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  1. Quick update ive got copies of 05 and 06 and gone into the editor but not in either of them! I definitely know it was of them as these came out when I was in college which is when it was. I’ve installed them and gone in to editor but it looks different to how I remember it. It opens a screen which looks as if you have opened football manager. I seemed to remember it just opened a grey dialog box on your desktop. Or not sure if I’m just dreaming that
  2. I did check 07 and couldnt find it and gave up the search I think it was the first year it was done
  3. Hoping someone who has an older copy of the game or someone at SI can help me. When there was a competition years ago to get your name and picture in the game as a regen, I was in it. I can't remember which year it was and looking at buying the copy I was in, is it possible to have a look for Michael Aldridge
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