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  1. Go to preferences. Click advanced tab. click on the screen flow tab. Uncheck "visit news screen automatically".
  2. I'm using Knap's Beowulf and from here:- Was gonna try a few more but kept on winning with those 2, so I let the game run. I am playing Millwall and have just reached the championship play-off final
  3. Thanks Knap! I'll keep these in reserve for now. I am using FM19.3.4BEOWULF4141WMAFKnapP106ECCC at the moment and have played 17, Won 11, Drawn 6, Lost 0, nice tactic Knap Will keep this going until things go south, then switch over to your recommendations. Regards....
  4. @Knap. What tactic would you recommend for Millwall starting the championship? Regards....
  5. I'm doing ok as Millwall with these tactics, but.....I cannot find a complete forward who is willing to play for us. Could the tactic be tweaked to use an advanced forward or something? Regards....
  6. Ah, world cup Qatar! Just checked, all prem teams are the same, no game for 54 days. All good, panic over! Took the boys on a jolly up to Oz and NZ, with a few games thrown in
  7. What has gone on here? Sorry for large picture!
  8. I'm playing as Millwall and these V2's have seen Millwall start to lose badly. I'll stick to V1 for now as they are working just fine ;) Also, did you import these tactics from FM18 or start from scratch? Cos I can't find a way to import any tactics from 18 to 19. Regards...........
  9. So I hit the "discuss plans for next season button", and get "team meetings cannot take place during the off season". Now I cannot progress any further in the game. Any ideas? Regards...
  10. Rotten b*****ds!!! Jaw hit the floor as I was awarded a nice £500M bonus for a new stadium and better players. Bah humbug
  11. I know you can change the league ball colours in the prefs menu, but cannot find anything for the FA Cup ball colour, or have I missed something? I really struggle to see the dark red/brown cup ball during the game, and its doing my head in!
  12. I am managing Millwall, and managed to take them into the premiership in my first season. Quite a feat considering I had no money to spend on decent players. Now, I am getting trounced nearly every game by a wide goal margin, and no matter how many times I reload the save and try different tactics, etc, the same thing happens...defeat after defeat after defeat. I am using some of Knap's tactics, from here, but no joy. Any ideas, suggestions? Regards...
  13. Thanks. Will try a few of Frankies tactics out.
  14. Has anyone tried, did they work? Only asking because I loved Frankies tactics in FM17. Not seen him around for a while and was wondering if I should try out his tactics in FM18? Thanks.
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