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  1. And ironically, despite it's simplicity back then we still got a game manual every year explaining it to us at least
  2. Of course, but a large percentage of us were newcomers when the game was little more than transfers and tactics. The game has grown in complexity massively in the last 10 years or so.
  3. My main take from the game is just too many long shots being pelted in. Had a few 40 yard screamers. Lovely to look at but takes away some of the awe when it happens too much. Aside from that one on one chances are dismal. Nobody rounds the keeper, and more often than not the shot is fired straight at him. Amazingly the only successful one on one chances I've seen have all been called back for offside
  4. That would be FM touch though, optimised for smaller touchscreen devices. The full FM however could be a nightmare on such devices
  5. Do they release during the day? Usually release in the evening don't they
  6. Doubt there'd be much from Loki, he lives in NI and going through a breakup currently. I doubt he'd have made it to London to do anything.
  7. I'm guessing its darker to provide contrast so the new pitch deterioration is more apparent when it happens
  8. Also with the added benefit of him turning any player into a full back, regardless of positions they naturally play. but hes great for experimental tactics, will often just create something a bit odd and then somehow jam his players into it rather than just buy someone specifically for a position. Sometimes it works, a lot of the time it doesn't but its compelling viewing and you find yourself gaining affinity towards some of his players
  9. That's Loki Doki to a tee, imo. Just plays it how your average Joe would. Will develop a tactic that works somehow and go with it. When he can't pronounce a foreign players name he'll just give them an amusing nickname. In Journeyman saves he'll blunder his way into a job without reading the rules of the league. I think it was his 17 save where he took a job in italy and spunked his budget on a couple of Non EU players before realising he couldn't register them he doesn't get sacked too often really though, has a habit of overacheiving wherever he goes, but not in a way that's boring or winning everything in sight.
  10. Loki Doki is just the best for me. Doesn't really try to be a YouTuber at all despite it becoming his job, you really do feel like (as others say) you're round a mates house watching FM. Doesn't take himself too seriously and tries to stumble on a tactic that works, however bizarre, without attempting to game the ME. No fancy graphics, just the same intro and his amusing annotations on screen when he realises in editing that he's missing something glaringly obvious. I wish he'd do more skits like he did in 17's journeyman though, I know time constraints of running two series alongside each other have taken over but he's at his best. Fort William has been an amazing save on this version, unfortunately I lost interest in the Journeyman around July and couldn't be bothered to get back into it. Really is my favourite fm youtuber and tbh, the only one I'd watch apart from @docklanders
  11. Question is, if I can play full FM on my phone, how would that work? Must be a nightmare to navigate
  12. Absolutely creasing at the new 'feature' that allows you to upload a photo for your manager profile picture :D
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