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  1. For more movement in midfield, you can use DLPd + CMs. How would two DLForwards on Atk work? I think that then there would be more interplay between the two.
  2. Does playing wider with two wingers to boot work for you, seeing as you use short passing. How does the ball reach the wingers?
  3. Your tactic looks really good, balanced in terms of roles and duties and likely to dominate possession against anyone. I'd just put Agger on BPD.
  4. What is the minimum you would go for when it comes to acceleration and pace attributes of attacking wingers? e.g. One of the better wingers with moderate pace is Di Maria. He has only 13 in pace but makes up for it (I guess) with 16 in acceleration. Can you state how quick is quick enough for an attacking winger of great quality? Thank you for responding.
  5. The DLF doesn't drop deep enough for me, which is ironic I guess and I also don't want him to hold up the ball. Trequartistas have more of a tendency to demand the ball which is what I want from my deeper striker. And if I unticked HUB on a DLF and set RFD to rarely, something just wouldn't feel right. I feel more confident with a Trequartista.
  6. Thank you all for your contributions. I should have mentioned that I will deploy a Treq with defensive duties in a 4-4-2 formation, so as a striker. The rest of the roles will probably be: GKd - FBs, CDd, BPDd, FBs - Wa, BWMd, APs, Wa - Ta, AFa It will probably be very exciting going forward but likely to concede a lot as well.
  7. @goodyboy: Thank you for such an exhaustive reply. Don't get me wrong, I don't want my player to turn into a defensive forward, I want him to stay a trequartista who still puts a shift in. @dakka: I will just alter his closing down, not run from deep or rwb.
  8. What would happen if I changed a Trequartista's closing down to be the same as a DLF's, and his tackling to normal? He would work harder, but would his attacking contribution diminish? I want to pair a Tq with an Adv.F. but I can't afford to have a player that does not work hard. In other aspects, the Tq position is perfect for me. He drops deeper than the DLF, doesn't need to have great strength to hold the ball up and generally plays with more freedom.
  9. What the what Kids, this is what google translate does for you
  10. When I play El Sharaawy as an inverted winger on the left, role winger attack, he just cuts in and shoots straight at the keeper every time which means he's completely ineffective. When I play him on the right, same role he dribbles past everyone and either scores or cuts it back for my striker to finish. Conclusion, shooting is immensely flawed. Even though my striker has at least one 1on1 with the keeper per game, I am yet to see a goal scored with a powerful shot past the keeper. I tried a Barca-like tactic which relies on through balls and inside forwards and I couldn't beat anyone (with Liverpool) and then I switched to playing out and out wingers and now I seemingly can't be stopped. It's hard to enjoy the game when you are forced to use drilled crosses to have any chance of scoring.
  11. I always use AMR and AML on mixed forward runs if my striker is on often. Conversely, if my striker is on mixed or rarely forward runs, then my AMR and AML are both on often. I use the same midfield setup as you do, except my AP is on support. This way, I usually strike a good balance in a 4-1-2-2-1.
  12. Don't listen to him about Sterling. Only Robinson is better than him out of all the youngsters. Tutor Sterling with Kuyt and give him cameos. In the second season he can be a squad player already.
  13. Ruben Yttergard Jenssen