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  1. The only way either can way. Dirty money and exploits! *runs away cackling*
  2. One would have to make said 3d model you are so desperate for. No guarantee SI would allow you to distribute it...and would also require someone actually being bothered and thinking it is worth their time.
  3. Withdrawn or retired? And in my game 'good' players constantly refused to get called up. The amount of news stories regarding it gets annoying...falling out with managers...not played enough games...playing in wrong country....wrong colour underwear....
  4. Why does someone 'have to be' called up? Not saying that this might not be a bug...but there are numerous reasons why a player might not get called up.
  5. 16 after the final patch was one of the better versions imo. Graphics never improve during the games cycle. They can be improved for 16 by using Stadium Graphics for 3D Match Engine FM15_v2 which work perfectly and add banners, flags and other goodies into the crowd. Certainly makes the games more involving from a immersive pov. 18 is worth buying if you missed out on 17 (as I did...I no longer buy the game every year) and if you look around you can find some bargains. Only cost me £12 brand new physical retail copy off eBay. The graphics in the new engine are truly shocking though.
  6. Which shows exactly how little some respected people actually know. Parma were doing this back in the 90's (The Juve gambit my hairy ass)... In 2009 Parma had over 250 players out on loan....
  7. why not actually disprove what he said? or...are you not able to?
  8. Not salty at all. Each platform has it's market share or people they are aimed at (and have their place in said market). And the Nintendo platform (whichever it was) is aimed for a completely different demographic (in general). That's not me talking ****...thats'f fact. seems it's the console people who are really salty because they won't accept what their platform is primarily for.
  9. Not a question of that. A question of making something work on a platform that will most likely see little sales due to that platforms majority demographic.
  10. So when you get the option to vote on players awards...what does this do exactly?
  11. Who really cares? It's a kids console in reality...like the WII was. Is has a market demographic...and it suits the platform perfectly. Some games suit certain platforms. FM is not a console game, likewise, Super Mario is a not a pc platform.
  12. I'm afraid you're just not going to do what you want within MS Paint heh. Might I suggest you have a look at Gimp....is free...take your time getting to know the program.
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