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  1. Yes especially the main striker role is the biggest problem for me, if they are not on attack duty regardless of role they rarely if ever make striker runs but on attack they dont stay with the team in the buildup an especially when the team is defending , they stay up and are disconnected from the rest of the team. But if you watch modern teams in general the isolated stay alone up top striker role does not really exist anymore , instead almost all strikers defend with the team, press or occupy specific plays like the opposition dm . They still play like strikers in attack . I will try man marking to see if it helps
  2. I win just fine most of the time because the high pressing is so strong in this game that i eventually grind down most teams, this post wasnt about not being able to win, just about the details of mentality and movement and how to possible optimize it.
  3. Its just about the movement of the player which i explained in detail , where they are when the ball is at a certain position during the possession phase . On ml mr in a slow buildup when the ball is in the central midfield without the ball they position themselves too deep to receive the ball in the optimal position compared to aml amr. This is on aml amr This on ml mr on attack duty Their initial position is just deeper and they rush forward but start at a lower position , this is even more drastic when the opponent presses and you want to build from the back , they stay too deep which kills passing options and only rush forward in the final third. Then there is the added problem of the limited roles . no inside forward and lots of wide midfielder roles vs winger roles .
  4. In the ml mr position i dont have roles like inside forward and also their positioning when not having the ball is way too deep in the buildup, also this still does not solve the striker issue
  5. But when i do that the wide players stay up and create two vs one on the flanks and the forwards also stays up which is bad for the buildup , this was the reason for this whole post.
  6. Sorry but this only matters when you attack in transitions, not when you build up slow from the back which what i am trying, the players has plenty of time to get back forward because the buildup is methodical . What about the central striker movement, regardless of attributes and traits, on attack duty he just stays forward when the team defends, leaving a large gap between him and the rest of the team
  7. I have a problem which has been there for a couple of FM versions now, its about support vs attack mentality and offensive vs defensive movement. Usually in fm21 i play some version of 433 like this for example. Now I usually use short passing and balanced or positive mentality to keep possession and try to create chances while in possession. This works reasonable well but the movement from the forward players when they are in support duty just is very bad, the striker does not make typical striker runs and just drops to receive the ball but does not attack the space without the ball , the wide forwards similarly do not aggressively attack the space when the striker drops for example or after one twos, general offensive movement is just bad in support duty . But the problem I have when I put them on attack mentality is the wide players don't track back enough on the flanks which leaves me exposed defensively . When I put the central striker on attack duty he also just stays up when the team is defending which isolates him in the buildup and this also means the buildup from the back misses one player and is harder against a press. Is there any solution to this ? Have the players come deep but also attack the space properly in attack ? I don't think in real life having a striker come deep in possession means he does not make striker runs anymore
  8. I think this all stems from the defensive width tactical instructions which seriously unbalanced wide play . In order to compensate a set number of crosses are blocked to not make the scorelines too unrealistic.
  9. yes but it works,there should be a borderless windowed mode, there used to be one
  10. @SebastianRO Did you try windowed mode ? This fixed it for me and it runs smooth . Now I just need to find out how to run fm21 in borderless windowed mode
  11. I have the same issue but it goes away when I run the game in windowed mode . Is there any way to limit the fps for fm21 or use borderless windowed mode? The option used to be there but it isnt anymore
  12. When I run the game in my native resolution on full screen ( 2560x1440) the whole UI is jittery and not smooth at all, when I change it to windowed mode it perfectly smooth. Driver are updated and my pc exceeds the recommendations , also this is only the ui not the 3d match engine . Cpu : AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor GPU: RX 480 Amd Ram: 16GB
  13. Why is there no upgrade in the ability to position players in the offensive phase ? After they allowed defensive width instructions most teams you come up against defend extremely narrow and deep but you are not able to exploit the space because on the offensive side you have little fine control about where the players position themselves beyond obscure roles and lack of real instructions. Especially how inside forwards behave , when they should move inside in the half space and when to stay outside, impossible to get this right in the match engine currently, they are either too wide or too narrow and move inside not early enough or too much . You cant really tell them they should move in the half space when the ball is at a certain level during ball progression which makes it easy for the defense to intercept passes when they play a narrow 4411. This lack of control makes most games a dull affair when you dont want to play hoof ball ping pong football with the overpowered gegenpress template.
  14. Why has scouting ui changed so you can't search generally for player profiles anymore. Like technical ,smart, physical,ect. The new scouting interface makes it so non intuitive and hard to use for the sake of it . I never get to use the feature to scout for specific players and position , it takes way too long is too specific and is just much faster to manual look at players and filter attributes. The general scouting for certain player profiles was a nice pre filtering so you could then chose among those players for the attributes you want . A lot for the ui changes seem to be made not with usability and work flow in mind ,like the mentioned scouting interface or press conferences layout or match day ui . It might look better but it's not easier to use and needs more steps to execute something while it should be the other way around . This game is basically like work so if you make a ui which aims for looks instead of improving work flow it's just annoying and just increases the number of clicks per actions for no reason .
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