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  1. Thanks for the well thought out post. Your four suggestions would be best placed in our Feature Request forum, as they are requests for new features / new functionality of existing features. This can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/353-football-manager-pcmac/. The feature request forum is regularly reviewed by SI staff (even if they do not acknowledge every post, they do read them) This will ensure your ideas are seen. As for the Match Engine, there is already a 3D view in game (has been since I think 2009), and yes I believe SI have teams that work on the match engine
  2. Would you not say Man Utd are facing a morale issue in real life at the minute? On paper they have the players, Pogba, Fernandes and all, but they don’t have the results. Everton - yes they had an unbelievable transfer window, but the morale boost from their signings has seen a step up in their squad players IMO. i think personally morale and dressing room dynamics are a massive part of modern football.
  3. I have run on a similar spec laptop, and it comes very highly unrecommended. It was one of the most painful gaming experiences I have had... (although I did only have 2GB RAM, im not sure that was the real difference in performance :D)
  4. I have hidden a few posts discussing a certain mod file from another FM site. These have been hidden pending SI review as to whether this is appropriate for these forums. Thanks.
  5. From the way you have worded your question I am not sure you can as FM Touch and FM are two separate games, and saves are not compatible between the two.
  6. I'm looking forward to it... Bring on the end of November... just a shame there's something going on at work that week, so I won't get away with booking holiday
  7. @Lexis something to bear in mind most fm players are not your typical gamers. For instance my laptop barely met those specs when it died this year... I’m a long time fm player. Now I have replaced with a high end laptop, but again my aim is for this to last me a large number of years as the only game I play is fm (which I am well over-spec for now) Im sure somewhere SI will have info on the spec of machines the game is played on and the number of users they may lose if the specs increased too drastically...
  8. @dvielis at this time the pre game editor is not available on the epic store version of the game
  9. Hi @ChaosAngelic The above is the current update - if the save is missing then: might help
  10. I was just putting together some steps - but glad to hear its working now
  11. @BARNESDON if you haven't changed where you save your games, it is possible that the information in this post will help:
  12. @BARNESDON - did you change where you saved your games, is it possible they are saved in a different folder post July? @darcyburt222 - please see
  13. @hypperstatic SI are aware of the issue and looking in to it - please see the quoted post below from another thread: Edit: Further update
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