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  1. you need more than empty pr statements to really engage with the community . The statement was almost an exact copy of what he said last year, thats not really communication , thats saying something while actually saying as little as possible while praising your own brand
  2. Its just hubris from the sales they made, I certainly wont buy fm again . I hope the made enough new fans with the extensive marketing campaigns , which seems where the majority of innovation and money goes to.
  3. Please point to examples where I have been harassing anyone, I dont think this is fair at all. My comments have clear matter of fact questions and no harassment .
  4. its better to stay specific , there is a specific thing which does not seem possible in this match engine, namely possession heavy passing style of play and goals scored by passing moves after being in possession . I am well aware of general tactical principles both in terms of fm and real football but the frustration of the years me stems from the fact that goals seem to come not because how my tactics are setup but by the me increasing the chance of random goals in order to stay true to real life statistics despite several tactical styles directly from the tactics creator are not working as intended. Now if a user claims he has a tactic which actually works as inteded and scores these type of goals as intended , I want to see it. Its very easy to post a quick rundown of the instructions here or in the tactic forum and link it or post pkms But because it is so easy and I have not seen anyone of those people who claim such a thing actually do it, I am very suspicious and doubtful of their claims
  5. Please post your tactics and PKMs how you scored the goals. There are always some people who claim such a thing but never back it up
  6. Yes but I find it kind of strange that such an me is put out in two games for people buy them. Basically the offensive side of the game can't keep up but to keep goal numbers realistic the number of set piece goals and random goals goes up. Thats very unrealistic and makes me question Sis decision to include the defensive instructions in the game which produce this kind of game play. So you are saying I wasted 80€ on two possible 3 fm versions which have a feature which breaks the me so si can get it right eventually? they had to include the new feature just to have something new even if it breaks a big part of the me ?
  7. I dont think they are recorded correctly, I think chaos in the box after corner goals count as through balls
  8. I press as high and agressive as possible so I manage to win the ball sometimes when they pass it around. But I never get punished by a counter attack for it despite my players pressing at times all over the place with two players attacking one at the same time regularly. Somehow the me is made to always play wide for the cross which also most of the time is crossed into the feet of the defender
  9. I really hope the next patch will make the game better, its really broken and I am not sure how anyone can defend how incredible dull and unrealistic the match engine is. I played a full season Betis reaching 3rd place so my tactic is obviously working but I scored exactly 1 goal after a passing move, even though my team is setup to play combination football. I scored by penalties and set pieces or random shots despite having one of the smallest teams in the league. I also press high and didnt concede a single goal by a counter attack, only by set pieces or crosses. This is frankly completely ridiculous and for me game breaking, if the next patch does not fix that I will not buy the next fm. I think the new defensive width and line of engagement features gimped the offensively limited me and bascially broke the match engine, how Si can release the game with such a game breaking feature is beyond me. I wish I could post all pkms from my season if someone wants evidence but can only post the last 5 or six as the game makes this impossible for some reason.
  10. These are offensive instructions not defensive ones, it makes no sense for them to move narrow while defending. There is absolutely no instruction which should make the players behave like that on a goal kick
  11. It's the same for me, winning nearly all games because of set pieces and crosses , also all goals I concede are set pieces or from crosses. Absolutely boring, I am done, I don't expect it to change much because the issues seem much deeper than what patches can do
  12. Well I suggested to you to post your tactics which make a playstyle possible which you claim but we know how that ended. Regardless of how I want to play the issue is with the type of goals I score or concede. Every way of playing has an advantage or disadvantage, what's most boring is that I don't concede because of my tactics disadvantage and I don't score from my tactics advantage.
  13. For me this game is a boring cross and set piece simulator, every goal i score comes after a set piece or a floating cross, every goal i concede as well. Which makes no real sense, i play a high defensive line and pressing and dont defend narrow but I dont concede on the counter as one would expect, the goals i concede are never counters where my high press gets exploited. Its always a floating cross or a set piece, its so incredible dull and boring. I really dont even care if i win or lose, Its not about having success at all, I am joint leading the league with Betis but I just dont care at all. What exactly is my input in this game? I dont know , its not tactics or how goals are scored. Like others have written here I though the lack of attacking variety was down to the ai defending narrow and deep but this makes no sense because i dont defender like that and still only concede after set pieces and crosses.
  14. This is not true at all, there is almost no penalty in the match engine on the latest patch playing the most aggressive pressing style possible, the ai cant counter that effectively . In my experience you become less defensibly solid with more reasonable pressing
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