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  1. Yeah this. Rotation always becomes a ballache when you have more than this too.
  2. Cheers guys! Great to hear that even Americans don't really have an idea either
  3. So I fired up a save and thought I'd go with the MLS for something different and I'm largely enjoying it. I started with LAFC because a new club seemed like a pretty good challenge and it was an interesting prospect. We ended up winning everything first season which was pretty good but the one thing stopping me from properly getting into it is my absolute ignorance into how the transfers work. I accidentally managed quite a few transfer coups but I'm not sure how, first season I traded in Sergio Santos for a 1st round pick and 100k allocation money (whatever that is ) and he was my top scorer first season. Second season I managed to trade in Luciano Acosta for 500k allocation and a few of my draft picks. I've kind of got my head around the draft system, that's all fine. But why do I have transfer budget of 10 million, and I arrange a transfer for 4m only for it to fail because I don't have the transfer funds? I really don't understand. Hoping some Americans can clear this up for me with a decent rundown of what's going on here. Thanks
  4. Best you can do in League 2 is keep your wage budget under control and only really sign players on a free. Check when Premier League teams release their youth players and you'll be able to pick up a gem, play him for a season or two and move him on for a tidy profit. You may even have your own gem in the youth system from time to time. Aside from that, you could have a good cup run in the domestic cups and hope you draw a Premier League team away and you'd get a cut of the matchday ticket income which can be very lucrative
  5. FMLive was before it's time, maybe it could have worked better these days, perhaps it wouldn't . But the main issue was FMLive was only good at the beginning of a GW, when all players were free transfers and the first people that could afford the big names would get them eventually and that's where the trouble started. If you joined a GW too late, you'd be picking free players from the dregs. The star players rarely transferred and sometimes the managers that owned these players remained inactive anyway. It just doesn't work as a concept really, noone wants to pay a subscription and not be able to have their favourite players, noone wants to pay a subscription to play against the AI because the opponent hasn't logged in for two weeks, ye may as well just be playing normal FM.
  6. I've only ever used it to rename a player who's name I can't pronounce (not that I ever need to verbally say their names ) to some simplified version of their name It's actually quite rare I have to do it as I'm immediately put off signing players with complicated names
  7. Iheanacho is a current shout, I reckon
  8. I think lower league is of such a standard where scouts can tell you wether or not a player is suited to the league or not and that's all I tend to go on. Even then I may ignore them entirely if a player is in good form. I mean I've won promotion from league 2 with a bunch of players that were considered good enough for the conference at best. I do feel the scouts and coaching staff could start to include form a lot more in their judgement rather than just basing things in attributes alone. A common theme I have in lower leagues is bringing in what is supposed to be an 'important first team player' but they never pick up form or adapt to my system and are often outperformed by players a couple steps below them, yet the coaches still insist he should be in the starting XI
  9. Ajax one would be a short term save. You could probably achieve that in 5 seasons, there's even an outside chance of winning the CL in the first season anyway. I'd suggest the same thing but with another dutch club.
  10. Did you not already own it on Steam when it was out? If so it should still be in your library and just hit install and away you go
  11. Can't remember which version it was 08 or 09 maybe? But their information pages used to have quite a bit of comedy info about them and I enjoyed it. Was hoping to see that again
  12. I imagine it won't work as now we have doctors as staff members
  13. Loki always links any graphics and data files he uses in the descriptions of his videos. The information you seek was right in front of you this whole time
  14. Took up a DoF save having never tried one before and obviously set it so he took care of everything so that I was literally just a tactics/match day/man management guy. Having run the save for 10 years, one thing I found infuriating was not the DoF's ability in the transfer market, more is inability to look at my squad and my tactic and see what was needed to be done. I thought maybe this was due to individual DOF attributes and how good they are at their job, but alas, I had 5 of them in 10 years, all largely with the same fault. Many transfer windows came and went without them addressing blindingly obvious weaknesses in my team. I could do with a back up full back, he'll sign another CM I don't need. I play with one striker and already have three at the club, main guy, backup, and development kid, he'll sign another two, and hell, why not one on loan just for good measure. I consistently had to adjust formations to accommodate the new players I didn't really need to give everyone game time and keep them happy. I'd suggest a feature where you have a meeting with your DoF, maybe once a transfer window, to outline what you require. Tell him you need a backup, rotational, key player that plays in CM/LB/RW or whatever, wether that's a transfer or a loan is up to him of course, but these are the targets you need to achieve your objectives on the pitch. just might be slightly more realistic to work WITH your DoF rather than putting up with whatever he throws at you. Obviously you could use this opportunity to get him to offload certain players you really don't want anymore
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