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  1. Thank you, kind sir. This has gotten Steam fixed and I'll be more careful when closing down in future.Just have to remember my login now.
  2. I haven't searched for a solution and I'm rather pressed for time, so please excuse this possible pointless thread. Been a while since I've been in GD too, so hello again etc. I'm getting this when I try opening Steam and FM. anyone know what's wrong? The word "Blob" has amused me far too much.
  3. Ahh, all done and dusted, let's hope I get the hang of it now. Created my team in but left some things as they are, so here's hoping it works fine, thanks for your help!
  4. OK it works fine. But now I'm stuck on as to how I can edit my team into it? Quite new with the editor! I can't seem to be able to load up his database thingy, only the 11.3 patch.
  5. Grand so... and now to see if it's worked. Thanks.
  6. That's the one I've downloaded and am currently trying to convince to work. Should I manage to get it working, will I be able to edit the database he's made to create my own team?
  7. First, I havn't really been here in GD since 09 so I don't know if this editor lark is allowed to be discussed here, however, I don't see the harm in this thread being moved. Basically I want to start a save where I take my own created team up from below the BSN/S leagues, literally start a club off from Sunday league status. I'm having trouble, I've found a database (I hope) and I'm having trouble sorting it all out, so I'd like someone to send me a link (PM if it's not allowed here) of a good additional league download and information on how I should get the thing to work. I know what I want and I know what tools I need, but I just need someone to sit me on their lap and tell me how it's done. Again, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I need to get hold of someone who's in the know.
  8. The more I thought about it, the more it seems a good idea, I think you can almost imagine it already in the game.
  9. Edited my 08 database, and am currently moving up the leagues. I added in myself as a 15 year old player, same name as the manager I am, didn't really make him amazing, I just closed my eyes and mashed down some numbers when setting his attributes. That's the closest I've ever had to a "son", I still soldier on, I always get bored once i'm ten years into the game with little club success and still no sign of my relative. But I soldier on, knowing that, should he appear, I'll perk right up and get into the game.
  10. obviously that example was to give an idea, I'm sure that it could be worked to make it all look neater for the players who get a massive number of assists every season. The idea occured to me after I wanted to find out how many goals my top assisting player had set up for my top scorer.
  11. Just a random idea I've had, I've no idea if the feature exists somewhere already or if the idea has already been raised. How about on the player stats screen, we can find a list of players that the current player has set up goals/assisted? Possibly even saying which match it occured in. Example: Steven Gerrard assists: Fernando Torres - 3 (vs Man Utd, Wigan, Tottenham) N'gog - 2 (vs Wigan, Sunderland) Kuyt - 1 (vs Arsenal) Would be a lot better, then we can see who works well with each other and what players link up regularly.
  12. I'll have a PM with that link too if it's not too much trouble.
  13. Please pick me! Please pick me!
  14. I like it. And now to put my ring on it..