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  1. There's a community created skin out there (wannachup maybe?) which displays the strength of the players feet in the profile screen using the 1-20 attributes and it's really good.
  2. Stevicus

    How to develop youngsters

    Obviously the first thing is to make sure they're being loaned out to play first team football, rather than just covering the team or being a backup. Second, check how the team plays, will they be playing him in your preferred position or will they stick him somewhere you don't want him to play? I'm forever annoyed when a talented AMC is being used in MC or on the wings, or if my striker is pushed out wide. Another thing is the teams facilities, obviously lower down the leagues the facilities aren't great but trying to get them to a club with decent facilities would be beneficial. And perhaps most important of all, the level of football they'll be playing. You don't want your player to be playing league 1 or 2 football if he's easily good enough for the championship, could be a wasted season. Similarly, you dint want then playing at a level too high, which would still be beneficial, but could lead to them being dropped from the first team and becoming something of a backup. Also, I tend to keep the youngsters until they're 18/19. Maximise their time using my facilities and being tutored before they're thrust into the football World. Most League 2 teams try to come in and loan my 17 year olds which is tempting but I find they develop a bit slower if they get so much football right off the bat
  3. An top class ageing striker is always worth picking up on a free. I'd personally be wary about spending money on them, I think the peak is 30-32 so I wouldn't turn up my nose to a chance to sign them. It's a case by case basis though. They're always going to have pretty large wage demands, so that's a factor. Bringing them in could impact the playing time of an up and coming striker at your club also, so needs to be considered. They probably won't want to play second fiddle to another striker either, especially if you play one up top. Most importantly for me, is physical attributes. If pace and acceleration have taken a huge hit then I'm extremely wary.
  4. I only ever beta tested it (Coppell) and whilst I loved the concept and enjoyed it, it was just pretty bad. As mentioned above it was interesting for a few days during a fresh GW and then it lost its shine. The big players were hoarded, there was masses of inactivity, the transfer market just never worked and it was just a bit of a grind. I had a small club with a modest selection of players. Rarely won the leagues, got nowhere in the cups. I was reliant on my youth regens turning out decent so I could maybe sell them on to gain enough cash to fund some upgrades in my first team. This never happened. It just felt a bit pants to log in, play matches against the AI and scour the market for a semi decent player and have to pay an inflated fee for him, all the while remaining static with no real progression. That was just beta testing, if I had a paid sub I'd have been pretty miffed. I think if the concept was born today, it may have had a chance but I think it was a bit before its time.
  5. I usually train them to IF on the opposite side from day one. Also builds up their weaker foot and is very handy when you have your youth team replicating your senior tactics as they're usually forced to play the positions you're training. Gives them a good couple of years to adapt to the position before having a go in the seniors Doesn't always work out and sometimes they just never reach a good level though, plenty of times I've had to weed out all the wingers, and just concentrate on more central positions and buy my inside forwards in.
  6. I always have small database with all the major European nations, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France tbf
  7. For instance I arrived at Liverpool two seasons in, they'd signed Gignac already and he didn't fit my style of play so he went on Loan to Lyon for a season where he scored 20 league goals. Simply couldn't shift him the following season, even when I offered him out for half his value and even a fair percentage of wage contribution. Ended up retiring after two seasons in my reserves.
  8. I've found offering players to clubs to be quite ineffective this year for whatever reason. Even at a cut price. It's really difficult to sell a player unless they're already on someone's shortlist and even then sometimes you just don't get an offer
  9. Wouldn't an affiliation automatically be cancelled upon promotion to the same league as the parent club? Only reason I could think is B teams not being allowed to be promoted but unlikely in Scotland.
  10. Stevicus

    Does The 'Squad Win Bonuses' Matter?

    I found offering higher bonuses was great motivation for the start of a season, usually always get off to a good start but find it decreases as the season progresses. The 'BPR' icon usually seems to vanish come December
  11. This is a fantastic, well thought out idea. Mock ups are indeed quite excellent too and I could actually imagine that being in the game. Good work
  12. Stevicus

    Load same nations?

    Just load your nations and start unemployed, retire your manager and create a SEPERATE save file. Whenever you want a new game just reload that save file.
  13. I think a happy medium would be having the scouting centre as it is now, but when scouting individual players, you could set them to high priority if you wanted an emailed report. I imagine IRL the scouts would be out and about doing their thing, and if a manager was to request info on a particular player, the scout would bring it to the managers immediate attention rather than just lumping the report in amongst countless others.
  14. Stevicus

    Man U Always Dominant

    A little different for me, I'm into the fifth season. Chelsea won the first three, City the next and I'm about to lead Liverpool to the next title. United have been struggling to make top 4 every year with Spurs and Arsenal pipping them to the top 4
  15. Usually I just have my ass man take over friendlies as they're mainly just for fitness and gelling the squad together so I don't waste my time with them. However, I've noticed my main first team always get to Match day one in good fitness and match sharpness while those that are not picked in the squad are severely lacking any sort of sharpness. So my question is simple, is my ass man just ploughing through preseason with the selected first team and subs without rotating for fitness? Should I look to make sure the team is completely unpicked and he'll then rotate accordingly?