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  1. Aye so you can, which is something I've done before. However, you do lose interest when he signs your 3rd striker of the transfer window to fit in a formation that only uses one. Youd want the ability to have a meeting with your DoF and chief scout to outline potential signings and identify weaknesses in the team before he blindly goes signing whomever he can
  2. Don't know what this obsession is with realism or simulation. Yes we want it to mirror the real world but at the same time...do managers REALLY deal with contracts and transfer fees anymore? The more football has become a business the less responsibility a manager has had with these financial aspects. But if we were to completely take it out of the game we'd lose such a massive part of what FM is about. I do not see what's wrong with adding in a proper DoF 'mode', particularly to clubs where a DoF model is totally apparent irl. It doesn't take away realism from the game, merely adds a challenge. Of course it's easy in FM to take over Man Utd and fix them, making them a force once again. But realistically, any manager is going into that job with little say over transfers and have to do the best with what they've got. Turn off DoF models if need be in preferences, but I think it's high time this modern aspect of football management was properly implemented.
  3. Isn't that already in the game? its presented more graphically now
  4. Of course not but wether you like press conferences and media interaction or not it's a part of football. There's the age old argument that it's boring and the questions are the same but 99% of pre and post march interviews are the same, with the same questions depending on the context. Either way, the media can be a great tool to motivate players, unsettle transfer targets, too. It doesn't have to be a chore
  5. They should get that ginger lad back to present the new features like they did for FM18. I enjoyed that
  6. That second one isn't a feature is it? that's an updated rule change surely
  7. Club vision will be great. Will be nice to see clubs have ambitions be it on the pitch, in the bank or club reputation. Adds a little extra to every save and changes things up from job to job. Makes it a little more dynamic, rather than just taking over a club and slowly/quickly building success. Will be a challenge to develop players for profit knowing I too often get attached to them
  8. Theres usually animation improvements every year. And seeing as theres been player model improvements I'd assume theres been a lot of work done on the animation side too to bring it all together
  9. I'd say 'earlier in the week' would suggest Monday/Tuesday for the non feature related thing
  10. Wonder if players who don't come on the forums or interact with the community at all find the game too easy though. Anyone who comes here or follows Twitter stuff cant escape from finding out which part of the ME is overpowered or what the latest tactical exploit is .
  11. Don't think a 'head less often' would be a good addition tbf. Those examples you provided are an issue with the ME or whatever so it's really down to common sense that a player shouldn't try to head the ball when it's going out of play or there isn't any present danger. I think that's just something we'll likely see less of in FM20 rather than getting its own tactical instruction
  12. Like, how are you coming to the conclusion that a platform allowing users to stream the game at higher performances mean that carrying saves over from previous games would be possible? Or why would it mean that greyed out players would cease to exist? I mean those players main function is to fill out squads that don't have the numbers to field a full team. I'm just not sure where you're coming from with this, or indeed, going with it
  13. I'm not sure you actually 'get' what FM on Stadia means in general tbh mate
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