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  1. Has anyone tried on KAS Eupen? They seem to be getting Spanish newgens, and I was thinking they might be a nice youth only-option as Barcelona could send through some great youngsters?
  2. LA CITTÀ ETERNA Roma have today confirmed the appointment of Marino Casadei as the club's new manager. Eyebrows have been raised in the world of football at the appointment of the 25 year-old, who has for a number been coaching the youth teams of AS Roma. He is sure to face plenty of questions when he faces the media for the first time at Olimpico. Casadei has put pen to paper on a three year deal worth €135k p/m. I've given myself quite the qualifications, because, well, it makes my job a bit easier. I am clearly rather attack-minded, and I like being able to u
  3. LA CITTÀ ETERNA I've been a longtime lurker on these parts, and I wanted to give this a go myself in order to have any chance of having a nice save game going on FM21. Never been much of a writer, and I don't know how often I can update this, so please be kind and don't be too disappointed if updates are few or far between. I've always had a thing for AS Roma, as I enjoy their ability to bring through youngsters loyal to a fault to the Roma project. Totti, De Rossi, Florenzi, and likely many more. Each having said no to much bigger clubs in order to stay at the club. I ha
  4. I've started my Bologna save, and already no more than a week in, I have a €25M bid from Chelsea for Orsolini and a bid from Roma for Jerdy Schouten. I could sell them, but sometimes I just like having the real players available to me. On the other hand, I doubt Bologna would decline these offers in the real world. What dio you guys do? I fear ending up with already having a squad of random players I've bought myself from the get go, and I don't like that.
  5. Bologna do seem like the team for me. I just like the thought of bringing back Fiorentina. And also the thought of having Gigio Donnarumma from the start of the game. But I fear Milan will alas be too easy of a save, as you say. I will give Bologna a chance.
  6. I'm having a really hard time deciding between playing as AC Milan, Bologna, or Fiorentina. I want a young, talented squad, and I really like the historical significance of Fiorentina and the fact that they don't play European football the first season. Milan seem to fit perfectly, had it not been for the European games, and Bologna seem like a really exciting squad. Any and all recommendations are most welcome!
  7. My board have just agreed to upgrade my youth facilities, but to my surprise, the upgrade is done before it even begins. I've uploaded a save from just before I asked them to do it (YouthFacs_WrongDate.fm). I first asked them to upgrade my junior coaching, then my youth facilities.
  8. Having just bought the game, I'm a bit underwwlmed by the number of clicks in getting to a match. Is there any way to get rid of the "Team News" screen and just go straight to the team talk?
  9. So, I've just bought FM21. I'm looking for a special club. That small club with state of the art youth facilities, or that third division club with a superb U21 prospect. Something like that. I've thought of Altinordu, Palermo, or HSV, but I am really looking for recommendations. I'm open to most European leagues and divisions.
  10. It sounds like a really interesting league. I remember all the hype around Fredy Adu back in the day. But players like him don't come through the draft these days, then? I see a bunch of youngsters in my academy, but I can't get an evaluation on their potential. Are those my Generation Adidas players?
  11. So MLS clubs still get youth intakes like other clubs?
  12. I'm seeking suggestions to either a Eastern European club with some nice youth prospects and perhaps some history, or an MLS club. I haven't tried the MLS before on FM. Is the draft at all manageable if you haven't tried it before?
  13. So, after literally days of contemplation, I've decided to accept the job offer from Lazio. I simply felt that Juventus would be too easy, and at the same time a bit empty without any of the current senators in the squad. On the other hand, Lazio would give me an exciting 20 year-old Italian in Daniele Cianci. Besides, Lazio still only have their two Scudetti, and I would rather like to build on that - just like I did with Reggina, whom I simply felt I could take no further after two consecutive Scudetti. Furthermore, who could say no to a squad as talented as this? Cianci and the squad
  14. Thanks. I will have to give it a more organised go, I figure.
  15. Are you guys having any succes with mentoring? I am really having a hard time with it, and it seems to me there is no reason in regards to who gets what traits as senior players are just as likely to pick up stuff from youngsters as the other way around. I am however hardly ever seeing any development in young players' personality, even if I put youngsters with no influence in the team along highly influential players.
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