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  1. Yep. Same here. Something else they can't be bothered to sort out. Been happening since beta!
  2. Cheers Knap. I'll keep that tactic on hold for a moment. I have just switched to your Warrior 442 and have had 2 wins and a draw so far! Europe could be back on
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent tactic for Millwall please? Just got promoted to the premiership and getting ripped a new one every week :(
  4. Is it just my game, or are some of the long throws, very long throws! Most of them even go higher than the stadium Great to watch.
  5. You said that last year and done nothing, so I won't hold my breath.
  6. Same problem as last year, "sign in has been temp disabled for this app" If SI can't be bothered to sort it out, don't add it again.
  7. Just started a new save with Millwall. I'm gonna use this as the away tactic and use your 4-2-3-1 as the home tactic. I'll stick to my plan and post up after a full season.
  8. Thanks for the replies people. I'll stick to just the recommended 5, rather than confuse the player Regards...
  9. This was my first purchase. CM93 on the Amiga 500. I'll carry on till 2023 for my 30th anniversary. Maybe call it a day, maybe not
  10. I dunno if this is the right forum. If not, please accept my apologies and move topic to proper forum. Is there anyway to change your stadium? I play as Millwall and like in real life there are no corners. I would like to play in a bowl stadium. Is there anyway to change the stadium via an edit, or similar? Even expanding the stadium, or even a new build, results in 4 seperate stands. Regards...
  11. Same here. Too many draws. Tried the updated version last night. Still a few draws but not as many. I also don't feel comfortable wihtout wide players, but thats just me
  12. No. I'm not training traits that contradict each other. That would be dumb
  13. After training 5 traits for a player my ass manager says anymore is just excessive. I pushed on anyway, bit of a test, and have a striker with 7 traits. Now considering that the ass manager says this is excessive, will having more traits than the ass manager recommended have a detrimental effect on the player, or is it ok? Regards...
  14. Well, there was a hotfix recently. They could have made it so that we left. Its one thing to have those stupid rainbow flags in the game let alone saying we did not leave the EU. Poor form SI.
  15. SI showing their true colours? We left, so why change it in game?
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