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  1. Got a text from GP at 11 inviting me to book in for the vaccine. Booked for 12:30 and had the first dose. Wasn’t expecting to be able to book it same week, let alone within a couple of hours! Not entirely sure why I got the invite. I’m 33 and in good health. I do work in a school and marked as a carer at the GP surgery, so must be that.
  2. I’ve been using a stream, alarm goes off when it was in stock. Have just had it running on laptop the last week. Thought it was easier then refreshing myself
  3. Managed to get one from Game today. Soon as alert it was in stock went, I was on site in a flash. Was so slow and glitchy after getting thorough the queue. Tried to add the stand-alone but came up out of stock and then tried various bundles. Then kept freezing at checkout so was just about to give up after 29 minutes, before I finally came through. £20 delivery is ridiculous but I suppose in the long run it’s not to bad. Ended up with the disc console, Spider-Man and the camera. Already got the headset and duel charging station so have the full set now
  4. Not sure if I’ll bother with the remote Find it easier to watch Prime and Disney + through sky So it seems a waste of £25 to use it only for blu rays
  5. Has anyone got the Sackboy game? thinking of getting it for me and daughter to play. But wondering if it’s worth £60?
  6. Same happened to me Just waiting for the Amazon drop
  7. Find it really strange that Smyths, Game, John Lewis etc have all done stock drops. But Amazon which is the biggest retailer of them all hasn’t
  8. headset is available in Game as well
  9. I had RDR2 last year and could not get into it at all. loved the first one so was really disappointed Got to act 3 and it all just seemed really slow and constantly having to replenish the cores was boring Thinking of getting it again and retrying it and playing it on PS5. At least it won’t be as loud. Sounded like a plane was taking off on my ps4
  10. I got through to the the payment, card details in and then server error!
  11. Smyths have just put the consoles up n stock Go go go
  12. So much for the stock drop this week
  13. On a stock checker twitter Breaking News: My Argos insider (Store Manager) has updated me that their ‘Warehouse Stock Search’ system has changed the delivery date this morning from 02/02 to 04/02 for Disc & Digital. Keep in mind that this date is only an approximate by the Argos warehouse system.
  14. Is there any explanation for all the delays? or is it just a case of high demand, covid affecting production etc
  15. Has anyone got the wireless headset? If so is it any good or are there better alternatives? I use AirPods for everything else, so really only something for the PlayStation I need
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