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  1. As someone who has struggled to play for the last few years due to computer specs this is great news!
  2. It is possible I’m not entirely sure on the steps but the editors hideaway is the best place to ask for help. The experienced editors will be there and there may already be a thread on it (I would look but am on my phone so it’s tricky) the hideaway can be found here https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  3. Have you set your filter to include all squads and are they members of you u23 or u18 squad? If so setting the filter back to just first team should see them go.
  4. I don’t know but I would imagine they deal with things like marketing rights etc providing extra forms of income.
  5. I play on a very borderline laptop that cost £250 3 years ago with a touchscreen... it runs and I have fun. (I’m aware that it is below spec and may not deal well with long games but still, I’m sure I’m far from the only one given the amount of people that only play fm)
  6. If you feel it’s not working as it should in your save, please report it as a bug with a save game in the bug forums and SI can look into whether it’s working as it should and the player doesn’t see these players as improving (strengthening) your squad, or indeed if something is broken. The first one sounds ok to me (not SI) as on the surface you promised to strengthen the squad beyond the level it was when they signed. The second one sounds more like having the possibility to be a bug in that the strengthening did happen after the signing. When I have used this promise I have often asked the player for advice on who to sign and from memory this has worked, however I don’t think I’ve got a save game still to look at.
  7. I was asking as I have never come across this bug (therefore many other people may not have) it may be something that having more examples of could help find the route cause to fix. Any bug that makes the game “fundamentally broken” in your experience is always worth reporting to ensure it can be fixed.
  8. Try fm touch which is more about the areas you like there is still an element of press/player interaction however it is much more streamlined.
  9. From the sound of it, you may find you have been sacked for the players having no confidence in you. It’s unlikely the players would listen to or have respect for someone who had no coaching badges and was only a former Sunday league player. With dynamics this is more important than ever, and you may find if you picked a more suitable reputation for a Sunderland manager that you would not end up sacked so early and the players may respond better.
  10. Not so much difficulty, a club like city you will still have to win the players over. Imagine if city employed a Sunday league footballer in real life. Would the fans or players give them any respect? It’s more about picking a sensible setting so the game works correctly.
  11. Yeah Sunday league rep and Man City will be a big part of your issue. City players will have no respect for a Sunday league footballer with no management experience.
  12. Depends who you are managing, but above the very lowest leagues this rep may be an issue as with the dynamics system the players may have no respect for you.
  13. It’s to do with licensing I believe. Some players they have the license to have their image, other players they do not. This is why some players have and image and some do not.
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