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  1. I think this all stems from the defensive width tactical instructions which seriously unbalanced wide play . In order to compensate a set number of crosses are blocked to not make the scorelines too unrealistic.
  2. yes but it works,there should be a borderless windowed mode, there used to be one
  3. @SebastianRO Did you try windowed mode ? This fixed it for me and it runs smooth . Now I just need to find out how to run fm21 in borderless windowed mode
  4. I have the same issue but it goes away when I run the game in windowed mode . Is there any way to limit the fps for fm21 or use borderless windowed mode? The option used to be there but it isnt anymore
  5. When I run the game in my native resolution on full screen ( 2560x1440) the whole UI is jittery and not smooth at all, when I change it to windowed mode it perfectly smooth. Driver are updated and my pc exceeds the recommendations , also this is only the ui not the 3d match engine . Cpu : AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor GPU: RX 480 Amd Ram: 16GB
  6. Why is there no upgrade in the ability to position players in the offensive phase ? After they allowed defensive width instructions most teams you come up against defend extremely narrow and deep but you are not able to exploit the space because on the offensive side you have little fine control about where the players position themselves beyond obscure roles and lack of real instructions. Especially how inside forwards behave , when they should move inside in the half space and when to stay outside, impossible to get this right in the match engine currently, they are either too wi
  7. Why has scouting ui changed so you can't search generally for player profiles anymore. Like technical ,smart, physical,ect. The new scouting interface makes it so non intuitive and hard to use for the sake of it . I never get to use the feature to scout for specific players and position , it takes way too long is too specific and is just much faster to manual look at players and filter attributes. The general scouting for certain player profiles was a nice pre filtering so you could then chose among those players for the attributes you want . A lot for
  8. Yes against the human players ,the ai can't deal with pressing tactics despite the pressing being mainly poor in the game . If you press in real life like you do in the game it would be a massacre ,it's not coordinated at all . Counter pressing is just a thing ,not a way of playing. You can counter press and play direct or play like Barca used to . The ai just cant deal with pressing in general. Yes it's effective in real life but it's also risky and can't be implemented by every team immediately,you also need the right players
  9. How would you know if it's a bug or a new feature? And you can't really compare this to a real beta .
  10. + -Match engine seems improved in terms of attacking movement which is a big plus. For me the most important part of the game is the match engine and the last two versions of fm were just frustrating in that regard . - some ui changes which don't make sense for me. -Why is there no way anymore to scout for general player profiles likes : technical,smart , physical, young,ect ? Was a nice addition which made scouting easier -Why can't I cancle short assignments anymore -Why can't I search for coach profiles anymore? Like attacking possession and the right a
  11. If I start a game and choose advanced setup the section where I can choose my team never comes and I am automatically managing my favorite team, is this a know issue ?
  12. I hope the match engine is seriously improved. I tried really hard to enjoy fm 2020 but the football is just too dire regardless of what tactics you use
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