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  1. Really enjoying this thread as always! I even started a Sunderland save to update you guys on, but I got too far ahead, and now I only have Max Power left from the original squad! Keep up the good work, all of you, and have a merry Christmas!
  2. I am looking for a new PC suitable for Football Manager and I have found one with a Intel i7 processor. I'm not sure if it's cheap (£649.98), and I am also not sure if it's specs are all that good (it's only dual core). So, I'm basically asking if this is up to par. I will likely be using it for FM and miscellaneous stuff. Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7500U (DualCore 2.7 GHz) 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Harddrive Intel HD Graphics Will I grow frustrated from only having 2 cores? And how will I even be able to feel that during normal use?
  3. They look just about right! Thanks!
  4. Preferred league(s): One of the big countries, but it doesn't have to be in the top division Expectations: Not that important Finances: Not important Facilities: Youth facilities should be as good as possible as I like to build my team around homegrown youngsters. Other: I'd like to find a team that has at least one player who the team can be build around. Doesn't have to be a top player, but just someone with some interesting attributes of sorts.
  5. @robterrace What a sale! Can you post his attributes as well? Good to see all you guys doing well!
  6. That actually happens quite often to me as well! Not that they always score, but my players take huge risks when on contain, even though it seems obvious that keeping a hold of the ball and wasting time is the way to go. Very frustrating, and I haven't found a way to counter it yet. Might be down to some of my tactical settings, I guess. Just not sure which one...
  7. I actually gave him quite a few games in the 20/21 season as he was a great stabiliser in defence. He has almost no pace, but he still gets the job done.
  8. Completely agree on Mulgrew and Smallwood! (whom I've just sold as he just wasn't good enuogh anymore). They've been able to settle literally all complaints in the squad. I sold Nyambe for €275k. So he must be performing better for you, than he did for me
  9. @karanhsingh Raya is such a great keeper! I mistakenly gave ham a release clause as I was negotiating his first contract while in The Championship, and I declined to give him a new one when he asked for it less than a year later. That's how you lose a promising goalkeeper from your own academy for €8M to a league rival. Can't really recommend doing so...
  10. That's the absolute joy of loan players! It's not really your own club's future you are wrecking Do you play the same lineup often? I have a really hard time getting green arrows between my players.
  11. @robterrace incredible result against Huddersfield! Haha, I love those games where everything just comes together. Still, 14-0 is quite a beating! Great transfers as well! Geubbels seems like a find at that level! I'm sure you will be having the title of Premier League manager in no time!
  12. And he's still almost half a year from turning 16!
  13. In four youth intakes at Blackburn, I have now had three golden generations, and once again, I am getting an absurd player. Three star CA from the get go. Now, left back is one of my weaker positions, but still three stars at a Premier League club seems pretty decent. Never seen anything like it before. Paul Smith had four, and if Steve Collins is anything like him, I'll be much pleased! How are your intakes, @karanhsingh?
  14. Nugent and Ormerod is from the same take-in. I got Smith the following year, and Richardson-Daily the year after that. He didn't look that good when he came through, but his determination shot up all of a sudden, and I decided to use him, as I didn't really have a good alternative on the right wing. He's been doing fine, and my coaches give him a nice potential now. He was in a take-in where no one stood out as far as I recall. Still the same tactics, but I am finding it a bit harder to break down the opposition this year, so I might have to tinker a bit down the road. I've instructed my inside forward to sit narrow, but it hasn't really affected his performance. EDIT: I finally sold Nyambe and Wharton this summer. They weren't getting any playing time, and even though they weren't complaining either, I just wanted to send them somewhere else. Nymabe features regularly for Sunderland, Wharton is finding first team football hard to come by at Hull. Rankin-Costello is doing really well. He is still in my starting lineup at every opportunity, and he has 4 goals and 7 assists in 22 (2) matches so far in the league. He hasn't been capped as a full international, but he has played two U21 games.
  15. @robterrace Where has Pochettino gone? Wenger is managing Liverpool on my game in 2021. I always have such a hard time turning these things down
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