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  1. Latina - Roma.pkm In real football, CBS and CBR helps the team in offensive phase by keeping possession and also overlap sometimes. You can see in the PKM that even with an offensive team instructions, and a "stopper" individual instruction, they sit back and don't help the team while in possession. Solution: - Adding support mentality for CBS/R - Adding libero(renaming) role for CBS/R
  2. it's only unplayble and inchoerent: Counterattacking mentality says "all players behind the line of the ball", but in M.E forwards stay ahead the line of the ball. This is a wrong option.
  3. glad not to be the only... Someone that speak english better than me can report the problem? It's unplayble football manager right now
  4. I want that strikers help team in defesive phase, instead now the stay too high on the pitch and they are disinterested For me it's unplayble because my tactic idea is a team that defend in in 11 or 10 not in 9 players...like atletico madrid i use control - flexibility
  5. i have found the problem... this is a fix with new patch 15.3 "- Improved defensive positioning of support duty strikers and attack duty AMCs" I use support strikers, and now they not come back, i have tried with False 9, and other support roles... i have tried to change in counterattacking or control...but nothing, strikers don't come back now this is not a fix in my opinion... It's unplayble now
  6. Since new patch out, strikers don't come back in defensive phase...have you the same problem?
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