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  1. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    For me it will be Tottenham as always
  2. About staff

    I can't answer all the questions, but on the delegated responsibilitys there are those that don't like/need assistance with these areas of the game and I believe that is why that functionality is there.
  3. Ask the player to sack their agent. Maybe the player wants to discuss, but the agent does not like you.
  4. It means you have a very high bank balance, expected to go higher. Should you need it in future that money gets pulled back into the club, if not it stays being invested.
  5. Teams are missing

    Either you have selected fake names at the start or it is a bug. Please start your own thread in the bug forum should you be sure you have not selected fake player names, for now, this thread is closed.
  6. Recycling Previous Versions

    Given that each current version is locked to your steam account, I cannot see how this would be possible.
  7. Yes, this will not be released until the full version of the game is out (same as the editor).
  8. Best Laptop

    Please stick to this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/316085-New-Laptop-Help-Needed And keep all laptop info to the one place.
  9. FM16 - best prices

    Correct, you have to buy a digital version to get the beta. The CD version will not come with the beta.
  10. I agree with the general view. I was a left back, and can play with both feet, but put me on the right side out of defense and I am lost, I don't know where the touchline is etc, whereas on the left of the pitch it was instinctive, I knew where it was without having to constantly check. Little things like this make a big difference, and are things that while they can be trained out of players, do not necessarily come naturally.
  11. FM16 - best prices

    Against Steam user agreement, and risks your steam account being closed, so not advisable.
  12. I know no more than you, and am speculating on the same information you are
  13. Even if we cant see them, having the extra detail on injury if it is there could be a real real positive.
  14. That is the most elegant solution I have heard for that situation in a while
  15. For me this is the key... (unless you have some particularly disloyal/unhappy players.)