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  1. Ajax one would be a short term save. You could probably achieve that in 5 seasons, there's even an outside chance of winning the CL in the first season anyway. I'd suggest the same thing but with another dutch club.
  2. Did you not already own it on Steam when it was out? If so it should still be in your library and just hit install and away you go
  3. Can't remember which version it was 08 or 09 maybe? But their information pages used to have quite a bit of comedy info about them and I enjoyed it. Was hoping to see that again
  4. I imagine it won't work as now we have doctors as staff members
  5. Loki always links any graphics and data files he uses in the descriptions of his videos. The information you seek was right in front of you this whole time
  6. Took up a DoF save having never tried one before and obviously set it so he took care of everything so that I was literally just a tactics/match day/man management guy. Having run the save for 10 years, one thing I found infuriating was not the DoF's ability in the transfer market, more is inability to look at my squad and my tactic and see what was needed to be done. I thought maybe this was due to individual DOF attributes and how good they are at their job, but alas, I had 5 of them in 10 years, all largely with the same fault. Many transfer windows came and went without them addressing blindingly obvious weaknesses in my team. I could do with a back up full back, he'll sign another CM I don't need. I play with one striker and already have three at the club, main guy, backup, and development kid, he'll sign another two, and hell, why not one on loan just for good measure. I consistently had to adjust formations to accommodate the new players I didn't really need to give everyone game time and keep them happy. I'd suggest a feature where you have a meeting with your DoF, maybe once a transfer window, to outline what you require. Tell him you need a backup, rotational, key player that plays in CM/LB/RW or whatever, wether that's a transfer or a loan is up to him of course, but these are the targets you need to achieve your objectives on the pitch. just might be slightly more realistic to work WITH your DoF rather than putting up with whatever he throws at you. Obviously you could use this opportunity to get him to offload certain players you really don't want anymore
  7. I pretty much delegate everything apart from transfers. Used to do contract renewals myself but started delegating them recently after becoming irritated my every player having a good game and demanding a new contract. Always delegated training but this year I've been changing it up when the Ass Man presents his fortnightly training plans (they love scheduling tiki taka every other week for some reason despite me playing on the counter since I took over ) delegate youths and reserves of course as I can't be managing those matches as well when my season takes long enough with a potato laptop.
  8. I'm also one who's largely ignored set pieces over the years yet still gained from the default. Was too scared to accidentally come across some sort of exploit that would lead my CBs to score 20+ goals per season. This year however I've had to actually take a look and move things around as I am tired of seeing my tall strikers lurking outside the box rather than getting involved and using his height advantage to try and score.
  9. My absolute favourite posts are the ones that start out with 'Hi, I've been playing FM since back when it was CM and ever since time began and this is why what I'm about to say is totally valid and reasonable'
  10. Orange line indicates your players have formed an understanding partnership with one another and as such will generally link up better with each other when played. Similar partnerships can be achieved between full backs and wingers, midfielders and strikers. The colour of the line indicates how well they play with each other, iirc orange is 'ok' and green is very well
  11. Haven't refreshed page so don't know if this has been responded to yet. But I'm thinking (hoping) city and United would be prioritising the league and CL so whilst FA Cup isn't a 'lesser known' cup, perhaps they view it as less important at that stage of their season?
  12. That's the best time ahs place to look for those scorelines as every season the first round of that particular competition throws up the likes of Bayern and Dortmund versus some pub team. See scores go into their twenties in FM 18
  13. This is nothing more than a good start to the season really isn't it Just done a Burnley/Watford/Leicester scenario and you may drop off in a couple of weeks. Would be very worried if that is indeed still the case come the final third of the season but a newly promoted club starting well in the league is hardly an impossible feat.
  14. I think their needs to be an expansion to squad dynamics, where players are more aware of their status at the club in more ways than the minutes they get on the pitch and their wage, and behave and react accordingly. If I praise a kid for his training efforts, he'd likely go home over the moon that day, not backchat me immediately and tell me I'm an idiot. Agree with the above that youth players most probably wouldn't get much access to the manager at all and if that did happen, it would be indicative of them probably getting their big break in the first team. I think we shouldn't really see or hear much about how the youth kids are doing in training, until one day the U18's manager/HOYD/Assman one day pick out some 17 year old who's standing out in training/youth matches and suggesting they get some first team minutes.
  15. Potentially have a big but unsure if it's a mistake or not. Ass Man comes back to me to tell me a player I loaned out isn't being played in the position agreed on the loan offer (GK) and instead being played as a CM. Sounds weird anyway but the player is actually a CM Can't check now but I may have made a mistake and asked him to be played as a GK. Will check in a minute and report back if that is indeed the case.
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