41 all comps securing £200m move to PSG used him either as an AF in a 1 or DLF in a 2
  13. physical stats need to not decline rapidly the most shocking one ive seen over the years is plyers strength dissapearing when they go past 32, when irl an older player would be much stronger then a younger player and this is one of the advantages older players have, acceleration going is a yes and even pace and stamina but strength?!? i think not Also another thing is the board at most clubs do not want to sign players over 30 and sometimes even over 28 when irl in the EPL United (Cavani), Chelsea (Thiago Silva), Arsenal (Willian) and Spurs (Bale) all made marquee signings last summer that were over 30 and 3 of them were succesful/resonlbly succesful with a cult like connection amongst the fanbase. Whilst Key/main players in league winning sides such as (Yilmaz Lewandowski, Tadic, Gundogan/fernandinho, whole Inter side, Suarez) are all over 30, not to mention top scorers/players of the year. So I think older players should have a less rapid decline in certain physical atributes, better connection with the fans(merch/shirt sales),stronger leadership status and boards should encourage signing experiences/holding onto long standing players as well as the players willing to accept shorter term contracts 2 years 1+1 etc...
  14. strongest 11 start every league game/CL knockout fixture if fit use a shadow 11 in cup and early european ties have a squad of 23-25 including 3 keepers then try to sell/loan a couple in jan window when i will have less games for the backup players
  15. yh instead of winning the Champions League, Cup, Super Cup, European Super Cup and League sometimes I just win the League and Cup.
  16. What happened here....? I wanted to take off Moukoko(AMR) having a bad game for Greenwood and did so via the bottom of the pitch but almost instantly and before the ball had gone out of play as I was in a highlight my assistant recomeneded taking off Sancho(AML) as he was in the red zone fitness wise... I think i hit "do it" instead of "ignore" and both players came off next break in play and Greenwood came on AMR leaving me with 10 men and unable to bring on another in that position. I dont know how to get the match report so I can see why or which minute this happened.
  17. Hired as manager Birmingham 2021 Finished 16th in the Championship Left for Hull in 2023 Finished 13th in the Championship Sacked as Hull manager 2023 Hired as Barnsley manager 2024 Finished 15th in the Championship 2025 finished 6th in the Championship, knocked out of semi final of play offs Sacked as Barnsley manager 2027 Unemployed in 2029
  18. Not feedback but just had my first unbeaten season 2028/29 as Spurs, Arsenal came 2nd then I beat Arsenal in the finals of the League cup/FA cup and Champions League final. They should rename the ground after me right?
  19. This must be a bug ? I signed a young brazilian center back on a free transfer and let my DOF do the negotiations and he put in a loan as one of the promises. I would have prefered him to stay at the club as I need cbs in my u23s. I got a reminder of the prmoise so offered him out on loan with 100% wages and £5m a month fee, knowing no one in thier right mind would pay that and it would keep him happy as i had at least made an effort... but one of my feeder clubs from league 1 bid for him...i accepted... it went through...Shocking.
  20. Been annoyed by this for years. Always have my newgens training on them but they never really increase, makes the game almost unplayable once real players retire.
  21. my player doesnt want to leave I am not worried about the incoming bids this is just one example of the hyprocrisy of the AI yh I know, even though im my game there have been plenty of dealings both ways with Chelsea and Spurs. just unfortunate that my current transfer target is a chelsea player for this example i wanted to show but previously I was after a Barcelona left back who had just broken into the first team on a smaller contract and the media/agents were quoting £200m even though he had requested a transfer Yet when someone chases a STAR on my side that DOESNT want to leave its £80m... if its meant to unsettle then its not working
  22. How is this ever worked out ? I have a world class player I DONT want to sell with a 5 year contract and the player doesnt want to leave but bids will come in at his value or under, but a player I WANT to sign who only has less then 3 years on his contract and is interested in making the switch they want a world record fee? This is my player I dont want to sell: This is the player I wish to buy:
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