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  1. I have problem with the Player Instruction "Mark specific position". Whatever position I select for my players, I dont see any difference in the game. Someone has my same problem?
  2. I have a question: Is every roles different from the others? For example, is there a difference from using a Central midfielder - support with PI "roam from position" and a Box to box midfielder- support? (CM has the same PI of BBM less than "roam from position", if I select use CM with roam from position active, does my player playing like BBM or he does different movements?) So, are there a different/unique movements for every role?
  3. What happens If I select close down less to a player that have close down more already active? which prevails?
  4. I understand, so if I want more pressing for all my players except CBs and DM what is the best setting to give?
  5. I have a problem, i use TI : more more pressing and for my CBs : less pressing.... If TI overwrites PI, why my CBs press so much?
  6. so players istruction overwrites team instruction?
  7. and what happens if I select "less pressing" in player instruction and "more pressing" in team instruction ?
  8. I have a doubt.... For example, if I select anything about pressing in team instruction and select to ALL player instruction "more more pressing" is it the same thing to directly select "more more pressing" in team instruction?? Same reasoning with pass or tackle....
  9. it's only unplayble and inchoerent: Counterattacking mentality says "all players behind the line of the ball", but in M.E forwards stay ahead the line of the ball. This is a wrong option.
  10. The problem of Shadow strikers is the start position, too low
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