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  1. You really cannot bring these things down to one attribute. Multiple things (including luck once all attributes are accounted for) have a part to play, just as in real football...
  2. If I remember rightly, Regulion's clause has specific dates between which it is active/inactive - you need to ensure you are between these dates.
  3. This is a quality of life improvement it may be worth putting in feature suggestions, could be a simple tick box function… not sure how hard it would be to put in, but that’s not our worry 😂… seriously though it sounds like a good idea.
  4. Hi @obasa_G, How many leagues are you running and in what level of detail?
  5. Hi all Appreciate the discussion, however if we could keep this thread to FM21 feedback it would be much appreciated.
  6. It’s worth raising in the feature request forum, all features posted in there are reviewed by SI. Personally, I wouldn’t want this due to the fact that I wouldn’t want to think twice about taking a job or spending x months unemployed... however I can see the relevance and realism of having this in.
  7. League rules can only be edited in the pre game editor as far as I am aware - Second Nationality would be the only way around this with the In Game Editor as far as I know.
  8. From what you are describing unless you can get 2 of your Non EU players an EU Nationality then yes, you are likely to have to sell them. This is likely to be the kind of situation that teams will face come January...
  9. As you have pointed out - Son has recently had a CA boost from previous versions. As you have also pointed out - Other players get Son to perform. As such, I would suggest two routes forward - Either - there is a bug with Son's data, and the issue needs to be raised in the bug's forum. (Please only do this if you have evidence to suggest that his attributes are incorrect) Or - I would seek tactical advice (be prepared to share decent details from your tactics) about how to get Son to perform in your game in the Tactics forum. (Please only do this if you are willing to get into a serious discussion about your tactics) (It may be worth searching the tactics forum for topics on recreating spurs/Son's style of play first) However I will say - to suggest that SI are racist is definitely out of order (as per point 1), as that is most definitely not the case. In any case - this is not the correct place for this discussion, so I will close the thread.
  10. There are forums in which to discuss player ratings by researchers, and if there is a data issue. - these are found here - Database and Research - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) Please make sure you first read the first post in the thread before posting - Particularly the part about - As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research. With regards to Son, if you feel attributes are incorrect then please provide evidence to show this in that thread. Please bear in mind taking one or two attributes in isolation will not create a full picture, as different attributes will have an impact on play, for instance for Son, Positioning and off the ball will work in conjunction with his pace and acceleration. I would encourage you to monitor how he plays for you in game, and where he matches expectation or not. You may well find that although on the surface his pace feels slow on number alone, as a whole package it is right. I will just add, in my first season managing Spurs, Son played 53, scored 35 and assisted 23. As there is a proper place to discuss this (with evidence) I'm going to close this thread.
  11. I think I may have found some of my issue - turns out although I was powering down at the end of each day - the computer was still classing this as up time, seems quicker at other stuff after a restart (teach me to follow my own advice when at work - turn it off and back on again) - will redo the benchmark at some point
  12. Type: Laptop Model: MSI GL63 - 9SD CPU Model: Intel i7-9750H CPU Base Frequency: 2.6GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.5 GHz RAM: 8GB RAM Clockspeed: 2600Mhz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6gb Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: HDD Benchmark A: 3:20 Benchmark B: 18:40 Benchmark C: 23.05 Benchmark D: Might try another day - although was impressed by how well my laptop was handling the required cooling - only dropping from a steady 4ghz to about 3.6 Ghz I ran out of time. Through all the benchmarks, it seemed like there was room for better performance from the CPU - could only having 8GB of RAM bottleneck it? - as the performance doesnt seem to match similar machines with 16GB RAM upwards
  13. @Jimbokav1971 Thanks for your well thought out post. If it hasn't been already, please report the failed delegations as a bug with save games for SI to recreate. It does sound like that may be a bug that needs investigation.
  14. What version of the game are you playing? Are you using the default skin or a custom skin?
  15. For database edits to apply you will need to start a new save and ensure you select the editor data when you create the new save.
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